1. Jim and Andy look so damn hot in their casual attire.

    Oh yeah, and Phyllis and Pam wearing the same outfit? Can’t wait til tomorrow!

  2. Pam is at Jim’s Season 3 desk!!!! It’s gonna be fun to see how they work together now that she’s in sales! This is gonna be a great episode!

  3. LOVE that picture of Pam. The new sales person on the team and wearing the same clothes as Phyllis, it’s going to be good.

  4. Haha watching Jim, Pam and Dwight sit that close. Awesome.
    Pam – Phyllis same outfit. Totally great. Can’t wait for this episode!

  5. Pam must be ruffling some feathers, this is the entire sales team except for her. (assuming Ryan was not given a sales job)

  6. I’m excited to see so many warehouse shots! You know what that means…DAR-RYL DAR-RYL DAR-RYL

  7. Well, it seems that Erin is still at reception…and Pam is sitting at Jim’s old desk, that’s awesome!

    Excited to see Pam the Dunder Mifflin saleswoman.

  8. (speculation) Are alliances forming? Is Jim playing both sides? Infiltrating from within?

  9. it’s probably the MSPC sales team (Pam/Ryan) vs the DM team (Jim/Dwight/Andy/Phyllis/Stanley)

    love dwight’s version of casual attire :)

  10. Mmm. Andy is such a hottie in those plaid shorts and the blaze orange hoodie. Had to throw that out there.

  11. first phyllis steals pam’s wedding…now her outfit?? hahaha i’m really digging this rivalry

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