The Office: Andy’s Ancestry, 9.03

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The Office: Andy's Ancestry

Writers: Jonathan Green, Gabe Miller
Director: David Rogers

Summary (NBC): Andy learns he is related to Michelle Obama — Darryl has a hard time in his new role as assistant regional manager when Andy flaunts his bloodlines. Dwight teaches Erin the Dothraki language to impress her boyfriend’s educated family. Nellie tries to convince Pam that Jim is having an affair, and Jim reveals his secret in the warehouse.

The Office Andy’s Ancestry: Asian Jim

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  • In a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), Rainn Wilson answers the question, “What your favorite funny scene/joke/line that never made it to the final cut of the show” with “i did a shirtless talking head monologue in Dothraki for the last episode and it was hysterical. Didn’t make the cut. No idea why.”

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In a poll conducted October 4-8, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.71/10

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The Office Andy’s Ancestry quotes

Dwight: You’re not Jim. Jim’s not Asian.

Asian Jim: Hats off to you for not seeing race.

Darryl: Life hacking, baby.

Darryl: Whoa. That person has really gotten him or herself into quite a predicament.

Dwight: French. It’s a great language. If you’re a chain-smoking acrobat.

Erin: They all speak more than one language. Usually when I’m there.

Dwight: Dothraki is the native tongue of the nomadic war-mongering horse lords of Essos, as featured in the superb Home Box Office series, Game of Thrones. And it has a lot of nudity. Which I fast forward through to get to the chopped off heads.

Nellie: I just don’t want to burden you with my massive stress freak outs.

Nellie: I’ve had no time to do that, thanks to “Demandy.”

Andy: Nellie! Get your wrinkly old balls in here.

Jim: I have a thing. A thing of soup. Which I’ve been wanting to try.

Nellie: Here is a printout of your genealogy from

Nellie: You are a distant blood relative of Michelle Obama. Loves gardening, wants to wipe out fat children.

Andy: This is a big day for both of us.

Erin: She’s going to be like, “what’s your stance on politics?” Or, “what is the best war to do?”

Clark: Just clap through it, man.

Andy: Right now I need Canned Tuna, okay?

Darryl: Tracee Ellis Ross. Daughter of the First Lady of Motown, Diana Ross.

Andy: Darryl said, “cool, man.” He called me a cool man.

Stanley: Well somebody owned somebody. And I don’t think anybody would buy an Andy.

Nellie: You know how Andy has been really salting my onions lately.

Pam: Nellie’s pretty fearless. And I think she might be maybe even almost sort of fun.

Andy: I cannot keep track of these B.S. holidays.

Andy: Ooh, spreadsheets, yum yum.

Andy: Right on, brother. Word dat.

Dwight: Does anyone here have fermented mare’s milk?

Pam: Angela insisted that all the animals be fully clothed.

Erin: If it makes you feel any better, the Dothraki word for slave master, azzafrok, is a term of respect.

Erin: I’m learning to speak Dothraki! Color you impressed?

Dwight: People laughed at Klingon at first, and now you can major in it.

Pam: He looks really Nixony when he wakes up.

Pam: Because he just loves me too much.
Nellie: You’re a cocky little thing, aren’t you, Pam?

Andy: Kevin is related to both John Wayne Gacy and John Wayne Bobbitt.
Kevin: And John Wayne?

Dwight: Oh. I was joking about that whole Bund thing.

Andy: And Meredith is a blood relative of Lizzie Borden.
Meredith: Cool!
Angela: Stop it, you’re frightening me!

Darryl: It seems like the better the title I have, the stupider my job gets.

Darryl: It’s not real until your wife is on board.

Nellie: I’m going to find you someone better. And rich. And Filipino. But we’ll break that to her later.

Pam: I still can’t believe he didn’t tell me.

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  1. Okay, here’s my guess. I’m thinking that in Roy’s Wedding Jim and Pam share secrets they’ve previously kept from each other, but Pam becomes aware that Jim is still keeping something from her. In this episode she’s still fretting about it and Nellie automatically thinks affair. I’m wondering if “Jim reveals his secret in the warehouse” means to Pam, or just to us. I can’t imagine Jim’s secret being anything really bad – it might even be some surprise for Pam – but it may lead to some maddening misunderstanding. If he does reveal his secret to Pam in this episode, it’ll obviously set up a new story arc for the season. I really hope that Pam storming out of their talking head in that promo is pre secret reveal, not post! On a lighter note – LOL at Dwight teaching Erin Dothraki!

  2. @ Jesse That seems like a sound theory. As soon as I read this description I thought that Jim’s secret was some big surprise for Pam. There is absolutely no way Jim is having an affair, he had his chance last season when he was 1000 miles away from Pam and he didn’t even budge.

    Maybe the secret is a terrace?

  3. Go Darryl – assistant regional manager – yeah!! I hope Jim’s secret is that he’s indulging in his dream and starting a bike shop. I hope. I hope.

  4. I could never see jim cheating on pam, or vice versa, they both worked way too hard for their relationship and have two kids, if it turns out that jim is having an affair, as a massive fan I would be insulted, but I guess the JAM drama is kind of thrilling/exciting! Bring on season 9!!

  5. Erin’s meeting The Bernard’s…Does this mean the return of Andy’s harsh mother and father? And Darryl as Assistant Regional Manager, I wonder how Dwight is dealing with this. Jim having an affair, yeah okay…

  6. This episode description is too good for so many reasons. Andy related to the First Lady? And that Dwight knows Dothraki made my day. I can’t wait.

  7. Jim cheating on Pam?! That’s ridiculous! I’m pretty sure he would never do that to his own wife, the woman he always loved. I would have to watch the first episodes of this season to prove it. And it’s also unbelievable Andy may be related to the First Lady. I’m gonna have to see this to believe it.

  8. Because it says “Erin’s boyfriend” I’m going to assume that she and Andy are no longer together for whatever reason. That would be dumb if they’re not together anymore after they just got back together.

  9. Why does this description make me think that Erin and Andy aren’t dating? That would really annoy me considering all the time they spent finally getting them back together last year.

  10. There needs to be some tension in the Jim/Pam relationship. The show has painted them as the perfect couple, and the characters have suffered under poor writing and plots for the past two seasons as a result. As a long time Office watcher, I find myself getting a bit annoyed by the lack of tension.

    That’s what made season three so great – the constant tension between them. Jim dated Karen in an obvious attempt to make Pam feel bad, and to show her how he felt while she was with Roy. Or at least, that’s my interpretation.

  11. If Erin were still with Andy, it would’ve said “to impress Andy’s educated family”. Hm. Weird. Darryl as ARM sounds awesome too.

  12. Is it weird that we have 3 episode synopses now, and not one of them mentions Dwight and Angela and the Senator and Oscar?

  13. It’s fully possible that Jim has some bad secret. It’s obviously not an affair or something, but I think if Jim did something bad it would be an interesting story arc for the season. Something like “talked to Roy about Pam at the wedding” or like “doing a bit of insider trading at the company to pay for both kids” or like “still talking to some old girlfriend that Pam doesn’t like”. I don’t think it necessarily has to be a good surprise.

  14. It will be something about Jim’s health. Remember his blood pressure being high last season?

    [ from tanster: good callout! ]

  15. “Andy learns he is related to Michelle Obama.” That alone made me laugh so hard. I can’t wait.

  16. #21, @Kris, Pam already knows. There was a deleted scene from ‘After Hours’ where Pam calls Jim while Cathy’s in the room, and immediately susses out what’s happening.

  17. I have no idea what Jim’s secret will be, but the idea that he’s keeping a health issue from Pam sounds very plausible to me. I had been thinking that maybe he had some kind of plan for a career change that he wanted to make sure came off before he told her or something like that. I’ve a feeling it will be something big – it seems like it’s going to be built up over two episodes, so it doesn’t seem like it would be something insignificant.

  18. Wild guess: Some people wondered if Jim drove home drunk at the end of “Pool Party.” Could this have something to do with his big secret? (A hidden health problem seems more likely, though. After all, we know Jim has high blood pressure.)

  19. Anyone think Jim’s secret could be that he’s been in charge of the documentary? I mean, I guess he could have gotten away with not telling them. They wouldn’t have had to know, and most of them are so oblivious they wouldn’t have asked. Michael was always so giddy to be on camera, he might not have bothered to find out the specifics either. It may not be likely, but I think it’s possible.

  20. I think Jim is moonlighting in the warehouse(remember Bob Vance bought it) so they can move to NY or something.

  21. Just saw an interview with Jenna and here’s what she said about JAM this season – she didn’t want to give anything away because it will be better just to let it play out, but there are things from past seasons that didn’t seem significant at the time which will suddenly become meaningful, and we will get more of an insight into Jim and Pam’s relationship and home life and there will be some “nice surprises”.

  22. Based on tonight’s episode, I think that it will be Jim is sneaking away to work with his buddy (working in the warehouse until he can tell Pam) and he will tell her because of Nellie’s meddling. Not cheating marriage-wise … cheating work-wise.

  23. I TOTALLY think that Jim reveals that he made the call to his friend for the Philly project. I’m guessing that we’ll be seeing how he struggles to break it to Pam, and then is forced to let it out in the warehouse.

  24. I don’t think Jim’s “secret” is the big deal everyone is making it out to be. I think he just hasn’t told anyone yet that he is going in on the business venture with his buddy and will (probably) be leaving Dunder Mifflin.

    I don’t think it’s a secret from us, the viewers. I think it’s just a secret on the show. And then he finally tells someone.

  25. It seems pretty obvious now that Jim’s secret will be the Philly job – he’s obviously not going to tell Pam about it until this episode at least, but it seems like that in itself will cause problems. I think that Pam is going to be pretty mad that he did this without telling her. As for her being supportive because he was when she went to New York, it’s a whole different ball game when you’re married with two kids as opposed to dating. Also, she discussed New York with Jim beforehand – which he hasn’t done here. So I think there may be trouble!

  26. @33 Ginger

    This is obviously it.
    It’s not a health issue.
    It’s not drunk driving from the pool party.

    Jim’s going to be trying to keep the fact that he accepted his friend’s offer in Philadelphia.
    He probably wants to lay the groundwork for the business with his friend before fully committing.
    Because Jim is being secretive and because Nellie feels like an outcast in the office, she attempts to convince Pam that Jim is cheating in order to become Pam’s friend/confidant.
    Jim decides he’s finally ready and announces that he’s leaving either just to Pam or to the entire office during some sort of gathering in the warehouse.

  27. Erin’s boyfriend could be Clark? Or Pete? I still cannot remember which one is which. Now that would be a twist.

  28. Erin’s “boyfriend” is most likely still Andy, given the promotional photos for this episode that just came out. I really hope the writers don’t break them up though; they have no real reason to. After all, they’ve spent so much time building up their reunion in season 8 – it’d be ridiculous to break them up again. After Gabe and Jessica, the love triangle thing is just so overdone. Plus they’re a perfect match with the same quirks and all.

    As for Jim and Pam, they’re gonna be fine. They’ve been the heart of the Office ever since it aired, so I’d suggest JAM fans to just relax. :) They’ll make it!

  29. oh my god. i hope to god Erin’s new boyfriend is Pete. They were adorable together at the pizza shop at the end of of S09E02!

  30. although usually michael is not considered a wise man, i wonder if the plan is to have erin end up with pete, if for nothing else to throw us off because we all assume she’ll stay with andy. this quote from goodbye michael made me wonder what the writers plans are.

    “Erin: I know that Gabe is young, and hot and everything. And he’s begging me to reconsider, but I… I just think I’m in love with someone else.
    Michael: Kevin?
    Erin: Andy.
    Michael: Ahhhh…
    Erin: I wish I knew who my birth mother was, so she could just tell me who to choose.
    Michael: Maybe neither.
    Erin: I’m not attracted to Kevin.
    Michael: Erin, listen to me. You shouldn’t rush into this. At all. And you know why? Because you are beautiful. And you are fun. And you are smart. [Erin is smiling] And when the right guy comes along, you’ll know it. You will.”

  31. Rumor has it Michelle Obama is on this episode of the office. I don’t know about other people but i hate when shows i love mix politics into it. Blerg.

  32. Tuna, good memory! That was one of the most heartfelt moments in The Office.

    I really like this New Jim guy. He seems like a smart guy with a big heart.

  33. I can’t be the only one who thinks Pete is actually the New Ryan, right? I mean, Clark’s a little, er, over-romantic, but Pete’s giving me d-bag ‘holier than thou’ vibes right now.

    @Tuna: Good catch, but I don’t think the writers plan that far in advance. Or, if they used to, they don’t anymore.

  34. Also, @Pete: I completely agree about New Jim. It also seems like great casting, because some of the mannerisms and personality traits are definitely reminiscent of younger Jim.

    Greg Daniels is working his magic again. It’s going to be a great season.

  35. HILARIOUS episode.
    On another note, I can definitely see the subtle seeds of the end of Andrin being planted…makes me kinda sad, but at least it’s being handled tastefully by Daniels

    Also, “Wow, that person really got him/herself into a predicament” hahahaha

  36. The ending between Nellie and Darryl was hilarious! Is there a technical term when both are oblivious to one another’s idea? Anyways, another great episode!

  37. This episode was HILARIOUS!

    So much good that I need to watch again to fully comment.

    Thank you for coming back to oversee the final season Greg Daniels!

  38. Greg Daniels you are my hero. Sublime episode. Expect we Office fans will get more of this type episode as the season unfolds. Go Office GO!!

  39. I loved tonight’s episode! I laughed out loud several times tonight, which is more than I did all last season. Tonight, all the story lines were funny in that subtle, understated way that felt more like vintage season 2 office than we’ve had in a long time. I loved Dwight teaching Erin Dothraki and I am actually liking the new guys. They’re funny and not being shoved down our throats. Nellie was (dare I say) tolerable tonight for the first time ever, and I’m really liking the way there’s a little bit of Jim and Pam tension, but not over the top.

    Overall an awesome episode with great humor. If this keeps up, the Office will be leaving on a high note :)

    PS- Creed actually looking for fermented milk was awesome!

  40. Loved this episode. Did anyone’s heart break a little at the way Pam ACTUALLY reacted to Jim’s Philly plans? Jenna is such a subtle actress. :(

  41. Sincerely disappointed in not hearing from more of the classic characters like Angela. She didn’t speak once throughout the entire episode, while the relative newbies like ‘the guys’, Nellie, and even Erin got most of the airtime.

  42. Maybe I need to watch this episode again, because reading the comments on here I feel the opposite as everyone else who thought it was hilarious. I was kinda bored. And I’m getting sick of Andy. But, Nellie, who I couldn’t stand before is actually starting to grow on me! I feel underwhelmed with the season so far, but it’s only the third episode so I’ll hang in there because I really want to be able to enjoy this last season.
    Random thoughts: I miss Kelly. But not Ryan. Or Gabe. Creed and Kevin never fail to put a smile on my face!

  43. Wow! that was really good! I think the best part was the Asian Jim prank and the awkward Darryl-and-Nellie-don’t-really-know-what-each-other-means part. Really good episode.

    The Office has really rebounded!

  44. @60, I distinctly remember hearing Angela say, “You’re frightening me!” to Meredith. That’s something. :o)

  45. Anyone know if that was real Dothraki tonight, btw? I don’t think there’s a published guidebook or anything, but Game of Thrones does have a linguist that devises all the languages needed. I’m not sure if he’d be available, though, as GoT is shooting at the mo’.

  46. I feel like a lot of things so far have been forced, the reality factor is almost gone besides Jim and Pam. The rest of the cast comes across as very false and unrealistic, the realistic part is what made the series originally spark. I feel like I’m watching still just out of respect, hopefully it will turn out alright.

  47. this was definitely the best episode of the season thus far. i loved darryl pre-recording his interview and then actually using it later! nellie was actually surprisingly funny and the darryl/nellie mixup at the end was great. the open was a refreshingly unique prank from jim but still fit his style. hopefully this isn’t the only memorable prank of his this season. last year i felt the only good one was at the hotel in tallahassee when dwight was waking everyone up and jim set up dwight as the killer. i don’t like what they’re doing with andy though. i feel like they’re making him too harsh and at times i also feel like they’re trying to make him like michael scott which he could never be. they’re also making andy distant from erin which doesn’t make sense because he was the caring/playful one when gabe was dating her. then again ‘new jim’ taking the ‘new secretary’ from another guy in the office does make the whole thing come full circle. anyway this episode was great! i hope it keeps gets better from here!

  48. The phrases and actions of Andy seemed sentences written for Michael Scott but then they remembered that Steve Carell left the show and gave it to Ed Helms.

  49. Pete and Erin are 100% getting together, after that ending. Also, I’m glad that they didn’t drag the “Jim not telling Pam” thing!

  50. An improvement over last week. Jim’s (belated) reveal to Pam moves it over the previous episode. Highlight for me was “Jim loves me too much to cheat.” Indeed he does. The one good thing from last year was how immediately he shot down Cathy. And how in the deleted scene Pam knew Cathy’s game and wasn’t even remotely fazed or concerned in how it would play out.

    If they were just going to reveal that “Erin’s boyfriend” was Andy in the first minute past the cold open I wish they’d just said “Andy’s family”. Otherwise wait to reveal it’s him until the last act. Seems needlessly overconfusing.

    Pam’s reaction was good too. Not angry that he is pursuing the business, but disappointed that he didn’t talk to her sooner. Not going to be convinced he would have waited this long to tell her, but given he did this is the right story to pursue.

    Also enjoyed Kevin switching the ringtone. Good to have a competent Kevin reappear after cat eating and turtle repairing Kevin from the first two weeks.

    Looking forward to Pam’s mural. We need to see her artwork for Angela with animals in clothes. And while we’re at it can we get Adventures of Jimmy Halpert from Classy Christmas? I would so pay money for that!

  51. (Sorry if this is a double post. My connection cut out.)

    Of the three season 9 episodes to date, this is my favourite so far. Andy seems to be reverting to his pushy, abrasive, pre-anger management self. He is distinctly less “nice” than in previous seasons. Darryl has already had enough of DemAndy and perhaps Erin will soon start to feel the same way too. You can see how the plot lines are being set up. Jim not talking through his big decision with Pam does seem very out of character, however. He has always been so consistent in the past.

  52. Anybody else have a weird voice over play by play on this episode? Am I missing something?

  53. I loved this episode! All the little stories were woven together like the great Season 1,2,& 3 episodes. This must be the genius of Greg Daniels. I loved that Pam was on board with Jim’s venture — but that Jim will need to communicate better if he wants a happy marriage. I thought Ed Helms knocked his ‘Andy’ out of the park tonight. And Nelly and Pam are great together!

  54. I didn’t laugh once during tonight’s episode. With a lot of racial humor, from the Asian Jim, to the rehashed slavery storyline, to Nellie’s line about the Filipino rich guy being something she needed to “break” to Pam. Really?

    If any of this was funny, I’d get it, but it wasn’t. This show is a shell of its former self which is sad.

  55. I loved Ed Helms in this episode. I could have done without the whole Andy/Erin/Pete triangle the writers are trying to set up though. Just let Andy and Erin be happy together. Don’t break them up again and don’t stick Erin with Pete.

  56. @68, yes I had the weird voice over too! At first, I thought I mistakenly hit a button on my remote but then it went into Parks&Rec as well. I wonder if anyone else experienced this??

  57. Andy is the new Roy..other than that I really enjoyed this episode. It feels almost like season 1-3, only that Steve Carell is gone & Ed Helms is playing Michael

  58. Great episode.

    @75, So I take it you hate the amazing, classic “Diversity Day” as well?

  59. Good episode. Feels good to have the real office back. I’ve enjoyed this season a lot.

  60. We had the voice over. It’s a feature for the blind. I think maybe Directv or NBC in some areas had that on.

  61. I thought Jim not telling Pam about the job was absolutely in character. He actually has a history of not talking to her about things. Beyond the fact that he was in love with her and said nothing about it for years, he also bought a house without telling her. He’s still a nice guy, he’s just never been the best about sharing things. He’s just human and not perfect.

  62. Hilarious episode and that was one of the best cold opens ever!! I think it’s up there with putting Dwight’s stuff in the vending machine, one of my personal favorites.

    I also liked that Pam reacted well to Jim telling her about the business. Of course she would! But, please don’t let them try to introduce some fake drama between them. Everyone knows they’re soupsnakes and will be together forever. . .

  63. I think if Ed Helms was more like his character in the Hangover he would be more effective on this show, it’s not Ed Helms that is not performing, it is the character in which he is playing!! God awful boring, didn’t laugh but twice

  64. 75:

    You must have hated Diversity Day.


    Erin did mention that it was Andy’s family she was worried about in one of the first scenes.

  65. Absolutely excellent episode! Brilliant!

    Also, as a side, does anyone know if the guy who got caught on the toilet on Parks and Recreation last night was the same guy who Jim caught on the toilet when Jim and Pam were looking at a day care center? He looks very similar.

  66. I am a 36 yr old guy, who thinks he isn’t very mushy and doesn’t get very emotional. But I melted and got all funny inside when Pam explained to Nellie that Jim would never cheat on her because “He loves me too much”. Jenna, you are the cutest and best actress out there and you delivered that line so perfectly. This season has been soooo much fun to watch. Really enjoyed Jim & Daryl’s interaction too. And TobyFan I totally agree with your take on Jim.

  67. I’m with 75 on this. The opening was the highlight, it went downhill from there. It’s time to put this show out of its misery.

  68. This was my favorite episode of the season so far. Many laugh-out-loud moments. Ladysmith African-American Mambazo!

    Also, I like how they seem to be making Andy into more of an antagonist, similar to how he was in season 3. He’s blowing it with Erin, and now he’s driving Darryl away from Dunder Mifflin. With both of these story lines I’m rooting against Andy (i.e. I want Erin to end up with New Jim and I want Daryl to find a job that’s more satisfying than being Andy’s ARM). This is a complete reversal from last season, when they tried to make Andy a sympathetic character, but I like this season’s approach much better.

  69. This episode was one of the funniest in a while. Erin is absolutely hilarious, and I don’t think she’s unrealistic at all, because I know someone exactly like her in real life. They just don’t think before they speak, and their stupidity just makes you go “awww”. I love that the show is going back to being emotional with those candid Jim/Darryl/Pam moments, without being too gushy. Bringing in Pete and Clark is genius, as it brings the show full circle as the classic characters begin to leave. Now I’m just curious as to how this Jim, Pam, and Darryl leaving plot can drag on for 21 more episodes.

  70. I am really looking forward to the mural that Pam may be painting in the warehouse. It could be a really cool tie in to a send off to the show. Maybe have pam paint all the people that ever worked there, OR, selfishly she could paint an Office Goodbye to the fans on the wall that they show in the final episode. I am gonna be so sad that day:(

    [ from tanster: “she could paint an Office Goodbye to the fans on the wall that they show in the final episode” — wow, that’s an awesome idea! :) ]

  71. Really enjoyed this episode, as well as last week’s. This is turning out to be a great season. Loved the plot lines in this one! i really don’t want them to break up Erin and Andy. they’re adorable and I’ve waited so long for them to be a real couple. I like Pete, but rather see him with Meredith.

  72. Definitely with the group who enjoyed all the plot points – even Nellie this week.

    I liked that it lacked the sillier aspects of the past two weeks (Dwight’s blue vomit, threatening to cut off Nellie’s hand). At the same time, I didn’t feel like this was as funny as the past two weeks. Still, solid episode.

  73. I am not a Nellie fan in the slightest. However, I really appreciate how the writers are attempting to make her likeable! Last season, I wouldn’t rate an episode above a 5 if she was in it, but this season she’s turning out to be a funny character that I don’t mind watching.

    Loved the Plop and Dwight Jr. claps!

  74. I was a big supporter of Andy/Erin but I always worried about Andy’s family. They speak in another language in front of her? That is just another way to speak behind her back.

  75. to #93 Philly Jam and Tanster: an “Office goodbye” mural that is shown in the final episode… that is SUCH a brilliant idea, that I have to think they were going to do it all along; if not, maybe they’ll read your idea here and there’s still time to write it into the episode. What Office fan wouldn’t want a poster of THAT mural?

  76. Another good episode, not the best of the season so far but certainly funny and Nellie was quite likable in this episode. I really liked the new guys clapping at Andy, and Erin’s talking head about Andy’s family always knowing two languages.

    It’s clear that the writing has improved and the cold open is classic Greg Daniels.

  77. “Whoa. That person has really gotten him or herself into quite a predicament” HAHAHA

  78. Not sure I saw the same episode… I personally thought this one made season 8 look good. Imagine how funny Michael would have been if he found out his family owned slaves. I didn’t laugh once. I mean, Nellie is a bad driver? Really? Ha ha. Not.

  79. Impressive episode!!!!! I loved all the scenes there, including the ones of how Andy gets confused and brags about being related to the First Lady, how Darryl finds his new job very hard, Erin speaking a different language to try to impress Andy’s family, and how Jim confessed his secret to Pam. Nellie is so full of crap when she told her he might be having an affair, she’s so wrong. I hate Nellie.

  80. Great opener….the rest, not so much.
    And I loved Diversity Day.

    The mural idea sounds wonderful…I hope the Office does something for the fans.

  81. Right, 63, The Office is really rebounding! Welcome back, Mr. Daniels.
    Cold open was just excellent, Nellie and Pam together in the car were a hoot, and Erin growling the Dothraki was charming and hilarious. I like the new guys already, and Darryl is coming into his own.

  82. I love the car scenes with Nellie & Pam. The actresses have great chemistry. Nellie, who has no boundaries, with good wife/mom Pam. Nellie might influence Pam to let her hair down for once. No more hair clip? Nellie needs a down-to-earth, genuine person like Pam as a friend. Nellie is one step away from disaster – always. It’ll be fun to see how they influence each other (get into trouble?) when Jim’s gone.

  83. I have to say, I’m loving how the media is beginning to take notice of The Office again. On TV Line, Michael Ausiello said that Nellie and Pam should have their own spin-off, they were so fun, and Jake Lacy as Pete was on E! Online’s list of the ‘Best Things in Pop Culture This Week’. As an Office fan, I’m feeling very proud of both mentions!

  84. Another mixed but pretty good episode with some funny moments. It’s definitely picking up and I’m actually enjoying it again rather than watching each ep with growing dread.

    But I’m really hoping the Pete/Erin thing is harmless and not *another* cliched love triangle in the making. After all the developments and trouble Erin and Andy have gone through since season 5 and then getting back together, I think I’d kick in the screen if they break them up *again*. Over the years Erin has had romantic/sexual interest from Andy, Dwight, Kevin, Ryan, Gabe, possibly California, Clark and now seemingly Pete as well? OK she’s attractive but that’s like almost all the single heteros guys even close to her age in the workplace (surprised Toby didn’t make a move). Enough, I think just let A&E be for a while. At least it’s good to see Erin coming out a bit and maybe starting to grow, though I still miss the old Erin of S5 and 6.

  85. does anyone have the link to the talking head Rainn mentions being cut? I’d love to see it!

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