The Office at PaleyFest 2012

The Office will be at this year’s PaleyFest!

PaleyFest 2012: The Office
Tuesday, March 6, 7pm PST
Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills, CA

PaleyFest is a series of panel discussions celebrating the best of TV. The Office made its debut at PaleyFest with a cast discussion in 2007. The show has also participated in a Paley Center writers discussion in 2008 (which I was honored to moderate).

In attendance:
Greg Daniels, Executive Producer
Rainn Wilson, “Dwight Schrute”
John Krasinski, “Jim Halpert”
Jenna Fischer, “Pam Halpert”
Ed Helms, “Andy Bernard”
B.J. Novak, “Ryan Howard”/Executive Producer
Leslie David Baker, “Stanley Hudson”
Brian Baumgartner, “Kevin Malone”
Kate Flannery, “Meredith Palmer”
Angela Kinsey, “Angela Martin”
Oscar Nunez, “Oscar Martinez”
Phyllis Smith, “Phyllis Vance”
Paul Lieberstein, “Toby Flenderson”/Executive Producer
Mindy Kaling, “Kelly Kapoor”/Executive Producer
Creed Bratton, “Creed Bratton”
Craig Robinson, “Daryl Philbin”
Ellie Kemper, “Erin Hannon”
Zach Woods, “Gabe Lewis”

Individual tickets go on sale to members January 13 at 9am PT, and to non-members January 15 at 9am PT on

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  1. Woah, that’s everybody! They should do a few dvd commentaries while they have them all together. Wish I lived closer…

  2. I got tickets, so stoked!
    Does the cast spend any time signing autographs before or after the event?

  3. OMG! What happened! Like P&R but you cannot compare it to THE OFFICE. What a disappointment! I was going to watch it if they were going to stream over the Internet because I live in NYC.

  4. At first I thought I read “The Office was cancelled”, as in the show not the panel, thinking since it wasn’t April Fools’ Day it couldn’t be a joke. Guess I still need to learn how to read closely.

  5. That’s really weird. I wonder what happened? Wouldn’t they know before they made that commitment what their production schedule was? Very mysterious indeed.

  6. I remember recently reading Watch With Kristin’s Spoiler Chat and they asked Ed about what was coming up on the show, and he said that they weren’t very far ahead with the filming to where we are now in the season, so I’m thinking maybe they’re behind and can’t afford to lose a day’s filming.

  7. Angela Kinsey Tweeted that they are filming and won’t be able to attend. They must have gotten behind in their filming schedule.

  8. I am sure their production time is precious, but how could the production team do something like this to so many of their fans? Is one (or so) hour of time at a panel discussion such a terrible sacrifice? I’ve had to cancel so many things today, and about $180 of it is non-refundable. Instead of getting things done at work today, I went home early too sick over this news to get anything accomplished there. My one big dream was to see (and possibly meet) Ed Helms, and I might never get the opportunity again.

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