1. I agree with T, that must be what it is their having their duel on Second Life…. should be hilarious!!!!

  2. This may be the best “before the jump” info on any OfficeTally post ever, Tanster! I had no idea what to expect!!! And then wham, it’s a second life duel!!! So great…

    kedsnkisses – I get the feeling that was intentionally done… : D

  3. I’m actually kind of disappointed… I wanted there to be a real duel. But I guess this is more realistic… and a funny drawback to the season 4 episode with second life.

  4. So in the promo when Dwight said “same time, same place,” does that mean they’ve done this before?

  5. This could also be from the DMI website. Online employees have been promised an “Arcade style game” as this week’s task.

  6. I agree with Q. At first it seems like Second Life but if you look closely the images are too “smooth” to be from Second Life.

  7. Whose Fatality is better? Dwight’s “Bespectacled Beetdown” or Andy’s “Falsetto Faceslam”? Hmm…

  8. I bet it’s gonna be the DMI task.
    and wow, doesn’t the background look so real?

  9. For anyone that doesn’t already know, this is a game/task called “The Duel” from dundermifflininfinity.com

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