1. Who listens to the critics?

    The Office is the # 1 comedy in the hearts and minds of those who matter

  2. Well, they’re winners to ME! Wow – Kate Flannery – va va voom! They all look beautiful, but Kate looks SO amazing.

  3. Man! I was hoping for their last year they would get the award they deserved! Oh well, don’t listen to your critics, listen to your fans. :) The Office always wins.

  4. Was the nomination for season 8? Could The Office therefore theoretically be nominated again next time around? Hope so!

  5. Well done to the Office for being nominated, and well done to Modern family for winning, two amazing shows.

  6. Everyone looked wonderful!

    It is a shame that they didn’t get recognized for their talent.

  7. 8. Limey, the awards are for the calendar year of 2012. Therefore, the nominations cover the latter half of Season 8 and the first half of Season 9, and there is indeed a chance the cast will be nominated next year, though shows that have ended often (though not always) get passed over in the nominations.

  8. Nice comments by Jesse Tyler Ferguson from modern family, saying The Office has set the comedy bar so high.

  9. Was Ed Helms not there? I’m starting to worry that he’s disappeared off the face of the earth!

  10. Tanster, could The Office compete for the next year’s awards too? I was just asking myself that. I really hope that we can see this cast next year again on the red carpet.

  11. Sorry if anyone already commented on this, but do the producers go to the SAG Awards, too? I thought I saw producers from other shows in the audience, but not anyone from “The Office.”

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