The Office: The Coup, 3.03

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the office the coup hug it out

Writer: Paul Lieberstein, Director: Greg Daniels

Summary (NBC): After Jan busts Michael’s “movie Monday,” an upset Angela pushes Dwight into making a play for Michael’s job. Pam internet shops and has a fashion show at lunch.

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Michael: The only cure I know for the Monday blues is “Varsity Blues.”

Pam: Movie Monday started with training videos. But we went through those pretty fast. Then we watched a medical video. Since then, it’s been half-hour installments of various movies, with the exception of an episode of Entourage, which Michael made us watch six times.

Michael: Entouraaaaaaage!

Angela: I don’t approve of Movie Monday. I don’t.

Michael: Hi Jan! Hope you brought the Milk Duds!

Jan: How would a movie increase productivity, Michael? How on earth would it do that?
Michael: People work faster after.
Jan: Magically.
Michael: No, they have to, to make up for the time they lost, watching the movie.
Jan: No.

Dwight: Ever since Michael dumped Jan for Carol, Jan’s been bitching out on him. Reject a woman, and she will never let it go. One of the many defects of their kind. Also, weak arms.

Angela: Fine! Sit back and do nothing and let us all get fired!

Angela: I know that patience and loyalty are good and virtuous traits. But sometimes I just think you need to grow a pair.

Jim: At the Stamford branch, they all play this World War II video game called Call of Duty, and they’re all really into it. I’m told it started as a team building exercise. Unfortunately I really suck at it. We didn’t play many video games in Scranton. Instead, we’d do stuff like uh, Pam and I would sometimes hum the same high-pitched note, and try to get Dwight to make an appointment with an ear doctor. And uh, Pam called it Pretendinitis.

Kelly: Fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch!

Jim: Wait, are we playing teams?

Jan: You should talk to Michael, and he’ll talk to me, and that way, we don’t have to speak to each other.

Jan: It’s not about a surprise party, is it?
Dwight: No, but we should discuss that another time.

Dwight: There is a Liz Claiborne outlet. I know you like that store. Go inside and shop until I can meet you.
Jan: How do you know I like that store?
Dwight: Many of your blouses are Claibornes.
Jan: How do you know that?
Dwight: It’s part of my job.
Jan: No, it’s not. It’s officially not.
Dwight: Noted.

Dwight: I’m going to the dentist.
Michael: Okay.
Dwight: I have to have an emergency crown put in.
Michael: Ouchy.
Dwight: Yes. It’s a new dentist, he’s far, I might be gone … three hours.
Michael: Three hours, wow. Have fun.

Dwight: Didja get anything good?
Jan: Yeah.
Dwight: New blouse? Halter top? Camisole? Teddy?

Dwight: I could save the branch.
Jan: Really.
Dwight: If you let me run it.
Jan: Okay.
Dwight: Okay I can run it?

Dwight: So … here we are. It’s all on the table.

Dwight: Oh, by the way, there’s a new Ann Taylor outlet store near here. I know you like their earrings.
Jan (thinks for a minute): Where is it?

Michael: What? You were at the dentist?

Michael: What was Dwight thinking? That he could turn Jan against me? She’s my ex-lover … ish.

: Isn’t that like your third soda today?

Andy: The saboteur! Saboteur. I’m going to kill you for real. This game, the game is over. I’m really going to shoot you.

Michael: Hey Dwight. Want an M&M?

Michael: What’s his name?
Dwight: Crentist.
Michael: Your dentist’s name is Crentist.

Michael: I’m glad you’re okay.

Michael: Business is like a jungle. And I am like a tiger. And Dwight is like a monkey, that stabs the tiger in the back with a stick. Does the tiger fire the monkey? Does the tiger transfer the monkey to another branch. (Smiles) Pun. There is no way of knowing what goes on inside the tiger’s head. We don’t have the technology.

Dwight: Well, gosh … if you think I should, then I will.

Dwight: I can’t imagine this place without you.
Michael: Can’t you. That’s so nice.

Dwight: When I’m ready, Mike. Okay, let’s do it!

Michael: You might think that I am kidding, and I understand that.

Angela: Congratulations, Dwight.
Dwight: Thank you, Angela.

Dwight: I just want to say, to the few of you who will remain under my employ, that I intend to lead you into the black with ferocity.

Pam: I have this little vacuum cleaner that’s broken. If Dwight doesn’t work out, maybe that could be manager.

Phyllis: Maybe I’ll quit.

Angela: We can make a difference here.
Dwight: I will make a difference here.
Angela: You alone? Cause I thought together, we were …
Dwight: Oh please, don’t be naive. You can be in charge of the women.

Karen: Look how cute he is. He’s trying to shoot with a smoke grenade.

Jim: Wow. Psych-o-path.

Pam: What?
Creed: I’m just looking.
Pam: Please go back to your desk.
Creed: In a minute.

Pam: Well I remember why I dress the way I do at work. But I’m going to keep the clothes. I mean, it’ll just be cool to have some after-work clothes that aren’t pajamas.

Dwight: I’m thinking about getting something German, something with decent gas mileage. Plus the convertible is a ridiculous choice for this climate.
Michael: Take it back.
Dwight: No.
Michael: That’s my car. THAT’S MY CAR!

Michael: I have a laundry machine.

Michael: Get up. And you can hug it out, bitch.

Michael: Hug it out, bitch. That is what men say to each other after a fight. They hug it out, and in doing so, they just let it go. And walk away when they’re done. Not a good idea to say that to a woman, however, I have found. Doesn’t translate.

Michael: Yup, yup, we hugged it out. But, it turns out I was still a little angry. So I felt I needed to punish him just a little bit more, and I’m making him do my laundry for a year.

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  1. WOW!

    Awkward silences…cringe-inducing moments, and a new love interest for/in Jim.

    GREAT Episode.

  2. Haha, this was a good one. I enjoyed it. And Jim’s new crush? Jim+What’s-her-face? Things are getting good…ahh, I’m so glad The Office is back.

  3. Really liked the episode.
    1) Liked dwight eating the waffles
    2) Liked Michael and Dwight with the M&M’s
    3) Liked the whole Stamford plotline

    Nice, tight episode, and i laughed the whole time Michael was faking it with Dwight.

  4. Except for the lack of Jim/Pam moments…fantastic ep.

    Why can’t my job have video-game playing as an essential feature of it?

  5. man ths was probably the best episode out of the 3rd season. Was kinda hoping there would be more of the comical pam and jim would go back to the scranton branch. I couldnt stop laughing when i saw Dwight on the table with a “liar” sign on. Good show.

  6. That was INTENSE. Jim and Karen?? Pam and Roy?? Dwight and Angela?? Jim and remembering Pam?? Dwight and Michael??

    Oh man, that was excellent. I can see why the Stamford branch might not last… all they do is play video games.

  7. Ok, triple-post, but

    Creed gets usually about one line per episode, and its consistently the best. Kudos to the writers, who have never once made him stale.

  8. It started a little slow for me, but after the first commercial break it was pure gold.

  9. I really thought Michael was going to have Dwight transferred to Stamford, which would have been great because then he and Jim could spar with each other again.

    It’s nice to see that the Stamford branch is just as incompetent as Scranton.

    Once again, Creed gets to steal a scene! Hilarious!

    Very solid episode.

  10. Who is cute? Plllleeeassseee…isn’t it time for the yearly Dundie awards by now? Disliked this episode the most of season 3, possibly the most of the series, but that could just be because Dwight is my least favorite character and there was a lot of him tonight. I’m glad to see they are starting to de-frump Pam a little. Creed’s getting her to put her sweater back on was good. Hopefully next week it will get better. No need for Jim to find a new interest so soon.

  11. what was the comment dwight made earlier in the show? about women and weak arms? i laughed so hard, but i can’t remember the whole quote.

  12. I don’t think it was so much of a Jim having a thing for Karen, but the other way around. She was giving him The Office Look pretty bad there at the end.

    Can’t wait for the deleted scenes.

  13. I liked it… Liked Varsity
    Blues as the movie choice…
    Angela as Yoko, Creepy Creed
    and when Jim tossed an imaginary
    grenade… favorite line “I have
    a laundry machine!!”

  14. I thought it was o.k. When I first read the episode synopsis, that Dwight was going to try to take over the branch, I thought it was ridiculous because he’s a sidekick, not a leader. But I thought the way they did it made sense, with him being prodded by his Lady Macbeth. Still, I thought the whole plotline just didn’t work out that well. My favorite moment was probably Creed’s “just watching” line, and I like the developing relationship between Jim & the Stamford girl, mainly because it reminds me of the interaction between Jim & Pam, which I really miss.

  15. Andy will be funny…in Scranton. Karen not growing on me. Though I can picture her with Ryan.

  16. I agree w/u there Chrissie, she’ll probably end up w/Ryan if this thing w/Kelly doesn’t work out…

  17. did anyone else think dwight looked like he was hanging right at the end there? ugh, creeped me out…

    clearly it’s rashida’s character who has a thing for jim… this will be fun.

    loved the suspenseful dwight/michael drama tonight!

  18. I really enjoyed the episode because their weren’t any forced laughter moments. Hard to explain, but the plot itself and intensity/seriousness the characters had throughout made things funny. Jim and Karen seems nice…

  19. “really dwight, what was his name?”…………………………….

    Oh wow what and episode. I loved how they kept building up michael catching dwight. and then dwight sticking his ass up while begging for his job was funny as shit. You can really tell Jim can’t relate to the stamford branch. but they still try to build up the romance between the stamford branch girl and Jim.

  20. These comments are so funny…the men seem to move on to the latest hot chick and like Jim and Karen together whereas the women know it’s not over and yearn for the Jam thing. Jim back to Pam already. A phone call, an e mail, a text message, something. They were best friends after all. Oh well, if he moved on from ham and cheese I suppose he’ll move on from Pam. But I hope not.

  21. This episode was HI-larious!!!!! I LOVED how Michael kept that whole thing going with Dwight.

    Highlights for me:
    -Michael stuffing the popcorn bag in Ryan’s face.
    -Michael saying “Entouraaage”
    -Pam’s new outfit (and “bonding” with Kelly)
    -The conference Josh had with Andy and Jim.
    -Pam: “I have this little vacuum cleaner that’s broke..if Dwight doesn’t work out, maybe that can be manager.”

    Great episode, can’t wait for next week! Oh and one more thing..hug it out, bitch!

  22. Much better than last weeks episodes. Three minor things:
    1.I am beginning to love Creed
    2. Angela looks gorgeous than previous season
    3. Leslie looks like he lost weight.

  23. Here’s a man who doesn’t like Jim/Karen. It’s not gonna happen.

    Great episode. Best of season 3, hands down.

  24. rashida = excellent addition. going on pure funnyness, this has got to be top 10 easily.

  25. Maybe I need to watch it again because people were talking through it but I wasn’t impressed :C

  26. 1. Did i miss something somewhere? How do we know this Stanford girl’s name is Karen? Have they said it on the show or are we just going by press releases? If it’s the latter, that’s just careless.
    2. I really like seeing the other side of Josh (Scranton boss) and seeing that he isn’t the model professional all the time.
    4. Andy is a fantastic character.
    3. Do the people commenting know that “hug it out, bitch” is from Entourage? I really hope so…

  27. Now that’s funny! I’ve never seen Entourage.

    How do we know her name is Karen…that’s a good question.

  28. uch ugh uch ugh uch ugh uch ugh.
    i like jim and karen. ugh.
    i wish i didnt.
    but i do.

  29. Was it just me, or did they switch the episode order? I had “The Initiation” as this week’s episode in my head now, and I think thats why we’re off on the Jim/Pam stuff.

  30. Loved the epi. Not my favorite, but it was still pretty good. Karen (gosh I miss it when she was Stamford branch Employee) is going to make me RIP MY HAIR OUT! Okay, so I’m not liking this at all. Jim and Pam forever.

  31. This is what I’ve been waiting for! Season 3, honestly, was looking a little bleak. This episode was nothing less than amazing though.

    The episode showed how Josh and Michael are really alike. Michael will have a movie time, and Josh will have game time. I love how Jim didn’t know how to play the game, it made it that more funnier.

    I’m not sure if staying away from the season 3 post was what made it funnier or if it just infact was a funnier episode, but seriously, this episode is Top 5 for sure.

  32. Josh holding an emergency business meeting to discuss…video game strategy? I sense a merger coming…

  33. Paul, you are very observant. Carly we’ll start a support group for you.

    Stamford is in CT. Stanford isn’t. And that’s all she wrote.

  34. Well, Jim did mention his memories of the old office, and they all involved Pam. And at the same time, this new thing with Karen definitely somehow affects Jim and Pam.

    Best line of the entire episode:

    “Where is it?”

  35. I loved Rashida’s talking head and Ed Helms telling Jim that he’s going to shoot him for real. I recorded the episode and I could not stop rewinding that part. His character Andy is frickin awesome!

    HAHA, michael and dwight… I like died watching their scenes.

  36. When Dwight started crying and begging like a piece of crap, Angela gave him this look which didn’t look so much like pity but more like disgust for his behavior. Not to mention the way Michael looked and sounded after he found out about Dwight’s request to Jan. The whole thing was freaking hysterical.

  37. Haha, I loved when Jim called Karen a psychopath to the camera. And Steve was great in this episode.

  38. There were some funny moments, but overall didn’t really like it. It felt flat and contrived compared to other episodes. Michael, as always, was the best. The whole tiger/monkey monologue was hilarious. Creed was creepy, as usual. Stamford was simply annoying. Andy was screaming like a howler monkey and that weird Karen woman has taken all of two weeks to apparently develop a huge crush. She is definitely a psycho. Poor Jim, wow. Poor Pam, too. I think this episode was too cartoonish and lacking in the warmth and humanity that makes you feel for these characters. I’d rather see people interacting than have ten minutes of a video game commercial.

  39. I dunno, at first I thought “Where’s my funny, over the top, JAM Office?” I miss the Jim and Pam interaction.

    Now that I’ve mulled the episode over, there was a lot of character development in this episode. I like how Michael took control of Dwight undermining him and he (Michael) didn’t act like such an idiot. He used his brains. Dwight on the floor with his hind end in the air was the funniest part. And Creed! He stole the show. Pam is starting to come out of her shell a little bit with the “sexy” blouse. And Roy walking through the breakroom and seeing Pam was quite cringeworthy.

    I thought it was interesting that when Angela said “We will make changes in this office” Dwight said “No *I* will make changes”. The betrayal! She set him up to do “the coup” then he got all power hungry.

  40. haha thanks, chrissy.
    but its just that i was SO into jam.. and now this episode was the first episode that someone who has never seen an episode of the office could watch and never know that jim liked pam or vice-versa, and it almost made me forget that they had such an.. i dont know the word for it..unlike regular television kind of relationship. (I dont know if that sentace made any sense). JAM made the show what it is, and now i cant see any chemistry. so im upset.
    but i guess as long as jim is on, im ok.

    actually, im just excited to see karen and pam meet.. that’ll be fun.

  41. Did everyone see the deleted scenes from last weeks? I thought I saw all of ’em, but there were more when I checked it out earlier today, something like 5 more min.

    Anyways, Jan strongly hinted that she wanted to “have a drink” with Josh. Was it because she was missing Michael?

    Awesomeness abounds.

  42. Loved it, loved it, loved it. I have to hand it to Rashida, she really made me like her today. Jim throwing the grenade at her in the end was very cute.

  43. Here’s the thing…it’s too realistic…Pam shot Jim down twice (though where it was in the matter of a few minutes I think we can count it as just once) and he clearly was the impetus for her breaking her engagement. So Jim did the mature thing and left the situation. Pam for the first time is coming into her own. So we want them both to be happy. But I don’t want him happy with someone else!! It’s television…fantasy…why do we have to be realistic!! But her flirting with Jim will bring his confidence back up. Anyway…I’m still trying to find the episode as funny as everyone else did. Perhaps on iTunes tomorrow.

  44. Oh poor Dwight!

    But hilarious episode. And now I’m even more torn between the Roy-Pam-Jim-Karen-(Toby?) thing. Karen’s pretty likeable and Roy is becoming likeable…

  45. That was possibly the best episode of the Office so far. I laughed so flippin’ hard. Michael just seemed so pyscho for a bit there. The spit coming out of Dwights mouth was great. Oh fabulous.

  46. WOW, best episode of season 3!! so many good parts i can’t even list them. i think i’m liking rashida, i think she’ll be good. and andy (ed) is probably the greatest addition ever. gotta point out michael’s looks to both the camera and dwight. amazing acting.

  47. Yes, a new girl crushing over Jim! I can’t describe how pleased I am when I see people get swoony around him.

    The episode was hilarious! I was cringing during the entire Dwight/Michael scene. And then Angela getting emotional at watching Dwight gravel? Guh, it was painful yet hilarious to watch.

    By the way, I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy (Don’t worry I’ll turn this back to the Office) and Abigail Breslin a.k.a. Little Miss Sunshine, which costars Steve Carell, star of the Office, (Told you I’d turn it around) is on it.

  48. I don’t know. It was good, but the whole Jim/Karen thing was cute but I felt bad for thinking it was cute — as if I was cheating on Pam or something.

    Jim can’t get back to Scranton soon enough — the show still feels unbalanced with having him away.

  49. Hey Chrissie, the thing is look at the long run, remember Karen is a guest not a full time actor, meaning it just won’t last.

  50. i cant believe i missed an episode…any ideas where i can watch in its entirerity (sp?)??


    That’s right I’m shouting! Loved it! This episode might have been a 9 as a stand-alone thing, but circumstances push it to a 10. Aside from Jim’s talking head about no games in Scranton, there wasn’t so much as a hint of Jim/Pam now or in the past, and it WORKED. That’s freaking huge.

    We also saw incredible character depth in Dwight, Michael, the entire Stamford branch… holy crap. A lot went on. Steve Carell with his best acting performance of the series. He didn’t ham it up for the documentarians at all. Owned it.

    Creed was over the top this episode. Too much, and not funny. Possibly the only thing that fell flat for me.

  52. i hated this episode! it had that same weird feeling to it like “gay witch hunt”. this episode felt like it was an hour long.

    how could anyone like the jim/karen thing?pam is trying to figure things out. she’s moving foward, on her own. she needs to work on herself before she can be with jim. you can’t fault her for that.

    was there something wrong with dwight’s hair tonight? ir didn’t look as dorky as usual?

  53. So, Jenna said that Jim and Pam issues would start bubbling up in the third episode. What was she talking about? Does anyone have any ideas?

  54. Great episode!

    Is anyone else getting sick of seeing so much of Jan? For someone who works two and a half hours away, she certainly seems to make it down to Scranton quite a bit.

  55. Thank you for that rpks08. Guest starring. The Mets are currently guest starring in the playoffs and are beating the Dodgers. If my beloved Sox can’t be in the playoffs, then the West Coast Red Sox need to. Mets/Dodgers, Jim/Pam…when does it end.

  56. I really did like this episode, but I just can’t handle too much more of the Office without Jim. It’s just not the same. Not only because of the Jim/Pam dynamic, but also I really miss Jim and Dwight messing with each other. It’s just not as funny to me and I really miss those little sweet moments between Jim and Pam. Although, the best talking head by far for this episode was when Karen says, “Call of Duty!” Bring Jim back!!

  57. Well if there was any mystery still surrounding why Dunder-Mifflin is a “failing paper supply company” I think tonight’s episode cleared it up, between movie monday and a branch thats obsessed with a video game its a wonder that they ever sell any paper at all.

  58. Patience is a virtue guys…. but I do agree it’s not the same with Jim at Scranton.

  59. I think Adam’s right…I remember BJ saying The Initiation episode was next; they showed scenes for that on Leno earlier this week. What happened?

  60. Lol this was a very nice episode. It was really upbeat and fun.
    Fav. Moments:
    *Jan giving into the Anne Taylor’s comment.
    *The video game thing was so real, with the feeling that everyone’s speaking a completely different langauge from you. Plus Jim being stuck in the corner while what’s-her-face laughed at his pathetic-ness was cute.
    *Dwight and Michael huggin’ it out.

    Not a laugh out loud episode, but one that’ll put a smile on your face.

  61. Loved it :-) The funniest thing for me was the video games… I play one called Raven Shield at my job over lunch break… along with my boss and up to 6 or 7 other coworkers. Good times. I can sympathize with Jim… I used to be the newbie.

  62. Great episode. Probably the best of the season, but I laughed harder at Gay Witch Hunt. I wish that Dwight being fake manager of the branch could have lasted a few more episodes…that seemed to come to an end awfully quickly and there were some comedic possibilities left unexplored as a result. Never question the Sebring, I guess. It was unusually smart for Michael to put Dwight in that position, almost to the point where it was out of character, but I guess Michael’s kind of an idiot savant and, if there’s one thing he knows how to do better than anyone (except maybe Jim), it’s putting Dwight in his place.

    I just wonder how this will affect Angela and Dwight’s relationship now that she’s seen what a big pussy he is.

  63. By the way, for being the “fifth man” in all of The Office promotional photos and materials, Ryan sure doesn’t get any screen time, does he? I think Angela’s got more than he has this year.

  64. i miss jim and pam together!!! but this episode was amazing…i almost feel bad for dwight…almost

  65. First of all, it was definitely very funny, and much more of a “normal” (if that exists) episode of the Office.

    Ever since hearing the premise of this one, I knew there was going to be some awesome grovelling at the end on the part of Dwight. They definitely delivered.

    It’s funny to see Angela disappointed in Dwight. Could be evidence of their first rough spot.

    Creed had his funny moment. Wasn’t as classic as introducing himself to Meredith, but still funny.

    Anyone else think that Dwight is somewhat stalker-ish with Jan?

    I agree that Kevin is way under-used this season, hopefully we’ll see more of his twisted humor soon.

    The Initiation next week should be awesome!

  66. I could have used some more Kevin. That guy has grown on me since re-watching Season 2. Niiiiiice.

  67. Creed is becoming my favorite character of this season! So weird…on so many levels…but hilarious.

    “Just looking.”

  68. I’m really going to have to watch this one again before I can possibly formulate a meaningful response to it, but off the top of my head…

    * I like the Karen-Jim dynamic, Pam can keep right on finding herself if she wants

    * If this show ever runs its course, Rainn Wilson should get his own show based on tonight alone

    * Carell is so great, he should just be bronzed and placed atop the Washington Monument as an inspiration to all. I’m sure he wont’ mind

    * Creed was creepy tonight, and not creepy-funny. Just creepy.

  69. WOW!!!!! LOL! I have never seen Steve Carrell that serious. Talk about creepy. The whole situation was just strange. Dwight crying, Michael trying to get him to confess, etc. It was very scary! LOL!

    This season is deff different than the other two. People are starting to separate and the cameras are starting to focus on invidual people per episode rather than the whole group. Deff nothing about Jim and Pam yet… this is a big tease for everyone I am sure.

    Very interesting season!

  70. Sooooo…I’m completely over Pam and Jim. I’m inpatient and I hate that my concern for their relationship was taking over my enjoyment of watching the show. I was SOO into it and now I just don’t care. I think Jim is a great guy, he’s my favorite character. I like Pam too, but she’s taking too long to make her move. Jim needs to move on, and the new chick is Mrs. Right now haha. Also, it was good to see Michael make an intelligent move tonight…I like it when he’s smart sometimes :) Anyone miss Oscar?

  71. Pretty boring episode, not much happened here. You could cut this episode out of the season, and I bet it wouldn’t ever make a difference. I don’t really like Dwight’s character very much when he doesn’t interact with Jim. Otherwise, the humor is completely gone.

  72. good episode though not the best yet. i still like the convention a lot. however some of my favorite point of the show were:

    -kelly getting all excited on the phone and calling roy out in the breakroom. (“isn’t that, like, your third soda?”)
    -the karen and jim interaction. that last little grenade thing was cute.
    -jan’s love for liz claiborne and ann taylor.
    -michael being sly. even though it freaked me out A LOT, steve carrell was brilliant.

  73. We saw a whole new side of Michael in this episode. He was smart about the whole “being overthrown” issue, but still remained true to character. (Hug it out!) Dwight is still power hungry, and I worry for Dwangela. And I have to say I’m one of those girls who thinks Karen and Jim are pretty cute together. Oh, and “pretendonitis?” Brilliant.

  74. Karen from the office in Stamford is way hotter than pam, she is kind of cool too. Jim should definatly forget about Pam and hook up with the new chick

  75. What about Dwight cutting his pancakes without looking?? Too funny….

    I’m glad Jim is getting with Karen, so he can dump her like he did Katie in Season 2
    And run back to Pam

    I’m sure there will be lots of Ryan in The Initiation

  76. “Karen from the office in Stamford is way hotter than pam”

    Get out. Now.

    I liked this episode, its the first time I’ve ever felt sorry for Dwight.

  77. I am so glad there was no Pam/Jim stuff this episode! I loved it. Dwight knowing where all of Jan’s clothes come from was creepy and priceless. I wish I watched Entourage because I had a feeling I was missing out on a lot of references. Andy was hilarious yet again, “I’m really going to kill you.” And Karen was kinda cute. It’s about time Jim has someone who’s crushin on him!

  78. I loved it!! The whole jim thing remembering pam was cute. the roy and pam thing…ick and creed, well i love him no matter what. I said no matter whatlol But Michael was the pure highlight. He rocked the show. not only will i be saying thats what she said, but hug it out bitch is now my anthem. Will be fun to watch dwight and angelas fling come undone in the office…oh yeah.

  79. I liked the Jim/Karen thing, but I’m still die hard JAM. I hope its more like a Katy thing.
    The office needs to be an hour long, theyre too short!

  80. I love Creed soooo much.

    Where is Kevin?

    “Which one is Pam?” Give me Karen.

  81. Haha, did you guys see the in-game names of Andy and Karen? Andy was “Here Comes Treble” and Karen was “KarentheJimSlayer”.

  82. Yeah, Ryan’s a pretty boring character. Worst on the show in my opinion. Everyone else has a “schtick”. Ryan’s “I hate this job” thing is little boring.

  83. Wow! Dwight lying to Michael and Michael in turn giving Dwight the business–all in one episode!! It WAS painful to watch Dwight grovel in front of Michael. My wife and I lost it when Dwight stuck his butt way up in the air.

    Looks like Jim might have an office romance on his hands–whether he wants one or not. We’ll have to see if this show follows the pattern of the BBC version.

    What’s with Kevin not grabbing the popcorn when Pam brought it in? I thought he’d be all over that.

    Finally, I thought the Stamford branch had it all together, but after tonight’s episode, I think ALL of Dunder-Mifflin is just nuts!!!!

  84. Okay – I did really like this one. Loved the smart way that Michael dealt with the situation, which was kinda un-Michael-like but pleasantly unexpected. I love Jim and I miss him. He doesn’t get enough screen time with the set up this way and I HATE THAT. I DID think the whole video game thing was kinda hilarious and now gives me more reason to see how there is no way that branch is going to survive. Andy saying he was going to shoot Jim for real was hilarious.

    Sadly, I did sorta enjoy the Jim/Karen thing because I am getting so sick of Pam not even trying to contact him. Annoying. Does she have absolutely no self-awareness of her own thoughts and feelings? I don’t get it. Especially after recent interviews with Jenna have led us to believe that Pam is really missing Jim and Jenna is feeling the effects of it and she doesn’t like it. I mean come on, can’t the writers just throw us a teeny weeny JAM bone?

    But it does make me wonder if something is up with the episodes being switched around – if there are minor re-shoots in the works for some of these episodes. I say that because I am almost dead certain that initially we heard that Initiation was going to be aired prior to The Coup and for certain, Grief Counseling was going to be after that. Now that they are switching things around I am wondering if they have realized that they lost viewers last week and that JAM has to be moved along a little quicker. I could be dead wrong about that but it seems awfully odd to be switching things around like this. AND Jenna defintely said that Jim and Pam’s issues would be bubbling up in episode 3. I can’t see anything tonight that could have been construed in that manner do you?

  85. Karen’s kind of cute. Don’t get me wrong, I love Pam and definitely love Jim/Pam, but I think Jim and Karen is a nice distraction. I have this feeling that they’re going to play it as Karen being the “Jim” in this office situation. Long looks, secret crushing, all that – while Jim is more or less oblivious and just friendly.

    Michael was just brilliant and awesome. Bravo.

    And also, don’t hate on Ryan. He’s had some of the best reaction talking head shots in the series. The Kelly hookup and the Dwangela cookie ‘hook-up’.

  86. “Hug it out, bitch.” is now one of my favorite Office lines ever. hahaha Just the way that Steve delivered the line was amazing.

    Overall, an amazing episode, in my opinion.

  87. the scenes with dwight and jan were bizarre and wonderful. i’m happy that the writers aren’t dwelling on JAM (as much as i love it). there’s so much other great material that they can’t fit it in 30 minutes as it is.

    best deleted scenes ever! creed is right, beautiful countries, both of them.

  88. Again some great stuff in the deleted scenes. The deleted Creed bit was much funnier than his looking at Pam. Stanley saying he’s on the phone when he clearly isn’t. Pam had some great moments as well.

  89. I think the show juggaling is just a way to mess with us. I think the order was already set and they just wanted to sorta throw us off a little on what to expect which week. Plus i remember in a season 2 commentary they said not all shows run in order from which there shot. so everything is subject to change i guess.

  90. Basically, this episode = too cool for school.

    I feel a connection w/ Jim….i suck at Call of Duty, too. Woo!

    Karen and Jim = good thing for JAM in the long run. Pam has to have some competition. She has to fight for her man. And the Karen and Jim moments were adorable :)

    Deleted scene observation/question: when Jan was at the Stamford branch and she killed Jim’s character on Call of Duty (which i thought was really cute) why hadn’t she got on to Josh about playing the game? I guess it’s ok for them to be messing around during breaks instead of Michael taking time for movie Monday. But it’s not like they watched the whole movie, according to Kevin’s recap. I don’t know, is she just playing favorites? Or maybe she just doesn’t know how much they play Call of Duty. Nevermind then ^^;;

  91. oh man, what happens if dwangela breaks up? will all those complaints against dwight suddenly be un-redacted?

    OfficeAddict, regarding the jan thing, somewhere in an interview, one of the actors (i think it was melora) said that jan is going to be micromanaging michael because he chose carol over her. so she’s looking for reasons to breathe down his neck, and michael’s not disappointing :p

    i want to see michael interact with the stamford employees. how do you think he would react to andy, karen, and the “crazy” blonde? what do you think the chances are of having a manager-swap day?

    andy vs dwight showdown: who would win?

  92. I never thought I would admit this… but Roy seemed really sweet in this episode. Just from that moment of interaction he and Pam had in the breakroom… you can totally tell he is so in love with her.

  93. I am with you PC, Toby does a really good job with his episodes. Another classic episode.

  94. I guess I just see Karen as a little crazy. She could be a “Jim” in a sorta scary way, you know, shows how much she cares by blowing you up in a video game. O-K. Jim may have been throwing that sweet little grenade in more of wish-I-had-a-real-grenade-to-get-rid-of-you way. Just bring Jim back to Scranton, and dump that annoying Stamford bunch.

  95. Jim has played Call of Duty before. On E-mail Surveillance when Jim and Pam are in his room, next to Jims computer is Call of Duty.

  96. Yesterday my home was forclosed by the bank and my wife left me, but The Coup episode made my day.

    Awesome episode! Incredible acting between Michael and Dwight. It was incredible to see the transformation of their eyes. I never seen that look on either one of them.

    My favorite part when Don Michael Scott has Dwight begging for his life on his knees.

    Forget the Jim/Pam thing. The new chick looks niiiice. Writers are doing a fantastic job on these episodes.

  97. When Jim said “Psych-o-path” about Karen, it felt a little bit too much like when, in “Michael’s Birthday” he (lovingly) said to Pam “Such a dork.”

    Just an observation.

  98. Lots of good stuff about this episode. I fear I may ramble so forgive me.

    This episode reminds me more of the first season, before the focus had shifted to Jam. It was a great Michael episode, he wasn’t as cartoonish and controversial like he was on the first two season three episodes. I was starting to worry that they were making him too silly. Once in a while we all wonder, how in the hell did this guy end up in management? This show offered a glimpse- he can be sly when he wants to be!

    Its actually really nice to be free of all that Jam-induced tension…isn’t it??? I loved the Jim/Karen interaction this episode. I like where they’re going with Pam too- she seems like she is quietly trying to find herself. Jim and Pam will end up together eventually- it’s inevitable. But honestly I’m in no hurry.

    Oh! And Dwight!!! Sooo freaking funny. Is it just me or did the whole thing have almost a Jedi going to the Dark Side feel to it? hahahahahaha. Awesome. I loved the Stamford branch stuff- the new characters are really funny and I can’t wait to see how the impending merger unfolds.

    Hug it out, bitches.

  99. A lot of people are complaining because of Jim “moving on” and the lack of JAM moments, but I think Jim’s talking head about playing games in Scranton (all of which revolved around Pam) said more than any smoke granade.

  100. I loved the one!!!
    I was wondering how the stanford branch has to go to the srcanton branch. You would think that michael would be the one demoted. BUT, if the stanford branch is playing call of duty all day. Jan will bust them! move them to scranton. Just my 2 cents

  101. RE: Office Addict’s “Deleted scene observation/question: when Jan was at the Stamford branch and she killed Jim’s character on Call of Duty …..”

    From the deleted scenes I got a creepy feeling that Jan is trying to hit on Josh. Both in the scene from The Convention when she invites him to her room and in the Coup when she clearly plays favorites and doesn’t call them out for playing video games during work.

    What do you think?

  102. false. jan walked in on the stamford branch playing call of duty in the deleted scenes on nbc. she wasn’t mad.

  103. Maybe the Jan/Josh thing was an alternate storyline that they decided to scratch, thus it being in the last two weeks’ deleted scenes.

    I just stopped caring a long time ago.

  104. “You should talk to Michael, and he’ll talk to me, and that way, we don’t have to speak to each other”

  105. In the commentaries on Sexual Harassment, someone said, “Look at Jim, he’s so cute, he has chemistry with a blow up doll” (or something to that effect. That’s how I feel about Jim & Karen. He could be flirting with a rock, and I would still get all giddy watching it.

  106. So far i’m loving the season; however, I would like to see slightly less time and concentration on Dwight and Michael, and bring in a little more of the peripheral characters…where are Darryl and the other warehouse guys?!? I haven’t seen them once and they always prove entertaining!

  107. Did anyone watch the 2-min replay for this one? I thought NBC did a really good job. The way they set up with scene with the dramatic music made me appreciate the episode much more.

  108. I wish we could see more of the secondary characters, too. I know they’re now considered to be regulars and are listed in the opening credits, are they not? I thought there was some mention of that over the summer. I feel like we saw more of them last season than we are now. Kevin, especially, is underutilized. And Phyllis…and definitely Stanley. All of them.

  109. I like the episodes where you see the smarter side of Michael. A lot of the time I find myself wondering “how is this guy a regional manager of anything”. But in episodes like this, last week’s, and “the client” you realize what he has to offer. IMO, it seems like they are setting him up as the better regional manager(as opposed to Josh).

    I am not opposed to the Jim/Karen relationship/flirtation. I agree with everyone who is saying that Pam really needs to find herself. She just upheaved her whole life- it wouldn’t be a good idea for her to get into something serious right away- nor would it be believable that it would last. I applaud the writers for showing her growing, I love how she is going to art classes and changing her look. I don’t want to see Jim and Pam together yet- Im eager to see how she does alone for a while. They will definitely end up together at the end- I’m good with waiting.

    As for Michael and Dwight- the whole scene in Michael’s office had me laughing out loud so hard- I have to say that this is the only show on TV that makes me actually laugh out loud. When Dwight was on the floor with his rear in the air, and sat up with the drool coming out of his mouth, I ROLLED! The whole episode was just so funny. I look forward to more quality, hilarious episodes like this.

  110. A great show!!!It was really funny the way Michael played Dwight along and he thought he was the “boss” and didn’t Angela just love it when Dwight put her in charge of the “women”!! Then Phyllis said she might quit. Just too funnnny! Then the game that they were playing, they were really in to this game. I really thought it was funny when they called Jim into the room and was showing him what to do with the game. I had the feeling this game was more important then any “work” that they did. I loved the way they were into this game. I wonder when Kelly is having her baby? They are still hiding her belly. It was funny when Jan called Michael and told him what Dwight was up to. What a great show!!!{did I mention that before?}

  111. I don’t ever want to see JAM happen. Jim is to good for Pam. She had her chance and blew it. Jaren forever. Besides she (karen) is looking hotter and hotter!. Go Jim!!!!!! Pam said that she is fine with her choices. So now she is going to have to live with them.

    I do miss jwight though. I miss the pranks!

  112. My theory on why ep 3 and 4 were swapped: Since Dwight has such a big part in “The Coup” and it sounds like he also has a major part in “The Initiation”, they switched eps so that one character (other than Michael, of course) would not have so much face time in back-to-back episodes. That way we get some better variety.

  113. I just looked at OfficeTally’s “Season 3 News” link, and the next 2 episodes have definitely been switched from their original order (it was scheduled for “Initiation” then “Grief Counseling”), but it looks like the first 3 have stayed in their original order.
    And I’m taking much more time (more repeat viewings) to like these episodes than I did with last season. Some odd things just feel a little too caricatured the first time around for me. I loved the Michael/Dwight storyline, and it’s great to see those flashes of managerial brilliance from Michael. But things in Stamford are a little off. I mean, in Scranton, it’s obvious that no one but Michael and Kevin really like Movie Monday, but in Stamford, EVERYONE loves Call of Duty? And they apparently play it ALL THE TIME? Even Michael doesn’t try anything that over the top in his branch. I thought “The Convention” worked very hard to give us the impression that Josh is a real professional, but apparently that’s not the case.
    I dunno. There were definitely some hilarious spots last night, but I’m still getting used to this season.

  114. I think what I don’t like about this season is the editing. They seem to be leaving all of the best scenes in the deleted scene reel online. Most of the stuff found in the actual episode is by far less eventful. I sure hope they start editing the deleted scenes into the DVD for the 3rd Season’s release.

  115. I really enjoyed this episode. Part of the fun of this season is talking about the episode in my office the next day. Subtle things make more sense and are funnier. Hug it out bitch actually came from an episode of Entourage, which I didn’t know until someone in my office pointed it out. I love that this season can go so many different ways. I just hope that they don’t focus too much on story lines, but continue with just showing odd things that can happen in an office from day-to-day.

  116. I disagree with the last poster. With maybe the exception of the gag about Creed living part-time in Toronto (which is still only slightly funny,) I think every one of the deleted scenes belonged on the cutting room floor. I’m SO glad they didn’t put them in, they were all far too obvious, too broad of humor, or took the storyline in bad (stupid) directions. The episode itself was hilarious and tight, so I think good editing saved this episode from being lame.

  117. Just a few more random thoughts that occured to me since I last posted:

    In Jim’s new surroundings, he’s not the instigator of mischief. He makes an attempt and it goes all wrong (calculator in jello). If you look at Jim as a stand alone character he sometimes comes off as more immature than charming. Now he wears jackets and tries to fit in. I never got the impression that he was doing that in Scranton. Even his feelings for Pam were a bit childish if you think about it- she had been in a relationship as long as he knew her but he still pined for her. Could it be that he is trying to grow up?

    I know that I am approaching Jam blasphemy here but I’ll risk it- as the audience, we are supposed to root for Jam because they’re likable- Jim is a nice guy and Pam was stuck in a relationship with someone who didn’t appreciate her.

    When the infamous kiss happened last season my husband actually got pissed off- he was like, “That’s bull****! She’s engaged. That’s just wrong!” My arguement back was, “The writers have wanted us to root for them all along…it’s the whole point!” and he replied by saying, “Yes, but it makes me dislike the characters, because they have done something completely inappropriate.”

    While a bit extreme, I can see his point. I’m sure that every husband or boyfriend who has ever seen this show hopes that a Jim Halpert never shows up in their wife/girlfriend’s office! But I digress…

    Anyway, I swear I had a point around here somewhere… Oh, yes, my point is that if the season started with Jim and Pam together it would have really brought the show down a notch for me. I love how everything is unfolding- and I have regained a lot of respect for Pam. Even her reaction to Jim’s confession last season was weak- “I can’t?” Like she wasn’t strong enough to make a decision. Good for her for actually standing on her own to feet and doing what she wants to do- not what Jim or Roy would want.

    Wow, I fear that I may really need to get a life soon!!! haha

  118. Thoughts:

    -I guess Oscar is really on vacation…maybe he is shooting a movie or something
    -They are really giving Angela a push this year since they have a big role in Jim to fill at Scranton
    -Is Creed only now a one trick pony, or will we see a side story line for him eventually?
    -Will every episode now have a scene or two shot outside the office?

    One more thing…

    Not too many head shots in this episode, kind of missed them.

  119. Oh sorry I was disagreeing w/ that1guypictures, not Katie who slipped her comment in while I was typing. :)

  120. How in the world is this episode sitting in 21st place, and only .05 points away from dropping to 24th? I think it’s superior to many of the episodes ranked higher, including Halloween, The Secret, and Michael’s Brithday. I also thought The Coup was better than The Convention.

    One other episode that many obviously love (it’s ranked 11th) that I’m not a fan of is Office Olympics. I think it’s boooring.

    Is there a place to specifically discuss rankings?

  121. I’m starting to love the Stamford branch characters. I can’t wait to see what happens when Andy and Dwight get in the same room. Or when Pam meets Karen. It’ll be interesting! :)

  122. Re: deleted scenes…

    Anyone else think the ending bit between Jim and Jan was a little out of character for Jan? It just didn’t seem right…

  123. does anyone know when the coup (and for that matter every episode) will become available on itunes? i bought a season pass and im sure theres some sort of grace period between the show being aired and it being available for download, but does anyone know what exactly that period is?

  124. ok, so Chris, I agree…jan did seem out of character.

    I have to say, and i know its been said hundreds of times before, that it just feels strange without jim at scranton.

    Also, it seems to me that the scene with jan at stamford was most likely cut because she didn’t get onto them-especially after getting onto scranton so much for movie monday…

    i really really hope that the offices merge or something soon….but like i have said before, the first 2 seasons are so good that i am willing to trust the writers and see where we go from here….

    I dont can so much about jam-to me that story is sort of resovled…yeah when they get back together it will be awkward for a while but i think it would be better to keep it from happening for a while now….let there be a season where they arent pining for each other and simply messing with dwight…those are my favorite moments anyways


    I simply can’t stress that enough. This was simply another random pop culture reference by Michael Scott. It was well placed and funny on The Office, but it has been said before. I realize it seems like i should be on an Entourage fansite saying that, but it makes people sound ignorant when they say that’s their favorite new Office quote.

    Wow, sorry about the soapbox there… Um, I liked this episode.

  126. office fanatic, you missed the point…

    I think they want it to appear that both branches don’t really get any work done. The difference is how Jan sees the offices. Scranton is a joke because Michael is a joke. Jan loves Stamford because the manager there isn’t as annoying as Michael. They’re setting it up so that Jan comes off as favoring Stamford, even though they are equally as useless.

  127. Wow, Michael was briliant in this one. When he inspected Dwight’s teeth, I immediately thought about the dentist scene between Lawrence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman in The Marathon Man. I think the writers are doing a great job.

  128. Very funny!! I loved the scene when Pam answers the phone and Kelly is screaming on the other end! I also loved the scene with Dwight cutting the waffles….that was a classic Dwight moment! And “Hug it out *itch”….funny!

  129. again, false. “hug it out, b#t*h” may be a line from entourage, but “hug it out” is originally from 2 separate episodes of Friends. i realize that the writers were alluding to the entourage line, but if you’re going to rant…

  130. Very good episode indeed. I really enjoyed the last scene with Jim throwing the grenade. Karen is becoming very easily likeable. Hopefully she doesn’t pull a Pam on Jim.

  131. Excellent moments throughout, right down to Dwight’s drool as he gets up from groveling. Michael’s expressions during the m&m interrogation were almost bordering on psychotic. Classic.

  132. What a great episode! I had to tape it. When my husband and I watched it we kept having to rewind at the part where Dwight gets up of the floor with spit hanging out of his mouth because I would start laughing so hard he couldn’t hear what Michael said next. Seriously. I took like 5 rewinds for me to even be able to muffle my sound.

    I kind of like what they are doing with Jan. And while I agree, I certainly miss Jim at Scranton, I can’t wait to see what will happen when they merge the branches. Awesome!

  133. Watching it the second time, I think I love it more.

    Favorite moment so far:
    Dwight: “I can’t imagine this place without you.”
    Michael: “Can you.” (the way he says it is sooo creepy)


    Michael: “I guess we should go tell the troops.”
    Dwight: “Yeah, when I’m ready, Mike.”


  134. aaaawww! I am in Chicago for a business trip and didn’t realize that Chicago is in ‘central’ time and I missed it… My husband says it is the best of the season… Can’t wait to watch it…

  135. Ahh the stamford branch rules. I love how theyre obsessed with the video game.
    And Kelly is too funny. We need more Creed!

  136. I laughed for about 10 minutes when kelly chanted, “fashion show at lunch! fashion show at lunch!” she just kept going.

  137. It’s not out of character for Jan to be more positive at the branch she likes…besides, this branch delivers SALES, so she can be happy and relaxed while she’s there. Especially if she has a crush on Josh (which looks possible from the deleted scenes from the Convention) or Jim (possible from the deleted scenes from The Coup).

    Oh yeah, and to echo the comments of EVERYONE ELSE… Where is the episode on iTUNES!??!?!?!?!

  138. If course i’m so sad that somebody else likes Jim. I suppose it’s inevitable…

    This was definitely my favorite episode of season 3. All of the characters are getting so much more developed and it’s awesome!

  139. Okay, it’s 12ish. No itunes. If it’s not up by tomorrow morning, I’m passing out the pitchforks and torches and we’re storming apple.

    (How long is the drive from St. Louis to Cupertino, CA?)

  140. i agree, chris. we’re taking over apple and no one is stopping us!

    (would you mind coming by texas on your way to california?)

  141. I think the deleted scene from “The Coup” between Jan and Jim may reveal Jim’s source of Scranton gossip. Like how in “The Convention”, Jim already knew that Pam had broken up with Roy. As for Jan’s apparent flirtation with Jim… who knows? Is this the beginning of… Jim?. uh Jan. Damn, they’re both one syllable words beginning with J. You can’t make a retarded amalgamation of their names. What will office fans do?

  142. Do they update itunes on weekends? I fear we might be looking at *Monday* before getting this episode up. I’ve got to head back to my corner and resume rocking back and forth.

  143. good episode. i think theres some office romance with karen and jim at stanford! that kinda makes me sad though cause ive always wanted jim and pam together.

  144. the more I watch this episode, the more I see how genius every scene with Dwight and Michael is. When he says “Crentist,” there probably isnt a more funny line that he could have said. It was absofruitly perfect.

  145. Great episode.Ithink Jim and the Rashida Jones character(?Karen)would be cute together,Jim can’t go running back to Pam after being rejected(twice in one night!).Jim and Jan would be cute too.

  146. What is with them repeating already? No one has said anything about it yet but on the upcoming episodes they’ve got GWH, repeating after Initiation. I still think something is up. Their ratings fell off after the first ep. of the season and the dynamic does seem off with Jim out of the Scanton branch. MANY people seem to be complaining about this. Although I think there is much brilliance in this season, it is not as good as last.

  147. Robert, Jim knew that Pam had broken up with Roy in “The Convention” because Michael was talking to Pam on his cell and blurted out “Have fun on your date!”. That is the reason why Jim knew about Pam being single, not because of Jan. Don’t look too much into the Jan/Jim small talk.

  148. Bring Jim back!
    you can also see The Office on Comcast On Demand. I was ecstatic when I made this discovery.

  149. Jim needs to be back in Scranton…he can date/hook up with/marry Karen for all I care.

    (Okay, maybe not marry)

    But it’s just not the same without him there. Merger episode, merger episode, merger episode at lunch! I mean, right now!

  150. I really miss the Jim/Dwight relationship.They were hilarious to watch.They are truely like brothers.I really feel a void this season,without seeing them together,except for The Convention,and that was brief.

  151. Let’s calm down with the “hug it out, bitch” stress… It was a joke to illustrate how Michael tries to so earnestly imitate pop culture. Remember how Pam said he made them watch the same episode of “Entourage” 6 times? That’s what made it funny!

  152. Elisabeth – my sentiments exactly. Jim makes the show funnier – his reactions and interactions w/ Dwight and Michael are what make the show work so beautifully. Jam or no Jam, Jim being gone messes with the dynamic. I don’t care if they bring Karen and Andy and Josh and whoever the heck else they want back to Scranton – the more the merrier I say, but just JIM for sure needs to be back there.

    I’m not clear on why people think that Jim learned about Pam from that phone call with Michael in the convention where he tells Pam to have fun on her date. I didn’t take it that way at all. I took it like he was surprised and maybe a little hurt that she was going on a date but that he was already previously aware of her not having gone through with the wedding. We don’t know how he knows that – whether it is something Jan said or Phyllis emailed him or Kelly told him or what – I mean, it can’t be that hard to get a hold of him working at the same company and after Michael let the cat out of the bag pretty much everyone knew that Jim liked Pam. So I really think he already knew before the convention or I think he would have asked Michael for details when they were talking in the room – I think his reaction would have been a lot stronger if that had been the first time he heard it.

  153. Lezlee…..

    The reason why they are showing a rerun already is because they have 25 episodes to stretch out until the end of May, almost every show does it. And as far as the ratings dropping off after the season premiere……..every station highly promotes a season premiere and then after that you dont see that many commercials for the show. Before the season premiere of the Office you would see that Jim/Pam commercial like almost every commercial break. Almost every show loses viewers after the first episode……The Office, Heroes, Studio 60, House, Ugly Betty alot of shows do.

  154. I dont know about you guys but I think that the Office is way funnier than Two and a Half men, yet the Office only gets half the viewers that show gets. Why is that? Is it because the old women like to watch Charlie Sheen or something> What are your thougts?

  155. The reason 2 and a half men gets the crowd is because most people are stupid. Sorry to say that, but it’s kind of true when it comes to t.v. People NEED a laugh track. They NEED someone to point out what’s funny. The Office does not do that. In fact, why is it funny? They just talk and sit around.

    But, Charlie Sheen…he’s funny becuase the crowd laughs, too. Don’t you hear them?

  156. Chris…you make a good point Charlie Sheen is the funniest man in America lol…..I agree with you though people dont want to have to think when they are watching tv to often especially with sitcoms. I remember when my sister in law watched the office for the first time, it was Michaels bday party episode, and she said to me…why is Michael wearing a yellow bracelet on his arm….and I said because he is copying the whole Lance Armstrong cancer thing…and when I explained it to her she just busted out laughing now she watches the show religously…that is why I love the office, becuase the show makes you think.

    Another thing I dont understand is why all these people on here are saying that this season isnt as good as the last one……There are freakin 22 episodes left in this season!!! we all know that jim/dwight/pam/mike and whoever are going to be back in an office together again……so even if the writers dont have him in scranton right now….they are the ones that are winning cuz they know that every single one of will keep watching just to see when he comes back…….and in order for the show to stay on the air they have to keep viewers and keep building it up. I could care less if they kept Jim in Stamford until the end of season 5, the show is still good and true to real life. Not everyone stays at the same job or office for years and years to come things have to change and I love the office for that. It isnt fake

  157. As for the ratings comment, “The Coup” bounced back with 8.77 million viewers, just under GWH’s total, and over one million more viewers than “The Convention”

  158. Just for the record, I do think The Office is still the best show on tv even if Jim did stay in Stamford all season. It’s smart and great and I love it (obviously, I’m slightly obsessed because I’m visiting a website about it at 11 o’clock on a Saturday night) I just think it’s better when Jim interacts with Michael and Dwight. I think it’s funnier. For me, it has very little to do with the romance aspect between Jim and Pam – I am okay with him liking Karen if he wants, I just think Jim represents each one of us if we were in the office and that dynamic works really, really, well. It feels a little like Steve and Dwight are working in a bit of a comedy vacuum with John gone. And Jenna’s character, used to feel so much more like she was in on the joke too with Jim there. That’s all I’m saying.

  159. I liked the Coup. It was actually sort of similar to the first half of the last episode, in that it was not that funny really. A few really funny Dwight moments and Andy calling Jim a saboteur, but not much else in terms of laughs. I think they are really focusing on building certain plot points up which is kinda annoying in a comedy show but hopefully it will pay off. This show can get away with not being that funny for a few epidodes because it is so well written and always entertaining.

    I was totally right about Karen and Jim. I hit that one right on the nail. I wonder if they are going to set up any character with Pam or if she’s going to be the depressed one for a while, like Jim was last season. Let’s see what happens.

  160. I have a feeling the writer’s are totally not going to do the merger thing. I’ve noticed a lot of people here on this board swear that is going to happen. But to me it would be a little too obvious. I think they (the writers) are toying with the idea and putting it in our heads but I really have a feeling it is not going to happen.

    Also, has anyone else noticed how much more Jan has been on the show so far. She’s been in every episode. I don’t think that is a coincidence. Something is going to happen with Michael’s “love triangle,” soon.

  161. the merger would be a crazy episode, though. Also, they have already mentioned a scene where Karen says something very innocent to Jim and Pam kinda gets all “possessive” or something… this is a hint to closer interaction, perhaps in the same office.

  162. Hmmm. Interesting theory Agent Scarn. Especially since all the new actors are still being called “guest stars”.

    I still think that the two offices will merge, though. It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds…

  163. “Hug it out, bitch” hahaha that is probably my favorite line in this WHOLE show ever. Awesome episode! :)

  164. The Hug it out bitch thing is growing on me. I knew it was an entourage reference but I didn’t think it was that funny at first. I’ve been thinking about that line all day. It’s just classic Michael. Varsity blues as the movie is also hilarious. Brilliant stuff. The writing on this show is just brilliant.

  165. Gotta say my favorite line in the episode was Michael saying “Can’t you?” to Dwight after D saying he couldn’t see the office without him. Michaels fake smile and furious eyes. Classic.

  166. Anyone else remember that in “The Fight,” Michael makes a reference to employees having fake dentist appointments?

    “I’m friends with everybody in this office. We’re all best friends…. But sometimes, your best friends … start coming into work late, and start having dentist appointments that aren’t dentist appointments, and that is when it’s nice to let them know that you could … beat them up.”

    Excellent use of foreshadowing. Or maybe it was post-shadowing this season… hmmm.

  167. The reason why everyone thinks there will be a merger is because that was a major development of the British Office. This show has had its differences, but if you watch the UK version, you’ll see that the American version has followed a similar line.

    Plus, that’s sort of what businesses do when they have to close a branch, they offer severence packages and do all they can to keep thier best and fold them into the other branch.

    Plus, it’s been hinted at a couple of times in the show.

    Though it’s possible that it might not be a merger, but some other way of bringing them together.

  168. I miss the Jim/Pam/Dwight relationship too! I don’t like it with Jim in Stamford! Bring him back! And he better NOT hook up with Karen!! Is he over Pam already? How can he give up so easily?? Don’t do it, Jim!!! Karen is nowhere near as cool as Pam!

  169. There was one thing in this episode that bothered me. You could hear Jan on Dwight’s cell. That broke the “doc” feel for me. We should hear her unless she’s on speaker.

    Loved Creed: “In a minute.”

  170. According to my TV listings (Arizona), they will also being showing a rerun of “Initiation” on Jan 25, along with “The Coup” and “Grief Counseling” — a triple-header!

  171. There was one thing in this episode that bothered me. You could hear Jan on Dwight’s cell. That broke the “doc” feel for me. We should hear her unless she’s on speaker.

    Well, I’ll write that off by saying that Dwight was still miked and pretending the camera guys had a hidden mike in the bushes. So with both of those mikes, they were able to edit it enough in the studio so that her side of the conversation was usable.

    Her lines and reactions were just too good not to hear.

  172. ^^Yeah, really! I hate that this is happening.
    I’m going to miss the office so much. I have a tendency to have crappy thursdays…and if this doesn’t end soon I may lose the will to live. :(

  173. Wouldn’t it be kind of cool if they could show some of the reruns with, like, the commentary? Impossible, but it would be cool….

  174. I have never seen an episode of Entourage but every time I watch this episode I laugh so hard when Michael says Entouraaaaaaage! If a person talks about that show I do the voice just to get a laugh. I know…huge dork here!

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