The Office: Pam’s Replacement, 8.07

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The Office: Pam's Replacement

Writer: Allison Silverman, Director: Matt Sohn

Summary (NBC): Pam trains a temp to take her place while she is on maternity leave — pregnant Pam recruits Dwight to prove that Jim finds the office’s pretty new temp (guest star Lindsey Broad) attractive. Meanwhile, Robert California shocks Andy, Darryl, and Kevin when he asks to join their band.

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In a poll conducted November 10-14, 2011, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.72/10

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The Office Pam’s Replacement quotes

Erin: Your mother is dead. She’s dead. She was hit by a bus.

Dwight: Andy, I’m really sorry about your mother. My deepest condolences.

Pam: I make sounds much worse than this.

Pam: But yeah. I’m pregnant.

Andy: It’s like a porno — hey, did anyone order a pizza?

Gabe: That’s the best way to land a hot girlfriend. You get her hooked on blow.

Toby: You know who’s gorgeous? Helen Mirren.

Dwight: Helen Mirren was born Helen Mironoff. That’s right, you’re fake salivating over a Soviet-era Russian.

Val: Not bad, fellas. You’re better than you look!

Kevin: We’re called Kevin and the Zits.

Robert: Tambourine? You know I’m the CEO, right?

Kevin: Guys! Robert is going to be a Zit!

Pam: Objectively, do you find her attractive?

Jim: It’s true, but it doesn’t help anybody.

Pam: Even I want some fries with that shake.

Dwight: Her breasts are large, her waist is small, her reproductive health in ample evidence, and facial symmetry — come on.

Pam: I know it sounds nuts, but I think Dwight is the only who’s telling me the truth.

Dwight: Well now, obviously, you’re at an all-time low.

Pam: Yup, that’s the Dwight I need.

Dwight: Our only loyalty is to the truth.

Dwight: Rule 3: Don’t fall in love.

Kelly: You don’t want to end up like Elin Nordegren. Actually, what am I saying, you wish you had her life. No offense, Pam.

Kevin: Maybe we should warm up with some scales?

Robert: Midnight Rambler?

Jim: Oh, you know who might be good? Mike Tibbets.

Dwight: I don’t see what’s so ugly about him. He’s got the broad face of a brewer.

Pam: Jim picked someone just unattractive enough to shut me up without tipping it.
Dwight: Just ugly enough to have deniability.

Dwight: I say we start there.
Pam and Kelly: With the crotch?
Dwight: With the crotch.

Creed: How did I get this long triangle?

Dwight: Jim has no discernible sense of humor, Pam, you should know that.

Pam: Why is he making her laugh so much?

Dwight: I’m sorry, I fell down, Mr. Balance.

Dwight: Does your husband have very soft erections? Because if not, I just grabbed a very soft penis for nothing.

Cathy: Oh, that line from Zoolander? It was from a deleted scene so we were both right.
Jim: Told ya.

Andy: Did you know that Lisa toured with Chaka Khan?
Kevin: You serious? From Star Trek?

Andy: We go where the music takes us.
Val: I think the music left without you.

Dwight: Why don’t you check out the sympathy cards, old man?

Dwight: Is your name Jim Halpert?
Jim: Si.

Jim: In my defense, he was grabbing my crotch fairly aggressively at the time.

Dwight: It’s important to go every month and get your prostate checked.

Dwight: Doesn’t it worry you in the slightest that Jim is not his real name?

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  1. I hope this is not like if Jenna Fischer would leave the show, too, just like Steve Carell. The Office might be still working without Michael, but it wouldn’t work without Pam.

  2. No way George. Jenna Fischer is staying on the show as long as it lasts (as is John Krasinski). It’s her maternity leave I’m guessing.

  3. @2: I doubt it’s like that. She’s most likely being replaced, because she has had her baby by then.

  4. I agree with the baby’s birth. As she is not a sales person anymore, but the office administrator, someone will need to fill in. I have a feeling it is going to be someone from the outside, perhaps one of Pam’s friends.

  5. Most definitely a temporary replacement for the character and actress maternity leave. Jenna Fischer has said in numerous interviews that she wants to stay on as long as the show goes on. The episode title is interesting though. Why would they use the word “replacement”?

  6. I wonder if the “replacement” is Erin, just temporarily while Pam (Jenna) is on maternity leave.

  7. I’ve got it: Pam goes on maternity leave and her temporary replacement is good enough at her job that the office workers think she is replacing Pam. Seeing as the baby was conceived on Valentine’s Day, her maternity leave should begin in mid-November.

  8. Guys — we already know that the replacement is gonna be Lindsey Broad. She is gonna be the new temp that replaces her while she is on maternity leave.
    And I bet Pam will be worried that Jim thinks she is attractive.

    It will be good.

  9. Oh, this doesn’t sound good at ALL. Pam wants Dwight to prove that Jim finds a woman other than her attractive? That would be a terrible storyline since it would only exist to cause problems between Jim and Pam–initiated by Pam–and would end badly either way (whether Jim is a plastic saint, or Pam has her fears about him confirmed). Not looking forward to seeing how this plays out. I hope it’s not the cliche ridden train wreck that the description promises.

  10. Wait…what? We’ve seen so many times how much they trust and respect each other. This suggests that she either thinks he isn’t allowed to find other women attractive, or doesn’t trust him. This doesn’t sound like something the Pam I’ve been watching for years would do. I always love it when Dwight is on the case, but this sounds like contrived drama.

    The B-story, on the other hand, sounds awesome.

  11. Pam keeps taking all the hits. Paul Lieberstein has said that Jim would find it hard to go home after baby #2 is born. Okay. Then, Jim, on the winner’s list, gets to work closely with Pam’s pretty replacement. Two pregnancies in two years–Jim comes out unscathed; Pam is on the “Loser’s List.” Without doubt, Pam is the winner/keeper!

  12. The replacement was probably originally going to be Cody Horn’s character Jordan Garfield but she quit the show over the summer.

  13. I don’t think we have to worry about Pam being untrusting of Jim. Remember that she is pregnant and her self-esteem was pretty damn low in the season opener. She probably just feels threatened that there is another attractive girl in the office. Hopefully it will end with a good JAM moment.

  14. This sounds suspiciously like a plotline they might have been setting up with the character Jordan, who clearly had a bit of a crush on Jim (watch the deleted scenes from “Dwight K Schrute: Acting Manager”) before the character was dropped.

  15. Why would Pam even need a temp? They survived fine without an office administrator for many, many years before Pam decided to make the position up.

  16. @19 – I was thinking the same thing. I guess since Robert California is new, and since he wasn’t really around when they didn’t have an office administrator, he’s just used to having one. I don’t know.

    I’m kind of nervous about this episode, though. That B-plot sounds kind of odd. I feel like a big part of the whole dynamic of Jim and Pam’s relationship is that they have so much trust in each other. It seems like they’re just setting themselves up to have a nice Jim/Pam moment at the end. The writers have done pretty well this season though so I still have hope that this one’ll be good.

  17. Isn’t it obvious that if Robert is shown that the office can survive without an Office Administrator, then Pam will just be laid off? Therefore, Pam brings in a friend to replace her while she goes on maternity leave.

  18. A possible story arc: I think that Kathy will be way better at the Office Administrator job than Pam. In the upcoming Gettysburg episode, some unspecified employees stay behind to create the next big Sabre/Dunder Mifflin idea for Robert. Kathy will have that winning idea, and she’ll arrive it by working closely with Jim. Before Pam’s maternity leave ends, I think Robert will express his opinion that Kathy should replace Pam permanently. I expect that Jim, during Pam’s maternity leave, will completely enjoy working with pretty, smart Kathy. And how many men work so closely with their wives? I expect he’ll be conflicted. Poor Pam.

  19. TVLine has learned exclusively that ‘Til Death‘s Lindsey Broad has been cast on The Office in the potentially recurring role of Pam’s competent and likable pal, Kathy. She’s slated to first air in late October/early November.

    —Doubtful she is going play too serious a role if when they first announced they described her as befriending Pam and being her competent and likable pal.

  20. Jim and Pam have had their ups and downs, starting with Roy, then Jim’s transfer to Stanford, then back to Scranton dating Karen, then finally dropping a corporate job that in the long run wouldn’t have worked out for him anyway, and all for a receptionist.

    They love each other, and we don’t see that because the show doesn’t go beyond the office.

    In season seven, when Danny Cordray was first posed as a threat to Jim and Pam’s relationship because apparently Pam still liked him and he never called her back, in the end it somehow worked out for the couple.

    I think that Jim will be charmed by Kathy at first but soon realize they don’t match up as him and Pam do. I have never seen such great chemistry with any other characters like Jim and Pam.

  21. @ Joel I think that they’re making “Pam’s Replacement” Kathy likeable, pretty and competent specifically to test Jim and Pam’s relationship. How that will actually play out I don’t know.

  22. At best it will make Pam feels extremely sad and start to worry. Which will make their story interesting again…

    At worst it will just be some silly, DAW YOU KNOW I LOVEZ YOU BABE..END ON HAPPY NOTE.

    I doubt anything seriously will happen TO them though.

  23. Just watched it. The Pam/Jim Story was definitely the best part of the episode. It also has a “semi” twist ending

  24. Three words for this episode: Win, Win WIN!

    Honestly, now that Michael is gone, you can’t do much better than Jim and Pam, Pam and Dwight, and Jim and Dwight. I’m so happy that for the first time in who knows how long, the main story involved Jim, Pam and Dwight. Very solid and funny. I also liked the second story with Darryl, Kevin, and Andy’s band, with the little jam session outside at the end.

    That being said I would have loved to see a little more of Creed, Meredith, Angela et al…but I still loved tonight’s episode. One of the best of the season so far. It made me laugh out loud several times for the first time in a few episodes.

    Keep it up everyone!

  25. I also need to say…that this episode made me fall in love with Jim all over again. What he won’t do for Pam…sigh :)

  26. Dwight, Jim, and Pam have such a good dynamic together. I think this episode has been my favorite of the season so far. And, as subtle as it was, I really liked the contact between Jim and Pam as they were leaving the pharmacy.

  27. Really good episode!!!!! I love all the Jim/Pam/Dwight scenes there. It’s funny to see how the three of them (Andy also included) move on without Michael, because they were always close to him, as he was to them. The Andy/Darryl/Kevin scenes with Robert and his band were awesome. The final scene with Kevin and the other guy, and their drumsetting competition was amazing, too.

  28. Question: When are Erin and Kevin going to get together ? Sometimes Erin’s stupidity is cute, other times: painful.
    I was turned off by California’s band just coming in and taking over and love that the “Zits” stuck together at the end.
    Again, Jim, Pam and Dwight interaction is always pleasant.
    Liked this episode so much more than last week’s Doomsday.
    Where was Angela ?

  29. The drummer in Robert Cal’s band is this guy. I couldn’t believe it, I just saw this on you tube yesterday. Watch it. Funny as hell

  30. So I had little use for everything not JAM-centric. The band stuff just felt like wasted time and the cold open was brutal. Plus they did the fake call thing with Ryan and Michael in season four.

    But the JAM stuff was like I thought it would be, and also just different enough in a good way. I couldn’t fathom they’d really try to break Jim and Pam up as some here thought. It was a game. Jim knew. Pam knew Jim knew. I wonder if the reveal at the end will carry forward. Kudos to Jenna for being pregnant and not caring that it’s being filmed. She’s a very pretty pregnant woman :)

  31. AWESOME EPISODE. Sure, this was clearly set up for Jordan before she quit, but it was very enjoyable, hilarious, and well-written anyways. This was the true ensemble comedy we all hoped for this year PLUS the great cast dynamic was there and hopefully it all continues. 9/10 (9.5/10 if that was possible).

  32. Favorite episode of the season, hands down. And i have loved every episode this season – but this was easily the best written episode in a long, long time. BRILLIANT, clever writing! Dwight/Jim/Pam together? Working chemistry doesn’t get better than that. They rocked it.

    And it ended perfectly. Not in an overly adorable way at all, but it was sweet nonetheless because it was so real. Pam’s instant concern said all that was needed. I love them just as much as ever. Dwight too.

  33. “How did i get this long triangle?” Oh man did i laugh.

    Jim, Pam and Dwight were perfection. Nuff’ said.

    I hope the reveal about Jim isn’t just dropped. It would be an interesting idea to follow.

  34. WOW, that was definitely the best Office episode I’ve seen in a really long time. With that, a whole bunch of hilarious moments had me laughing all the way through. Yes, the cold open was similar to the one with Michael and Ryan in season 4, but it’s no biggie with me. Absolutely loved it!

  35. Love it love it love it! This episode has to be my favorite of the whole season; totally realistic, felt like a classic Office, AND it seems like we’ve got a new arc coming our way.

    Absolutely love it. Bravo!

  36. I totally called something like this happening. Jim actually saying he has feelings in a sense for her.

    I don’t think the marriage will end, but I think they are gonna make it REALLY rocky, and something near the end will make them come together big time.

  37. Props to Allison Silverman, former head writer & EP of “The Colbert Report,” for this episode!

    Loved Creed’s “How did I get this long triangle?” LOL

  38. Why are they so content on turning this show into a musical? Seems like they’ve had actors performing musical numbers in practically every episode starting a good season or so ago.

  39. I loved this episode, especially the Dwight/Pam/Jim moments. Need to see more scenes with those three interacting, it’s a step above everything else.

    PS: Dwight ‘secretly’ grabbing Jim’s crotch was hilarious!

  40. To #44: Jim didn’t say he had feelings for Pam’s replacement! It *sounded* that way, at first – but he was setting up a joke! He said he had feelings for *Dwight*!!! Because of how aggressively Dwight was grabbing Jim’s crotch!

  41. Dwight grabbing Jim’s crotch – Comedy Gold! Wonder if the Jim high BP will be handled sorta like Stanley’s heart problem – with a “stress” monitor? I hate for them to recycle, but I would love to see Dwight being forced to be nice to Jim so as not to upset him!

  42. Only halfway through the episode right now, and I just had to pause because I could not stop laughing at Andy’s scripted scat music. Hilarious!

  43. So Dwight’s father & Jim’s father both have high blood pressure – I’m just sayin’.

    [ from tanster: the implication is mind blowing! ]

  44. Rusty,

    I noticed that the second time I watched it but think about this.

    1. Is he really gonna say something that serious to the camera?
    2. It set up this big feeling of Jim seeming super happy with this new girl, joking with her, and then shows Jim in a very boring way talking to Pam saying, ” Oh we need to remember to get CICI a toothbrush.”
    3. You could tell Pam was noticeably annoyed because they aren’t like they used to be.

  45. I’m such a geek – my favourite line was when Kevin thought Chaka Khan was the character on Star Trek. I like Val, by the way – she’s a nice grounder/straight man to all the crazy!

    P.S. I liked the music. And if Andy stops singing, he won’t be Andy anymore. He’s been singing right from the start (even back in Stamford). James Spader plays a mean harp!

    [ from tanster: i like val, too! a new member for the coalition of reason. :) ]

  46. Loved the Jim/Pam/Dwight stuff so SO much. I wish there were more episodes with the three of them in the A plot. Theirs is a dynamic that works. Didn’t watch any of the stuff with Andy and the band because I hate the sound of a harmonica and dislike the constant focus on Andy.

  47. #54 You are really reaching there. Nothing in this episode indicated that Jim and Pam were going to have a problem

  48. This may go down in history as my all-time favorite episode of The Office. Slash any show ever. BEAUTIFUL.

  49. I couldn’t believe how many times Dwight touched Jim’s crotch LOL, never seen anything like that on a TV show.

  50. Cute, fun episode. One of the better episodes of the season. As far as Jim/Pam trouble coming down the road? I don’t see it. Jim doesn’t look at Dwight that way.

  51. I generally liked this episode. The Dwight/Pam/Jim moments were great. Could’ve done without the Robert California band-hog thing though. It was more kinda sad than anything.

    I’ll admit, I’m a Robert hater.

  52. A lot of reviews were kinda harsh to this episode. I felt that this episode was EASILY the best of the season. The Dwight/Jim/Pam dynamic felt like a return to Season Two. Dwight’s “Whoops! I’m falling” and then grabbing Jim’s crotch and saying “Does your husband usually have soft erections?” was beautiful. And the ending, when Pam and Jim really show that they love each other was touching.

  53. I can’t wait to see the blooper reel on the DVD’s for the scene between Dwight & Jim. I’m sure Rainn and John (and everyone else) were dying laughing each time he lunged for his crotch. haha!!

  54. I’m really having this bad feeling. I’m not seeing as much love coming from Jim’s side. Not as much as he used to. Pam seems so much more into Jim nowadays and it shows in this episode. I’m sure the writers want us to care about them more. How do you do that? By making us see some rockiness.

  55. terrible cold open, great episode. i’m sure any hardcore office fan immediately thought of the michael/ryan joke and to top it all off, this cold open wasn’t even funny. with that said though i enjoyed the rest of the episode. the band part was probably forgettable in the long run but i still enjoyed it. as for the jim/dwight/pam story… great stuff.

  56. Hahahahahaha
    The crotch! the crotch!!!!!!!!! Dwight has never made me laugh so hard! Those were some priceless moments…
    OMG that was funny! Great episode – and what a douche of a CEO… Hated the cold open, though. Except for the Darryl comments on the phone, it was really horrible.

  57. This is my favorite of the season, thus far. I’d forgotten how great the chemistry is between Pam and Dwight.
    I’m glad Erin’s screen time was scaled back. The cold open harks back to a similar scene with Michael and Pam, which I enjoyed more.
    I echo the sentiments of another poster; when is the wedding between Kevin and Erin?
    I liked the band story. Though I’m happy that Andy has been promoted, I didn’t feel that he needed to dominate every episode like Michael did. Andy had the perfect amount of screen time, in this ep.

  58. @ Daniel Gasparini 65 – I was initially worried as well, but now it seems pretty clear Jim and Pam’s relationship is solid, despite her insecurities. Jim showed tremendous tact, shrewdness and patience in dealing with Pam’s hormonal insanity – he has really grown as a character. For Jim to even go along with Dwight’s “lie detector” test shows just how deeply he loves Pam – he wouldn’t put up with such foolishness, otherwise. And his “confession” to the cameras was a joke – he was poking fun at Dwight. :)

  59. i have a bad feeling that jim/pam’s relationship is gonna be seriously threatened by this girl. such a shame they do this just to get a storyline, imo.too much drama

  60. #65
    Any rockiness you think you see is strictly in your imagination. The creators of the show have repeatedly said they are not going to break them up just to create a storyline. And of all the times they might have done something like that, starting it just before Pam gives birth would be absolutely insane. I can’t think of a quicker way for all the fans to begin to hate Jim then to have him abandon Pam at this point. Roy would look good in comparison.

  61. Loved this episode. I laughed so hard at Dwight. The Jim/Pam/Dwight stuff was great. Jim & Dwight will never be buddies, and I don’t think the writers should make them end up that way, but I love the comfort/ease that the characters have around each other.

    The best part of the band storyline was the ending when they were just jamming in the parking lot with one another.

  62. Do people really think Jim and Pam would ever break up? That shouldn’t even be a question in anybody’s mind. Whatever little things they go through, they will remain solid, as they have since they got together, for the remainder of the series. That’s a no brainier.

    You think some girl Jim JUST met, is going to make him question his entire world, which for him is his family. It always has been. He’s a normal guy, he’s gonna get stressed, worry, whatever. But it’s really funny to me that people still worry they will split after all these years, this late in the game.

  63. I didn’t understand this episode at all, it left me really disappointed. The previews looked really funny, but everything that I thought would be funny really wasn’t. Robert California was in the band with Kevin, Darryl & Andy, but nothing really happened. And what was with the Jim/Pam storyline?! I was expecting some really cute moment at the end where Jim tells Pam that even if he was attracted to Kathy it wouldn’t matter because of how much he loves her or something…but we were left with awkward Jim-talking heads where he basically admitted to thinking Kathy was hot in a way that wasn’t very Jim-like, and Pam’s jealousy turning into fear over him having high blood pressure?!

    I’m trying to stick with the show, I really love it and have been a very dedicated fan over the years, but this just makes me lose hope. Where are the funny pranks, the subtle jokes and cute Jim/Pam moments? Or maybe even a plotline?
    *Sigh* I can only hope next week’s is better…

  64. Great episode.

    The cold open uses recycled material from season four, but it came with a pleasant twist that made it fresh.

  65. Props to you Allison Silverman for such a well written episode! Please do stick around and write many more!

    What can ya say, when the Big 3 are the A plot of an episode, that’s when you get the good stuff.

    @#51Kara, That’s actually a fantastic idea!

  66. Finally watched the episode..I’m not necessarily worried about JAM but it definitely left me with a bitter taste in my mouth (TWSS?). I agree with 65’s post, Jim seems a little bit cold in this episode and his comment about having feelings for a co-worker that he hasn’t felt in a long time made me sad. At the end Pam seemed genuinely concerned for him and he really didn’t respond to her affection. It’s an interesting storyline, I have the same anxiety that I did seasons 1-3. On a much happier note Dwight grabbing Jim’s crotch was priceless, I laughed so hard throughout that! Loved Dwight remembering Cece’s toothbrush :) Lastly, more Creed please..and no more singing!!

  67. I don’t think people got the ‘joke’ at the end.

    He’s not gonna admit to the camera that he felt that way for this girl, that would be a bad thing to admit to film. So instead he admitted it and then turned it into a joke. Fact is he was telling jokes, and they were making each other laugh. he looked…HAPPY. At the store with Pam he looked dull, and the only thing he talked to her about was the toothbrush(That even he forgot to get).

  68. If this is the beginning of a Jim / Pam / Kathy love triangle, then Creed’s one line (“how did I get this long triangle?”) might be really foreboding / prescient.

  69. All this worry about Jim/Pam is overblown. Just because they get annoyed with each other and find other people “objectively hot” doesn’t mean their marriage is in serious trouble. Of course Jim looked irritated in the pharmacy – Pam was so ridiculously insecure she made him take a “lie detector” test, and at the prompting of Dwight, of all people! Before that, Jim had to suffer his crotch being grabbed several times. So considering everything he’d been put through that day – and then finding out he has hypertension – Jim’s definitely not going to be in an affectionate mood.

  70. JimIsbigbird,

    No one said they will break up. What’s the divorce rate in this country? Just because people are madly in love at the start doesn’t mean third party people can’t possibly jump into the mix to ruin things. The producer already said they are gonna test their relationship this season. So….yea.

  71. To me, that was the funniest show I have watched all fall. I did not interpret Jim as saying he really had feelings for the temp. When Dwight repeatedly grabbed his crotch, I thought his expression was saying, “OMG, something is happening down there!” so was not surprised by his talking head. I guess we will see how that plays out. Stuff that I may not normally care for – Erin being dumb as a rock, Jim/Pam bickering – I thought was hilarious and Dwight sealed it.

  72. I LOVED this episode! Top notch, really. I laughed out loud at several points, which I normally don’t do. Pam and Dwight together are comedy gold.

    I also have to say, I don’t see any trouble ahead with Jim and Pam. As a very pregnant (two more weeks!) woman myself, I know that many women in the late stages of pregnancy get overparanoid and sensitive. This storyline was perfect, and naturally, Jenna played it so well. Jim acted just as I would expect a father who has seen this before, and loves his wife enough not to make her feel silly, to act. (And it’s ok if a married guy thinks other women are hot. He’s married, not blind.)

  73. I’m calling it now.

    1. While Pam is gone things that Jim and Pam used to do Jim and Cathy will start doing…I.E. Pranking Dwight for example.
    Upon Pam’s return she will be even more freaked out and worried, which will start more problems…Till the end of the series when things come back together in an amazing way. (I’m telling you the series is gonna end on a sweet jim pam moment…)

  74. Wow, are people really not getting the joke at the end? Jim was making the audience believe he was saying he felt feelings for the temp, but he was setting up for a joke about how he had feelings for Dwight (hence him mentioning the crotch-grabbing).
    That being said, I disliked this episode and I hated Jim and Pam’s dynamic. Jim should’ve realized lying to Pam was more harmful than telling the truth, and Pam shouldn’t have been so insecure. It was very out of character as she knows Jim is madly in love with her.

  75. I really thought this was the best episode of this season so far. The Pam & Dwight dynamic was awesome. And I don’t believe Jim is going gaga over the temp…JAM will stick together through the end of the series. Which could be several years away, if they keep making episodes like this!

  76. I’m stunned at the number of folks who are imagining there is some sort of trouble brewing with Jim and Pam. It’s not Season 2 or 3 any more folks. This isn’t ‘Days of Our Lives’.

  77. And WHY is it soo important for Pam to “reveal the truth” that the temp is hot? Everyone knows she is, Look at her! It’s not like Jim hasn’t been around attractive women before, (Katy, Karen Jordan : ) Jim is liked by just about EVERY Woman, she should TRUST him.

    The REAL reason he had high blood pressure is b/c
    of Pam and Dwight KEPT Harassing him ALL DAY!

  78. Definitely the best episode of the season thus far. It went from the “Andy focused” episodes to a truly ensemble episode with this one. Lots of fun! Hope to see more like this.

  79. Many viewers didn’t get the joke that when Jim said he felt something today that he never felt before he was sarcastically talking about Dwight. There will be no “sad story” between Jim and Pam because of the replacement.

  80. I thought it was the best episode of the season.
    Definitely an imporvement over a few others!
    I thought the Kevin And The Zits band was sort of just a time filler and not important.
    But I’m thinking Jim has diabetes or something…

  81. Really good episode. I don’t believe that Jim would ever cheat on Pam, but I’m wondering… Blood pressure medications often have side effects including tiredness, depression, pain, fainting, and sexual dysfunction. Could it be possible that they’re setting something up where Jim starts acting differently, and Pam starts thinking that he’s drifting from her, and then Jim collapses and they rush him to the hospital and they find out that his changed behavior is due to the medication? If they were going to have a strained relationship story arc, this might be a neat way of introducing and resolving it.

  82. good episode, like it when everyone is involved, however for me the Robert California character brings nothing to the show. i would have preferred them bringing back david wallace .

  83. Terrific episode!!! Pam teaming up with Dwight was hilarious, Jim’s fake-out TH was pure gold, and the ending was perfect. I really feel like the writers are getting Jim and Pam right this season (i.e., true to the characters that were set up in the beginning) -both individually and as a couple. Hooray!

    A truly great episode . . .

  84. I thought this was hands-down the best epi of the season. I had to re-watch Jim’s talking head outside of the pharmacy to “get” it… I thought he was referencing Kathy but had to smile knowing he meant Dwight. We know as Office fans that the writers will never do anything to that relationship. It’s too perfect. I loved this episode!

  85. I was completely mesmerized by the guest drummer Steve Moore! That last scene was fabulous!

  86. If they keep making episodes like this, The Office will keep going strong for years! I laughed so hard I cried when Dwight was trying to grab Jim’s crotch! I haven’t had a real good laugh from The office since Michael left!

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