1. This looks amazing! Crying Pam- does anyone else think that she finally gets to read the Christmas card that season 2 Jim wrote to her?

  2. @nv – I wish! That would be the most amazing, cutest, adorablest thing ever! Please NBC, grant my Christmas wish! Have Pam read the letter!!!!

  3. I can’t WAIT to find out what Jim did for/got Pam to get that reaction. Aww! And i love Jim’s hair, maybe it’s just from the snowball fight, but it should stay that way.

    Looks SO GOOD!

  4. I don’t think I am able to wait two whole weeks. It looks like it will be a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Can’t wait. Can’t wait.

  5. It’s ridiculous how much that made my day! (especially after the sadness of no Office last night)

  6. I haven’t been this excited about a 30 Rock/The Office episode combination since the Live Show/Sex Ed week! I guess it’s no coincidence that Amy Ryan figured in to both weeks.

  7. Can’t wait!!!
    I love how, in the big Christmas group of Dunder Mifflin at 0:49, Angela is smiling and jumping! Can’t wait a whole 2 weeks!!!!

  8. I love it! This looks like it’s going to be a really great episode…maybe even the best so far! :)

    Does the Dwight Bobblehead they’re using for the promos give anyone else nightmares?

  9. oh god please make it be the christmas card from season 2 for the Jim and Pam moment! just the thought of that gave me a lump in my throat lol

  10. @nv Oh if only! That would make this one an instant all-time favorite. It would mean 2 options, either they make up something new for the card, or they finally got JKras to reveal what he wrote.

  11. Thinking about what Jim wrote in the card to Pam (which is exciting!) made me curious about another letter. Is anyone else hoping that with Pam and Holly in close proximity, we might find out what was in Holly’s unsent message to Michael, and finally find out after almost two years if Pam was telling Michael the truth?

  12. Oh my gosh, how exciting! Can’t wait two weeks for that! That whole promo definitely made my day. Also, so on board for the Jim S2 card…that would be incredible.

  13. Well, just cause Pam finds out what the card said doesn’t mean *we* find out what the card said.

  14. Ah i love Office Christmas episodes. i hope Jim does give Pam the season 2 card, how awesome would that be? she definitely looks teary eyed so whatever it is i’m sure it’s really sweet. :) i love holly, so glad she will be in this episode! And Dwight and Jim snowball fighting??? dear lord this is awesome.

  15. I think Jim has a red stain on his shirt because he has thrown a snowball at Dwight (page 7), and Dwight has thrown a beet at Jim.

  16. Guess it’s gonna be a HOLLY jolly Christmas episode!! :) Can’t wait for Holly to come back!

  17. Oh man, I would die of happiness if Pam reads Jim’s card! I love how we’ve all decided this is happening. Haha! If it’s something else, we’ll be like “NOT GOOD ENOUGH!”

  18. The office can have many romances, but JAM will always have the #1 reaction from fans! The 3 seconds they showed already have us speculating what might have happened. I love it! Aaaaannnd, I can’t wait 2 weeks for it!

  19. 22/Matt – in the group photo, there’s someone behind Ryan you can’t really see, so that might be Creed.

    I love how Michael thinks dressing like Hugh Hefner qualifies as “classy”.

  20. I can’t wait!! I hope Pam does get to read the card from Season 2. I love seeing Dwight with snow in his face and YAY for Holly’s return!

  21. I’m right on board with DYING to find out what Jim wrote to Pam on that Season 2 Christmas card! I’ll even take him giving it to her and watching her reaction, even if I don’t get to hear what it says but PLEASE SANTA…Have Jim read it aloud to her….

    Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

  22. PS- Dear Santa, PLEASE let Jim’s hair stay like that for the rest of the season, since it distracts me from the thought that John Krasinski is married to someone who’s not me.

    Thank you.

  23. @The Coalition For Reason please be my BFF? We can giggle about JKras together! haha.

    These pics are AWESOME thanks Tanster! So glad Holly is returning! and yes, Jim’s hair looks adorable.

  24. Let’s make a petition to have someone on set tousle John’s hair before every take.

    1. Glasses

  25. @Glasses
    Thanks to the dictionary I now know what tousle means! So yes count me in on the petition!
    And side note, even when Jenna Fischer cries she is still absolutely beautiful! I believe that was a beyonce song,,,,,Beautiful Crier?

  26. I’m so freaking excited for this. It looks like it’ll have everything that makes The Office what it is: awkward, sweet, funny, and of course HOLLY!

  27. There needs to be some sorta mandatory requirement worked into John’s contract with regards to his hair. It must be sufficiently messy and look like he just got outta bed before he is allowed to set foot in front of the camera.

    Messy hair Jim > everything else.

  28. Anybody think bow-tied Dwight resembles Garrison Keillor from Prairie Home Companion?

  29. So cool that you did this Tanster, I can’t ever see videos at work, so this is just so great to see after such a stressful day I’ve been having.
    Crying Pam!!!

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