The Office: Roy’s Wedding deleted scenes

Here are deleted scenes from The Office episode, Roy’s Wedding.

Erin hopes to trade one desk for another.
[Video no longer available]

The staff reveals some of their favorite causes.
[Video no longer available]

Roy and Lara’s wedding inspires some guests to tell it like it is.
[Video no longer available]



  1. That’s one reason. But also Darryl was still in the warehouse during Jim and Pam’s wedding and Pam didn’t invite anyone in the warehouse.

  2. Oh, that was too good! Why did that get cut? That was just what I was wanting/expecting from this episode! Instead, it just fell flat.

  3. @Mel, totally agree with you, this scene was great!! Definitely should have made the final cut..the awkwardness was palpable!

  4. They should have kept that scene, beause there wasn’t enough of the wedding in an episode titled, “Roy’s Wedding”

  5. Ouch! That was awkward! But I like that, because it adds to the characters.

    One thing I liked about the episode is the fact that Roy has pretty much grown up, but I think the rest of his family probably hasn’t, so this is pretty good. Wish it would have made the final cut.

  6. There is a third deleted scene “An Important News Story”…

    News is like music… easily the funniest scene in the episode. They should have left it in. :-)

  7. So happy they kept that thrid one out. More of what I didn’t like about last season.

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