1. This is so great! Especially how the music key always seemed to match–did they write the accompaniments themselves?? Wow.

  2. The editing of this video is outstanding! I love when Andy sings “Drift Away,” and he is shown in his sumo suit on “Lake Scranton,” oddly enough, drifting away.

  3. I am constantly amazed at the talent and creativity of Office fans. This is utterly perfect – I couldn’t stop giggling!

  4. That was amazing! I loved it. Someone needs to come up with MP3 versions of this (or N3P…) so I can smile while listening to it and people can stare and wonder why.

  5. Awesome video! I’m been thinking for a while now that NBC needs to create a soundtrack for The Office. You don’t even realize how many songs are incorporated into each episode until you see a musical montage like this. Pure brillance.

  6. Very good video. I agree that you don’t think about how many songs are in all of these episodes.

    I’m not sure why but this video also made me realize that I feel like I know every single one of these characters. Writers/actors do a great job at making that possible. I know nothing to do with this music and video…just felt I had to share.

  7. hahaha That was awesome! Someone has talent. It made me laugh even more than Ryan started the fire…which made me laugh a lot

  8. Oh yay! I’m glad this video is finally on here for more people to see. The first time I saw it, I was blown away.

    I always laugh at the “drift away” part of the video because it cuts to Andy drifting away in a sumo suit. LOL

  9. This is such an awesome, well edited video. So many parts I love–the lyrics “don’t hurt me” as Michael tackles Jim to the ground, Andy singing “free my little ol’ soul,” Dwight asking “what do we do next?” regarding the CPR dummy then cut to him and Michael in the graveyard, and finally Pam dancing to Jim’s singing. The whole thing is great, but those are my favorite parts. Great job!

  10. Dwight asking “what do we do next?” regarding the CPR dummy then cut to him and Michael in the graveyard

    That is one of my favorite parts too. Totally brilliant.

  11. this is awesome, I watched it so much on youtube. Genrocks is the best video maker. Tanster you should also post Domo Arigato Mr. Scott-o made by Genrocks

  12. Ri-di-di-di-do Give me the beat boys and free my little ol’ soul….


    I also love the mumbling during the chorus of Staying Alive. Awesome.

  13. That was awesome! I’m loving these fan videos. They’re keeping me entertained while waiting for the new episodes. I hope people continue to do this.

  14. That was absolutely brilliant!!! The editing was amazing. I loved how it actually flowed like a preview for a musical with an actual story in some parts… Fantastic!!!

  15. Great stuff! Wow, I am really loving this new era in Office fanvids- it’s seriously turning into a fine art.

  16. Seriously…that was AWESOME!! Fantastic job, I could (and I will) watch quite a few more times. Amazingly creative. I didn’t realize how many songs have been featured in The Office. They should make a soundtrack, hmmm… or a mix tape of some np3 music!

  17. That was great – the only thing that could have made it better would be to add in “That One Night” by Hunter… LOL

  18. Is there an mp3 with this one too? I like this one even more than Ryan Started the Fire–keep up the good work!

  19. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS!!!! I only wish it were longer, so we could see Kevin’s rendition of “You Oughta Know”, and Andy’s “Take A Chance On Me”. All in favor of a sequel say, “ay”.

  20. That was great. Some very talented editing skills. I love the music added to it, it made the songs sound awesome.

  21. Ridiculously hilarious with a heavy helping of “dawesome” :) I really hope the cast gets to see this awesome musical! What talented fans we have, eh? I guess the most talented comedy cast on television would merit an equally amazing group of fans. Can I get a hallelujah?!?!

  22. This is awesome! LOVE it!! Kudos to the talented fans!! ..all we need is a remix with “Life is a highway”, and “In the jungle” ;)

  23. I’ve watched this at least a dozen times, I think, and I’ve laughed every time. It’s awesome! And “Ay!” for a sequel!!

  24. Hey guys, I’m Gen and I made this video. I’m so glad you all enjoy it, and am very grateful to tanster for posting it here. Thanks a lot for making my week!

    Since some people have asked for N3P’s of the songs, I’ve put together a CD mixtape – tada!


    Feel free to download and you’re welcome.

  25. Thanks for the link Gen! Really easy to download and now I’m listening to all the songs a million more times on my computer. My friend’s right. I really need a hobby. :)

  26. That was fantastic! I made the mistake of trying to watch this (quietly) while on the phone with a boring client…. when Andy started singing “Drift Away” and then they showed him “Drifting” in the sumo outfit in the lake I LOST it! Great job guys!

  27. Well that left me satisfied and smiling (twss). But seriously, that was awesome! Very well done.

  28. I’m so glad that this video is posted for all to see on here. It’s truly one of the best YouTube videos that I’ve ever come across. Yes, all we need is Andy doing “Take a Chance on Me” and “The Rainbow Connection” in pig latin! :)

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