1. Great interviews, but what’s with the girl wearing a red satin tablecloth, arms akimbo, on the table in the background?! So weird!! Is that a wrap-party necessity? We don’t see that sort of…decor?…at Seattle parties.

  2. Omigosh, I was so intent on listening to the interviews that I didn’t even see the woman in red until I read your comments! Too funny.

    Having attended that party, I can tell you there were lots of people there hired for the evening to pose and mingle and entertain. :)

  3. Well Jenna and Greg, if you’re out there listening to your fans, I have just one question? When does Boommike Brian return to his home planet?

  4. For the Finale. Dwight named Regional Manager (if not earlier), Jim and Pam move to a Philly suburb, Andy leaves for Cornell (hinted at in Halloween ep), Clark and Pete take Dwight and Jim’s old desks, Creed is Creed, and for the rest I have no idea.

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