1. Well if I wasn’t sure that they were going to try and make Pete/Erin/Andy the new Jim/Pam/Roy situation after last week’s episode, those first three photos are definitely giving me a vote of confidence.

  2. I really need at least a promo to tide me over until next thursday. preferably a couple and maybe a preview.

  3. Jessie, you are right!

    Also, we have not seen Erin meeting Andy’s parents yet. I have a strong feeling that she is not someone they would endorse.

    I have been a supporter of Andrin for seasons. But I think I can root for this new Pete guy.

  4. Also, in pic#10, Andy is glaring in the direction of reception – is Pete talking to Erin? And flexing his arm in pic#11 – seems like he’s feeling insecure. It also looks like Jim looks concerned in pics #8 & #9 about what’s going on with Pam and Nellie – it could be that Nellie’s interfering is what finally forces him to tell Pam about the job.

  5. Jessie, you are very observant, although Andy looks a bit furious too.

    Jim and Pam can weather anything. No worries here.

  6. I don’t think Andy is looking at reception in pic #10, I think he is looking at Nellie in pic #9 because she is taking up attention and saying something stupid probably. Also @ pic #11 Andy is showing off his black power because he found out he is related to Michelle Obama lol.

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