The Office: After Hours deleted scenes

Here are deleted scenes from The Office episode, After Hours.

Erin knows that waffles conquer all.
[Video no longer available]

Pam checks in with a highjacked Jim in Florida.
[Video no longer available]

Dwight and Nellie share some deep personal secrets.
[Video no longer available]

Nellie gives Dwight and Packer a lesson in sexual innuendo.
[Video no longer available]


  1. This is one of the few times I’m glad that that first scene was left out. It was just not interesting, with too much Nellie and Packer. Dwight’s “Well I’ll have SEX with it!” was the only good part of the first scene.

  2. Awww I wish they had left the Pam/Jim phone call in! Then we would know that Pam KNEW Cathy (Kathy?) was in the room. That was my major question at the end of the episode – where does Pam fit into this? Plus, the look on Jim’s face at the end of the phone call was adorable.

  3. While I agree it’s nice to see Pam and Jim’s relationship is that strong, I kinda wish they did put some turmoil in everything. Nothing bad happening but give them doubt for a second. Shake it up, no relationship is perfect.

  4. Interesting scene with Pam – wish they’d left that part in. An awkward surprise for her, of course, but she seemed to quickly grasp the truth of the situation and handled the conversation with grace. If deleted scenes are still considered part of the canon/continuity (read that somewhere once), then it looks like the writers aren’t going to go for the silly, drawn-out, soap opera angst between Jim and Pam that I’d been dreading. Good!

    [ from tanster: yes, deleted scenes are canon. ]

  5. Ugh, the Pam & Jim deleted scene was perfect. The fact that they left it out scares me…unless they’re going to pull another Philip scenario & never mention it again…

  6. The Jim and Pam scene was super cute! I was one of those people who was hoping for a bit of drama though. Is it possible that there still might be a minor continuation of this storyline? I mean, SOMETHING has to happen with Cathy eventually whether she stays in Florida or not. (Part of me hopes she comes back to Scranton and we still get a bit between her and Pam). Wait and see I guess…

  7. @#5 I assume they left it out so that there would be at least a tiny amount of suspense as to whether or not anything would happen between Jim and Cathy.

  8. Absolutely loved the Pam and Jim deleted scene. While I could handle a little trouble, I’m fine with keeping them away from angst. It’s such a rare thing on tv that I admire them for being outside the box. Plus when you get such an adorable smile from Jim it can’t be wrong.

  9. Yay! So, so glad to see the Pam and Jim conversation. It makes me feel so much more at ease. I imagine there could still be some angst though….Cathy could really continue to rock the boat if she goes back to Scranton. I for one would love to see Pam stick up for herself and confront Cathy. That would make for an interesting scene :-)

  10. Can someone please tell me what that Jim-Pam scene was about? NBC has blocked it from viewers from Europe!

  11. The Pam/Jim scene was well acted but it’s good they cut it. It killed what little suspense there was, and maybe they shouldn’t even have released it. Because they could milk more awkwardness and humor out of Pam finding out about it all later on.

  12. I love Jim and Pam! I don’t care about there not being angst or tension, they just make me happy! I love that she immediately understood what her husband was going through, and how sympathetic she was. And the look on his face at the end of the call! He still loves her more than anything.

  13. Pam direct-dialed Jim’s room, without going through the hotel operator. Isn’t that impossible? If I’m not mistaken, hotel room phones don’t have their own phone numbers. And why wouldn’t she call him on his cell phone? And don’t get me started on obsessive Office fans who go over every video with a fine-tooth comb!

  14. To all the people who thought there was going to be a snake in Jim’s room – guess they turned out to be right after all.

  15. Am I the only one who thinks you can see the tag from pam’s blouse showing through the front? If I’m right, then those guys are all a bunch of jerks. I’d be royally pissed off if I had my blouse on backwards for the entire day and no one had the decency to tell me…lol

  16. For a split second, it looks like a tag on Pam’s blouse, but it’s the satin-finish stripe going down the front.

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