Pam’s wedding dress

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spoiler alertContent and comments may contain spoilers. gets the scoop from The Office costume designer Alysia Raycraft about Pam’s wedding dress, including where to buy Pam’s dress and the bridesmaid dresses!

Oh, and there is a beautiful “awwwww”-inspiring portrait of the bride and groom. :)

Link: All about Pam’s The Office wedding dress


  1. i absolutely ADORE pam’s dress. it is so beautiful! and as for the tie… doesn’t it look like there’s a skinny tie under the half tie? or something? hmmmm. i’m interested to see what that’s about! I CAN’T WAIT!

  2. I really like the bridesmaid dresses, props to Pam! I think the dress is a PERFECT choice for Pam, although if she’s trying to hide her pregnancy, I still think she looks a bit preggers… But what can you do at 4 months?

  3. She looks gorgeous! My best friend is getting married two days after this episode airs so I will be in full wedding swing!

  4. What’s up with Jim’s tie in the second picture? Did someone take a pair of scissors to it, or has the picture been photoshopped?

  5. Finally! I’ve been staring at all these pics of Jim wondering just what was up with his tie. I thought it looked cut in half but I wasn’t sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me.

  6. No lie, my soon to be sister-in-law has EXACTLY the same dress. She got it three or four months ago..if not before. As soon as I saw the first spoiler still, i don’t remember when that came out, I told my mother and she wouldn’t let me tell her! She told me it might ruin it. Luckily, the Bride saw a picture of it in a magazine. She was actually thrilled…coincidentally she’s exactly as many months pregnant as Pam and getting married on the 9/10. Unfortunately, my brother is no Jim Halpert.

  7. Pam’s dress is from David’s bridal and so are the Bridesmaids dresses! :) Love the DB!!

  8. that IS my dress! how funny, just saw the repeat of the reminiscing episode and saw the dress!!

  9. That’s my dress too! I was watching the episode on netflix and I thought it looked familiar!

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