1. The first like 20 seconds of this clip would have helped build the whole situation a lot better and made that final promotion make more sense. Even though they said a couple times the work load had increased I think they needed to show it.

  2. I agree with Dan… I think the show would have been better off had they actually included this. Great episode, regardless! Love how it ended with Rainn yelling! Hahah…

  3. You can see all 4 deleted scenes if you watch the episode online and keep watching after the credits!

  4. I agree with Dan as well. I honestly couldn’t figure out why corporate was checking in on Michael’s ability to finish his work. I forgot about Buffalo.

  5. i agree although the quick cuts to commercial gave me the impression that they were down to the last second with this episode. there was a lot going on for sure. i am glad we got to see this though, since deleted scenes are canon i am fine with not having this in the episode but seeing it now.

  6. Hey! I was just watching these deleted scenes and have the Jay Leno show on in the background…and who do I see but Kate Flannery!

    She’s dressed as a 40-year-old “Wendy” from Wendy’s Restaurant. A three-minute-clip and I laughed all the way through it.

    You go, Kate!!

  7. it’s not just phyllis, i can’t seem to figure out why everybody doesn’t like jim and pam all of a sudden. have you seen the clip from the promotion? “he wants to give promotions to his friends and people he’s sleeping with”. I don’t get it

  8. Yeah, I forgot where Phyllis being mean to Pam stemmed from. I guess it could stem from Pam being on sales now, but I know it was happening way before then.

  9. Phyllis has been weird with Pam ever since her relationship with Jim went public:

    “remember, if a new customer calls in, you have to assign them to sales people randomly, instead of whoever you’re sleeping with at the moment”

    and she’s been especially mad at Pam when she stole her clients:

    “i don’t have enough time to talk to my clients since i have so many of them… isn’t that what you told them Pam? shut your mouth… you look like a trout”

  10. 10:

    Angela hates everyone, and since (in the clip) it looks like the accountants won’t be getting raises, can you blame them for being upset?

  11. Just so Dove knows, I appreciate you making the deleted scenes and promos possible and all but I’m tired of watching full 30-sec ads before all of these one minute clips.

    Our household is officially on Dove boycott whether we have a little armpit stubble or not.

  12. OMG…that fourth deleted scene was hilarious! The look on Pam’s face when she realized it was Darryl’s sister and not Darryl…hahahaha!

  13. HAHAHAHAHA!!! OMGsh that 4th clip of Pam running after “Darryl” was SO funny! The look on her face is priceless!

  14. (Talking about the fourth deleted scene)
    Is it just me or did the part with Pam not go along with the Dwight & Toby in the car? To have such a short, random moment with Pam seems odd to me. I guess that’s why it’s a deleted scene.

  15. As much as I did like Darryl’s sister, I agree that scene would have seemed kinda random. also, pregnant women can’t run in heels, lol.

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