1. love how randomly Jim pass between Dwight and Andy at 0:25
    Can’t wait for the next thursday!

  2. WOW! I’m really excited for the second half of the season! It feels like a long time since a new episode! Can’t wait!!!

  3. Wait, wasn’t there already a Duel episode? Oh, wait no that was “The Fight.” still, similar. But looks hilarious, I can’t wait.

  4. If this promo is any indication of the comedy level of this episode…dare i say it…are we back to season 2 caliber comedy?

    John Krasinski’s delivery of the simplest lines still amazes me.

  5. When I watched this after the the rerun tonight, I literally squealed like a schoolgirl. It’s been entirely too long not having a new episode!!

    And “beet stained teeth” had me rolling on the floor. I have a feeling this may be the best episode of the season.

  6. yessss!!! yay for new office! but wait, what does dwight mean by “same place, same time.” ??? hmmmm. i might just be crazy. hehe.

  7. hahahahahaha ohhh man I can’t stop laughing at that….

    “Is she crazy in bed?”


    “how so?”


    Michael’s “how so” is just pure genius….. well done Jen. well done. And this is only the promo!? I can’t wait till the whole show… haha

  8. Wow, that promo looks amazing. It’s sure to be a good episode after such a long wait.

    But can we please stop bring up comparisons to ‘Season 2 quality’?

  9. This looks like a great episode! “Beet stained teeth” – how brilliant! Can’t wait..

  10. Wow. I didn’t realize until watching that how much I’ve missed the office! It looks great!

  11. Oh my god!
    This episode looks awesome!
    I can’t wait!
    I missed The Office so much! I watched season 2, 3 and 4 again during my Christmas break… lol

  12. wouldn’t it be amazing if “the duel” was at the same place dwight and michael fought?
    i can just imagine michael making the office take a longer lunch again so they could all go down to the dojo and watch dwight and andy fight.

    i can’t wait for next week!!!!!!!!!! =D

  13. A different promo was shown during Angela Kinsey’s segment on Carson last night. It was a conversation between her and Dwight in the hall…too funny!

  14. best. promo. ever.

    seriously – this gives me hope that we may see a little life left in the office! i was scared this season… but this little gem fills me with glee!!!!

  15. I crack up every time I watch Jim walk between Dwight and Andy after they declare a duel!! LOL!! Awesome.

  16. Looks awesome!! Leave it to Michael to ask if Angela is crazy in bed.

    ‘Giant heads and beet-stained teeth.’ Love it!!!

  17. That is an awesome promo.
    So if the promo is this funny the episode has to be even better. I can’t wait.

  18. seriously that’s how andy finds out? geez

    i try not to criticize the office too much, i just try to go with the flow because i’m rarely disappointed. and they’re fictional people so even if michael turns into an ostrich, hey, that’s in character i guess if they’re writing it that way .. but still, i just thought maybe when angela wanted to go home at the end of the christmas episode, she’d tell him then, and maybe we wouldn’t see it, this is kind of a sad storyline and seems ooc for angela, really …

    but, like i said, i’m going to go with the flow and hope this is just another funny episode. it has potential, it looks very funny.

  19. Respectively, I disagree with 29. Angela wasn’t going to tell Andy even if it was the last thing on earth to do. I mean, keep in mind that she was with Dwight as Andy was searching all over for marriage locations. Michael not being able to keep his mouth shut was the only way Andy should have found out because everything fits the characters. And that is what is happening.

  20. To 31: Yikes. Hopefully that is at 10/9c? Or maybe at 9:30/8:30c, conveniently right at the beginning of 30 Rock. :D

  21. That is the perfect way for Andy to find out! It’s not overly dramatic, and it’s amazingly funny. So The Office. I love it.

  22. Seriously, George Bush is going to pre-empt not only The Office but Grissom’s last episode of CSI? Really, who advises this man??

  23. Bush will deliver his farewell speech at 8pm ET on Thursday according to Fox News

  24. Haha, I love that Angela says she’s sleeping with Dwight “a little bit”. I’m so excited about a new ep!

  25. Let’s hope that his speech is short. ‘Oh yeah, Angela’s having an affair with Dwight.’ ‘What?!?’ LOL

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