1. That is exactly the sound I want to make when I think of waiting until Thursday to watch this episode.

  2. Oh, my God.
    that scream scared me so badly…..
    I’m excited for this season. It’s had a promising start. I think Gossip was awesome, kind of second season mixed with a lil bit of fourth season material. And I personally thing second and fourth season are the bestest. (:

    Wow, Jim looks really hot….!!!

  3. I’m so impressed that you knew they were called ‘end frames’. I noticed they were new when I saw the promos on tv, but had no idea what to call them. Now, I do. :) Can’t wait for Thursday!!

    [from tanster: lol, is that a real term? i just made it up!]

  4. Actually, look carefully at the Pam end frame. She is sitting at where Jim’s desk should be BUT it looks like her desk because of the picture! Maybe Jim does get promoted (is that why he is wearing a jacket in his end frame?), and Pam gets his old desk.

  5. Dwight is probably screaming because Jim got promoted, and that also explains why Pam’s happy.

  6. @ThirstySchruteBaby: I don’t know why Dwight would be mad about that; if Jim doesn’t have to sit beside him. In a deleted scene I recall Dwight saying that he “missed the storage boxes” that used to be in front of his desk.

    I love that shot of Pam at the end, though. She is quite adorable. And I’ve always been envious of that pink mug of hers for some reason. It’s just a great mug.

  7. #8 …got promoted to what? He is assistant regional manager already… Which is the next position? Michael’s BFF?

  8. Ha ha ha! Look in the background when Dwight starts to scream. You can see Creed jerk his head back as though he’s startled!

  9. I love the end frames! We need to find stills of them so I can make them my background! haha…. I did notice that Pam was sitting at Jim’s desk but I didn’t notice the picture at first so good call!

  10. I’m glad the promo was very vague, nothing funny spoiled in it. I enjoyed the end frames as well. Really nice.

  11. My guess is Dwight is angry because Jim is getting promoted and not him. Jim better be staying at Scranton, though. I think it’s pretty obvious Jim is moving up. But the question is: Where? He is #2 in The Office.

    It would be hysterical at Michael’s reaction if he was demoted to Jim’s job. But that would take funny out of the show over time.

  12. That was such an excellent promo! I’m always a bit apprehensive to watch them because sometimes they reveal too much, but that was perfect. Great job NBC!

  13. Those ARE fancy new end frames! Love it! Can I say that Jenna is the cutest person ever? And that the color is very vibrant now! :D

  14. “If you’re lying to me, then your baby will come out a liar.”

    I LOVEEE Pam/Jenna’s face when he says that! PRICELESS!!!!!

  15. Sorry if I’m inadvertently spoiling here (I don’t read spoilers, I swear), but is it not totally obvious that Jim is taking Michael’s job?

  16. I highly doubt Jim would be taking Michael’s job. Season 5 was a total affirmation of his management abilities (lecture circuit, prince family paper, even the Michael scott paper company). He’d have to have really screwed up for corporate to consider replacing him (and Wallace has already shown an incredibly high tolerance for Michael’s antics).

    Jim getting a promotion over Dwight still seems plausible though, given what we’ve seen so far. I’m very much looking forward to the Dwight meltdown, whatever it happens to be about.

  17. Jim was already promoted over Dwight in season 3, he is already the 2nd in command in his branch. If he’s getting promoted it’s almost certainly got to be to Michael’s position or to one outside the office.

  18. I wonder if Jim is getting Ryan/Jan’s old job because, maybe, DM got rid of Charles? Maybe? Technically, Jim could stay in Scranton for it, he would just travel to other branches. How funny would it be if they gave Jim the conference room as his office? As much as Dwight has coveted that spot? hahahahahaha

  19. I agree with #27, I’ve been thinking about it ever since I saw the end of Company Picnic, and that’s pretty much the only place they would put him. I mean, he’s definitely getting promoted. And Michael’s definitely keeping the Regional Manager slot. But what else is there? Unless they make a new fancy position for Jim, he’s going to get the Jan/Ryan/Charles slot. Maybe Charles will be moved because everyone hates him so much.

  20. First off, I love the end frames! They’re so cool!!!

    Second, this is sort of off topic, but why is Karen in the clip for Parks and Rec? The promo mentioned “breaking the rules,” so does that mean Parks and Rec meets The Office? Am I just missing something, and Rashida Jones plays a completely different role in Parks and Rec?

    Third, I still love Jim. Looooove him. I sort of live vicariously through Jim and Pam’s relationship. Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. :)

    Yay for season 6!!!!

  21. Ya, the person that plays Karen in the Office plays as a different character in Parks and Rec. It is a really good show. She has been a character since the pilot.

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