The Office: Call of Duty

In The Office episode China, Dwight sets up “Dwight’s Caffeine Corner” in the lobby. Later in the episode, Oscar and Michael debate about China there.

The Office: Call of Duty

The Office: Call of Duty

Tallyhead Jayson noticed a “Call of Duty” game box behind the counter.
A callback to Season 3’s The Coup?


  1. We saw that too! And it’s the PC version :) Maybe Jim is letting the guards play it in between their barista duties, since he is busy playing Zombie Soccer now.

  2. (@tanster: I believe it is the Call Of Duty expansion pack, Untied Offensive. That’s what the tiny bit of cover you can see looks like to me)

  3. I think the box on the right is also Call of Duty.

    If you google Call Of Duty United Offensive and compare it with the picture above, you can sort of make out the bazooka on the box.

  4. Eagle eyes! I never notice these itty bitty details, so I’m glad I can count on other Tallyheads!

  5. I believe there was also a call of duty box on Jim’s desk or dresser in his bedroom in Email Surveillance.

  6. nope, the box on the right is rated t for teen. all call of duty pc games are rated m for mature

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