1. She has to be the most unlike her character of anyone on the show. She’s such a knockout, too. As a Texan, I love her little bit of a Texas twang.

  2. I love Angela. How funny was it that she showed up way early and just had to stand around? Michael would be so proud.

    “Actually, it’s polite to arrive early. And smart. Only really good friends show up early. Ergo de facto, go to a party early, become a really good friend.”

  3. Wow, blast from the past! Just saw this randomly … the Webby’s were held at New World Stages, where I work, and where I successfully stalked Angela and spoke with her for a few minutes! She was wonderful, and the open bar was FANTASTIC that night. I met the ninja, too (and his VERY proud parents)! But not lonelygirl15, sadly.

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