‘The Office’ 2009 Calendar Giveaway

Yes I know we’re already in February. :)

I found a pile of 2009 calendars under the bed that I’d like to give away.

Calendar giveaway #2

The Office CalendarPRIZES: Four DVD wall calendars
STATUS: Contest held Feb. 22; now closed
WINNERS: Sylvia, Arden, Jaimie, and Mike

Final giveaway coming soon!

Of all the characters who have appeared on ‘The Office’ in previous seasons (but have not appeared in Season 5), who would you most like to see return, and why?

20 words or less.
Spelling and punctuation count.
One entry person. Multiple entries will disqualify you.
Provide a valid email address.
U.S. entrants only.

Contest is closed to new entries Feb. 22, 9pm PT. Four entrants will be randomly selected to win a DVD wall calendar.

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  1. My favorite season five episode is hands down “Stress Relief”. This episode had the perfect blend of story and comedy.

  2. My favorite Season 5 episode of ‘The Office’ is “Customer Survey”.

    Why? 3 words: aggressive, hostile, and difficult.

  3. Lecture Circuit Part 1 hands down. Memories of Business School with Mounds bars. “Have I ever steered you wrong, Jim?”

  4. My favorite season 5 episode so far is “Stress Relief” because of the insane cold open.

  5. I love Lecture Circuit pt 1 for Creed’s line to Andy: “Have I ever steered you wrong, Jim?”

  6. “Customer Survey”. Jim/Dwight, Jim/Pam, bluetooths, mugs! “What do you think I’m saying to you”

  7. My favorite was “Business Trip” I think. Something about Andy and Oscar being friends and Michael telling Wallace off…

  8. My most favorite of this season was Lecture Circuit (Part 1), because of “maybe loose the shirt underneath.”

  9. Lecture Circuit Part 2, no question. One of the best episodes of The Office, maybe ever. I watched it at 1am and, just like Kelly Kapoor, I was too excited to sleep!

  10. Tough choice! My favorite episode was Weight Loss because of Holly and Michael’s interactions and Pam’s laptop talking head.

  11. “The Duel” because Andy and Dwight’s attacks were priceless. And Dwight’s nursery rhyme. And giant heads and beet-stained teeth.

  12. My favorite is “Business Trip,” for the parking lot scene with Jim and Pam, and Michael’s talk with David Wallace.

  13. Stress relief has to be my favorite because of the cold open and “BOOM, roasted!” Need I say more?

  14. Baby Shower

    I died of laughter when 1. Jan sings “Son of a Preacher Man” to Astrid and 2. Michael calls Astrid, “Astird”

  15. “Stress Relief” was my favorite episode of the season, maybe even favorite of all time (and that’s saying a lot). The Office is funny, but if I am alone I almost never laugh out loud. “Stress Relief” was the exception. I busted out in laughter many times-to an empty apartment!

  16. Stress Relief. As a CPR instructor, that scene was perfect and priceless. I will now teach to Staying Alive.

  17. My favorite episode thus far is “The Surplus.” I love the simple concept and the competition between Jim and Pam.

  18. Crime Aid because it explored another side of Dwight. Also his and Phyllis’ scenes were great and I want more.

  19. Frame Toby!!! Michael didn’t even know Toby had returned – genius!!!
    “Welcome back, jerky jerk face.”

  20. Prince Paper Family was showing that Michael really does have a heart. There are good people out there.

  21. I adore every episode, so it’s hard to choose. But one of the standouts for me this season would be Customer Survey. I love the episodes that depict real-life office situations and issues.

  22. My favorite episode so far this season is “Customer Survey.” Simply for the Bill Buttlicker sequence. Classic Office.

  23. Moroccan Christmas, i mean really who can beat fa la la la la ka-ching! or princess unicorn and Dwight’s theory on her parents…

  24. “Stress Relief” all the way. The antics of Dwight in that episode were perfectly hilarious!

  25. Oh, shoot! Misread the requirement! Sorry!

    Customer Survey. I love the episodes that depict real-life office situations and issues.

  26. My favorite was “Baby Shower” because I loved the opening of Dwight and Michael having a watermelon baby. Hilarious!

  27. My favorite episode of The Office Season 5 is definitely ‘The Duel’ simply for the silent hybrid car attack. Priceless!

  28. The best episode this season was “Business Trip”. Pam finally returns and Oscar’s “Why won’t you do Andy?” Priceless!

  29. I really can’t pick a favorite Office episode, but “Moroccan Christmas” had some great moments. Meredith’s dancing, Dwight’s five fingered intervention, and “take no crap” Phyllis are just a few. Also, has anyone else noticed that Michael wears the same tie every Christmas?

  30. Definitely Customer Survey. Why?


    Just thinking about that scene makes me giggle.

  31. Employee Transfer. Minus the fact that Holly left, Steve Carell’s acting was superb and he gave Michael a new depth.

  32. My favorite episode so far of season five was Customer Survey. The conference room scene with Dwight, Jim, and Michael makes me laugh out loud just thinking about it.

  33. Stress Relief is the greatest episode of the season thus far; solely for the I-Pod joke.

  34. The Surplus: Whole new side of Pam, Michael called Kevin “my dear”, Toby a silent killer? What could be better?

  35. The Surplus because it felt like an old episode of The Office and the plot was simple and fun.

  36. My favorite part of the season was in the super bowl episode when Pam talked to Jim about what her dad had to say outside. After that she had a talking head discussing soul mates and said, “When you’re a kid you assume your parents are soul mates. My kids will be right about that..” And while I was sad that what Jim said convinced her dad to find an apartment, it was such a sweet reason. I love all the Jim and Pam moments. =]

  37. Prince Family Paper, haiku style:

    “Is she hot?” brings out
    Hidden skill. Michael self-doubts
    For once. Scarn returns.

  38. “Customer Survey”

    You juked the stats, cupcake! — Volunteer sheriff Dwight at his best.

    And every one of Kelly’s lines…priceless!

  39. “Stress Relief”. Sitting through the Super Bowl in anticipation for it to start made watching it so much more rewarding.

  40. Most definitely Kelly’s “I’m too excited to sleep!”. It was perfect with the kid-like voice and shoulder shrug to match. And her acting like getting a one-hour nap under the conference table was on the same level going to bed on Christmas Eve. Very funny…

  41. My favorite episode of this season has been Lecture Circuit part 2 for Jim’s Natural History Museum memory.

  42. Customer survey. The comedic aspect that the Bluetooth brought to the episode was fantastic. It created humor and some drama towards the end with Jim and Pam.

  43. The Surplus because Michael saying you don’t need new chairs or printer reminds me of something my dad would say

  44. Business Trip! Michael’s fascination with the Canadian Concierge plus Andy drunk dialing Angela equals HILARIOUS!

  45. Weight Loss. I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen that proposal. (I’m such a sucker).

  46. Weight Loss because Pam and Jim finally got engaged and Michael and Holly were hilarious.

  47. My favorite season five episode so far is “Crime Aid”. I really enjoyed the bidding war for Phyllis’ hug!

  48. Stress Relief! Between the hilarious opening (“Save Bandit!”), the CPR instruction (“Oh I love that song. Once I was afraid I was petrified-“), the pirated movie with Andy, m’lady and m’tuna (“Im pretty sure shes not making much sense right now!”) and the roast (“If it was an ipod, it’d be a shuffle!”), Stress Relief was the funniest episode of the season. Add in a dash of Jam (“My kids are going to be right about that”) and its one of my favorite episodes ever.

  49. Crime Aid – “It squeaks when you bang it.” Best TWSS ever. Gets me every time. (TWSS)

  50. Stress Relief. JAM worked together to: help Pam’s dad, counsel Pam, watch a pirated video, talk over Andy’s head. Bliss.

  51. Customer Survey b/c Pam & Jim bluetooth, Kelly hilariousness and “Buttlicker, our prices have never been lower!”

  52. “Stress Relief” when Michael “roasts” Stanley. “Stanley, you crush your wife during sex and your heart sucks.” Hilarious!

  53. I really enjoy when Jim and Dwight work together. Customer Survey shows how well they balance each other.

  54. Stress Relief was epic. There’s no way anyone could hold back a laugh watching Angela throw her beloved cat through the ceiling!!!

  55. Favorite episode would have to be Lecture Circuit, Part 2 because i’ve never wanted to hug and slap Michael all in one scene.

  56. Lecture Circuit, Pt. 2, because it spoiled my image of Angela’s cats. I always thought they were good and decent.

  57. Stress Relief because now I can ask the men in my life if they were an iPod what kind would they be? Only to be extremely disappointed when some answer “shuffle”.

  58. Lecture Circuit Part 2
    I love Michael when he isn’t being a total jerk/idiot, and I really hope Holly comes back

  59. Stress Relief – I literally wept when the camera showed Dwight, having whipped out his hunting knife, WEARING THE DUMMY FACE! Bam! Roasted!

  60. Stress Relief: There were probably only 2 min that my friends and I weren’t laughing. Cat, dummy face, all great.

  61. Stress relief – Everything about this episode was amazing and all of the cast members got a chance to shine!

  62. My favorite episode of season 5 (so far):

    Lecture Circuit part one.


    -Michael Scott’s horrible presentations (the calculator bit, his using of the word mnemonic, the way to throw in mini mounds bars, all his cringeworthy moments that are BRILLIANT acting)
    -Pam and Michael’s ‘bonding’ while on the road
    -Jim and Dwight’s chemistry working together in the office is the best. I loved when Jim tossed the balloon over his shoulder like he was giving up. And Dwights “it is your birthday.” sign
    -Andy being pathetically single and desperate, again.
    -Kelly being mad & in juvie
    -Creed. Enough said.

    To me, the best episode of the season, our favorite show doing what it does best!!!

  63. Customer Survey. The conference room scene between Jim, Michael and Dwight is still hysterical every time I watch it.

  64. Definitely has to be Stress Relief!! I recorded it to watch over and over. I have watched it like 50 times and threatened to hit anyone who messes with the tape it is on.

  65. Lecture Circuit Part 1. Seeing Jim and Dwight work together as well as Pam’s compassionate side with Michael was great.

  66. Lecture Circuit, Part 1 because it had the feel of the earlier seasons. That’s what I love about The Office

  67. I love Lecture Circuit Pt. l because of the Squeaky Fromme reference. Finally, pop culture of my generation. Thanks.

  68. Weight Loss – One of the best episodes of the season. Different format from other episodes. Funny and of course JAM.

  69. I was tempted to pick Stress Relief (I use “Boom. Roasted.”), but chose Business Ethics because of Jim and Dwight.

  70. The surplus: hilarious banter between the two factions and their eventual agreement, and the return to Shrute Farms.

  71. Baby Shower because it brought together Michael and Holly. The warm fuzzies and hilariousness make me yearn for Holly’s return.

  72. Lecture Circuit, Pt. 2. One of Pam’s greatest episodes. Disgust for Michael, compassion for love. Angela’s Cats Kelly’s Nap.

  73. Have to go with Weight Loss. Who hasn’t been waiting for that scene at the gas station for 4 years?

  74. Has to be Stress Relief for many reasons: Angela’s cat flying out of the ceiling… Dwight with a knife strapped to his calf… Stanley laughing his butt off… Michael’s “boom, roasted!”… and many more!

  75. I pick: Frame Toby.
    The inimitable Michael-Toby dynamic & the Jim-Pam love angle: in all it is hilarious, sweet and entertaining!

  76. The Duel, and here’s why:
    Giant Heads
    Rearview Spoon
    Death by Prius
    Eager & Flexible
    Nothing Fancy
    Fewer Choices

  77. Lecture Circuit Pt.1: two words “sugar boobs” – o.m.g. i have not laughed that hard in years.

  78. The Surplus – It gave the smaller actors a chance to shine and I never stopped laughing throughout.

  79. Katy – Roy will need a date for the upcoming wedding, and they got along on the Booze Cruise.

  80. Amy Adams. She may not have been the one for Jim, but her performance as Katy was fantastic.

  81. Katy – Amy Adams is so cute and I’m sure the writer’s could get her in another appearance.

  82. Has Mose Schrute been in an episode this season yet? If he has, then purse girl as a second choice.

  83. Pam’s mom!!! We’ve seen some Pam’s Dad/Jim interaction, now Momma Beesley needs her turn…

  84. Katy. Ryan mentioned wanting to call her (could be an interesting story for him), and Amy Adams is great.

  85. DEFINITELY Carol!

    I know that Michael screwed things up with her, but I found that their relationship was almost functional.

  86. Ben Franklin came to mind first. Stalking Pam, maybe?

    But I’ll go with Sadiq, he had great chemistry with everyone.

  87. I would like to see Hunter, Jan’s assistant. I think it would be great if they hooked up and made Michael jealous.

  88. Jan. I want to see her try and get Michael to be a father figure for her baby. She’s nuts.

  89. SASHA! I loved her interactions with everyone in the Office, as well as Toby’s demeanor around her. Plus, she’s adorable!

  90. Amy Adams. Because she’s fabulous and looked oh-so-gorgeous at the Oscars tonight.

  91. I would love to see Hunter return. He played such a huge part in the Jan/Michael relationship and breakup.

  92. I just read the part about not appearing in Season 5… I’m sure Jan has. Sorry about that.

  93. Katy! She can get “closure.” Run-in with JAM. She does think that Pam got married to Roy..(Booze Cruise).

  94. Garbage the cat must return to The Office. Bandit and Princess Lady are great, but Garbage stole the show.

  95. My vote is for Lonnie from the warehouse. (He was hilarious in Safety Training — “Dammit, Michael, pay attention!” The other line that comes to mind is, “Um, excuse me, sea monster, you weigh like a thousand pounds.”)

  96. Hello? Todd Packer so has to come back. Other than dwight, they so have the bromance goin on<3

  97. I miss the lady who was transferred from Stamford and always brought her baby to work. Hannah Smoterich-Barr.

  98. Sprinkles must return! I think it would add a twist to reveal that maybe Dwight has been hiding her all this time on the Beet farm. Maybe that is what will reunite Angela and Dwight!
    Or maybe because I can’t look at my fries in the freezer, or Benadryl without thinking about my favorite cat.

  99. I’d love to see Devon return. He was fired in season 2 as Michael’s 2nd choice. He made a brief appearance in the deleted scenes in “Valentine’s Day” but the “disgruntled” employee should reemerge with some sort of distain for Michael in a comedic/stalker-ish kind of way.

  100. Roy will come back to try and either confront Jim and Pam or to wish them luck creating closure.

  101. Carol Stills. Her and Steve have such great chemistry. (duh lol). She was always a funny, level-headed character.

  102. Definitely Billy Merchant, he’s been in the last three seasons. He’s due for an appearance.

  103. Billy Merchant, the building manager. He had some great lines in The Injury and Casino Night!

  104. The real Benjamin Franklin. Another love triangle is in order, methinks. He’s in his knickers.

  105. Justin from Job Fair. He should get an internship at the office. It would be hilarious so see Michael’s interactions with him.

  106. “I’m Captain Jack, I’m captain of the ship. I’m also captain of anyone who sets foot on the ship.”

  107. Hunter, as the surprise father of Astird…I mean Astrid. He and Michael fight over Jan in song.

  108. Tim Meadows! Someone who shared Michael’s sense of humor. His performance was “extra awesome”!

  109. I’d love to see Josh Porter, mainly because I’m a huge fan of Chip Esten from his days on “Whose Line is it Anyway?”

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