1. His garden party prank and jim death prank from last season to me are the most elaborate but this just looks HILARIOUS haha

  2. The bit with fake Asian Jim reminded me of a great scene in the awesome underrated 1994 movie ED WOOD, where Johnny Depp’s titular character is mourning after Bela Lugosi’s death and one of his lovable but incompetent friends brings three possible stand-ins for Bela. One is very short and that’s what Ed says. Another is extremely tall and old and Ed notes the height issue. And the last guy is a middle-aged Chinese man, and Ed looks at his friend says in an annoyed voice, “He’s just NOT GOING TO WORK.”

  3. I love how Pam is totally involved in this prank as well, giving fake Asian Jim a kiss and everything!

  4. Also, even Asian Jim’s little look to the camera when Dwight is holding the photo is spot on. :D

  5. @Bad Idea Jeans

    Last season in the trip down to Florida on their first day for the Sabre store project, Jim woke up early because he’s used to doing that with his kids, but he wasn’t with them so he messed up his own room and made it look like someone strangled him and escaped, and wrote Dwight’s name on the wall trying to frame him.

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