1. That promo appears to be a private video requiring an invite to view.

    Angela is hilarious because she’s in some kind of costume with her hair up and to the side a little and what looks sort of like a fat suit. You’ll probably never see her, Tom Arnold and George Takei in the same interview again.

  2. Angela will also be interviewed on Live 97.1 Free FM in Detroit around 12pm EST.

  3. I thought she did really good, but Tom Arnold really stole the show. Stand-up comics seem to have an easier time doing this show than actors. That said, Angela was very funny, I’m glad I watched it.

  4. Tom was funny and so was Angela. The “practice” improv was funny, too, especially when Angela broke after the picture, but Tom nailed that.

  5. Angela was so cute and funny on TGYH!! She should have won!!

  6. LOL @ Fred Willard at the end of clip 1. “Is she a mature 9?”

    Angela did great too, but gotta love “Bear City Narrator” Fred Willard.

  7. Hahahahahahaha! That was so great, especially Fred Willard, and Angela Kinsey’s skits!

  8. thanks for posting those, i completely forgot to watch (it’s not thursday, so i wasn’t thinking about tv at all). angela did great, her responses were so fast. it was neat to see her in roles quite different from angela martin. i liked fred willard too.

  9. oh, also, i love dave foley, i didnt realize he was involved til i saw the clips. does he judge every week?

  10. I thought Angela was way funnier than Tom Arnold, but when he made that comment about having married women much bigger than her I had to admit that was the funniest line of the whole night.

    What can I say? Roseanne Barr annoys the crap out of me, so any jabs at her crack me up. My husband didn’t get it at first, when I explained that he was married to her he replied, “Oh! And now she’s a lesbian, right?” hahahaha… “Not Rosie O’Donnell! Roseanne Barr!”

  11. I’m surprised so many people thought Fred Willard was funny. I thought he was the worst of the four. But I also had really high hopes for him because he’s so funny in all the Christopher Guest movies. He seemed so uncomfortable.

  12. I know I’m biased, but I really do think Angela was the best. What I liked was that she truly created characters, which is what improv is really all about. Acting, as opposed to one-liners. Ironically, the same thing I like about The Office! Way to go Angela!

  13. I agree with #17. Angela seemed like the only one really trying to get into her role and not just say a couple of funny one liners here and there. Tom Arnold had the best one liners, but Angela was def the best. She’s a riot, I love it.

  14. I had to give my vote to Tom, too, but AK was hilarious. She was SO QUICK with her responses. Scootch Scootch and Sloppy Boobs had me rolling.

  15. “hi, did my bra just come undone?” hahahaha… gotta love angela.

  16. I love this new show and Angela did a great job this week!! Wow, she really does have a hick southern accent. And that chair looked HUGE she was sitting in. She’s so tiny and petite. Bravo to Angela for braving it on TGYH!! She was amazing!

  17. #15 – haha!! Your husband is funny!! I hate Rosie O and Rosie B. Both are loud-mouth, narrow-minded idiots!!

  18. I’m a huge fan of the Australian show (being Aussie) and a lot of the actors on the the Aussie show (sorry to say this) are a lot better than the Americans because they’re like Angela – they say what ever pops into their heads and never falter! Angela was definitely a pro – she had the character down pat and everything! Other people are funny because they stuff up and laugh and stuff but she was one of the best I’ve seen! She was HILARIOUS.

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