The Office cast’s favorite Olympic memories

With the Vancouver Winter Olympics just around the corner, The Office cast shares their favorite Olympic memories:


  1. Ellie and I have the same favorite! I still won’t give up my Magnificent Seven book!
    MIndy is right, so right. And Creed? Amazing. That’s all there is to say.

  2. so cute! I love little interviews with the cast. And I love Erin’s shirt – she looks like she could be a Cornell grad’s girlfriend :)
    and Creed is hilarious hahaa

  3. Those are great!

    About Dan and Dave, Mindy shouldn’t have listened to whoever it was off-camera that said it was Dave that didn’t make the Olympic team in ’92. She was right the first time – it was Dan that didn’t make it.

    Also, Mindy should be the color commentator for all the women’s figure skating events.

  4. as a figure skater, I have to disagree with Mindy, I don’t think we look like prostitutes! But then again, I’m glad that the cast is recognizing the sport!

  5. LOL Creed! He cracks me up every time!

    And Brian loving ski-jumping (close to my heart!) – I remember those Wide-World of Sports ads too. And as a ski-jumping volunteer at the Oly’s starting next week, I would seriously give Brian my extra ski-jumping tickets if he wanted to come up here and watch them LIVE.

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