‘The Delivery’ promos

Here are clips of The Office episode ‘The Delivery,’ airing March 4th.

The latest: clips #11-14, with tons of new footage. (Like almost too much.)

Clip #14, March 2

[NBC.com video no longer available]

Clip #13, March 2

[NBC.com video no longer available]

Clip #12, March 2

[NBC.com video no longer available]

Clip #11, March 2

[NBC.com video no longer available]

Clip #10, Feb. 23, 2 seconds new footage at beginning

[Video no longer available]

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Clip #9, Feb. 23, new footage

Tipster: Erin at LiveJournal

Clip #8, Feb. 23, new footage

Tipster: Whitney

Clip #7, Feb. 19 (new footage at :18)

Clip #6, Feb. 18 (two seconds new footage)

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Clip #5, Feb. 18 (new footage)

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Clip #4, Feb. 12 (new footage)

[NBC.com video no longer available]

Clip #3, Feb. 12 (new footage)

[NBC.com video no longer available]

Clip #2, Feb. 11 (no new footage)

Tipster: Erin at LiveJournal

Clip #1, Feb. 11 (no new footage)

Tipster: Erin at LiveJournal


  1. i love the toy keys in the mug, and the dwight bobblehead with a pacifier is hilarious!

  2. I freaked out when I saw this promo,

    but CRIED when the one with the song ‘Smile’ by Uncle Kracker came on a few moments ago.It was the most beautiful JAM montage ever.

    Although I missed it with my DVR, somebody PLEASE find it and put it on officetally!!!!

  3. Also, I forgot something.

    I bet we’re going to get a lot of promos. I can’t wait for new footage!

  4. The second promo they showed during “The Promotion” was great! So cute, with little clips of them throughout, to a song that I wish I knew the name of LOL It’s gonna be a long 3 weeks!

  5. The promo during “The Promotion” was beyond perfect. I have a feeling the number of promos we’re going to get in the next three weeks will rival “Niagara.” yay. And “Smile” by Uncle Kracker was the perfect song.

  6. I also liked how they used ‘Smile’ which is funny because I was in the car today and heard that song and thought how perfect it would be. Go figure!

  7. I literally clapped and cheered when I saw this. Yes, I was in the lounge at work but I couldn’t help it! :) I am so excited for this… not only will it be amazingly special, it’s going to be hysterical… this has the potential for being in the top 5 Office epis :)

  8. I love Jim/Pam :D and, soon, BABY!

    this’ll be so awesome-
    but, for the first time, i must say, i HATE the Olympics for postponing this!

  9. omg I bought this song because I heard it on the radio and I was like ‘this is a perfect jam song!’ awwwww! I’m so excited!

  10. oh maaan, that Dwight bobblehead is sooooooo CUTE!!! =D
    for now I’ll be cheering for Team Canada but when it gets back, I’ll be cheering for Team Tuna!! hehehe.. looking forward to that!! =D

  11. The baby promo made me tear more than the wedding ones did. I’m gonna be a mess on the 4th. The baby thing hits close to me since my best friend just told me she’s expecting in September!

  12. Awesome promo! I love all the Jam clips. I just hope my own baby holds out long enough for me to see this episode!

  13. I was just watching the Olympics and there was a promo with scenes from the episode! I almost missed it! Now I am not sure how I can wait 3 more weeks!

  14. There was just a new promo aired on tv, including clips from the actual episode. SO Exciting!!! It all happened so fast, I was half paying attention.

  15. Evening Tanster and everyone! The new promo with episode footage aired just before 8:00pm EST (just in case you are DVR-ing the Olympics NBC and your machine doesn’t cut out commercials). It was very cute and exciting! The promo makes it seem like Michael plans on going with Jim and Pam to the hospital and has even packed his very own bag to take with him! Oh, Michael…

  16. I loved both of those promos!

    Poor Pam. I thought it was sweet that Michael, Kevin, and Jim were comforting her in that second promo.

  17. I love smile by uncle kracker to begin with. And now this makes me love it even more. Same goes for forever by Chris brown. Over the summer that song was seriously my jam.

  18. those promos just confirm to me how AMAZING this epi is going to be. Michael reaching over Jim to say “you can do this”… I was howling. That is SO Michael. he wants to be part of this so bad!!!! Hopefully there will be a sweet moment between Michael/Pam/Jim after Baby comes, since Michael is going w/ them to the hospital. :)

  19. I am SO EXCITED about this episode…I just hate that we have to wait until AFTER the Olympics…this looks like a sweet AND hilarious episode!!! :)

  20. I am DYING to see this episode! It looks so good! That little two seconds at the end of promo four has me excited more than anything! When Michael shouts “Here we go!” and him, and Dwight hurry out of the office with Jim and Pam behind them! Ahhh can’t wait!! Less than three weeks..

  21. #37 I was thinking the same thing, I am pretty sure they are at the hospital in that one too!!

  22. I CANNOT WAIT!!!! I kinda wish they had had an office baby shower for them, like they tried to do with Jan. That would have been cute. Who hopes it’s a girl??

  23. Omg both of those ones with new footage made me cry…I’m not sure if I can make until March 4th, I literally think I’m going to go crazy waiting until then.
    it looks like they all go to the hospital with them..in that promo with them all cheering. How cute :)

  24. i am soooo excited for the baby episode!! i think the office is outdoing themselves with some of the episodes this year…especially Niagara. I bet The Delivery will be just as good if not better. I agree with #34 i loved seeing jim michael and kevin comforting pam!

  25. I don’t know why, but I REALLY hope that they have a little boy. When they showed everybody cheering, it looked like they were all still in the office, so I’m guessing they find out via phone call or some other way that Pam had the baby.

    And I can’t say that it’s a surprise that Michael would make himself a part of this, it’s Michael. But I loved seeing Kevin all concerned. Well, more concerned for himself.

    After seeing the promo, I can pretty much guarantee tears during the episode.

  26. After watching the promos I think I will be shedding a few tears during the episode! *Crossing my fingers that I can keep it together! And I am hoping that these few weeks of waiting will go by fast!*

  27. i know this is late but i just watched manager and salesman and it was flippin hilarious! mindy kaling is amazing at her job as writer! i was laughing out loud and i feel like this ep was back like the office i know and love! yay office!!!

  28. @46 Gina..I don’t know why but I’m really hoping for a boy too! I love how excited Michael is for the baby, when he skips out of the office at the end of the 4th promo I laughed so hard..can’t wait! :]

  29. Ok I am revising my previous post, I actually paused the 3rd promo and it looks like they ARE at the hospital. And it looks like Michael is telling everybody the news.

    If I was a betting woman, my money would be on Michael wanting the baby to be named after him in some way.

  30. omg, pam’s squeaky “i don’t think i can do this!” killed me.

    and both promos got my heart racing. i am SO freakin excited for this birth.

    tanster, you should open up a “boy vs. girl” betting pool. winners get…. uh, nothing. except bragging rights.

  31. @53: I agree! Except I think that tanster should set up the following contest:

    – contestants write down one boy name and one girl name
    – anyone who guessed the right name for the baby will be put into a random selection
    – if no one guesses it, tanster can keep the prize for another contest…or for herself :P

  32. OMG! I totally agree with you FlonkertonChamp! Jim is SO sweet and adorable in Promo #3! It’s my favorite! I CANNOT wait until March 4th! Stupid olympics!

  33. ooh yeah, a prize would be neat… but i was thinking just a poll… who thinks it’s a boy vs who thinks it’s a girl.

  34. -FlonkertonChamp I COMPLETELY agree with you!!!! I was just thinking the same thing this morning!!!

  35. Wow, I agree with everybody else! I want a betting pool! I’m down for a girl – just because I think Jim would be the greatest (and cutest) daddy to a girl. Just my humble opinion. Did anyone else think that Jim’s ‘you can do this’ in promo 3 seemed a tad fake sounding? I love John, but that just didn’t do it for me. He’s got a whole hour to redeem himself, it’ll be fine! I can’t wait, I think I’m going to cry.

    Last suggestion… maybe we could have a little countdown to the days until the episode up by the quote??? That would be like awesome blossom…

  36. Who has watched the promos more than 17x raise your hand.

    *Annie stretched her hand up in the air, bouncing excitedly on her seat!

    “Me, me!”

  37. I had a dream last night that Pam and Jim had a baby girl. I’m taking that as a premonition.

  38. @58- I don’t think Jim/John sounds fake at all. I think he’s trying to sound as calm as possible so Pam feels better, not to mention he may be a bit annoyed that Michael is right on top of him! Then again, I guess I’m not a fair judge since I think everything the Office does is brilliant!

  39. @Annie (59) , guess what!!! My name is Annie too and I have watched each one about 20 times :)
    Anyway…. 17 days!

  40. These three weeks will go slowly! Personally I’m convinced it will be a boy.

    I wonder what they will do with Pam out on mat leave – maybe they could have her (and baby) Skype into the office like she did from art school. That would be great!

  41. @59 Annie
    *raises hand* It’s a tad embarrassing but I can’t stop watching promos 3 and 4…I’ve watched them way more than 17X.
    17 days and 13 hours

  42. ohhh yeah i’ve watched these quite a few times. i did the same thing with the wedding promos.

    i’ll be glad to see pam get out of those ugly jumpers she’s been wearing. look back at the past episodes: she’s wearing the exact same thing every time, just in a different color/pattern.

  43. Michael asking Dwight to let Jim measure Pam’s cervix cracks me up every time. Even when he’s trying his best to be appropriate, he’s so inappropriate. This is going to be one funny childbirth. And I am actually enjoying Pam’s ugly jumpers…plain-Jane Pam is my favorite Pam.

  44. I just saw a new promo while watching the Olympics. Jim put a diaper on Angela’s cat :P.

  45. I loved the fifth promo! Jim’s a diaper master apparently!

    Poor Angela’s meowing cat with the diaper. That was cute, though.

    And I’ve been wondering for awhile if Pam was in labor during the conference room scene. It looks like she is.

    And she’s also pretty huge.

  46. I saw a new(-ish) promo, but it wasn’t that one. But that one is awesome. Jim’s going to be an awesome dad. I must have missed it. Anyway, the one I saw was like the one with “Smile” by Uncle Kracker, but at the end there was a little bit of new footage. I almost cried, it was so cute.

  47. What great new promos! I can’t wait for the episode! I just love Jim’s diapering skills, poor Angela’s cat… And the ‘it’s always been Jim and Pam, now baby makes three’ almost had me in tears. The things incredible television can do to you…

  48. Jim diapering a cat has officially moved into the #1 position of the funniest things I’ve seen on Officetally! And the look on Angela’s face is priceless.

  49. Aww, promo number six was adorable!

    Since we’ve gotten so many promos, I wonder when we’ll get promo pictures. Because I’ve been dying for one with all three Halperts together as a family for the first time.

  50. @ 74. No, no, no. You can’t get a belt in diaper-ing. Just ask Dwight. But Jim can steal D’s purple belt :)

  51. oh mah gah…. “we’re gonna have a baby today!”

    that gave me chills.

    and that diapering thing is amazing.

    i like youtube promos, because i don’t have to see a stupid deodorant ad every time i watch it…

  52. This episode looks both hilarious and squeetastic. “We’re gonna have a baby today.” Gah! Please, please, please baby Jamnicity, don’t come until after this episode!

  53. I’m a bit disappointed. With all these promos saying “Thursday after the Olympics” I kept expecting The Office to be on yesterday after the Olympics broadcast.

    Stupid international sporting competition…

  54. Oh my gosh these promos are the only reason I will continue to get out of bed for the next 14 days. I’m wondering how much we are going to see, because based on these promos the cameras definitely go to the hospital with them…I’m a little nervous about that.

  55. I saw the diaper promo today. I just lol’d when I Jim put a diaper on Bandit [I think it’s Bandit.] and Angela just shakes her head. The epi looks like it’s going to be a favorite of mine. Cannot wait!

  56. omg the kiss on the forehead…… *thud*

    this episode is going to kill me. if the anticipation doesn’t kill me first……

    [from tanster: i know! wasn’t that sweet?]

  57. Awww, I loved promo seven! Well worth the wait and the name of The Elusive Seventh Promo of Adorable.

  58. Let’s see, cried during season finale, BALLED during wedding. Oh god, I’m scared for baby.

  59. Is is sad that I just cried watching the seventh promo? I don’t care. Frickin ‘amaaazing!’ Erin-style. I didn’t think it was possible to love Jim/John any more than I already do, but that just became a reality. Wow.

  60. #83,
    Yeah, NBC’s commercials apparently aren’t that clear. Two friends just asked if I stayed up super late the other night to watch The Office Delivery after the Olympics were done for the evening.

  61. I love that the writers chose to show us how invested, involved and excited Jim is by giving us a hilarious clip about his diapering skills. I absolutely love that he takes this so seriously. Lucky Pam!

  62. Well, I guess we all just have to channel Jim, *ahem*, raise your glasses please:

    “To waiting”

    I love love love the promos, and may get a complex waiting for March 4 to get here.

  63. Wow! I am loving these promos…but I feel really stupid. What episode is the JAM kiss at :10 from??? (And here I thought I knew every single wonderful JAM moment!)

  64. @NotABadDay I think it’s Frame Toby when Jim buys Pam the house :)
    I agree with everyone that these promos are amazing. And that 11 days is way too long to wait…

  65. They are so cute. I’m curious though why they made Pam’s maternity clothes so old fashion looking? She pretty much wore the same kind of dresses all season. I was looking forward to cute clothes.

  66. I cannot believe that these two are finally gonna have a baby! I am so beyond words at this point!!!! I absolutely cannot wait for March 4!

  67. Ok, promo #8 is probably one of my favorite promos. Dwight talking about being an escort? AWESOMENESS! This episode is probably gonna be one of the classic episodes, and I’m glad they made it an hour-long.

  68. I can’t stop laughing at promo eight!

    I can’t believe Jim couldn’t find the keys in his hands!

    I’m glad Michael is driving when Jim’s that panicked, even though he’s texting.

  69. “Michael, put it away!” That’s what she…”

    Awesome. Has there been a TWSS yet this season?

  70. I think there was one, in “The Meeting.”

    Jim: Instead you screwed me?
    Michael: That’s what she said.

    Looks like an interesting episode.

  71. NBC just aired promo number nine! More new footage. Pam’s screaming and Michael’s walking away with a balloon in his hands.

  72. Just saw another promo! :) Michael’s way of always being in other people’s business kind of bit him in the butt.

  73. Haha, this is going to be great! I can’t stop laughing from the car scene where we almost get a twss.

  74. There was *another* new one that aired here (East Coast) during the start of tonight’s Olympic coverage on NBC. It had new scenes and focused more on Michael in regards to the delivery. So super funny.

  75. I love promo nine so much!

    I think Michael walked in on Pam pushing. Poor Michael.

    And I’ve deemed this one “Promo Number Nine Of Infinite Adorableness”.

  76. oh my gosh Promo 9 reminds me of “Knocked Up” when someone walked in then Katherine Heigl screamed while she was in labor hahahahahahahaha

  77. whoa michael. I guess that’s almost like some warped kind of justice after pam walked in on michael in Fun Run.

  78. For some reason I am hoping that Michael walked in on some other hapless woman and not Pam. If it was Pam, I don’t want to be around when he brings up what he saw at the next company meeting in the conference room.

  79. I feel like we are going to watch the entirety of both episodes via all these promos… stop spoiling it all NBC!

  80. Oh.my.gosh. When Jim says “I love you”….. knocked me to the floor. I love all these previews!! We only get like 2 seconds of new stuff each time but it gets me through the day. That’s what she said.

  81. @100 – Liz – you find what’s comfortable and you stick with it :-) Pam definitely seems like the kind of person to go with comfort over fashion (re: seasons 1-3)

  82. GAH! I’m getting so excited! I hope they have a girl, I have a big feeling they will… seeing Jim with a daughter would be the absolute best!!!

  83. I can’t believe there’s a 10th promo! Wonder how many more there’ll be.

    I can’t wait for March 4th. Wait is taking forever.

    [from tanster: while there have been a lot of promos, the actual number of seconds of new footage seems small. anybody want to figure out the exact number of seconds? — I’m guessing it’s less than a minute. :) ]

  84. oh mah gah, when jim said “i love you” i actually teared up… and teared up even more a second later… jim looks so excited!

    and i love the promo where jim is freaking out.

    “gonna go wash my eyes”… ha!

  85. i love that dwight escorts them… finally, his volunteer sheriff “training” comes in handy!

  86. We’ve had about 63 seconds of new footage, give or take a second. I made sure not to double anything either. But yeah, I’m excited for this episode. My 18th birthday is tomorrow and I couldn’t ask for anything better.

  87. I’m so excited to see the new episode Thursday! My parents have just become fans of The Office and they are ready to watch the new one this week. Since it was snowing, we had marathons all week from Season 1 and beyond. I love converting new viewers! =)

  88. Gillian- I am doing the exact same thing, only problem is that I am away in college, luckily I’m home for spring break so I am going to try to get them caught up by Thursday!!

  89. You know you’re an addict when – it says “two seconds of new coverage” and I can’t click on the link fast enough just so I can get a two-second hit of The Office. I need rehab.

    [from tanster: you and me both!]

  90. I live in NYC, and was taking a cab this afternoon. On the TV screen, it showed a three minute special on the new episode with footage I haven’t seen in any of these commercial. A lot more stuff of Pam dealing with contractions. Has anyone else seen this extended commercial?

  91. I watched two and…I don’t want to watch the other two because a) I don’t like them (especially poor Jim) and b) it’s too much. Why does NBC torture us like this?
    I’m 99% sure that I’ll watch the other two before Thursday, though. In fact I’m already considering watching them right now lol

  92. Anyone else notice that in clip #14 at about 22 seconds, you can see one of the boom mics to the right behind Oscar, as well as several of the missing ceiling panels?

  93. It’s not really willpower when your work won’t let you watch em, is it?

  94. Fantastic stuff! Love frazzled Jim :D

    #139 SJ how did I miss this?? When do you see?

  95. 138- I noticed that too. You can also see the missing panels when Jim holds his keys up. Other than that I loved these clips, especially Erin reciting the triple crown winners. I hope all these make it into the episode (NBC sneak peaks sometimes end up being deleted scenes in some capacity.)

  96. 139 SJ- I didn’t notice that the first time around, but then I read someone pointing it out and I watched it again and it seems that way. It seemed a bit subtle.

  97. Can anyone give me a play by play of clip #11. I live in Vancouver and they will only show the first one in the states….however for some reason #12, 13, 14 will play up here.

  98. #145, I think Jim was joking. Can you imagine how disgusting it would be to have sex in a port-a-potty, especially at an event like Burning Man? But I wondered if he was serious for a hot second, too. :)

    What on earth does Jim say at the very end of clip 11? “Hate that you’re helping…right now” ??? I can’t catch the middle!

  99. Thanks for the heads up on the “almost too much footage!” I’ll avoid watching clips 11-14 and just try to hang in there ’til Thursday!

    (Didja get to watch The Delivery in advance, Tanster? If so did you like it??)

    [from tanster: seriously, though, if you’re only into the occasional light spoiler like me, i would strongly advise staying away from clips 11-14, because they seem to be full-on scenes! i’m really surprised these clips got released. and yes, i have watched the entire episode. three times now. and i can say that stressed out jim is completely adorable. :) ]

  100. @146. Emily-
    11 is when they are in the conference room and Jim is kind of getting nervous and wants to call the doctor. So Michael prints out a list of ways to induce labour and says that they have to do the opposite (one is eating spicy food, so they want to stick spicy food up her butt). Then Jim stands up and keeps saying that they should go to the hospital. Pam tells him just to go do work and then Jim says he is frazzled and then he walks away but turns around again and tells everyone he hates that they are helping her with this.
    Hope this helps!! :)

  101. In theory I try not to spoil too much for myself, but I just couldn’t resist. Maybe if there’d been more new episodes recently, but with the schedule there was no way I could stop myself from watching these. I do feel kind of sad now, I’ve already seen like a quarter of the episode in advance (if everything’s kept in)

  102. Shoot… I watched them all at once and now all I want is MORE! I think I might die waiting for Thursday to come.

  103. I really hope Jim was joking about him and Pam in the porta potty at a Burning Man event. That’s pretty nasty

  104. Wouldn’t it be funny if Jim & Pam ran into Roy at the hospital only to find that Katie is giving birth to his baby?

  105. I think that becoming a mother will give Pam the inspiration to become a truly great artist.

  106. Floppyhair – Burning Man is an annual “art and self-expression” festival – http://www.burningman.com/. It’s a pretty hippie-ish festival, so I highly doubt Jim and Pam would go there, and there’s no way Jim would ever tell anyone the real conception story.

    Honestly, they can never show too much footage. In fact, if they just want to go ahead and post the entire episode online, or break into regular programming right now, that would be super! Love what I see so far!!

  107. @150

    Thanks Lizzie! Oh gosh I’m not quite sure if I can make it until thursday….so excited!

  108. I wonder if this insurance thing will make JAM go “John Q.” on the hospital.

  109. I’m enjoying just looking at the screen images before you press play on promos 11, 12, and 14. Adorable Jim is adorable.

  110. Didn’t actually laugh at Andy’s dancing there. I like my silliness coming from Michael.

  111. To-morrow! To-morrow! I love ya tomorrow you’re only a dayyyyy a- wayyyy!!!!

  112. tanster: since you have already watched this baby episode, is it as good as we are hoping it is? or is there just a lot of hype over a mediocre episode?

  113. I loved when Pam said they weren’t going to the hospital till midnight and Erin says, “Oooh, spooky, but why?”

  114. Anyone else notice all the missing ceiling tiles at the end of the last clip? I’ve seen them do that for lighting in outtakes, but they seem to have accidentally allowed it to show in this scene.

  115. Oh my god! We’ve been focusing on Jim and Pam, but look at Dwight and Angela in clip #12! :D I’m pretty sure, that something’s up ;)

  116. 167- I’m not sure that Dwight and Angela are back together. I think Dwight was just timing how far apart Pam’s contractions are. But I could be wrong…

  117. I’m so excited for tomorrow night! I work for a baby gear company, and many of us are Office fans. I’ve heard that we have some products included in the show tomorrow night. It can’t get any better – Perfect!

  118. I just noticed that Pam is wearing different clothes in the scenes in the conference room and when she leaves for the hospital. I wonder how that timing works out…

  119. Wow. A Burning Man reference. The Office has now officially intersected with my life.

  120. Dwight looks at his watch, then at Angela who then gets up and follows Dwight out of the room.

    Remember in the season premier of Season 5?

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