1. I absolutely love how Dwight/Michael and Jim/Josh are dressed EXACTLY the same! Adds just the absolute perfect touch to that last clip.

  2. OMG! Could Jim be any cuter when he says, “And then he spoke.” LOL! That just about made up for cliff-hanger, summer withdrawl…thing…LOL! I can’t wait ’till tommorow!

  3. “as he is known around my condo” hehehehe

    What does Jim say about Dwight at the end of the second one? It gets cut off after something about “a copy of his…”???

  4. those were amazing. I think that’s the only thing I’m gonna be sad about when Jim transfers back. He’s really happy there. Cept he misses Pam. (oh, that relates because I think Josh Porter is the first boss Jim has had that makes good jokes)

  5. I didn’t like how chummy JIm and Josh were. Chummy ain’t funny. Awkward, uncomfortable and unhip, now that’s funny.

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