1. I really can’t wait until NBC drops or moves Whitney. That show is just tearing our Thursday nights up…one of these things is not like the others.

  2. I’m excited for this season. The one thing that threw me off about Promo 1 was that I’ve never heard a good thing about “Whitney.”

  3. I watched the first few minutes of Whitney and it was absolutely horrible.

    I’m excited for The Office and Parks this week though. I really hope Robert California isn’t there all season.. Why would the CEO be in Scranton everyday? Especially when Sabre is based out of Tallahassee.

    Also, I kinda like Andy as the boss.

  4. I’m actually more excited for this week’s episode in some ways – last week was a lot of catching up, but this week things settle back into the “new normal.” I think in the last episode Jim said RC was dividing his time between Scranton and Florida, but also I had heard (at least originally) that James Spader was doing about 13 episodes (in any case, I love his character, so don’t mind if he’s around more).

    As for Whitney – I say give it a chance – if you’d only watched the very first episode of The Office, you probably wouldn’t have thought much of it either. Or Parks and Rec or Community, for that matter. None of those shows started on a high note, IMHO, and I love them now.

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