The Office: Training Day, 7.20

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The Office: Training Day, Will Ferrell, Deangelo Vickers

Writer: Daniel Chun, Director: Paul Lieberstein

Summary (NBC): The new manager, Deangelo Vickers (guest star Will Ferrell), has everyone hoping to make good first impressions: Andy finds himself awkwardly typecast while Jim and Pam worry that they’ve come on too strong. Only Dwight is apathetic about the new leader.

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In a poll conducted April 14-18, 2011, Tallyheads rated this episode: 6.68/10

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The Office Training Day quotes

Michael: Kahlua sombrero, please.

Deangelo: To beginnings and endings.
Michael: And to middles. The unsung heroes.

Deangelo: Colorado. Sunshine State.

Michael: Don’t mess with Colorado.

Michael: I don’t want to end up like Sony Bobo.

Deangelo: Everyone I know who skis is dead.

Michael: I would like to try the luge, though.
Deangelo: Try it once, you’re hooked.

Deangelo: I actually tried to get an animal Olympics going.
Michael: Really. What happened?
Deangelo: You know, life happened.

Deangelo: What are you going to miss most about Scranton?
Michael: The mountains, where things are.

Deangelo: Bartender, let’s get some vodka up in this cranberry, and one for my friend.

Deangelo: She’ll do. Oh she’ll do just fine.

Deangelo: We should write a movie or something. I’m serious.

Oscar: That’s a lot to process. Paperwork-wise.

Kevin: No, it’s not Ashton Kutcher, it’s Kevin Malone. Equally handsome, equally smart.

Michael: As you know, one of my favorite things is fanfare for its own sake.

Deangelo: I love the American Southwest, for starters. You may call them Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah. I call them heaven. I have a peanut allergy, something I live with. It’s a part of me. I’ve learned to cope with it.

Dwight: Did I want to be made manager? Sure. A great opportunity squandered? Absolutely. A crushing blow? Yes. Will I get over it. No. But life goes on. Not for me.

Kelly: And that is what they call a “meet cute.”

Michael: I happen to like the hilarious hijinks that I get myself into.

Michael: This is Jim and Pam. AKA, JAP.

Pam: We just have the one, but she poops for four.

Michael: Now I’m going to have to go online and look at turtles or else I’m going to be off the whole day. BIG BIG BIG

Darryl: It’s cool that you like the Southwest. That’s one of my favorite regions.

Darryl: I love the desert. It’s one of my favorite ecosystems.

Erin: Dunder Mifflin, this is.

Andy: What do African Americans call the…

Michael: Shave me.

Michael: Looks like we’re going to be shaving buddies.

Michael: I mark it Urgent A, Urgent B, Urgent C, Urgent D. Urgent A is the most important. Urgent D you don’t even really have to worry about.

Michael: Don’t shave my lips.

Deangelo: Ten-gallon hat. Technically, it only holds about three quarts. Little factoid.

Michael: I love the guy, but I’m not sure he’s a good fit for the office. And also, I’m not sure if I love the guy.

Deangelo: Drink some soap. Drink some hand soap.

Andy: I guess this is my life now.

Michael: It’s the witching hour. It is the sandwiching hour.

Deangelo: I need a wide berth from those nuts.

Deangelo: I missed the OJ verdict, had to read about in the newspaper like an idiot.

Deangelo: You’re getting nut particles, all in the air!

Michael: You might want to develop a couple of characters.

Deangelo: It is too bad for this place that you’re leaving.

Michael: Why did you have to be so damn good?
Deangelo: I, I’m adequate.

Deangelo: Get your senioritis on. It’s Lake Havasu time!

Michael: I guess I’ve been working so hard, I forgot what it’s like to be hardly working.

Deangelo: What is the Native American girl’s name?

Deangelo: That baby could be the star of a show called “Babies I Don’t Care About.”

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  1. Is this going to be like the U.K. “Training Day?” If it is, I will literally go nuts. Sounds great!

  2. Haha seriously, Deangelo? The idea of Training Day sounds great already. I’m sure Will Ferrell will be just fine, it’s only 4 episodes.

    Just don’t repeat the new boss hates Jim storyline.

  3. Like JimisBigBird, I really hope it’s not another new boss hates Jim storyline, and like Langston, I’d love it if this were similar to the UK Training Day. I also love the name Deangelo Vickers!

  4. I like Will Ferrell. He’s a good comedian. They’re really good friends, him and Steve Carell. I’m sure in three weeks time Will’s character on the show will drive everyone (specially Michael, after I saw the promo) crazy!!!!!

  5. Not to sound like a nerd, but it was called Training, not Training Day for the UK version, all though it was MY FAVORITE EPISODE OF THAT SERIES, and the first one I saw, this episode sounds great, but I’m worried about the realism of having Will Ferrell on the show

  6. ^^The show’s never been 100% realistic in the first place (nor was it intended to be, because it’s a mockumentary). So….what exactly is wrong?

  7. People need to stop complaining about Will Ferrell. Yes, his comedy may be over the top, but that might be the point….They want the people of the office to be SAD that Michael is leaving. They want to show to them that YES, it CAN get worse in terms of a new boss! He’s like Todd Packer mixed with Michael, and nobody really knows what he will be like on the show. All I know is the writers haven’t disappointed me yet when it comes to something BIG, so I’m positive the next 3-4 episodes will be absolutely AMAZING :D

  8. Is the U.K. Training episode where they had to simulate a customer going to a hotel?

    Foregone Conclusions rocks!

  9. I love Will Ferrell but I’m glad he isn’t a permanent character. His place is in movies not The Office. I hope ricky gervais will be the new boss that would be the best! :)

  10. I think I figured out who wrote and directed this! Pause the clip where they call action to Steve and Will. On the thing they snap it says “The Office”. Below it is “Mindy Kaling” and below that is “Matt Bohn”. I believe that’s who wrote and directed the episode.

  11. Sorry, it says “Matt Sohn”. That’s who directed it. Mindy wrote it. That particular scene was filmed February 23.

  12. 4 hours till “Training Day” I am so f’in excited!! The Office is the best and funniest show that has ever been on tv, period. Nothing even comes close. Michael, we are all going to miss you but with your absence will only bring an emphasis on some of the most loved characters on the show.

  13. I fail to see the point of making Jim and Pam, two of the best characters, into huge assholes. But they’re doing it.

  14. I’m disappointed :( The Jim/Pam/Cece storyline just seemed awkward, and everything just seemed so… I don’t know, just stiff and lame. Hopefully better episodes are to come

  15. I’m sorry to say, as much as I hoped this episode would be great, I didn’t laugh once. It is getting way off topic, I don’t even feel like i’m watching the same show I loved 2-3 seasons ago.

  16. Not my favorite episode of the season, but the setup is nice. I’m looking forward to how they get rid of Deangelo. I also loved this: “Now I have to go online and look at turtles, or I’m gonna be off the whole day.”

  17. This is the worst episode of the Office I have ever seen. The only decent joke was the reception gag. I am extremely disappointed.

  18. I really didn’t enjoy this episode… it was just awkward (and not the funny “Office awkward) Especially Andy’s storyline.
    I did feel bad for Dwight though…

    I still have high hopes though for the next episode!

  19. great in the beginning, lagged toward the end. All in all, pretty good. Andy and Dwight were both funny, but jam was annoying.

  20. It was a funny episode, not my favorite, but the scenes with Ed Helms had me HOWLING! “Eat the soap!” Oh my god. Andy’s pain is so hilarious.

  21. i don’t know why this episode is getting so much negative feedback! i had some laugh out loud moments, i loved Andy in this episode. But, i do agree that Pam and Jim were a little awkward. still looking forward to the next episode!

  22. Weren’t Jim and Pam “supposed” to be annoying? I think that was the point. That’s why Deangelo got a little ticked off with them.

    It was a little iffy in the middle, but the ending was great, with the weird hug.

  23. I loved this episode! I thought Andy’s storyline was especially funny.

    It was super awkward and that’s what I love about The Office.

    And his line at the end about not caring about their baby was perfect. It’s how I feel everytime they mention their baby! lol

  24. I had a hard time figuring out Will’s character. He was loveable and silly at first, then kind of serious and professional, then slightly rude. I am pretty confused. I’m indifferent about this episode. I need to know more about DeAngelo!

  25. Definitely not a bad episode, but it wasn’t the best. It did have some great moments (The Reception gag, Andy) but it was very silly and didn’t have the regular feel an Office episode usually has. Overall, a 7/10.

  26. Impressive!!!!! It’s so damn good to see Will Ferrell and Steve Carell working together. I loved the Deangelo/Andy moment, specially the most embarrassing way Andy’s making Deangelo laugh. Good thing Deangelo approved CeCe after meeting her in the end of the episode, when he was about to reject her.

  27. Well…seeing Cece again was nice (and she got her first talking head, which was cute) but otherwise…

  28. I loved the episode. It was better than I thought it would be. I love that Deangelo wants things his way and he’s not afraid to push it.

    Good job writers!

  29. Please do not leave, Steve!!!!!! A part of me thinks with his departure, the show should end on a high note…

  30. anyone else see Dwight taking over as manager? I feel like they are setting that up in the plot

  31. Not my favorite episode at all. The interactions just seemed so awkward. Somehow I really didn’t buy the idea that everyone were suddenly going to act like morons because of a new boss. The whole Andy thing was really bad. Hoping for a better episode next week!

  32. I thought this was a great episode. Of course it felt weird! They had a new boss. It isn’t supposed to go how you think it would go…
    The next few episodes is not going to be season 2 office we love. Deangelo is taking over (we all know he isn’t) and we just have to wait.

  33. Why all the hate? This episode was hilarious. I was worried Ferrell’s character would just be a copy of Michael but he was entirely his own character (who even seems to be a bit more complex than I expected).

  34. Not my favorite Ep. will have to watch deleted scenes to see what trumped Andy being ridiculous in the kitchen. too bad this episode was stale.

  35. This episode dragged quite a lot. I hope, now that Deangelo’s introduced, more time will be spent on the others’ feelings about Michael’s departure. I loved the idea of Andy’s B-plot, but the execution felt too broad and a little dull. I also can’t stand it when I find myself disliking JAM antics, but they were cartoonish. I wanted more of Dwight, Darryl, Kevin, Kelly, etc.

    Deangelo’s character is interesting and subtle in ways I wasn’t expecting, but I think I agree with Michael’s TH: (paraphrase) “He’s a great guy, and I love him. But I’m not sure he’s a good fit with the office. Also, I’m not sure I love him.”

    The reception scene was painful. Poor Erin.

    Anyway, some parts were funny, but it was all slightly off. Maybe it’s the brief time in which they have to introduce a complete overhaul of the show. I can feel my PMSD (Post-Michael Stress Disorder) setting in.

  36. I was expecting a little more, seeing as how this is one of the last Michael Scott episodes. I’m not sure if it was such a wise decision to try and develop a new character while you have a really established one exiting. It felt like the episode was more of “Meet Deangelo Vickers” instead of a lead in to Michael’s goodbye. I feel like they’re not making a big deal out of michael leaving, and that’s not how they should treat these next few episodes. The B Plot of “Training Day” was horrible. Was this even a training day per se? They really need to step it up for the next few episodes, as I’m sure they will but this one was a dud.

  37. #39, that’s how people act around a new boss. No one is sure how to react, they’re trying to understand what the new boss likes and dislikes. They want to be the first to make a good first impression. It’s a bit exaggerated, but I’ve seen people act similarly around a new boss.

  38. There were a lot of hilarious one-liners tonight. Lots of funny! Every time i thought i had a favorite line, another one came along. The cold open alone was full of them. The Reception bit was fantastic.

    I don’t quite know how i feel about Deangelo yet. He went back and forth a bit. I love the way he played it though. Curious to see how his arc turns out. There was some good awkward and some bad. I like when Jim and Pam are involved in awkward situations, not when they themselves are. Although i get the point. They weren’t as bad as some people said, but they’re great people and don’t need to try that hard.

  39. Seems like there’s a lot of newer TO fans in here… I thought the episode kind of felt close to the older seasons. <3

  40. had some funny moments. negative feedback is just people who aren’t used to the change, which needs some time to settle. I thought Deangelo’s character was great.

  41. Ended up liking the episode more than I thought I would. I am by no means a Will Ferrell fan–in fact, I despise his movies. But I was intrigued by his performance in the episode and I’m interested to see where things go. It could either be a complete success or a colossal disaster. Time will tell.

    I thought the best scene in the entire episode was Erin struggling to figure out what greeting to use. I think Erin–like many characters on the show–have completely changed since the early seasons; and tonight it felt like the season 5 Erin that *I* fell in love with. I’m disappointed to see Jim and Pam become so unlikeable… they’ve turned into complete caricatures of themselves. I’m starting to wish they DIDN’T get married, as it seems that ultimately destroyed the people they used to be.

  42. I thought it was a good episode – and interesting. It feels like the “set up” for things to come – kind of like when Charles Miner came. Loved the scene in the bar, and Erin trying to shave Michael – how they kept a straight face, I will never know.

    P.S. This is EXACTLY how people behave when there’s a new boss, based on my experience!

  43. I was expecting Michael to be more reactive to Vickers. Usually when someone is in “Michael’s space”, he goes ballistic. He’s usually very territorial about TO, but I guess Michael has moved on. I miss the ‘real Michael’ who makes me cringe.

  44. Another thing with this episode: wasn’t the office shocked/upset when Michael announced that he was leaving? in this episode, it feels like they couldn’t care less that he was leaving. Michael leaving is a big, huge deal. Make the B plots of the remaining Michael episodes relate to him leaving, write jokes about him leaving, write accurate reactions of the office to him leaving. Don’t have all the characters act shocked/upset when they learn that he’s leaving and then all of a sudden throw michael to the side like they did in tonight’s episode. i’m starting to get worried that michael scott’s exit is merely becoming a side story when it should be the ONLY story.

  45. I liked the episode but am apprehensive of D’Angelo Vickers. He seems nice but he’s kind of ….not michael. :( Maybe it’s because I have a crush on andy but poor andy! I was laughing yes, but poor andy when he poured hot coffee on his pants or when he fell down and was about to cry. Actually, I LOL’d at that.

  46. I laughed lots. Not bad, not bad. “Pam is a living legend” made me smile. Yes, she is! Jam weren’t that awkward, just wanting to be liked. Which we’ve seen from them before. And i doubt it will continue anyway. I thought Ferrell fit in nicely, and played his part in a rather understated yet delightful manner. Great start Will! Or should i say, adequate start.

  47. I thought it was hilarious. Yes, it’s different now that Michael is leaving, but it’s amazing to see how people kiss butt whenever there’s a new guy in charge. The stuff with Andy and Darryl had me in stitches the entire time. Good to see a cameo by Darryl’s sister too! :)

    Not sure what’s up with all the hate. It’s going to be awkward!

  48. This episode walked a fine line. I don’t know yet how i ultimately feel. But still, they showed Michael acting territorial over his space and his people, while also trying to show he has moved on and has grown up. He decided to leave, he knows that, so he won’t throw a huge fit like he did with Charles. This is on his own terms. I’m sure in Goodbye Michael we will get all the goodbyes, bittersweetness and Michael focus we’re hoping for. They won’t drop the ball on that.

    As for Dwight, Jim and Pam. They are my favorites and i don’t like when they seem so far removed from who they used to be. Getting married, having a baby, shouldn’t change your core character. Disappointing.

  49. Not a good episode. I have watched this show from the beginning, no it did not feel like an earlier season show. Like Michael would ever tell Pam and Jim to stop talking about their kid. Please. This was uneven and really dark. sure, some funny moments. Just not good. Also, yes I think Dwight will be Manager, setting it up. Why is Deangelo nice then mean then naive. Just no steady ground. Andy scenes unfunny, Darryl and Jim kissing butt? Jim wouldn’t even kiss Charles butt. Nothing seemed right about this episode and it felt really warped and out of place.

  50. “Training Day” was not funny, or engaging, or Office-like. A sad Fail, all around.
    To us viewers, DeAngelo’s a substitute teacher. To the Office staff, he’s the new permanent teacher.
    Strangely, Michael’s half-hearted reactions seemed a second-rate substitute for the “real” Michael.
    Ferrell’s fine, and everyone’s ass-kissing was predictable.

    Problem is, I didn’t laugh.
    More importantly, I didn’t care one bit for DeAngelo’s story, Darryl’s cowboy hat, Dwight’s rage, Pam’s desperation, Erin’s cute dumbness.
    Only Erin’s shaving Michael added some zest.

    What worries me more than anything is that “Training Day” is the best The Office will do without Michael. Even with a big comedy star, the episode tanked both as comedy and engaging story.

    I think “Training Day” was just as much training viewers to the new Office reality, as it was the DM staff to their new reality.

  51. -I was dying when Erin was scooping up chunks of shaving cream off Michael’s face – I hope there are bloopers for that scene!

    -Erin trying to decide which way to answer the phone was pure gold.

    -Michael introducing Jim & Pam as JAP. LOL, only Michael…

    -That cold open? I’m pretty sure I had the goofiest grin on my face from watching Steve & Will play off each other.

  52. The only thing that bothered me about this episode is that Michael G. Scott had his 15th year with the company in 2009 and his 19th year with DMS in 2011.

  53. I’m not going to lie, I felt a little depressed while watching this episode. And to make matters worse, the episode wasn’t that great to begin with. I love Will Ferrell, but his character seemed to be really rude, which isn’t usually a typical Will Ferrell character, minus his role in Bewitched. The Andy storyline was really weird, considering it’s not the Andy we know and love. Jim and Pam aren’t the same anymore, and I thought the only funny part was Dwight’s talking head. 5/10

  54. I found this episode quite dull, and had to do something in the background to keep my attention.

  55. Although I enjoyed some of the episode, it felt as if the “arc” of Vickers going from “cool new boss” to “cold, arrogant jerk boss” happened too quickly — as if this was just a one-episode cameo.

    If it’s a 4-episode arc, I thought maybe he’d be nothing but sweetness and light for 2 episodes or so and then gradually show his “true colors” just about the time Michael is leaving the office (and show).

  56. i thought it was a pretty good episode, andy was the highlight for me “i guess this is my life now” hahaha he is to cute

  57. When rewatching the episode, I noticed that during the hug, around the 20 minute mark, you can see a tiny wet spot on the back of Will Ferrell’s jacket. I suppose that is part of the danger of putting your face into someone’s back. It was right were Steve’s nose was! That amused me, so I thought I would share. Best man hug ever!!

  58. @#55. The way I took it, “Training Day” took place a few weeks after “Garage Sale”. As shocked as everyone was in GS, they’ve accepted it by now.

    As far as the episode goes, Will Ferrell was fine, but there just wasn’t enough funny for me.

  59. I’ll watch the Office until the end, but my attachment is more sentimental now. It’s just not great comedy anymore.

  60. I wanted to love it because I am a huge Ferrell and Office fan. As Deangelo Vickers, said “I am adequate.” I thought I was fine with Michael leaving, but then quickly realized it would take me a while to get used to…Maybe I will watch it again and see how I feel after that.

  61. another disappointing episode in my opinion. Since when are Jim and Pam total suck ups? why is Andy Bernard acting like a total clown? Darryl changing his clothes to impress the new guy? No, No, and No!

  62. @72 Jason – I agree! I’ll keep watching the Office, but it just isn’t the same.

  63. I enjoyed some parts of this episode. But anything with Will Ferrell’s character was just too over the top. He was on the show for less than 15 minutes and he already had a barber in the office and Andy making a fool of himself. He has all of Michael’s unlikable traits wrapped into a hollow skin. At least it’s obvious he’s not sticking around.

    The only characters in this episode that were satisfying were Erin, Kelly, and sort of Dwight.

    This episode needed Toby.

    I felt it was kind of a waste of time; this should be spent giving Michael a complete send off and closure. I have a feeling that the behind-the-scenes are afraid that Carell leaving will make them lose viewers, so they try to draw people in with a big name star for no reason.

    Luckily, this episode still had a few memorable one-liners, but nothing from Vickers.

  64. I’m sorry, but people do NOT act like that around a new boss. If my new boss called me a funny man I would not start “shucking and jiving” for him. If my new boss liked Arizona I would not buy a cowboy hat and cowboy boots.

  65. How come everyone is mad about the Andy scene? Didn’t we all love it in Season 3 when he was the exact same way trying to impress/stalk Michael?

  66. I gotta be honest, I was not looking forward to this episode. For a couple reasons that I’m not going to list. But now that I’ve seen it five plus times, I really need to stop doubting the Office writers and directors. 7 years, you’d think I’d get use to feeling satisfied. So yeah- – I really loved this episode.
    Will was without a doubt perfect :)

  67. #72 I agree with you completely. My emotional attachment keeps me tuning in. The comedy not so much anymore.

  68. I normally am a huge fan of Will Ferrell’s comedy and have been a devoted Office watcher since the beginning, but this latest episode was a shame.

    The Office comedy has always had a level of decency and respect (although having hilarious crude jokes!) but making someone eat soap for entertainment goes too far. DeAngelo’s character is cruel which is something Michael never was and doesn’t even seem to be trying to replace Michael’s comic relief.

    The episode didn’t even flow well with the season! I still do love Ferrell’s comedy, it is just a different style than The Office’s and doesn’t mesh well. I recommend that DeAngelo do his 4 shows and then quietly take a leave of absence to the South west.

  69. I enjoyed the episode very much but was shocked at how sad I already began to feel. There is no replacement for Michael. They did a good job at not making MS seem foolish by making Will like him. This is going to be like a death for me!

  70. just watched the episode again and i must say, i enjoyed it a lot more the second time. i tivo’d it last night and it cut off a small portion of the very end, so i missed the “babies i don’t care about” part. i warmed up to Deangelo while watching the second time on hulu, then saw the very very end and decided he’s an arrogant asshole. nobody disses JAM

  71. What are you going to miss most about Scranton?

    The mountains.

    LOL – he’s moving to Colorado!!

    I laughed a ton this episode. Erin at reception was hysterical and Gabe running away instead of helping her out.

    Such a funny episode! Sure Darryl sucking up to the new boss by decking out in cowboy gear was a bit much, but who cares? Overall, great episode – lots of laughs.

  72. @59 – Jim absolutely did kiss Charles’ butt. Just rewatch Dream Team.

    I understand people didn’t like this episode, but what I have learned about this show and from reading commments over the years is that most episodes that people didn’t like initially were the ones where there was a big change. Then when there is an episode where something positive comes from the change, it is a very popular one and the previous episodes are looked at in a more positive light.

    I think this episode will grow on people in time.

  73. Not too in love with DeAngelo. In fact, I was really annoyed with him. The Andy story line just made me sad. Dwight and Kelly were the only parts of this episode I liked :(

  74. When Michael entered the office to show Deangelo around, the wide angle view of the office got me a little choked up. Michael has been the boss of that office for years, and it’s coming to a close. I liked the opening. It was funny. But, as the episode wore on, Deangelo got kind of mean. Michael is very blunt with people. But, it always came across funny, partly because everyone knows that Michael is clueless! But, this guy just seemed mean. But, I will continue to watch. So far, the writers seem to pull everything together when the time is right. So, I still trust them…for now:)

  75. The Office just isn’t funny anymore. They had both Steve Carell and Will Ferrell and still couldn’t manage to make the show funny. It’s time for everyone involved to pack it in and move on before no one can even remember why we loved the show in the first place. None of the characters (except for Kevin and Creed) bear any resemblance to the people they used to be. Jim and Pam in particular are pretty much unrecognizable and not because they got married. Jim used to be so endearing and now he’s the guy you pretty much want to stay away from — not charming just annoying. What happened?

  76. I didn’t like DeAngelo at all. I think the producers made him like this so we could appreciate him more. I can’t wait to see him get fired. Also, where was Holly?

  77. jjsally–I agree about missing old Jim. But, I guess, characters have to grow as they do in real life. Sometimes, the old Jim comes back. We saw it in a few episodes this season in defending Pam. Stanley and Meredith are pretty much the same. I do think that the writers do need to find a way to capture The Office of old with focusing on what viewers love–Jim-Dwight pranks, Jim–Pam relationship, funny boss–whomever they choose, and laugh out loud jokes:)

  78. I’m optimistic about DeAngelo, but as a single episode, it dropped the ball.

  79. The phone gag in the cold open was EXACTLY like a sketch from family guy. The whole episode overall seemed very forced. Yes, there were a few good one liners but that’s not what The Office used to be about. The comedy used to come from the dialogue, not forced one liners. Darryl was probably the only good character this episode (favorite region, favorite ecosystem.)

  80. I wasn’t really a fan of this episode. It felt sort of rushed for one thing, and felt really fragmented, especially with the way it ended abruptly. it certainly made Michael leaving a reality, but I just didn’t buy Vickers’ character, nor how people reacted to him. I don’t have high hopes for the next few episodes.

  81. I thought this was a terrific episode. I couldn’t keep it together during the shaving scene and have no idea how the cast managed to cram into that small room and watch Michael get a shave (or shaving cream smear and scoop) from Erin without howling. DeAngelo Vickers is a great combo of being a bit off and a bit mean. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!

  82. 73. Totally agree. I liked the episode but don’t like what’s become of Jim and Pam. Michael, Jim and Pam are the main reasons I tune in. Didn’t like Jim and Pam sucking up and using the baby to gain brownie points. Darryl – what happened? So totally not in character. Bring some romance back to Jim and Pam – bring Jim’s humor back – and good luck replacing Steve. Like others here, I’ll keep watching but in hopes of some glimmers of what we saw in PDA.

  83. Completely agree with post #58. The thing about this episode is that there were a few BRILLIANT office moments (Erin answering the phone and then shaving Michael, Michael’s reactions to his shave, “JAP”, Michael trying to pronounce Feng Shui, Stanley’s very subtle death stare when Andy’s telling the african american joke, and of course Kevin: “What do you think of bald people? I HATE them.”). They all had me rolling.

    But then there were moments that almost made me forget the show I was watching. this was quite possible the worst episode ever in terms of Jam. Not likeable at all. Ferrell’s a talented actor who did well enough here, but not only do I hate his movies, but I hated his character here. Went from nice to a jerk to nice again way too fast, and I got angry at him when he made Andy drink the soap (even Michael wouldnt do that). Worst of all may have been the phone gag at the beginning. Unrealistic (how did it take them a minute to realize what was happening?), lazy, and pretty sure it’s been done countless times before.

    Overall: funny at times, terrible at others

  84. I love Will Ferrell and his role in movies, but think the 4 episode arc here is probably for the best and can’t really envision him being their permanent boss. But then again, I’m not sure I can envision anyone else but Michael (sniff) being their permanent boss. My concern is that Ferrell’s character will steal Michael’s thunder in his goodbye episode and really hope the writer/director give Michael a deserved center stage and respectful exit.

    Watching Andy was just downright devastatingly painful. I think I felt more helpless for him than I have for Michael at times.

  85. This episode was not funny. The regular characters acted like morons. Will Ferrell added nothing to the mix. Please, Office, stop with the stunt-casting. It is annoying and unnecessary. I hope Michael gets a proper send-off. The show is looking tired and old. I’ve got a bad feeling about Seaseon 8.

  86. Worst episode ever!!! The opening scene was good but other than that the episode was terrible. The writing for Pam and Jim in this entire season has also been terrible. It has gotten to the point where I turn on the office for a new episode and I am excited before watching the episode and afterwards I am disappointed. If episodes continue to be as bad as this one I think the office’s run will shortly come to an end.

  87. Not so good. And it wasn’t due to Will Ferrell, he did a good job. It’s the character writing. Jim and Pam especially, what’s happened there? Together and apart they’re just not right. I’m cool with growth but that’s not what that was. I never knew Darryl was such a suck up. Only Dwight seemed to keep his backbone, but if it means making him the boss, please don’t go there.

  88. I don’t get all the negativity about this episode. I thought it was fantastic! Will Ferrell surpassed my expectations and I’m happy he is doing three more episodes. There’s so many things that I enjoyed about this episode. I absolutely loved the cold open, Erin’s telephone scene, Dwight’s TH, and Michael’s TH. I don’t understand why so many people are upset about JAM’s behavior. They weren’t acting like themselves because they were just trying hard to impress the new boss. Everyone else wasn’t acting like themselves either; what’s the big deal? The last scene where Michael goes into his office while everyone is in the conference room made me sad. It felt weird seeing that.

    I agree with #55! The B plots should have been about Michael’s imminent departure. I don’t want to wait until the end to see everyone’s reactions. Did Deangelo really have to change Michael’s office already? He’s not gone yet; can’t he wait until he’s gone? I don’t want to see these little changes happen until Michael leaves:(. What happened with the scene where Michael calls Dwight a retarded owl? I was very disappointed this wasn’t in the episode because I thought it was very funny.

  89. I don’t much care for Will Ferrell so this was actually better than I feared. Although a downside is that Jim and Pam were maybe at their worst. They were like the cliche of obnoxious, and clueless, new parents. I think they’ve reached the point it’s clear they’re flawed and occasionally foolish so the writers don’t need to underline that quite so much.

  90. “Training Day” failed as a comedy. DeAngelo’s character isn’t funny, just menacing. Michael’s a shell of his former lovable self, as are Pam & Jim. Andy’s now pathetic, Darryl’s kiss-up act is out of character . Dwight of course hates DeAngelo-big surprise.
    What exactly has happened to The Office?
    Greg Daniels and Michael Schur left in Season 5!
    These two gave The Office life, heart, continuity, and laughs. Michael, Pam, and Jim were the heart & soul of The Office.
    Now, in “Training Day”, one is leaving, and Jim & Pam have lost their mojo.
    Life without Michael will be difficult.
    Life without the old Jim & Pam will test the patience of true fans.

  91. I can’t believe all the negativity surrounding this episode! I mean it wasn’t the best episode, but far from the worst. I liked Deangelo, I don’t see why everyone thinks he was a jerk. Andy was absolutely hysterical in this episode, especially the sad face he has on after he bumps into the door on purpose, and his “I guess this is my life now” comment. The only thing I didn’t like was Jim & Pam using the baby as way to get on Deangelo’s good side. But as for everyone acting “out of character, everyone in the office was sucking up because they wanted to start on the new boss’s good side. I’d say this episode was an 8/10.

  92. It was one of the funnier ones of the season. DeAngelo was one of the best characters they’ve come up with in a long time. Brilliant and hilarious!

  93. Man, you would’ve thought Ferrell was reprising his role as Mugatu with some of the reactions here! I think he is just kinda clueless, not mean. When he told Jim and Pam to stop talking about their baby, he said something like “I know exactly what you’re doing” AKA, he knew they were just shamelessly trying to suck up, and guess what? He was right! Haha. And the Andy thing was absolutely hilarious. I didn’t get the sense that he was some evil dictator making poor Andy shame himself to show his allegiance or something, he just genuinely thought what Andy was doing was funny, and thought if he ate soap it would be even funnier. I think the real reason people didn’t like the episode was because they’re afraid of the change. Ferrell was hilarious in a totally goofy but relatively understated way.

  94. The problem with the Jim/Pam storyline was that it was too crammed in. They jumped from him telling them he had four kids to them randomly assuming that gave them some secret rapport to Pam trying to use this and finally him ruthlessly shooting them down. Maybe done over two or three episodes it might have worked, but here it seemed like an idea that never got beyond the outline stage.

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