1. Does anyone know why the deleted scenes from January onward are not available in Canada?

    I don’t know about Roy, but I for one am disgruntled.

  2. Loved the deleted scene. I’m sure there will be more because I was looking at the photos from the episode on nbc.com and they have photos from unaired scenes, and they look pretty funny; Andy confronting his girlfriend in her class and in the parking lot!

  3. yeah too bad they cut out a whole scene of the episode tonight, SPOILER? (dvd possibly?).. basically the scene is Andy going inside the spanish classroom and going nuts, then eventually talking to his girlfriend outside and going off on her as Jim distracts Andy’s girlfriend’s friend, very awkward scene and very funny. I am very surprised that this scene was cut. My guess is that they are maybe going to take the story of Andy’s girlfriend further into one one of the upcoming episodes instead? Who knows, either way, bummer for the rest of us who were casted for the scene that was cut. Still love The Office though, great production, amazing show :)

  4. Does anyone know when iTunes puts new episodes up? I live in England and usually I download episodes on Saturday, but for once I have Friday off. Made my delicious pasta, sat down to download and. . . nada. When will it be available?

  5. “We’re best friends!”

    “No, we’re not!”

    “I’ll text you!”

    Hee! Love them!

  6. That last look to the camera from Angela was priceless. PRICELESS! What an awesome scene. But I can see why it was cut (unfortunately). In the aired episode it was already abundantly clear how bad at this Angela was and how she didn’t care for Kelly. This would have just been a repeat of all that and in a show as stuffed with material as TO already is, I can see why this would make room for something else. Just wish it would have been for Andy and his girlfriend. Sadly it probably went for the Michael/Client bit which did go on too long.

  7. Wow Kelly and Angela. Who would have thought? That was an excellent scene, esp the look on Angela’s face at the end.

  8. #7: Nicholas. I’m right there with you. I am about as excited for the S3 DVD as I am for new episodes. I can’t wait to watch all the Deleted Scenes, Bloopers and Episode Commentaries and not to mention being able to all the episodes back to back (while sitting on my couch rather than in front of my computer). There is just so much gold there. Man, I get giddy just thinking about it. :D

    About Deleted Scene. Angela’s face at the end, by far my favorite part!! Ha ha ha. So perfect!

  9. I agree with NoGould. I wish that the Kelly/Angela scene was left in and maybe the Michael apology video was a little shorter. I really didn’t like the lady that played the client anyway, so maybe that’s why I wouldn’t have minded that scene being shorter haha

    But it’s almost like we are getting rewards for being so patient with these awesome deleted scenes.

  10. Kate, the episodes usually don’t come out until some time late Friday, east coast US time, so you probably won’t have it until Saturday morning. :(

  11. hey kate, there are always websites that you can go to to watch online for free. a little google search might turn up something good. won’t provide a link – don’t want to raise attention.

  12. Oh, I’m wrong about iTunes. It’s there now. And my husband says it’s often out this early on the Friday after they air.

  13. I love how Kelly was concerned about being called a slut more than anything.

  14. Herr Schrute,
    I have decided it is because they hate us.They were back for a while and then they took them away again.

  15. Creed always has been my favorite character (obvious?), and the second deleted scene has made me feel good about that choice. It was definitely worthy of being in the episode.

  16. Creed is such a loveable slimeball!

    Faked death, getting poor Debbie Brown canned (“to the fullest extent of the law”).

    I know somebody just like him. Or I did. I quit taking his calls when he went from being a successful architect to living on the beach in San Diego, selling tourist photos.

    But I think of him every Thursday.

  17. Agree that both of these scenes should have been in the episode, especially Creed. He is fast becoming one of the funniest characters EVER on t.v.!

  18. Creed faking his own death is so funny. I’m glad they developed his character a little more. I felt he was the funniest and most under developed character. I like how they put the spotlight on him this time.

  19. Why does Ryan stay with that woman??? Would the break up really be any more tortuous to endure than the relationship is??? Yet again, this would have been great to have seen in the episode.

  20. “Why does Ryan stay with that woman??? Would the break up really be any more tortuous to endure than the relationship is??? ”

    That could apply to so many relationships on this show.

  21. Ryan forgot to say, “…your voice has been heard” or something to that extent.

  22. the dude needs to get out of the office and try to make some sales…

  23. That last deleted scene was great, it’s too bad they take this stuff out.

  24. I wanna see the outtakes from BJ talking head. They must be hilarious! Ha Ha. Great clip.

  25. I loved Michael’s line about the aspirin company:

    “Like that aspirin company that sent out the poisoned aspirin in the regular aspirin bottles.”

    As if there are poisoned aspirin bottles and regular aspirin bottles. Ha!

    And Ryan rocks!

  26. That is “so” awesome. It “so” shouldn’t have been cut. It would have been “so” funny.

  27. i love the slow zoom in during ryan’s talking head. that was the best deleted scene!

  28. I just watched A Benihana Christmas, and thought: this is a great length of an episode. So please, NBC, keep the great deleted scenes (translation: make the show an hour) in the episodes, like the ones you have to post on the website. We, the fans, LOVE them! Ryan + Kelly is always funny.

  29. goodness, look at BJ’s eyes in that scene. holy crap.

    to reiterate the obvious, that should have been in the episode.

  30. More proof that 20 minutes and 30 seconds is not enough for this show

  31. This whole episode was great because everyone was acting like someone else (Dwight as Jim, Jim as Dwight, Ryan as Kelly, Angela as a nice person, Kevin as the “alligator hunter”) It’s great to see people out of their element.

    Ryan being Kelly was my favorite, but I would want all the deleted scenes to be left in…they really won’t have to work that hard to make it an hour long show!

  32. Those deleted scenes are great – Ryan’s definitely going to lose it someday, though maybe he can get some tips from Andy to help keep his cool! I really hope NBC makes the show an hour long so they can start keeping in more of these scenes. I wonder if they’re going to put up any part of the Jim/Andy scenes online that were cut out or if those will just be on the DVD? I’d love to see those scenes!

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