‘Training Day’ promos

Here are five clips from The Office episode Training Day, airing April 14.

Promo #3: slight variation from Promo #2 at :07

Promo #2:

The staff meets Deangelo Vickers.
[nbc.com video no longer available]

Office flirt Kelly has eyes for the new boss.
[nbc.com video no longer available]

Promo #1


  1. I’m assuming that when they say ‘new boss in the office’ they mean a temp boss? Will is only around for a couple episodes, right?

  2. @Sara, yea i keep hearing rumours about him being the new boss officially. Any confirmation tanster?

  3. He looks good. I mean really good. Hey everyone! Come and see how good he looks!

  4. That voice-over guy said: Will Ferrell we are glad you’re here.

    My response: Well, hey dude speak for yourself!!

    I sooo hope its for a couple of episodes only. Please Ricky Gervais don’t let him ruin my all time-favourite tv-show.

  5. Will is only there for 4 episodes as far as i know, starting the ep before Michael leaves and staying for one after. He’s just a temp boss.

    I’m looking forward to the Will Ferrell episodes a lot more lately. I guess the idea has grown on me :)

  6. I really hope they mean ‘temp’ boss too… I really don’t want him to be the new boss. I really would much prefer Ricky Gervais.

  7. Will Ferrell is only doing 4 episodes. But yes, NBC is going to promote him like crazy.

  8. Will Ferrell makes $20 million per movie. I don’t think we have to worry about him being the new boss.

  9. Why is anybody concerned that Will is sticking around or even entertaining the idea that Ricky will be the new boss? Neither of these things are going to happen.

  10. Could you guys, I don’t know, give Will a chance before you judge his character? All this “I don’t like him.” Yet, whenever Office fans are worried about a big moment/episode/whatever, the writers come through.

  11. I’m not too concerned with them saying he’s the “new” boss. If you think about it, the office peeps don’t really know that he’s only around for 4 episodes. LOL

  12. And to add, I don’t know why but I’m getting the feeling that Michael and Will’s character (do we know his name yet) know each other.

  13. I wasn’t thrilled when I first heard Will Ferrell would be a guest star on The Office, but I am willing to give him a chance. I think he is funny and I love that he asked to be on the show. This shows how much he really cares about the show. My ONLY worry is that he might take too much screen time away from Michael. I want these last 3 episodes to be all about Michael! I want to see him interact with every single character in the office one last time. That’s all I really want to see.

  14. Get ready for the 4-most awkwardest, rating dropping episodes of The Office EVER!

  15. I bet there is going to be SOME reference to “Anchorman” thrown in these episodes. It’s too big to ignore. (TWSS)

  16. “Babies I Don’t Care About” – a reality show starring Cece Halpert and Astird Levinson. There’s a show I would watch!

  17. The Vice-President of the place where I work showed me pictures of her 3-month old grandson – a baby I don’t care about!

  18. Seeing these clips have definitely taken my doubts away about Will coming on the show. All of these clips look so funny. I could just tell that Will is going to be amazing! I love it when DeAngelo talks about his peanut allergy. It’s hilarious when Kelly gets up and just leaves all her papers behind. I love the retarded owl line . .lol. I am so stoked to see this episode!!

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