1. I bet he just has to visit or something. With what his promotion, Senior Sales Manager Jim Halpert and Regional Manager Josh Porter probably have something to do in Scranton or something.

  2. The return of Jim? If he’s back to Scranton so fast, what the hell was the point of sending him away? I love the comedy and sweetness that this show (usually) displays but it can get pretty creaky in the plotting department…

  3. I think the return of Jim just referred to him being back with the gang, even if it may be short lived for the episode.

    And I missed the Patriots game? :( I have to admit though, I only watch for Tom Brady.

  4. I think the “return of Jim” refers to Jim just seeing the people from Dunder-Mifflin … at least Michael/Dwight.

    But why would they phrase it like that? …

    I’m looking forward to this episode.

  5. As to that wording – that is not intended for the type of fans you find here, or tv viewers for that matter. We know that next week it’s a paper convention, many, many people would not. NBC has a lot of complaints on that message board and the Greg Daniels live chat about the loss of Jim in the office. That promo is meant to get people to watch. Someone who isn’t paying attention to things like the title of the show “The Convention” would see those clips and assume Jim is back. He’s back interacting w/ Michael and Dwight but not really “back”. As much as I love the office I never paid attention to things like the titles of the episodes or had a clue what was coming up or looked for anything on the internet regarding the office until last May, the majority of viewers are that way. The rest of us have to live with our obsession/addiction problem.

  6. Hey all…the return of Jim doesn’t refer to a transfer back to Scranton. It’s just Jim seeing the office folks again in this episode. I have to say…I went from never watching TV to an obsessed fanboy overnight. it’s sad really, but i’m not ashamed. Also, I live about six blocks away from the Chandler studios in Van Nuys, CA (where they film the show) and I’ve got a buddy that works there as an electrician, but it doesn’t get me in to meet anyone. boo hoo.

  7. Wow really, you can read that nameplate? I’m not sure it says that, at least I couldn’t read it. But, it would be pretty funny if he was.
    And i’m not sure “Assistant Regional Manager” is completely made up, but assistant -to-the- regional manager definitely is.
    Ah man I’m so excited for this episode–almost more than the first!! AHH

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