1. I miss seeing them together. I wonder if the writers can salvage their relationship, though…

  2. Did Jim say, “Maximize Chick Fil A, prescribe our nation”??? That Krasinski and his whispering!

  3. “Maximize Chick Fil A, prescribe our nation”…??? Of course, that MUST be a spoiler for the season finale!

  4. That was the one scene besides a bunch of talking heads that I saw them film and they cut it!! This was a weird take to choose for deleted scenes, they had some better ones.

    In the script it says, “Third quarter maximize check filet? Proscribernation?”

    I remember the crew on set not being sure if “proscribernation” was a real word haha.

  5. I found “Trevor” slightly disturbing, but thought Darryl’s “Love Actually” moment quite funny.

  6. This is the second time that they mention one of my favorite movies in my favorite show :) so cool!

  7. I loved the deleted scene with Darryl talking about “Love, Actually.” Also one of my favorite movies ever! I remember being so moved by that scene he mentions…Emma Thompson’s character playing the Joni Mitchell song when she finds out her husband has cheated on her.

    Darryl made it funny!

  8. Totally in love with that last deleted scene. It’s like, everyone on cable shows are supposedly more “real.” I couldn’t help but wonder if the writers had some personal feelings behind Michael’s talking head, especially. :)

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