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  1. Man alive, is this section rad or what?!!
    …my TiVO and I pre-emptively thank you for such a concise schedule.

  2. I may be naiive so my apologies, but why is there no Office (even reruns) during the month of April? Is all of television this way? (Ratings month?) If this could be cleared up, that would be nice to know =)Thanks.

  3. sheigh: Thanks, glad you find it useful! :)

    Nader: I have no official word yet on which Office episodes will air in April. The minute I know, I will post the schedule here. My guess is that two original eps and two reruns will air in April, just like in March.

  4. Thu March 30: Office characters featured in “The More You Know” spots throughout primetime.

  5. Thu March 30: Angela Kinsey appears on Rock 107 Scranton in the morning and Rock 105.3 San Diego in the afternoon.

  6. Thu March 30: Jenna Fischer appears on various radio shows around the country, 6am-9am PT. Schedule

  7. You are doing an awesome job with this site. I love being informed about The Office and it’s wonderful workers. :) Keep up the great work!

  8. Just had to echo April’s comment that you’re doing a great job with the site. I make a stop here numerous times a day and you always have the latest news and info posted! Love the calendar, love the polls, I even love the font you use! Ok, enough gushing – great job!

  9. Mon Apr 24: John Krasinski appears on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien.”

  10. Thank you, Jennie, for this informative calendar of events. It makes my life a little easier.

  11. Hi – I just found out that on 5/9 at 11:30am CST (check your local listings) Spike TV will be airing the CSI episode called “Who Shot Sherlock” that features John Krasinski.

  12. Hi,

    I was just wondering where you were getting the dates for B.J. Novak’s stand-up performances and if you knew of any future dates (July, August…). I would love to see him perform, but I live on the east coast and it looks like the nearest performance is in Austin!

    Thanks, and love the site.

  13. Hi Matt! I got B.J.’s comedy club dates from the calendar on his MySpace page, but I believe that the calendar appears only if you are logged into MySpace and/or listed in B.J.’s friends list, I’m not sure which.

    June 17 and 24 are the only remaining dates on his calendar, but I’ll keep checking it for new dates … :)

  14. My DVR has 12 Office episodes, and I want to get them all so I can watch in order before Season 3 (I bought Season 1 on iTunes before I got the DVR). I hope they air them all before September. According to the Calendar, as of 7/20 I’ll still be missing seven: The Dundies, The Fight, Boys and Girls, Valentine’s Day, Dwight’s Speech, Take Your Daughter to Work Day and Michael’s Birthday.

    Why am I posting this? I’m not sure. Talk amongst yourselves.

  15. just so you know if you go to sites like
    torrentspy . com and tvrss. net you can download a torrent of the episode and put the torrent into programs like turbo torrent and utorrent and download the entire episode without commertials in great quality. thats what i do and i have all of season 1 and season 2 on my computer.

  16. Suddenly, isn’t listing The Secret to run after The Pilot tomorrow night. Don’t they know I didn’t save it the first time, and I’m counting on summer reruns to fill up my DVR collection?

  17. How annoyed am I? (Or annoying, depending on your perspective…) Now only lists Basketball this Thursday. So I go to schedule page at and only The Carpet is listed. Why does everything always happen to me?

  18. I’m not sure if all NBC affiliates show this, but’s schedule shows that tonight’s “NBC All-Nite Tonight Show repeat” (a random repeat of The Tonight Show that is shown after Carson Daly’s show) is the one from March with Jenna.

    Also, both upcoming Steve Carell appearances (Ellen and Conan) are repeats from January.

  19. I know I’m kinda late posting this but Rainn is on Leno right now! (July 20th)

  20. My goal is to watch season 2 in order before the season 3 opener. I’ve got all but six eps DVR’d now. Assuming the calendar doesn’t change (a big IF), I’ll have three more by 8/24. But I still need The Dundies (2:01) to get started and The Fight (2:06) to get very far.

    Question: If they don’t rerun my missing eps and I don’t give in and iTunes them, who thinks I can wait for the DVD on 9/12 and watch the whole season in nine days?

    Even my Dwight Bobble Head is shaking his nogging in doubt. Or disgust.

  21. Brian, you can totally do it! We believe in you! There’s lore of people watching a whole season of “LOST” or “Alias” (alright, “Alias” was me) in a week – and each episode of “The Office” is only about half as long as each of those. I stand by my answer. It is definitely possible – I wish you the best.

  22. Brian, that’s easy. I held an Office marathon at my house in July, and we watched every episode ever made. (We even had time to watch the World Cup final.) No doubt you can do it.

  23. Thanks guys! I appreciate all your support, I really do. Now all I need is my wife to back me up on this too. But alas, she likes this show about as much as I like Dawson’s Creek, i.e. not so much.

  24. I give up. NBC’s airing a Giants preseason game tomorrow night, washing out a night’s worth of Office brilliance. I’ll just have to see if I can watch 22 episodes between the time my S2 DVD arrives and Sept. 21.

    It’s not going to happen is it?

  25. I just saw a commercial for Jenna Fischer on Martha Stewart tomorrow (9-01-06). It must be a repeat, but I didn’t see it the first time.

  26. Maybe it’s been there awhile, but I just noticed that the Season 3 premiere is listed under “Calender” on the OT main page, where only the next couple of calendar items are ever listed.

    That just drove it home how close it is. I’m ready to squee, and I’m a guy who has no idea what that even means.

  27. Kate Flannery (Meredith) on Bernie Mac Tue. check local listings (5:30pm by me). episode “Stiff upper lip”

  28. Does anyone know when the season premier of the office will run again? I missed it – thought I recorded it, but something went wrong and it’s not there!!

  29. does anyone know if melora hardin will be on any of the other shows she has appeared in like Monk or CSI?

  30. Only this community would appreciate this, so I must share. Upon reading the Life/Arts section of my paper today, I saw that The Grass Roots were playing at the Big E (a New England fall fair/expo) today in West Springfield, MA. Unfortunately, I don’t think Creed is involved with them anymore.

  31. From

    Creed will make a guest appearance with P.F. Sloan at the Largo Sept. 27th. He will play and sing on the songs This Precious Time & Where Were You When I Needed You

  32. Check your local listings…
    Oscar and Todd Packer

    Still Standing
    “Still Hairdressing”
    Thu Sep 28 2006 6:00pm 0:30 hr.

    Bill has to crawl back into Judy’s favor by apologizing to her hairdresser (David Hasselhoff) for calling him a rip-off artist. Carl: David Koechner. Bergner: Lex Medlin. Tim: Oscar Nunez. Bonnie: Ashley Tisdale.

  33. Jenna Fischer’s episode of Cold Case, “Factory Girls”, will be shown on TNT on October 2, at 10:00 p.m. (CST). Jenna plays Dottie in the 1943 flashback part of the episode.

  34. I happened to catch the “411” on TVGuide channel in the middle of an interview with Steve and John (maybe others) in what looked like the convention room. I think the same episode will be repeated this Thursday at 8PM on the TVGuide channel (check your local listings), within the first 25-30 minutes of the show.

  35. Is anyone having problems with importing this calendar into Google Calendar? When I try to add it, Google says it cannot parse the calendar from the URL given. please help!

  36. I saw Steve and Oscar on a comedy autism fundraiser on Comedy Central “Night of Too Many Stars” (it will be repeated later tonight- check local listings).

  37. Jenna is in Even Scarier Movie Moments on Bravo right now. It’s probably going to be repeated a billion times. Her comments are adorable.

  38. FYI — the Jenna Fischer appearance on Letterman is Thursday, Nov 9th, not Friday the 10th — so don’t set up the Tivo a day late everyone!!

  39. Whatever the reason, matt, it makes that day a “date that will live in infamy” for two reasons (the other, of course, being much more significant).

  40. Just to let everyone know, according to John Krasinski is going to be doing a voice on “American Dad” He is doing the voice of Gilbert Squirrel, the episode has John Stewart in it as well, here is the link.

  41. For those interested:

    Ricky Gervais’ OTHER show “Extras” is finally reaching American shores (Series/Season 1 at least) on January 9th.

  42. Just to clarify, Series/Season 2 of Extras is coming to HBO in January. Series/Season 1 already aired is should still be available on demand

  43. According to the Late Night TV Page, Jenna Fischer will be on the Late Late Show on Monday December 18.

  44. Ed Helms was on during the first 11 minutes of the Daily Show from 12/5/06. It is repeated at 10AM and 2PM (check local listings).

  45. Regarding Extras:

    Series/Season 1 is coming to DVD on January 9th, for us premium channel deprived folk.

  46. So after the Christmas Episode (this thursday) we’re gonna hafta wait a while for more episodes, aren’t we?
    That makes me sad. It isn’t lookin good if they start shooting again on January 8…Argh I hate waiting!

  47. I would check out TVGuide Channel’s “TV Best of 2006” because it looks like JAM are at least nominees for best couple. It will be repeated multiple times, but premieres tonight (Sunday) at 8PM I believe.

  48. no office dec 7 because they wanted 1 hr shows for both earl and the office… so alternate weeks… give one the other’s time spot. good plan, eh?

  49. TVLand’s “100 Greatest TV Quotes and Catchphrases” had Jenna and Brian (Kevin) commentating last night in the countdown’s first hour. It is on every night this week at 10PM on TVLand. It’s a great show besides members of The Office commentating. Check your local listings for repeat airings. It looks like it will be 10PM and 1AM every night this week, and then some on the weekend, and then 1PM every day next week.

  50. I know this is really late, but I just saw on that they are going to show “Diwali” tonight at 10:30 PM after the State of the Union address.

  51. Yeah I saw that Diwali episode too. It was really random that they showed it then, but whatever, I enjoyed it.( :

  52. Any chance it will come back? Or can you point me to another source for an Office calender? I tried searching for a replacement but haven’t found one that’s as good as yours.


  53. does anyone know why Andy wasn’t in the ‘Ben Franklin’ episode at all? There wasn’t an explanation for his absence or anything. Weird.

  54. grace.. i think it had something to do with his anger management (if you saw the producers cut)
    i dont know how anger management could take up your whole work day.. but ah well.

    Stanley Stanley Bo banley banana fana fo fanley mi my mo manley Stanley. haah great episode!!

  56. There will be repeats on March 15th according to a recent NBC Press Release.

    Traveling Salesmen/The Return. 8-9p

  57. According to a recent NBC Press Release, there will be two episodes of Earl and NO OFFICE on March 22.

  58. There is an article on msn about rainn wilson and his new movie coming out on march 23!!! He talks about being dwight.

  59. They should put Michael Scott’s birthday on the Calendar March 15th. Same as Eva Longoria :p

  60. Six weeks is way too long to go without a new “The Office” episode. That is just so cruel. They should at least give us some webisodes to watch in the meantime.

  61. Question. What is the postal mailing address we can send birthday cards and general fan mail to for office cast and crew?

  62. Is there going to be new episodes from April 5th to the finale or are there going to be repeat weeks? Oh and theres 8 Thursdays from 4/5-5/17

  63. Okay- it’s been way too long without a new episode.
    The other day, someone asked me, “What’s your favorite T.V show?” and I actually hesitated!!

    That’s never happened before…….

  64. according to wikipedia there are supposed to be 25 episodes for season 3 so if the next new episode airs april 5th then the rest of the new episodes should run until the finale on may 17th. can’t wait it’s beeen waaaaaay too long.

  65. It feels so weird…. I’m not watching the office right now. Wheres my dvds!!!

  66. Where is Phyllis? When will she be coming back? I miss her! Phyllis must have had one great time on her honeymoon but I want her back! I hope she is back soon! It has been way too long for a new episode! I’m dying for a new one and not a repeat! If Andy is coming back after ten weeks of anger-management then Phyllis must be there as well!

  67. crazy4phyllis,
    On the Yahoo preview video she was there. So she’s going to be back on The Negotiation.

  68. 4 new episodes…bummer!:(
    At least they are all in a row!!

    (see that, that’s optimism right there!)

  69. wait, what its the “to be announced” thing on the 24th? is there something we dont know about or is it not relevant to the season?

  70. nah.. i dont think it’s relevant to the season. just a repeat.

  71. yea, sorry, i figured that out about two seconds after i posted it…thanks anyway!

  72. I thought Jenna was supposed to be on Conan last night? What happened? Now there is an ad on The Office web-site at that says Jenna will be on Conan, Wednesday at 12:37. Now is this an old ad, or does it mean she was rescheduled to appear on Conan tonight?

  73. Now there are rumors on Jennas’s MySpace page saying that she broke her arm at the upfronts and thats why she wasn’t on Conan. If the rumors are true, I hope she is o.k.

  74. so when is jenna on conan? I just heard she broke her back in four places! I hope she gets better!

  75. John Krasinski is presenting at the Mtv Movie awards on June 3rd. Someone over at the Office LJ posted about it.

  76. Oscar Nunez is scheduled to be at the June 9th Dodgers game for Hollywood Stars Night.

    I’ll be there too! Heehee!

  77. Tanster-

    With the odd scheduling of June 21st, are we getting supersized/producer’s cut episodes, or the edited versions with more commercials?

  78. hey all! Just a friendly reminder that the presentation for the Peabody Awards will be on June 4th at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. This is a really prestigious industry award and I’m so proud that our little show…sorry, our Peabody Award-winning show….has been bestowed with this honor! I’m a big “Battlestar Galactica” geek (yea, Dwight and I would really get along) and last year when BSG won, the producers and some of the cast were there. Hopefully this will be the case for “The Office” as well and we could get to see some great pictures of them with the award and perhaps some interviews too. Hearty congrats to everyone involved in “The Office” for being recognized by the industry with this great honor.

  79. I’m not sure if anyone knows about this, but every Monday at 8pm, starting yesterday, Global has double My Name is Earl and double The Office. Its probably not news to alot of you, but more Office during the week should help get us through the summer hiatus. Just thought you’d like to know! :D (Oh, and I’m in Ontario, Canada, so channels and times may be different in other places.)

  80. And I’m sure the season three dvd release was scheduled for the 27th of June. If not, wikipedia lied to me.

  81. Why are they showing episodes from season 2 when they haven’t repeated all of season 3’s episodes? Doesn’t that seem strange? My husband has seen all of season 2, but not all of season 3.

  82. My meevee guide says B.J. Novak’s episode of “Premium Blend” is on Monday June 18 12:30-1PM on Comedy Central.

  83. Since Steve’s hosting The Office marathon this week because Evan Almighty’s coming out soon, does anyone know if John’s doing a similar thing the following week? The episodes that are airing on the 28th are very “Jim-centric” and we know that “License to Wed” is opening a few days later, too.

  84. I saw a commericial that the cast of licensed to wed is going to be hosting something on mtv monday the 25th at 9pm!

  85. Do we know anything about the season 4 premier? Isn’t it usually the third week in September?

  86. is it definite that john is gonna be on the today show on wednesday? because i know him and mandy were on last week…


  87. I’ve heard quite a bit of speculation that the season 4 premiere will air on Sept 27th, but nothing official as of yet.

  88. Why are they showing ‘The Convention’ again, what happened to ‘The Convict’?

  89. Just found this!

    July 27 – 9 PM, Mr. Monk and the Naked Man
    Monk gets an eyeful when he investigates a murder at a nudist beach. Alfred Molina, Angela Kinsey and Diedrich Bader guest star.

  90. Oh my god…. I have the perfect opening line if I ever meet John Krasinski. We share a birthday!

    that just about made my summer. Thanks!

  91. I went and saw Kate Flannery in The Lampshades last night in Chicago. It was terrific! She hung out at the bar after the show and I got to meet her. She was so friendly and gracious and she seemed genuinely happy to meet another Office flan! I found out about the Lampshades show from this site, so thank you OfficeTally!

  92. The Office premieres on tbs on September 11. I am so excited. Finally, something to watch on Tuesdays.

  93. So is it going to be the orginal hourlong cut of ‘The Job’ or will it be the 30 min. trimmed versions we’ve been seeing all summer?

  94. Maybe the directors have cut it down to just the “what you need to know for season 4” scenes . . . and maybe new footage, like in “Women’s Appreciation!”

  95. I just saw on that Beach Games is going to be on 9:30 tonight instead of 9:00 because of a Presidential address.

  96. Supposedly, the Job tonight will start at 8:50pm. Meaning they’ve probably added a few deleted scenes in.

  97. I just realized something…Phyllis always has to correct Michael to say that they are the same age and graduated together, but in real life, althugh their birthdays are only one day apart, she is actually 11 years older than Steve…ha! Plus, Steve and I have the same birthday, pretty darn cool.

  98. Just got my newest issue of TV Guide in the mail today and it looks like Steve is gonna be on Letterman next thursday, the 18th.

  99. Hmmm…does anyone else think it’s a coincidence that JK will be on the EAST coast the weekend of The Office Convention???? A girl can dream can’t she? See all you dunderheads there!

  100. Melora is about to do some kind of interview thing on Best Week Ever. Probably too late, but in case there are reruns, it looks cute.

  101. From the way this scheduling is going, it looks like we’re going to have a heroes-esque break half way through the season. maybe a month or two off.

  102. Craig Robinson’s birthday is Oct 25th. He told me so. I saw him at the Laff Stop in Houston. And if you see him at the convention, he likes Hennessey with Cranberry juice. and he likes shots of Patron.

  103. According to TitanTV, Steve is gonna be on the Early Show on CBS on thursday morning!

  104. I just saw this on It seems like the accountants are going to make an appearance on “Deal or No Deal” on December 12 and they are going to be in character! This is going to be hilarious.

  105. According to The Tonight’s Show page on, Steve will be on the show tomorrow, Nov. 2.

  106. According to TV Guide, Angela Kinsey is set to appear on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on November 17th.

  107. Leslie David Baker will be at the NBC5 Travel Expo on November 10 at Navy Pier in Chicago.

  108. B.J. is coming to Northwestern! Woohoo. I go to University of Chicago! Yay!!!! I’m so there. It’s like 20 minutes away. Yay!!!! I’m very happy.

  109. So excited BJ is going to be at my alma mater in February! Anyone have an idea how non-students can get tickets?

  110. It says on that A Benihana Christmas will be on at 8, not 9:30. And if I’m not mistaken, I believe that episode was an hour long, so it would air from 8-9 ET.

  111. to those who asked about getting tickets to see BJ…

    I went to see him in May at a university around me. They said it was only for students that go there, but I emailed the club that brought him in and BEGGED them! They finally gave in. I realize its a completely different school and may have a completely different policy, but if I were you thats what I would do haha. It worked for me.

  112. I saw that on the calender on the right side it says “Dinner Party TBA” — that was the last episode we heard about, the one that was said to have had the best table read, but what else do we know about it? Is there a synopsis out there somewhere? Does anyone know? Good gosh, how I miss this show…..Thanks Office Friends!

  113. So when the strike arose I started watching Reelz channel a lot and today they said Jenna Fischer is going to be on Dailies tomorrow. This is the first place I went after setting my tivo :)

  114. If any of you will be in the LA area on Monday, Feb 4, it seems a couple of our beloved Office stars will be taking part in a special “Armando Show” at IO West. According to the IO West website, Angela and Kate (along with Tim Meadows and others) will be part of that evening’s show with all proceeds benefiting The Industry Support Fund. Since I’ll be out that way, I just reserved my ticket and would love to meet fellow Tallyheads! :)

  115. So is the Jan 17th episode possibly going to be a new one? Is Dinner Party ever going to air? I’m just wondering because Lost is going to have new episodes, is the Writers Strike almost over or have allowances been made?

  116. The Golden Globes were cancelled on NBC due to the actors refusing to cross picket lines.

  117. Anyone know about B.J. being at Northeastern on January 23? It is on his myspace…and my brother goes there, so I want more information if I can get it…

  118. Tickets go on sale for BJ’s appearance tomorrow January 16th, but they are only being sold on the Northeastern campus and I believe it is only to people with Northeastern IDs

  119. Northwestern tickets go on sale Feb 1, and I called and it’s only people with Northwestern IDs. I’m trying to find out who I know who goes there now…

  120. Hey Tanster –

    A friend and I are going to see BJ in DC this Friday! We’re really excited and we’ll be happy to do a little write-up for OT.

    Who else is going?

  121. Does anyone know if all the scheduled writer appearances, etc… will still happen if the strike ends Wednesday?

  122. I think they’ll probably have the chance to make their appearances even if the strike ends Weds. The next episode to be written may be need BJ or Paul right away if say Greg Daniels is the main writer on the episode. I think it would take at least a couple days before shooting.

  123. Rashida Jones is scheduled to be on Conan O’Brien tomorrow (Tuesday) night. She’s listed as following Will Ferrell.

  124. Watch with Kristin said (in this Monday’s blog) that JKras will be hosting the April 3 Office marathon – part of promoting Leatherheads.

  125. Ed Helms was on Late Night with Conan O’Brien last night, but it was a repeat from 2007.

  126. I’m going to Notre Dame tonight to check out Mindy and Craig!!!!!!! I’M SO PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. On April 4th all the Leatherheads cast is going to be on the Today Show, which begins at 7am.

  128. John Krasinski is also scheduled to appear on The Sauce on Fuse TV Thursday April 3rd at 6pm.

    At least they are advertising it on their webiste

  129. Im really annoyed…I watched the Today Show this morning, and in the description on the TV GUIDE it even said “John Krasinski” but WHERE WAS HE??? That made me sad!

  130. According to, Jenna’s scheduled for The Tonight Show on Friday, April 18th.

  131. Hmm, Jenna may now not be on The Tonight Show on April 18th. I don’t see her listed on the Tonight Show guest page anymore.

  132. I’m bummed that Jenna wasn’t on the Tonight Show! Hopefully we’ll see a new interview with her soon.

  133. Was watching Leno tonight so I wouldn’t miss BJ on Conan and they announced Jenna is on Leno tomorrow.

  134. CBS is reporting that Jenna will be on with David Letterman on June 6!

  135. Don’t forget that Melora’s birthday is June 29th.

    [from tanster: thanks!]

  136. Steve Carrell hosted the American Top 40 on the radio today and it was SO FUNNY!

  137. Jenna’s latest blog says that her Letterman appearance is Monday, June 2nd.

  138. Who from the cast is supposed to be on Family Feud? That could potentially be hilarious…

  139. says Mindy will be on the Late Show with David Letterman on July 31st.

  140. Why is there no episode on October 2nd? That’s going to be depressing to have to wait two weeks for a new episode after the premiere.

  141. Tanster, do you know the air times for Business Ethics and Baby Shower? I know the season premiere is an hour long, but are they going to do the same thing they did last year and make the first 5 hour-long specials? Or will they just go right back to the 30 minute episodes?

    [from tanster: i think only ‘weight loss’ is one-hour; the other two are regular 30-minute eps.]

  142. Ugh, I figured out why there’s no Office on Oct 2nd…the vice presidential debate is on at 9 instead. Man, NBC really needs to sort out their priorities. Jim & Pam > Joe & Sarah

  143. I was wondering why there was no episode on the 2nd also, cuz I didn’t hear about any presidential stuff. But yeah seriously… I think they should push it back to 9:30. I’d rather Jim or Pam be vice pres over Joe or Palin especially.

    And I’m kinda glad the other two episodes (after the premiere) are back to 30 minutes long. That way there are more weeks with new office episodes. I really hope they do a Thanksgiving themed one this year, I’ve been hoping for that.

  144. That is great that John and Jenna will be on late night shows this week. I am glad that I have a tv now.

  145. Right now, I don’t even care about Joe and Palin! Give me the Office! Or give me an injury!

  146. Jenna Fischer is supposed to be on Leno Tues. 10/7, and Ricky Gervais is supposed to be on Jimmy Kimmel Wed. 10/8

  147. Bobby Ray Shafer will be appearing on the Thursday, October 9 episode of the CBS daytime soap, “Young & The Restless”.

  148. Hi Tanster!
    It was John Krasinski’s birthday yesterday and, usually, when an Office cast/crew member has their birthday, you post it on the homepage, just wondering why it wasn’t posted..
    that’s all! keep up the great work! :)

  149. Guess who’s going to go see BJ Novak at Appalachian State?

    It’s me.

    and yes, I was first in line. I’m so excited!!

  150. BJ Novak was at Butler University thursday nov. 6 not IUPUI. I went to see his stand up. He was pretty good plus I got a picture with him.

  151. It says in the spoiler section that the first new episode will be Jan 8th. Why is it not on the calendar?

  152. Oscar Nunez will be a celebrity guest contestant at the Upright Citizens Brigade this Saturday, February 7, 10pm on You Bet Your Life with Jimmy Pardo.


  153. I can’t believe there was a time when Office Tally didn’t exist! Happy Birthday! And thanks Tanster for keeping this fansite so up to date and dawesome!

  154. Did you get the cake and balloons I sent over? :) Happy Birthday OT! What would we do without you?

  155. Tanster – I heard that John will be on Good Morning America Monday, June 1st!

  156. Tanster- Ed is set to be on Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday.

    [from tanster: thanks!]

  157. Oscar Nuñez is also performing Wednesday with Angela at the IO. They updated their website.

    [from tanster: thanks ileana!]

  158. I just realized that Jenna Fischer’s birthday is a day before mine! I don’t know why I’m bringing this up now, but I find it to be very interesting.

  159. I can’t wait for Saturday! I’ve been waiting 6 years for The Office to come to Michigan.

  160. Hi Tanster.

    I can’t see where to subscribe for the calendar, can you please point me in the right direction?

    Thanks :)

  161. Calendar is acting funky so I don’t know if you put this up or not but John’s going to be on “The View” tomorrow, Friday the 6th.

  162. I can’t see the calendar. Is that just me, or are others having the same issue? Trying to find out where Brian, Kate, John, and Craig will be live this weekend and when. :P Anyone know?

  163. Hi tanster, just wanted to let you know according to the late night tv page, Ed Helms is scheduled to be on Ellen’s show this coming Thursday, 3/11.

  164. Steve Carell’s also going to appear on Oprah Tuesday 4/6 & the Today Show Wednesday 4/7.

  165. Maybe this is posted somewhere else (sorry if it is!) but BJ Novak is hosting the Webby Awards on June 14 – it will be broadcast on Youtube

  166. Angela Kinsey will be on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson Wednesday May 12

  167. I’m so glad Kate Flannery is finally coming to Philadelphia!

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