Season 3 promo video

the office season 3 promo video

NBC has posted another Season 3 promo video! (No longer available)

Before you get too excited, there is no new Season 3 footage in the video, just a montage of JAM highlights from last season. Still sweet, though.

I think I’m going to need to be hospitalized soon for Season-3-teaser-itis. Wonder if we can get a group rate?

Thanks to rspad and Lauren for the tip!


  1. Go to click on video. Go to nbc first look fall preview. Click on “Most Popular” (don’t go to primetime and look for the office). The last one is Jim and Pam.

  2. Thanks Kely, but now it won’t play! It probably wouldn’t be good for my Season-3-teaser-itis if I watched it anyway.

  3. Ok I watched it and it was not good for my Season-3-teaser-itis. I love the part when it said we cheered him on. Ok how many of you yelled at your tv for Jim just to tell her?

  4. It took me long enough, but I found it. I like the way NBC did that. Well done. Well done.

  5. I love that video. It makes me feel like there is someone at NBC who can act as our cheerleader. Just get them together already.

    And yes, the teaser-itis hospital serves jello but there are staples in it so I wouldn’t try it.

  6. Y’know, I’ve always been opposed to sitcoms that have promos for a “special” episode, meaning “emotional.” But this was different to me and I’m totally fine with it! Especially how they put that line of Michael saying “Never give up” in there. It made him look like a genius! Who knew The Office could make a guy tear up? Not ME, of course. :)

  7. Oh God…. I love this show.
    That said, its actually not that great once you compare it to some of the fan videos.

  8. I was really suprised by the promo. I wouldn’t think NBC or The Office would go with that kind of tone. If anyone sees it actually air, please post.

  9. When it says “We all held our breath,” I ended up not exhaling until the end of the promo.
    I’m kind of sad that I’ve watched that clip sooooo many times, because now I’m afraid it doesn’t have the same effect like watching it the first time. I was literally hyperventialating and crying the first time I saw it and now I just watch. I’m desperate for some new material that’ll get my blood pumping again.

  10. God I miss The Office. September 21?! I can’t wait that long! I’m gonna have a melt down.

  11. This video gives me one of my favorite things: hope.

    I mean, NBC wouldn’t create something like this, something so positive and lovely, just to drop an anvil on our heads, would they? I like to think they wouldn’t.

    Yay! It makes me so happy!

  12. If you sat through that FedEx Kinkos commercial 148 times, you deserve a medal. :) I actually have started u sing FedEx Kinkos to scan some things, and I blame this ad since I’ve had to sit through it 5,000 times to see The Office clips. :D

    I enjoyed it, though it’s a bit jarring sometimes to hear so many lines edited out (presumably to keep the preview video short).

  13. The commercial is actually pretty funny, the first 150 times, at least. After that it gets stale.

  14. when the words “so last may” came across, my eyes welled up cause i knew what was coming up the im in love with you part…and the rest of the video was a bit blurry :)

    and yeah…that video totally made michael into a hero almost…i was like YEAH MICHAEL SAID THAT!!!! GO MICHAEL then i stopped and realized that i said that…and it scared me a bit…

    i need new material now!!!

  15. I really enjoyed this video! I am pleasantly surprised that NBC would create a promo for Jim and Pam. Well, then again, it is one of the main storylines in The Office. Obviously they know just how important JAM is to the fans. Anyway, nice video. I’m still cheering for them come season 3!

  16. Sigh! That was fantastic! It just makes me smile. And I have to say that the background music, something we don’t actually have on the show, kicked it up a notch – BAM! (Emeril and well, Michael) I very much enjoyed they way NBC put this together.

  17. Does anyone know the name of the song played in the beginning of the promo? Cannot figure it out!

  18. btw to skip the fedex commercial and watch it repeatedly, just slide the black bar back to the beginning towatch it over again ;)

  19. They played it at 9:30 pm EST tonight during America’s Got Talent finale show. Maybe they will play it again tomorrow night during the final Talent show?

    Hurry Up September 21st!

  20. Ashley, I don’t know if you’ll see this but the song is “Stars” by Lamar. Search for that on this site, you should find a link to download it. It’s a great song.

  21. how do u download the song “stars” by lamar from the promo. i cant find it anywhere & i dont know how to download it from the sight…

  22. anyone know the name of the piano composition during the jim and pam promo?

  23. Oh my god. i CANNOT download this song or even find this cd anywhere!! Stars by Lamar does not come up under anything on the internet..can anyone help with the name of the cd or anything?!

  24. Does anyone know where to find this video again? I blame this promo for my subsequent obsession with this show 8 years ago. I downloaded the song back then and still have it, but I would really like to see the promo again.

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