1. i am coming out of the woodwork to say that this is AMAZING! i am so impressed with this ken. a plus.

  2. I’m so impressed – I loved the last line the best – I can totally picture Creed doing that!

  3. WOW! How creative. I could totally see this on TV. I hope the writers see it and shoot it for broadcast (giving the creator credit of course). Creed’s reaction was perfect.

  4. Wow! That was very cool. Though it’s kind of long…might work better as an episode-long plot, also involving Pam :)

  5. That is sooooooooooooooooo good.
    That would be absolutely awesome if that was an actual cold open.

  6. A possum, when seen in the right context, is the most wonderful sight….

    Great job!

  7. Incredibly HILARIOUS! LOVE the artwork!! You captured the characters’ personalities perfectly! Nice job!!

  8. AWESOME!!! I Love the artwork and the story itself. It was hilarious and it sounds just like CREED!!!

    Way to go Ken!

  9. Great work! Maybe Dwight could get the night off if he enlisted the help of a few men from Dwight’s Army or Champions.

    Just a thought.

  10. LOL! That’s hilarious. I could definitely see that as a cold open. I especially love the character reactions specifically Michael and Creed.

  11. ha. that is awesome. it feels very officesque, especially the third panel.

  12. Great Job!! This would be sooo hilarious! It sounds like a prank that Jim would actually do too!!

  13. Wow-that is really a great cold open! The last picture of Dwight is delightfully scary.

  14. Quite funny but it might be too extreme as a previous poster said. Very nice job!

  15. That was amazing. The art was so detailed and accurate.

    Hot Dog Fingers – There is nothing wonderful about possums. Once a possum got trapped in my washing machine (long story). It was not fun, they are quite ugly animals.

  16. It IS very impressive, especially the art. Still, Jim’s pranks are usually more mischievous and less cruel.

  17. The artwork is great. The trouble is, most of it has been done before – Jim sending letters (“Future Dwight” & “CIA”), kids having sex on the beet farm, the spud gun… the great thing about The Office is it’s originality and ability to surprise everyone. Although the Cold Open is good… it’s not “Office” great.

  18. The artwork is very cool – I love Pam’s head peeking out behind Jim in the one frame…cute :-)

  19. That is excellent!! I love how the keys from Dwight’s keyboard have left an imprint on his face in the last one.

  20. Even though some of this has been done before (see #30), I’d still crack up if I saw this on an episode and I’d still think it was ‘”Office” great’. So I say, way to go buddy. I’d like to see more. (that’s what she said)

  21. Just as a reponse to #30….one of the great things about “The Office” is how it references past episodes…like this week when Diwght looked at the camera when Creed said “emergency dental visit”, so the spud gun and teen sex work for me. Jim’s sent letters to Dwight twice, why not thrice? Top notch!

  22. Sorry, had to make another comment.

    If you zoom in on the pic of Dwight sleeping at his desk you can actually see the detail his computer screen actually has “FE4VFXSWTY…GGGGGGGGGGG…”

    Great Detail!!!

    Agaian; good job Ken!

  23. Haha – thanks, aka Will Do…I was pretty anal about things. And I see your point, MDJPSMCRPAKKA, but I had originally done this thing for a contest that encouraged making specific references to events that had previously happened. It would have been just as easy to arm Dwight with a slingshot and have him nail an agricultural inspector or something instead of a horny teen I suppose.

  24. DAWESOME, KEN! hey, have you ever thought of writing for the office? cause this is seriously brilliant!

    great job!

  25. that’s pretty good, some of the dialog should be worked out though.

  26. Wow! The dialogue is spot ON, the drawings are amazing. The whole thing is completely “officesque”, to use Rachel’s handy coinage. This should get the artist noticed.

  27. This is great. The drawings are very clear and well-done, and Creed’s reaction at the end is the best!

  28. I wonder if there is a open position out there at NBC? Great job! Really, spot on!

  29. oh my gosh. that is talent. very true to character on both jim and dwight. and the keyboard prints on dwight’s face in the last panel? dawesome!

  30. Ken, I hope you’re a professional at that. If not, change professions! Great stuff!

  31. You are so talented Ken! I especially enjoyed the part about Dwight shooting the possum and Mose making a stew out of it and the potato that was used to shoot it. Priceless! It is totally something that Dwight and Mose would do.

  32. Wow! That’s really really good!
    The only thing that creeped me out though was that Jim looked like he had a bad sunburn in the first panel…
    Anyways, it was SO FUNNY!

  33. Amazing![/kelly]
    Now, Ken… do you take requests? ;) I have a lovely cold open from a fanfic/fanscript that I wrote and I would love to see a visual version of it.

  34. Nice work, Ken. Yeah, totally enjoyed Jim’s expressions and Dwight’s keyboard face!

  35. Wow, that was fantastic. I could totally see that in an episode, especially the part about signing the letter as “Mr. President.” And the artwork is great as well.

  36. that was soo funny and great! i think it would make a great part of an episode! awesome job!!!

  37. wow Ken, how long did that take? everything is so detailed and spot-on with regards to the set and all.. and of course the script was hilarious too! i can so picture pam, michael, stanley, and creed doing exactly what you said..

  38. Hey Ken, I just now had time to read it and it’s GREAT!!! Wonderful job! Very spot on. I love tiny image of Pam in the background watching Jim (subtle). I loved it. Make more, please.

  39. Oh…I also needed to mention that Dwight almost looks like Gollum in that last image. Hehehe. Awesome work!

  40. Thanks, Cayce! Haha – Gollum. I suppose if someone took his bobblehead, he’d go on a quest for his “precious”.
    To answer a couple of questions – it took like 15 minutes to write and 12 hours to draw…so as far as requests go…maybe not :)
    As far as writing for The Office…I’m sure Greg Daniels will be calling me any day now…yeah…riiiiight.
    Thanks to all for the compliments and critiques…I’ll try to do something again soon!

  41. Absolutely spectacular work. I loved every second of it. Loved Dwight’s “tired” look.

    How cool would it be if NBC recognized this somehow as a DVD extra or use in the show or something?

  42. Funny. But I cold opens don’t usually begin with a talking head interview.

  43. Looks like my ISP is having server issues….sorry peeps. They said it should be up by 4:30 PST.

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