1. It’s no wonder that Creed wants to use the women’s bathroom. :) Thanks for the tour of the office!

    [from tanster: lol]

  2. I really enjoyed it but I am a Phillies fan and I love the Phillie Phanatic. He doesn’t deserve to be in the trash can. HAHAHAHA

  3. I find it fitting that Kevin got his accounting degree from a correspondence school. Given what we learned in Scott’s Tots, he probably got it *after* he started working as an accountant!

  4. It was so cute when all the bobbleheads were lined up on the couches in the green room. Thanks for the tour Brian!

  5. Tracy G – I think he’s just jealous that the Phillies are a GOOD team! Phillies fans would put HIM in a trash can if he ever did that in front of them :)

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