1. I love the sneak peek so much! Why does the wedding have to be nine days away?

    Can we just skip “The Promotion” and go straight to Niagara?

  2. OMG I can’t wait!!!! I wish the video wouldn’t have skipped so much. (Maybe it was just on my end) But I am so excited!

  3. “Do you have any snacks in your pocketbook?”


    and omg kevin’s toupee and shoes….. i can’t wait to see what that’s about! and the turtle…

  4. I’m super excited! This will be one of the best episodes ever!
    And I want to know why there is a turtle there. haha

  5. I go to school in the UK and this video won’t work over here! Can somebody please tell me what’s shown/said in it?

  6. You guys, I just found out I have to miss the wedding episode because of a special event for work. I am so upset.

    But then again, I missed the engagement too because I had to work, so maybe me missing an episode and having to watch it online the next day is good luck. Yea, I’ll go with that.

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