Tell Ausiello: more Office!

Hey, almighty Office fandom, send TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello a strong message that we want more coverage of our favorite show by voting for The Office in his poll!

With ”Gilmore Girls” and ”Veronica Mars” gone, what underrepresented shows should pick up the slack in Ask Ausiello?

Bones — 21%
Medium — 3%
NCIS — 5%
The Office — 35%
One Tree Hill — 8%
Supernatural — 25%

He has not been the most ardent Office fan, but perhaps if he covered the show more, he would change his mind …

Link: Michael Ausiello column (the poll is at the bottom of the page)

Tipster: Kerry


  1. No! I hate him, and his “spin” is as bad as Wrongda. I’m all for supporting the show, but as a devoted fan, I know I’ll only be frustrated with him if he covers the show, especially since he doesn’t know much about it and often gets facts wrong.

  2. I forgot, does he do a decent job of “spoiling”, inside scoop? bc if he doesn’t, then I rather he not do the Office so much bc it really messes u up

  3. I have to agree with nemme (Comment #1). Ausiello’s disdain for “The Office” is so thinly disguised, it’s off-putting for a fan of the show to read his column whenever he has anything to say about it. And it’s obvious from his interview of John and Jenna during the NBC Upfronts that he doesn’t *get* the show, nor does he know anything about it. I think, for instance, TV Guide’s own Matt Roush and NJ Star Ledger’s TV critic Alan Sepinwall does an infinitely better job at commenting on “The Office” than Ausiello does. Especially for Sepinwall, it’s obvious he loves the show and knows what he’s talking about, and one gets the sense that his comments on the show are fairly judged and come from a place of love, instead of a concerted attempt at taking the show down whenever the opportunity arises.

    And say what we want about E’s Kristin, but she loves “The Office”, and I would much rather read her column than Ausiello’s column anytime. Apologies for the strong tone of my comment, but I’m telling it as I see it.

  4. Wow. I had no idea there was such anti-Ausiello sentiment out there! I know he has criticized our beloved show, but he has also given it props. But this is based on his comments on the TVG podcast, not his column.

    Very interesting.

  5. I don’t need Ausiello for The Office coverage, especially if his comments are terrible. I am grateful that I have OfficeTally, GMMR, Kristin @ E, and the rest of the beloved Office fandom. Bones is one of my favorite shows without sufficient coverage (IMHO), so I voted for Bones.

  6. Ausiello has never liked our show much, I don’t think we should force him to. I’ve always found him kind of annoying.

  7. Count me in the group that’s noticed Ausiello’s Office disdain (he didn’t like the JAM in the season finale, and openly said so in his column).

    At the same time, the reason why I’ve voted like 10 times for TO is because Ausiello is pretty good at spoiling, and to have him on TO for us would only help spoilerfreaks like me.

  8. Sorry guys, I’m the one that let Tanster know about the poll. I didn’t realize how much people disliked Ausiello. I had no idea that know my suggestion would make everyone so upset.

  9. Now that we’ve trashed him, I fear that he will write bad things about the show just to spite us. So now I’m REALLY afraid to vote for The Office! :)

  10. Hey, as a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan (and still in mourning) let me tell you, all the attention on the show became a pain in the ass because he is the WORLD’S BIGGEST TEASE and OVERHYPER, honestly. I love him, I think he’s funny and I’m thankful for the stuff he gave us, but really, if he keeps your show on the downlow it’s much less stressful. Kristin/Wrongda is WRONG all the time, but Ausiello is just stressful with his asterisk quizzes, hints, and readiness to post info that isn’t even official yet.

  11. I love Ausiello, and he is funny… thats my opinion. But, I already voted, because I always think that I don’t want spoilers, but I love him.
    He doesn’t always like The Office, but he is never rude unless someone asks him a really stupid question (such as when does long cancelled show return).
    I am a long time Ausiello fan, and I haven’t really heard him say anything really negative about the show, it just doesn’t get covered as much.

  12. I think if Ausiello wanted to cover The Office, he would have by now since it’s such a highly rated show. But the more spoilers, the better!

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