1. I will DEFINITLY be buying that!! I’ll probably order it tonight when I get home from work. $12.99 ain’t bad-about the going rate for a calander these days.

  2. Awesome. I have a feeling I’ll be buying two, however. One for my room and one for my parents (I’ve created monsters!)

  3. I also noticed they have the calender on 80stees.com for $12 and $5 to ship.. but if you sign up for their mailing list you get 10% off your first order. So you’ll end up paying $15.80.

  4. dang HYP3R6IR1 i wish i knew that before i ordered with megacalendars, the shipping is crazy expensive.

  5. yay! though its sad because i just spent the last week creating my own Office calendar with the latest edition of iPhoto on my mac…(i sound like michael!) this looks ten times better than mine!


  6. I used iPhoto for the first time today at work. It’s about a gillion gazillion times better than the Canon software that came with my camera or the PhotoShop Elements I paid $100 for and regretted ever since.

  7. Oh and I meant to say you should keep working on your calendar. It’ll mean more that you made it yourself.

  8. I just received the calendar, and it is very nicely done!

    There are little episode references all throughout, for example:

    Feb. 5: Packer leaves present in Michael’s office
    March 22: Pick up Michael’s jeans from the dry cleaners
    April 20: Reading of Michael Scott’s Threat Level: Midnight
    April 21: Starring Michael Scott as Agent Michael Scarn
    Sept. 7: Performance Reviews
    Sept. 25: This morning Michael burnt his foot on his grill
    Oct. 31: Fire someone

    It is indeed a 16-month calendar, from Sept. 2006 through the end of 2007.

  9. I just one of them at Target! It’s really cool and has lots of pictures and isn’t a cheap-o one like most TV show calendars. So…. go The Office!!!!

  10. All sold out everywhere! ebay is now $12.00 + 5.99 shipping… or $24.99 “buy it now” plus shipping. woah.

  11. Anyone know of any other sites besides eBay to buy the 2007 Office calendar? I want one really bad but $30+ is a little too much for me.

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