The mad drummer

That crazy drummer from The Office episode, Pam’s Replacement, was played by Steve Moore.

From Steve’s website: On June 1, 2010 a random fan uploaded a performance of Steve Moore on YOUTUBE entitled, “This drummer is at the wrong gig.” The video immediately went viral receiving over 5 million hits in less than a month.

Here’s Steve’s performance, via “Rick K and The Allnighters”:



  1. Hi Steve,

    I was really impressed and loved your performance on the office. Also, watched the video online. I am so proud of you.

    Tana and Stacy’s Mom, Pam

  2. This guy is amazing at the drums!!

    Wow, The Office writers spend a lot of time on YouTube haha

    Should we now expect a storyline where the office employees find videos of them posted on youtube by the “documentary crew”?

  3. Thanks for this, man. I was wondering who that crazy drummer was, his performance/acting on The Office was fantastic.

  4. Hilarious! And even funnier that his bandmates face forward and are oblivious to most of his antics. He needs big hair and a huge drum riser!

  5. If the king of the world asked me to recommend a drummer, I would recommend this guy.

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