Casting side for ‘Cindy’

A very attractive waitress comes over.
Andy (reading name tag): Hello, Cindy, we are in dire need of some help here.
Cindy: What can I get for you?
Andy: We will start with a round of Nog-A-Sakes.
Cindy looks at him, confused.

Andy: He just had his heart broken, Cindy. You wouldn’t have done that to him, would you?
Cindy: I don’t know.
Michael: Yes, you would have. Look at you, I bet you break up with guys every hour.
Cindy laughs a little as she crosses away.

Michael dangles a fork full of chicken in front of Jim. Jim doesn’t take it. Cindy is approaching.
Andy: You guys heard of The Game? Check this out. Okay, Cindy, I want you to close your eyes and imagine your dream house.
Cindy is hesitant.
Andy: Come on, do it for your buddy, Michael here, he’s had such a hard day.
Cindy decides to play along. She closes her eyes. We see Dwight trying to get Jim’s attention.

Andy (to Cindy): Now, open your eyes and describe it to me.
Cindy: I don’t know, it has four bedrooms and a loft …
Jim turns back to Dwight to “explain” what’s happening.
Jim: Now she’s up and she’s trying to describe how to properly butcher a goose, but she can’t remember.
Dwight (shouts to her): Cindy! Cindy! You make the slice just below the jaw. Right here. (Makes throat slashing move) And don’t forget the bucket for the parts and feathers.
Cindy looks disturbed. Michael and Andy are annoyed at Dwight for ruining the moment. Cindy goes to leave, then turns to Jim.
Cindy: You sure you don’t need a drink?
Jim shakes his head no.

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