Wall Street Journal interviews Andy Buckley

The Wall Street Journal interviewed The Office’s Andy Buckley (“David Wallace”).

Here is an excerpt:

Wealth-management adviser Andy Buckley may be about to lose his job — his acting job on NBC’s hit TV show “The Office,” that is.

Every morning, 43 year-old Buckley goes to work at a leading investment bank and wealth-management advisory firm in Los Angeles. But while some of his co-workers leave midday to play a round of golf, Buckley’s schedule allows him to occasionally show up on the set of “The Office” to play Dunder Mifflin’s Chief Financial Officer, David Wallace.

The last sentence of the interview is spoilerishly intriguing …

Link: “The Office” CFO David Wallace Is Real-Life Wealth Management Adviser


  1. While it doesn’t really make sense for the CFO of a company in financial ruin to keep any sort of executive role, Buckley/Wallace will be missed. He’s a great straight man to Michael and I’ve always liked the business/personal relationship mix between he and Jim. I think Jim is what he is now because of David Wallace.

  2. Well, based on the title of February 4th’s ep, he’s clearly decapitated by a lightsabre.

    [from tanster: lol. just spit out my morning latte.]

  3. David must stay. Michael needs adult supervision, and Jim and Pam are going to be busy with the baby.

  4. I think the writers and the cast of The Office are plugged into us fans enough to know how beloved David Wallace is! While the storyline would seem to dicate that he’d be gone (in the real world) during a corporate buyout, the writers are creative enough to come up with some solution for keeping him around in some capacity. If Ryan could end up back at DM after all he’s done to the company, surely David could come back as a consultant or something. Or maybe he’ll chuck the corporate world and become an installer for Vance Refrigeration!

  5. Perhaps they can keep him on by trying to lure Jim away from Dunder Mifflin, or something. His rapport with Jim was always strong.

  6. I hope they find a way for him to come back on! LOVED, loved, loved his expanded role in the ‘Sabre’ episode.

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