The Office: Christmas Wishes promos

Here are clips of The Office episode Christmas Wishes airing December 8, 2011:

Sneak peek: Robert arrives at the office party for some camaraderie.
[Video no longer available]

Sneak peek: Andy’s new gal stops by the Office.
[Video no longer available]

Promo: a sampling of Thursday night’s holiday shows.

Stills from the promo start on the next page.


  1. i know this is an office fansite, but let me just say “oh, my god, i’m pregnant! wait, what? no.”, was a perfect delivered line.

  2. @Mari

    I was holding back on saying something about that line as well, but parks and rec has a pretty strong connection to the office so why not, that line was genius.

  3. I’m curious about why Meredith is hugging Jim, after her whole “Jim gives me the creeps” thing from Spooked.

  4. Mindy was on a Boston radio station Monday and said she wrote and Ed directed the episode. She said she thought it was the funniest episode she has ever written. Very interesting and funny interview.

  5. >>I’m curious about why Meredith is hugging Jim, after her whole “Jim gives me the creeps” thing from Spooked.

    I think that Sharpie Jim was using to sign Meredith’s pelvic cast is the closest she’ll get to getting a home run with him.

  6. Meredith has also singled Jim out to sign her pelvic cast. I think it’s safe to assume that she’s so drunk most of the time that nothing she says can be taken seriously.

  7. I just would like to point out that, I know PHyllis and Erin aren’t related, but seriously, they’re alike!
    Both Phyllis, and now Erin, have revealed to have had scoliosis.

  8. @10, interesting to hear that Mindy thinks that. From the previews, I think it’s going to be a good one. The new gal clip was so hilarious. The delivery between the three of them was awesome and for the first time I just thought Andy was being Andy.

  9. Thank god Andy’s love interest is from outside the office. Hopefully this is the end of the forced Andy/Erin storyline.

  10. “meh ex is meetin meh sex” LOL looking forward to this one a lot. who would have thought andy would have gotten such a hot gf, was this the same girl he mentioned in PDA?

  11. Awww Andy’s new gal pal looks so adorable!!! Can’t wait to see them interact – without Erin there.

  12. The look on Stanley’s face when Kevin hugs Robert made me laugh out loud. At work. In the middle of the work day.
    (Serves me right for watching spoilers!)
    P.S. Are there other people out there who like Andy and Erin, ’cause I do!

  13. I’ll be honest. This season has been “up and down” for me. That is, until the “Mrs. California” episode, which I thought was excellent. I hope that the show has turned the corner and that “Christmas Wishes” keeps the momentum going.

  14. Wow… I just had the same reaction Ryan did when California was talking about the Black Eyed Peas.

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