1. That actually kind of depressed me. Maybe I’m just overly sensitive because I’m an art student, but jeeze. And this mockery from “motel art” Pam, of all people.

    Poor Ryan.

  2. “that is so awful, it’s awesome!” hahahaha. ryan deserves it, the little creep.

  3. That’s why it’s funny! Because Pam and Jim are so distracted by Pam’s labor, they’re saying and doing things that they normally wouldn’t.

  4. That was SUCH a Michael move that Ryan did, where he said he wrote something spectacular, performed it, and when it bombed, tried to make it seem like he didn’t write it and also tried to make it seem like he picked that one on purpose. Oh and yes, that was pretty bad.

  5. That hilarious, great clip! And I love reading these comments, I agree with all of you! I love Pam’s voice as she says, “That’s so awful it’s awesome” and then Ryan’s reaction. lol.

  6. I love when they make references to the camera when you least expect it. I sometimes forget it’s supposed to be a documentary, and for some reason I get excited when they keep “playing the part.”

  7. Lol. I just love the way Pam starts laughing and the way she says, “That’s so awful it’s awesome.”

  8. I miss the old ryan, when he was still normal and nice. There was a while when he reminded me a bit of myself, but not at all anymore (partly his changes, and partly mine.)

  9. Ryan is a self-involved douchebag and that poem was ridiculous. Pam did nothing wrong in laughing. As for feeling bad for Ryan and his “art”, I doubt even he took the poem seriously.

    #10- How do you feel Ryan deserved it, but it still rubbed you the wrong way?

  10. I thought that was very funny. Come on it would be hard not to at least chuckle at that poem. I have no problem with Pam laughing at it.

  11. I agree with you, Sara.

    Even though Ryan deserved it, I hate that Pam is “that person” now. I don’t like aggressive, slightly bitchy Pam.

    I miss Pammy.

  12. #15, I actually don’t think Pam is “that person” now. Overall I think she’s still a sweet person for the most part. She rubbed me the wrong way in the deleted scene, I didn’t think it was OOC at all. Even “old Pam” had a mean streak. I still remember when she and Jim laughed at Dwight’s sadness in “The Fire.”

  13. Can we just talk about how phenomenal Ryan’s outfit is? Is that a plastic orange watch?? Haha

  14. Cast your mind back to when Ryan threw a bagel in Pam’s face and implied that she was fat :) How about the way he treated her during the Michael Scott Paper Company arc?

    This is their dynamic. They argue like siblings and I love it so much :D

    [from tanster: well put!]

  15. #17. I know the orange watch!!! I laughed when I saw that.
    and #18. When does Ryan throw a bagel at Pam?? Cant believe I missed that!

  16. “Well, that’s my cue”-Jim
    Aha, I thought his protectiveness/jealousy was really cute in this episode! :D

  17. #20 Michaela

    It was from Stress Relief (Ryans’ most famous episode for douche-baggery):D You may have missed it because I believe it was a deleted scene.

    Ryan scooped out the inside of the bagel and told Pam to just eat the shell because it will be fewer carbs, then gestures to her belly!

    When Ryan tossed her the bagel Pam didn’t have her ‘ugly’ glasses on, so she couldn’t see it coming and it smacked her in the face! It was followed by a great Pam talking head, “Yeah, if I could have seen what he just did, I think I would have gotten angry.”

  18. Sorry for the double post but I have to say… John Krasinski deserves an Emmy for the EPIC performance he delivered in the ‘Clarke lactation nurse’ scenes alone!

  19. @ Ryan the Hobbit: I absolutely agree. If JKras isn’t at least nominated for Best Supporting Actor this year I will be absolutely blown away. He’s doing some great work this season.

  20. RE: Pam’s critique of Ryan’s poetry, she is now the hero of every high school English teacher who has to wince through piles of emotive dreck. What would they give to say, “That’s so bad it’s awesome.”

  21. I have to say I’m glad they didn’t keep that second deleted scene in there. It just felt weird knowing Lee was playing Clark. I know it was meant to be funny but it felt off to me.

  22. @22 Actually it was from Did I Stutter? in season 4
    and I agree that Ryan deserves it, plus you have to keep in mind that Pam is pregnant, so she is saying a lot of things she might not normally say

  23. @#22 I think you meant to say Did I Stutter, ’cause that’s where that deleted scene is from.

    Also love the second clip, I love how ironic that is too, that her “hook-up” is her real fiance.

  24. Ok, Jim’s talking head about Clarke being Pam’s exception might have been just a bit too much of an inside joke.

  25. I’m so glad they cut that scene. I know they wanted to be funny and meta with the casting, but it went too far in this scene. It was weird enough in the episode itself, so this was just plain awkward – and not in a good way either.

  26. Oops, thanks for that #28 Sarah and #29 Megan. You’re right, my bad!

    I got my Stanley episodes confused :)

  27. I think you guys are reading wayyyy too far into it. Forget completely that they are real people and not just characters.

    Jim, being the funny guy he is, is making a joke about how couples have “exceptions” and is saying Clark is Pam’s “exception” because he is all groping her and Pam doesn’t mind because he’s a “professional boob grabber”. Jim, being the jealous type is getting worked up over it, and is resorting to humor.

  28. “Check the tape!” haha.

    I’m glad those scenes were cut, although Ryan’s reaction to Pam was hilarious. Pam wouldn’t be that mean even if she is extremely hormonal. The rest of it wasn’t really that funny.

  29. #38, I disagree. I think Pam WOULD be that mean. I love her, but I could see her laughing at Ryan’s poem even in season 2. Like I said before, she’s always had a little mean streak.

  30. I’m happy these scenes were cut out. Especially the first one and the third one.

  31. I just laughed so hard at that third deleted scene. It took me a few times before I heard what Jim said to set Pam off. No wonder she swore at him and gave him the finger!

  32. Hee. I really like that third deleted scene. I don’t blame Pam for cursing at Jim.

  33. I feel like that was totally not Jim, either. I personally feel he was uncharacteristically mean in that scene. She was in pain.

  34. I am really glad they cut out the first part of the third deleted scene. Since when are Jim and Pam so mean to each other? Even if Jim was just kidding and Pam had just given birth, I don’t think they would act like that. But the rest of the scenes were sooo funny, with the carseat and the swaddle.

  35. I was greatly amused by the third deleted scene. Jim rocking his brand new baby. Can’t beat that. Some Jim/Pam snark, come on, that was amusing after all they had been through (19 hours of labor plus however long they were up before that). Their inability to swaddle, then Jim undoing the swaddling. That teeny, tiny baby. Guh. And then the broad humor at the end with the car seat. I didn’t necessarily need to see any of those scenes in the episode,but I did need to see them as deleted scenes. Thanks NBC!

  36. I think Jim/Pam were “mean” to each other because they were exhausted and cranky. Since Pam was obviously in pain, I can’t blame her for losing her patience with Jim. He kind of asked for it.

  37. I don’t think Jim or Pam were out of character. We haven’t seen Pam go through labour before, now we know how she reacts in that situation. I really wouldn’t expect her to be all cherry and sweet after 19 hours of labour. Her reactions didn’t seem too crazy out there. I wouldn’t call Jim mean either – he was just joking around. I loved the scenes! The baby is too cute for words! Bring on more deleted scenes please!

  38. yeah… never mess with a woman who has just given birth.

    and yes jim, that car seat does come with a stroller. it’s the graco quattro tour travel system – nouvelle pattern. that bottom part is the base. it stays in the car. the car seat goes in the base, and can also in the stroller.

    i work at babies r us. :oD

  39. I agree with Claire, it’s not always sweet after they’re in labor for that long.

    I loved how Jim just unswaddled the baby after the nurse leaves!

  40. It’s a bold move for a husband to say in front of his wife that the labor “wasn’t too bad.” Is bold the right word?

  41. Oh, no, they were definitely not out of character — as anyone who has gone through a long labor can tell you, especially if it’s your first child, you are exhausted, stressed, filled with worry that you’re not doing things right, you have no idea how to swaddle a baby who refuses to be swaddled, and you are not only sleep-deprived but emotionally drained. And the hospital staff usually treats you exactly like the nurse — they are there to do their jobs, not teach you how to be parents, even though you think they are there to teach you how to parent.
    I think this third scene was particularly on point — and I’m generally a very nice person and I love my husband dearly, but I treated him worse in those first few days after having a baby than during labor!

  42. Love these deleted scenes! I can absolutely relate to Pam’s crankiness. The sleep deprivation involved in giving birth, and the week leading up to it, is really brutal and Jim’s comments weren’t helpful, but typical for The Office. I thought the conversation with the nurse was dead-on accurate. You just want someone to tell you what to do at that point! Please, just tell me what’s best! The whole “well, it’s your choice, we won’t tell you what to do” is infuriating when you are desperate to do the right thing for this amazing new life which is now your responsibility. Great job writers! Loved it.

    I know this is comedy, but honestly, every new parent knows that getting the car seat installed is a big one on the “ready for baby” check-off list. I had a hard time laughing at this because for intelligent people like Pam and Jim, it seemed a little implausible that Jim would be so clueless about this.

  43. I thought the idea of Pam telling Jim off was funny exactly because it was out character – that’s the point. It’s funny because 17 hours of labour can turn even the nicest person into a barracuda.

  44. Hated the third deleted scene, Jim was obnoxious, if this is the future Jim & Pam I’m outta here.

  45. I love how worn out Pam looks in all these scenes — kudos to the makeup and costume folks. They got it just right.

  46. Jim was being obnoxious(and Pam was testy), but that’s what made it so funny to me. I don’t blame Pam for being angry, but I can’t fault Jim too much either. He wouldn’t be the first husband to stick his foot in his mouth.

  47. I have no idea what’s strapped into the back of the car…it might be part of the stroller?

    Liked how they were typical new parents, and Pam’s feistiness was hysterical…

  48. I couldn’t make out the lines that angered Pam in the 3rd scene. What did Jim say? It sounded like “the delivery wasn’t so bad” and something else I couldn’t hear?

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