1. AH! These clips have me incredibly excited for Thursday! I can’t wait! I love Michael’s reaction to hearing that Holly’s coming back. He’s so unbelievably happy! And their reunion! Ah! I wish there was some way we could just skip tomorrow.

  2. Gah! Holly I missed you so much!
    I’m not a shipper, but Michael and Holly are so clearly meant to be, just like Jam were. I hope this is the reason for Michael’s departure..

  3. Darn, I was hoping to get a sneak peak of that JAM moment. Can’t wait for that snowball fight.

  4. Clip 4 is the most like season 1-4 Michael I have seen since, well, season 4. I am so excited and I feel sorry for the people who stopped watching after season 5 or after season 6. I know a few of them!

  5. I was hoping for the JAM moment but knew they’d never give that away yet. This looks AMAZING. Just amazing. The Office is truly on a roll. Yet it’s all bittersweet. Michael Scott’s last Christmas in the Office :(

  6. I hope there’s more snowball fight action than just that clip and the incident causing the beet stain. I say it’s time for another prank.

  7. At the risk of sounding borderline sappy, that first scene with Holly and Michael brought a *almost* tearful smile to my face. I’m one of those people who likes Michael with Holly, so seeing the two of them together again all but ensures this Christmas episode will be a great one. Also, loved the scene with Jim and Dwight – especially the ending with Andy, who seemed a lot like his 3rd season self (I found Dwight’s response to be similar in this regard as well). Looking forward to Jim’s gift for Pam! Could Thursday come any slower?

  8. Clip Number 5 – Dwight getting smacked in the face and his reaction reminded me so much of Ralphie from A Christmas Story.

  9. I rated last week’s “China” an “A”.
    “Classy Christmas” looks like a “D”.

    Michael is a sexually frustrated adolescent, a man-child, with the hormone driven, girl-crazed emotional immaturity of an 18 yr old frat boy fool.
    We get it after 7 seasons: 45 going on 18.
    And we get that Michael MUST always find a way to spoil Christmas.

    But for Michael to cancel and disrupt the office Christmas party IN PROGRESS, stepping all over everyone else’s happiness, throwing out food!, just because his last brief sex partner is coming back, is beyond the pale, even for The Office.

    Someone should have stopped Michael in mid-tantrum and said, “Michael, stop this now! Just because YOU are sex crazed for Holly is no reason to cancel OUR office party!!!”

    Holly and Michael…ho-hum. With Michael leaving, we-the viewers-know that Michael and Holly will eventually walk off into the sunset, despite detours.

    Granted, these are only a few scenes from “Classy Christmas”.

    But I find no comedic justification for Michael canceling the Christmas party. Therefore I find nothing heartwarming about Holly’s “triumphant” return, either.

    Michael, you’ve ruined one Christmas too many.
    I can’t wait for next season without you!

  10. I choose to disagree, #16. Michael is not hormone-driven at all. Michael is young at heart, true, however that doesn’t mean that he has the mind of a sex-crazed 17-year-old. He is in love, as he sees it, and is ready to settle-down and have a family…what you’re seeing is not hormone-driven or plot-driven. It’s true, unaltered love.

    That is just my opinion, though.

  11. Creed: :…one sassy, black lady” That is awesome! I love his ‘observations’!

    I also have to disagree with #16 Westin. Michael is annoying, he always has been. He ruins every party, why would this year be different?

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