‘The List’ deleted scenes

Here’s a third deleted scene from The Office Season 8 premiere, ‘The List’:

Scene #3: Winners have a lunch club and the losers have a breakfast club.
[Video no longer available]

Scene #2: Ryan explains where trends comes from and what’s next.
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Scene #1: Andy tries to calm the troops.
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  1. okay so Ryan explains why The Office is a little late on the planking trend! Perfection. (owling is a new trend, by the way)

  2. Well, that explains why Gabe is still around. I loved all those deleted scenes, especially in the first batch. Owling was hilarious, cause it’s true. Perfect for Ryan. “More money, more problems. Although I didn’t get a raise, so.. same money, more problems” was perfection. Really wish they could’ve kept them.

  3. Well at least now they have addressed why Gabe is back, and why their new season openers focus on 3 year old trends. They still need to explain where Jordan is or what happened to her, but overall, nice to have some information.

  4. Gabe’s talking head should’ve made the episode, I know I’m not the only one who was wondering what he was doing there. Creed’s planking and Andy’s comment were both hilarious!

  5. The way I feel about these deleted scenes is similar to how I felt about the deleted scenes at the end of last season: confusion of why they weren’t included. I thought they were hilarious and funnier than some things left in. Humor is subjective, so what I think is funny may not seem so to others, so I guess that’s probably why these things weren’t included.

  6. Freeze frame on Ryan “owling” – and just sit back and laugh! He looks so funny! Just like Kelly did on top of the cabinet in Michael’s – I mean Andy’s! – office.

  7. I love Kevin at the end of the list scene–everyone is facing Toby while he’s talking, except Kevin who has his back turned looking into the kitchen waiting to yell, “Warning! Warning! Warning!” LOL

    I also appreciate that Gabe explained why he’s back, even if it is in a deleted scene. I don’t mind him still being on the show.

  8. I am a little confused as to why Toby is sure he’s on the wrong side — he says it in the episode and in the deleted scenes. Anyone have an idea?

  9. @Bad Idea Jeans: He’s so used to being hated by Michael that finally having a manager who respects and appreciates him causes the guy to freak out.

  10. Come on, editors!! The Gabe talking head needed to be in the episode. There was a big scene with him leaving at the end of last season and then suddenly, without explanation, he’s back. That clip took ten seconds and would have allowed his appearance in the season premiere to make sense instead of just being a “WTF?”.

  11. I kinda get why they didn’t include the scene. It would’ve been part of the cold open, which was SO crowded already with info and talking heads, and I guess it just couldn’t fit in the rest of the episode at any good point. (Maybe it could’ve replaced Darryl’s talking head at the start).

    It’s good to have a reason why, even if it is in the deleted scenes.

    I had no idea Owling was a new trend, I guess Scranton is ahead of Scotland with getting these trends haha

  12. Owling is a real thing?! I had no idea! Just Googled it. The funniest picture was of someone owling on top of someone planking! The Office sure has broadened my horizons!

  13. I’m gonna go crazy over the writer’s decisions to make Kevin have stupidity. This better be some kind of build-up for him in the future.

  14. That is so true about small/midsize towns getting everything 8 months later – hilarious! Also, I’m glad I’m not the only person who thought they missed something with Gabe being back. Don’t they know by now that we scrutinize everything?! :)

  15. Should’ve watched both scenes before commenting, but I LOVE the 2nd scene! Oscar helping Kevin is so sweet, just the way they communicate shows how comfortable they are with each other. And Creed saying he made a “meaningless” list for Congress in the 50s – that is SO funny and fits Creed perfectly. Whoever wrote that line should get a raise.

  16. since owling is the new trend… here’s a picture of angela owling with sarah hyland (from “modern family”)…

  17. They really should’ve left Gabe’s talking head in the episode. I was wondering what he was doing there the instant I saw him. I can’t believe owling is real lol.

  18. I’m glad Gabe has returned in just the awkward, painful, disrespectful manner he deserves. I hope that Andy takes every opportunity to let Gabe know what a pathetic loser he is; the hilarious bit where Andy noted that Robert Cali had Gabe slotted correctly on the W/L list was a good start.

  19. Great deleted scenes, especially the third one. I was wondering what Dwight and the bottle of champagne in last week’s preview was about, now I know.

    I know the Season 7 DVD just came out, but I’m already thinking this episode would be a great choice for an extended producer’s cut on Season 8’s DVD!

  20. Deleted scene number 3 is just perfect. Everything from Jim and Robert ordering the same thing to everybody following suit, except Dwight, to Ryan’s “profound man, your husband” and Andy spinning on the chair like that is hilarious. Such great writing.

    Ryan owling is one of the best things i’ve ever seen..

  21. I liked the scene where everyone is toasting everyone else, but it would have been even funnier if it was more drawn out, and people were making sure they touched glasses with every single person.

  22. Luckily, this made me feel like we’re back to Season 6 Gabe, which I like infinitely more than what we got last season.

    So, hopefully everyone else can give Gabe his fair chance at redemption! Hopefully he can have his own antagonism against Andy while still being a good character in his own right.

  23. “This ain’t no Breakfast Club, Bitch.” I think I’m going to have to use that line… perfect.

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