The Office: Diwali, 3.06

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the office diwali

Writer: Mindy Kaling, Director: Miguel Arteta

Summary (NBC): Michael encourages the Scranton branch to attend a local celebration of Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights.

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Michael (snickering): Nice dress, Ryan.
Kelly: It’s not a dress. It’s a kurta.

Michael: Tonight, one of our most ethnic co-workers, Kelly, has invited us all to a Diwali celebration put on by her community. What is Diwali, you may ask. Well, to have Kelly explain it, (silly high voice) it’s … blah blah blah … it’s so super fun, and it’s gonna be great, lot of gods with unpronounceable names, twenty minutes you find out it is essentially a Hindu Halloween.

Michael: How come you didn’t get me one?

Meredith: Do you wanna make appletinis and watch Sex in the City at my place?

Kelly: I mean I thought we were really close friends.

Dwight: Maybe you’ve got mono.

Kevin (tittering): Oh, you mean, like is Pam going?

Angela: Don’t go. They eat monkey brains.

Michael: Indians do not eat monkey brains. And if they do, sign me up. Because I am sure they are very tasty. And nutritional.

Michael (to Stanley): Come Kwanzaa time, I have got you covered, baby.
Stanley: I don’t celebrate Kwanzaa.

Michael: … I don’t want them embarrassing me in front of my girlfriend Carol.

Michael: So without further adieu, Kelly! You are on.
Kelly: Um, Diwali is awesome. And there’s food, and there’s going to be dancing. And oh, I got the raddest outfit. It has, um, sparkles …
Michael: Kelly? Um, why don’t you tell us a little bit about the origins of the holiday?
Kelly: Oh, um, I don’t know, it’s really old, I think.
Angela: How many gods do you have?
Kelly: Like hundreds, I think. Maybe more than that.
Angela: And that blue, busty gal — what’s her story?
Kevin: She looks like Pam from the neck down.
Dwight: Pam wishes.

Dwight: Kelly, I’ll take this one. Diwali is a celebration of the coronation god king Rama after his epic battle with Ravena, the demon king of Lanka. It symbolizes the battle between good and evil.
Michael: All right, all right. This isn’t Lord of the Rings.

Jim: I started biking to work. Josh does it. And he lives a lot farther away than I do. And also, it saves gas money, it keeps me in shape, helps the environment. And now I know it makes me really sweaty for work.

Karen: Nice basket.
Jim: Thank you!

Michael: Apu, from The Simpsons. Hilarious Indian.

Dwight: I see dead people.
Michael: Okay! Spoiler alert.
Dwight: He was dead the whole time.
Michael: Just stop it!

Chip dude: Karen, my chips got stuck in the vending machine again. I need your … skinny little arms …
Karen: Oh. Did you shake it?
Chip dude: Yeah, I shook it, I shook it …

Andy: We have such a roller coaster thing, Karen and I.
Jim: Excuse me?
Andy: Rollercoastery friendship. Hot and cold. On again, off again. Sexual tension-filled type of deal. It’s very Sam and Diane.
Jim: Wow.
Andy: From Cheers.
Jim: Yup.
Andy: Yeah.

Michael: And another thing about the Indian people, they love sex positions. I present to you The Kama Sutra. I mean, look at that. Who has seen that before?
Creed: I have, that’s the union of the monkey.
Meredith: Oh, that’s what they call it.
Kevin: This is the best meeting we have ever had.
Michael: Thank you, Kevin.
Angela: I find this incredibly offensive.
Michael: Well, I find it beautiful.

Michael: No, this is delightful, charming culture.

Michael: My Indian cultural seminar was going great until Toby decided that he was too immature to deal with culturally explicit images. It’s just sex, people. Everybody does it. I’m doing it with Carol. Probably tonight.

Josh: Now Karen, let’s keep it to $20 a person this time.

Andy: You guys ready to party?

Phyllis: Isn’t this fun, not wearing shoes?
Angela: I wish some of us still had our shoes on.
Kevin: Stop it. It’s a disease. I’ve … told you.

Kevin (tittering at Carol): Nice outfit.

Angela: I’m a vegetarian. What can I eat?
Buffet dude: It’s all vegetarian.
Angela: I’ll just have some bread. (As she’s walking away) You used your hands.

Michael: These smores are disgusting.
Carol: They’re not smores. They’re samosas.
Michael: Do you think they have any smores?

Michael: All they are is chocolate, graham cracker, and marshmallow. How difficult would that have been?

Kelly: Leave him alone! I hate you guys.

Ryan: They said something about Zach Braff.

Pam (as she’s getting her hand stamped): That’s very official.

Pam: I feel a little underdressed. But at least I’m not dressed like a slutty cheerleader, right? Is that mean?

Kelly’s mom: Ryan is a temporary worker, makes no money. Wali is a whole doctor. So handsome, makes good money.

Kelly’s dad: How long have you been married to the cheerleader?

Michael: Who is this crazy gringo and what is he talking about?

Carol: This is our ninth date, Michael.

Michael: I feel like I’ve known you many lifetimes. Maybe I’m Hindu after all. Okay, I’m not Hindu.

Ryan: Well, I was a temp, but I got promoted. So, um, the compensation is a lot more competitive.
Kelly’s mom: So you’re saving money now to start a family and home?
Ryan: Oh, um, or travel. And, um, and buy an Xbox.
Kelly’s dad: Is there anything you wanted to ask us tonight?

Pam: How’s the naan?
Angela: Dry. You looked like you were having fun.
Pam: I am. You should come dance with us.
Angela: I have to watch our shoes, so they don’t get stolen.

Andy (singing): I went to the doctor, I went to the mountains, I looked to the children …
Karen: Andy, no a’cappella!
Andy: I looked to the children, I drank from the fountain …
Andy and Jim: There’s more than one answer, to your questions, pointing me in crooked line …
Andy: Wait, wait …
Andy and Jim: … the less I seek my source …
Karen: Oh come on guys, please.
Andy and Jim: … the closer I am to fine, closer I am to fine …
Karen: It’s not good.
Andy: Tuna?! Are you kidding me?!!!

Michael: We are both the victims of broken engagements.
Pam: Well, you were never really engaged.
Michael: I was in that marriage … arena, though.

Pam: I kind of thought something would happen tonight, too.

Pam: What are you doing?
Michael: What are you doing?
Pam: I’m rejecting your kiss.

Michael: Can I have a ride home?
Pam: If you sit in the back.

Karen: Hey, dummy, get in the car.

Jim: And I am just going to lie down in the back, if that’s alright.
Karen: Sure! Here’s your bag. Just don’t puke on anything. (Gets in car) You okay?
Jim: So good.
Karen: Good.

Michael: These are not my shoes.

Michael: This is just like that show, Taxi Cab Confessions.
Pam: You say one more word, I’m stopping the car.
Michael: Sorry.

The Diwali Song

Diwali is
A festival of lights
Let me tell you something
Tonight has been
One crazy night …

So put on your saris
It’s time to celebrate Diwali
Everybody looks so jolly
But it’s not Christmas, it’s Diwali
The goddess of destruction, Kali
Stopped by to celebrate Diwali
Don’t invite any zombies
To our celebration of Diwali
Along came Polly
To have some fun at Diwali
If you’re Indian and you love to party
Have a happy, happy
Happy, happy Diwali!

Icon courtesy of brandyhall_art.


  1. We have ourselves another good episode but this one seemed to go so fast. I don’t know..good but not my favorite. Even the though Sandler tribute was great. haha

  2. yay i’m the first the comment! that was such an amazing episode! i can’t believe that Michael proposed to Carol…i loved that Pam was trying to text Jim…the best part was the Diwali song!

  3. And yeah, when Michael went to kiss Pam I was literally screaming, “No, Michael, no!”

  4. michael’s diwali song puts Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah song to shame! i was sort of dissapointed that Dwight didn’t really have any big lines tonight. the michael/pam kiss scene was hilarious. another great episode!

  5. what did she text him?!
    i’m gonna go crazy.
    was it a booty call? haha, no.
    but she wanted something to happen.
    i think he left his phone at his desk.
    poor michael. that carol is a bitch.

  6. It killed me that J missed P’s text! Michael was his usual self, but that kissing Pam thing just was ewww! I know its a tangent, but DO NOT like the Jim/Karen storyline

  7. “if u love to party..its time to celebrate diwali!” omg! major props to mindy..and m night shamalam..classic..


  8. Very good episode. It really did seem to go by too fast. The upcoming supersized show will be great. I think this episode was the second best of the season behind The Convention.

  9. That was my favorite since Gay Witch Hunt. I absolutely loved Kelly’s sisters fawning over Ryan.

    Is Michael going to try to kiss every cast member as the season progresses?

    One thing I didn’t like: I know Angela has to be a tight ass, but a vegetarian would have known they can eat Indian food.

  10. It was funny, but I agree with Chuck that it seemed to go by REALLY fast. I cringed at the Michael / Pam moment.

    “These aren’t my shoes.”

    Poor Michael.

  11. It really was a strange episode! I didn’t think it was very funny, like you guys said, which is weird because it had the potential to be hilarious. I feel like when they set up these great things like parties or Dwight’s farm–they end up not working on making the jokes so great, so its not that funny.

    Pam’s “i’m rejecting your kiss” was incredible, though.
    But I was dissipointed nothing big happened AT ALL. We didn’t even get funny Kelly & Ryan scenes! What happened?

    Anyone else think Michael was gonna mention Jim telling him he transfered because of Pam? I was expecting that….oh well

  12. yeah, i was actually thinking he would mention that to pam. it’s something they would do.
    thank god they didn’t.

  13. ha, kelly’s sisters said ryan looks like zach braff.
    so funny.
    he does kind of look like him….no, he looks better.

  14. Episode wins the record for highest number of times I mentally screamed, “Michael, no. Don’t do it, Michael!”

  15. Not impressed at all. The only good part of the night was the Diwali song at the end. Worst episode of the season.

  16. ah!
    i can’t wait to see the deleted scenes!
    oooh i flet especially embarassed for michael this episode.

  17. Heee heeee drunk bicycle Jim. Thank you Andy for sleeping in the office… I wouldn’t trust him on the road drunk OR sober.

  18. This episode reminded me a lot of Casino Night. I liked it a lot even though it wasn’t hilarious (which was actually rather nice after all the over-the-top moments in the previous season 3 episodes) and it seemed like not that much happened. Several times I thought something important would happen, but each time it didn’t, and then the episode was over (way too soon as others have pointed out). The highlights for me were when they all looked at the Kamasutra booklet, Carol in the cheerleader costume was a great visual gag, and Michael’s punchline in the opening was hilarious. One thing though, it was pretty unbelievable that Angela wouldn’t know that Indian food is mostly vegetarian.

  19. oh, michael. oh, sad, sad, sad man.

    the episode had its moments of humor/dramatic tension, but as a whole it wasn’t all that outstanding. in my humble opinion, at least. =]

    my favorite [comedic] moment of the episode was toby’s reaction to michael handing out the pamphlets in the conference room… “oh…no, actually, michael…i should probably take these up…”


  20. “Stanley, when Kwanzaa comes around I got your back baby”

    Not the best this season

  21. I liked it. I was dying when I realized what Michael’s speech was going to be about. I must have missed about 20 jokes because I was laughing over all of them!

  22. Oh Poor Michael! I felt So bad for him. I just kept saying what are you doing?!
    And Jim falling off the bike! ha! That’s gonna be my new avatar!
    I wonder what Pam texted to Jim.

  23. I liked this one. Jim falling into the bushes was hysterical! It’s nice to see John do physical comedy.

    I felt sorry for Michael after Carol turned him down.

    And Roy looked smokin’ hot, the few seconds we saw of him. More Roy!

  24. Michael sang the Diwali song before the marriage proposal. Sometimes the last clip of the show is supposed to take place like in the middle of the episode.

  25. This episode seemed like a stall episode….I’m thinkin that next episode will be amazing…this was a huge dissapointment….

  26. Billy, the song was Closer to Fine by the Indigo Girls.

    I fell off my chair when michael closed his eyes to kiss pam. I thought I was going to be sick!!! sooo awkward! at least it wasn’t karen and jim…

  27. The problem with exceptional shows like the Office that get obsessed fans is that they also get tons of whiners who like to critique everything because it makes them feel important.

  28. I agree this episode seemed like a bit of a stall, but I still think it had some really well done, really funny moments.

    can’t wait for the supersized episodes!!!

  29. Hey Chelsea – there’s a Mr. Pot calling for a Mr. Kettle on line 1 – would you like to speak to both of them?

  30. I agree that this episode went really fast, thank goodness we’ll have a supersized one soon!

  31. I hope not. And I didnt like Roy eyeing Pam like that. He had his chance and he blew it! Move on buddy.

  32. What do you guys think the text message said?? And I wonder how long it took Jim to read it after! I hope that he doesn’t hook up with Karen. I think her and Josh should get together actually! Let JAM re-unite:) Well hey if anyone has any inside scoops on what the message said please post it on the website!! Thanks much!

  33. Here’s my theory on the TM:

    Pam sent Jim a TM saying that Michael had just proposed to Carol. She was hoping he would call her, so she would tell him the story, but he didn’t, thus explaining her comment to Michael.

  34. I dont think this was a bad episode…it just didn’t live up to the hype that’s all. Thanks for explaining it erin! And lovefool I totally think that Josh and Karen would be cute!! Is he married?

  35. Speaking about Super-sizing…I thought this episode would have been a lot better had it been longer. It seemed like it needed a little more time to let things develop…a little more time at the party before Michael popped the question, a little more Dwight (a wasted opportunity with him dressed up so wonderfully), a little more interaction with Ryan, Kelly and her parents, a little more interaction amongst the Office crew at the party, and a little more time with the drives home. Another 6 minutes would have done a world of good, in my opinion.

  36. It’s all good. The way I see it, Jim has to get together with someone else to realize how much he does love Pam…and vice versa.

  37. Do you guys think Pam and Jim will get back together this season? What’s everyone’s theory?

  38. While not my favorite episode so far this year, it was still a pretty solid effort. Michael proposing to Carol was hugely awkward, and then trying to kiss Pam?! Double yikes! Steve Carell is the best comedic actor in television, if not in Hollywood today.

  39. Michael trying to kiss Pam could have been the funniest thing. Especially since there wasn’t even a moement that could have been interpreted as something Pam was interested in.

  40. Well Jenny, he already knows how much he loves Pam, he found out when he dated Katie. They already know! I still just don’t understand why the heck Pam didn’t return the feelings. She broke up with Roy, she knows there’s no else better than Jim, and they both know that once Pam comes around Jim will come running back. WHATS THE HOLD UP???

  41. I agree Lola. JAM needs to pick it up again!!

    Not a bad episode…it should’ve been longer though.

  42. Wow… I was so disappointed with this episode!!! It was nothing like the last two seasons where I would be rolling with laughter… I don’t even remember laughing tonight… Deal or No Deal was better than the Office tonight and that is so sad… If Jim and Pam don’t start something again, I might just stick to watching the first two seasons… How can they attach us to these characters and expect us to calmly sit back and watch them drift apart?! And I threw pillows at the TV whenever Karen came on… Am I the only one who does that?

  43. I loved this episode… SO funny!!! I laughed at so many parts. Steve Carell is amazing.

    Can’t wait for the next 2 EPISODES!!!

  44. Mandie…I didnt throw pillows but I did scream at the tv when she came on. Only Pam is allowed to give Jim puppy eyes!!! lol

  45. I loved SO much about tonight! The whole rollercoaster dialogue to Jim, the pam/michael scene (I am rejecting your kiss), michael’s own little outside version of “casino night”…so good.

    I’m all about jim and pam but some of you guys need to relax. They are in an incredibly awkward spot and pam’s not exactly the type of girl to jump in jim’s pants so RELAX. This isn’t ‘friends.’ Let the texting continue :)

    Did anyone else feel awful for Michael? He’s such an ass but deep down I side with pam and how she usually ends up feeling bad for him.

    ps-i can’t wait to buy something “I’m rejecting your kiss” on cafepress. you KNOW someone will put it up sometime soon lol

  46. Michael’s imitation of Kelly…Michael dancing…Michael’s slide show of ‘famous Indians”… “Put on your Sari, it’s time for Duwali”. He is so funny. Angela guarding the shoes, funny. I assume Michael was drunk. I was almost certain when he tried to kiss Pam (where did that come from) that he would bring up what Jim told him. Pam plays a better drunk than Jim (ahhh the Dundees). Anyway, felt a little bad for Roy tonight. Just a little. Bravo to Mindy Kaling for writing something unique.

  47. Lola…I do agree with you…I’m just trying to force optimism to stop myself from going nuts about the whole Jim and Karen scenario!!! And I SO agree with Mandie about throwing pillows at the tv. When Karen picked up Jim, I had to contain my scream of horror so I didn’t wake the kids!! But it’s still so early in the season…they’ve gotta make it right with something pretty great between Jim and Pam.


  48. I LOVE JIM
    A LOT

  49. I thought it was hilarious that Jim & Andy sang an Indigo Girls song. Definitely NOT a song two dudes sing together. Great Mindy Kaling touch, I’ll bet…

  50. It’s sad how much we all hate Karen. Shes probably a really cool chick I’m sure. Shes just going for the wrong guy thats all:) I really hope JAM gets back together!!!!

  51. Cute drunk Jim was the best part. Oh, and sweaty Jim. Hm, I think I’m seeing a pattern there… We need more Jim!!

    I’m wondering what was Pam expecting to have happen. For Roy to show up at Diwali? What was she texting to Jim?

    I really thought Pam and Michael were going to kiss for a second! And Pam’s reaction was priceless. “I was avoiding your kiss!” had me laughing for awhile.

    I thought they were following Jim and Karen at the end but it was only Pam and Michael. I thought there would be more to the story there. I had built alot of expectation for this episode. I was expecting something… I don’t know. More.

    Oh, and what about Roy! McStud!

  52. I liked the episode, but it did feature a lot more uncomfortable humor than many of the US episodes. I thought Michael had a very David Brent feel to him toinght, which isn’t bad in my mind but I can see why some people don’t like it.

    Something else I thought of – remember before the season started and all of the controversy about the leak over the text message being a spoiler? Jenna mentioned in her blog how the story wasn’t entirely true – and she was right!

  53. i loved the whole happy happy happy diwali song by steve at the end…i want those lyrics.

  54. Whoa! What’s with jimrocksmyworld? That’s just a little creepy… Anyway, I’m with Jenny… I mean, I knew Karen would pick Jim up, it was set up to happen, but I couldn’t help but yell at the top of my lungs and freak out just a little… And since when is Roy handsome?! especially with that caveman beard, but I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion…

  55. Looking at the titles of the next two episodes, “Branch Closing” and “The Merger”, my guess is Karen and Jim hooked up afterwards.

    With Jim and Pam soon working together again this will be another roadblock to keep them apart, and provide many awkward moments.

  56. I thought this episode had a lot of potential right at the beginning, but it really flopped when michael and carol showed up in costumes (who else thought carol loked hideous on tonights episode?) I was really anxious when Michael tried to kiss Pam. It wasn’t funny exactly, it was just “OMG what the hell is his problem?!?” kida funny. yup

    i wanted more out of this episode…it didnt seem like a good ending (besides the diwali song)


  57. I also thought the episode went fast, and I did think there was so much to it.

    I laughed more the second time I watched it, which is not unusual. Those of you who were dissapointed, try it again.

    What did Pam text to Jim???

    Think Karen took advantage of Jim? Something to think about.

  58. It’s a crime. I had to go out tonight. Set my VCR to tape and I came home to see that for some unknown reason my VCR didn’t work. EVIL! Anyone got a link to tonight’s show, or is it too soon? Help!

  59. NOOOOO!!!! I hope your wrong Creed!!! I will die if Jim and Karen hook up, even if he ends up with Pam in the end!! It would totally change their realtionship and not make it as sweet and pure!! And if they merge, doesn’t that mean that Pam has to work with that horrible witch?! I could cry…

  60. Great job, Mindy. I loved it, best episode of the season yet. I’m glad to see Pam developing more as a character, Jim was hilarious, and Michael’s weirdness near the end was the icing, great show all around. Best conference room scene ever.

    Now just answer your darn message, Jim.

  61. Loved this episode until the end… are we going to find out what happened with Jim and Karen next time or are they going to leave us in suspense? ahhhhhhhhhh!

  62. I really don’t get why people hate Karen. Seriously, guys, get over it. I personally think Karen is a really good person. And I’m a huge Jam fan. I don’t think it’s reasonable to hate someone just because they’re associated with the Jam relationship. That’s unfair. I think you should hate someone if their not likeable, now that would be reasonable. So, with that said, I’d like to ask all Karen haters out there: For what good reason do you hate Karen?

  63. I really don’t have a problem with Karen … just as long as nothing romantic being her and Jim happens. If and when that happens … well then … that’s a whole other story. But right now I’m perfectly fine with her. Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing a “Kardy” (Karen & Andy) hookup.

  64. Oh yes … and there is a spoiler out there somewhere that says Karen & Pam become friends. Of course that maybe before each other finds out exactly what the other one means to Jim.

  65. I am so surprised at the somewhat negative reaction to this episode…I loved it! …and to me it seemed like so much happened. I had to watch it twice to keep up with all of it. Shocked people are saying “nothing happened”

    -Sweaty Jim (that was pretty hot)
    -Drunk Jim (pretty cute)
    -Michael attempting to kiss Pam wow!
    – Michael proposing wow!
    – meeting on the kama sutra was a scream.
    – Pam reaching out to Jim
    – Karen taking Jim who knows where
    – 2 guys singing Indigo girls
    – Roy reaching out to Pam
    (i’m probably missing things…again, I felt there was so much going on!)

    I agree it was not necessarily “laugh out loud” funny, but it was full of great little moments I have really missed in season 3 so far. This is probably my favorite episode of the season so far.

    The one thing I am really wondering about though now is: Did Dwight and Angela break up? There seemed to be these subtle hostile glances exchanged between them a couple times. Am I crazy?

  66. Opalark I totally agree with you. When have we ever seen Jim drunk?!?! Never!! He was so effing cute. I love drunk Jim:) No I think this was a good episode for sure…so much happened thats been missing! I think there was just too much unecessary hype that came along with it. People…give it time and watch it again if you can…I think you’ll like it more.

    P.S. I will confirm that there was a spoiler that Karen and Pam become friends. It totally makes sense though. Here’s my theory…Karen will really start to like Jim…Jim will maybe kind of like Karen but not do anything about it. Then they’ll merge, and Pam will get really excited and develop feelings for Jim again. Then the whole rest of the season neither girls or Jim will do anything about whatever feelings they have, it’ll just be silent flirting, and in the process Karen and Pam will become friends not knowing how the other one feels about Jim. THEN…at the season finale they’ll find out about how each other likes the same guy, and Jim will have to choose between the two girls. Sounds like it could happen?? It’s def. just a theory but it has it’s possibilities. Please comment and let me know what you guys think and if you have any different theories. Thanks!! (love live jam!!)

  67. i can’t believe all the negative feedback. i agree a lot was packed into one episode but i found it one of my favorites so far.

  68. Adam, do you have any other episodes?

    Also opal, I think the Angela and Dwight thing is on the DL so they never really show it off in public. That is how it always is in the office, just they had to transfer it to a highschool gym so it seemed wierd but I think it is still there :)

  69. You’re not crazy at all. I completely agree with the points you made, OpalArk. I think some people can’t understand that Jim/Pam can’t be back together immediately, and people are complaining about Michael now? C’mon, his character is SUPPOSED to be irritating. I like how the Karen/Pam/Roy/Jim subplot is carrying out.

  70. That was an amazing piece of television. I felt like I was watching real people interact with each other. This felt like it came straight out of Season 2, which will always be the standard by which I judge this show. I rank it right up there with the Booze Cruise and Casino Night!

  71. Im’ a huge Dwight/Angela fan and I hope they’re still together…

    I love the whole awkardness and tension going on =)

  72. What do you guys think Pam wanted to happen with Jim when she texted him. Because when she was talking to Michael and said that she too was hoping that something would happen. Obviously she was talking about Jim cuz she kept checking her phone ever 8 seconds!! So what do you guys think she wanted to happen. And exactly how far do Jim and Pam live from each other? Did he have to move when he switched jobs??

  73. Jordan – just go to the main website of TorrentSpy. Search for “office” and punch in the season and episode in the format of:

    office s03e06

    Season 3, episode 6.

    Thats how I’ve gotten all of these.

  74. I really enjoyed tonight’s episode.

    I was reading an interview with Mindy (the actress who plays Kelly and wrote tonight’s episode) in which she said that one of the keys of The Office is that they never have a really nice moment without having it following by an uncomfortably grotesque one. They don’t want to be your quintessential boring show.

    I love that about this show.

  75. I think there is something weird going on between Dwight and Angela OpalArk. Whether they are broken up or Dwight was just trying to cover up their relationship by agreeing with Kelly that he was single is up in the air i guess, for right now. I think that Pam texted Jim either for him to call her or to tell him that she was ready to begin something, because she texted him right after the Indian guy she was talking to said that Michael was ‘brave’ (or something to that effect) for doing something like proposing to Carol. And I think that by she was hoping that if Jim was ready too that he would call/message her back quickly. This episode seemed to be a lead-in (to be continued? maybe) to next weeks episode, which will, hopefully, answer the cliffhanger question about the message. It was a good episode overall, but we need more Office-centric episodes not all these off-site episodes

  76. Adam – Yea I have done my fairshare at Torrentspy, I am in the process of dling ep5, and ep6 (thanks to your link) Are the rest of season 3 episodes on there?

    theoffficemakesmelaugh – Yea I read that also and that is what makes this show so funny, not only do they have that aspect in it where something can feel good but they have to mess it up and have an akward part in it. I just can’t wait for the next 2 episodes omGGGG

    Lilly – I think Pam wanted Jim to come, or just to talk to him… At least that is what I gather.

  77. Lilly, Pam lives in Scranton, PA, about a hour and a half/2 hours west of NYC, Jim is in Stamford, CT, about an hour or so east/northeast of NYC, so they’re about 3-4 hours apart

  78. Ok thanks Craig! Wow I didn’t realize how far Jim had to move for a new job!! So does anyone have any spoilers for the next two episodes??? I don’t think I can wait too long!

  79. My total favorite line of the show was:

    Pam: “What are you doing?”
    Michael: “What are YOU doing?”
    Pam: “Rejecting your kiss.”

  80. Lilly – Just look at the top right of your screen. Officetally has pretty much all that I know so far but that is all you need to know to be EXCITED!

  81. Ohh man, i hate learning spoilers (i try to stay clean) but the Pam & Karen being friends thing…that’s so gonna happen. Because think of how this show is–yeah it’s crazy and weird, but it’s also pretty realistic, especially with Jim & Pam’s relationship. It’d be way cheesy/cliche if Pam HATES Karen and they duel it out or something.

    Also, all the girls in the Office are weird and Pam can’t really relate to them. Karen could be a good friend for Pam. She’s normal–not socially bizarre– i can completely see them getting along.

  82. Very funny episode.

    Seemed very short.

    What did Pam mean when she said she was expecting something to happen tonight?

    Can’t wait for next weeks episode!!!

  83. I didn’t really like tonight’s episode. It was all right but nothing spectacular, I didn’t even laugh out loud. Oh well. I am glad however, that Jim and Pam have started texting.

  84. someone said karen and pam will be catty toward each other. i think the word “catfight” was used… i definitely disagree. the show is much more subtle than that. this latest season seems to be picking up the pace quite a bit, which i like, but still. i doubt anything more dramatic than a merge (which would be awesome, so long as stamford merges w/ scranton, not vice versa) will happen soon.

  85. This episode went by so fast. I thought it would be great, but it ended up only okay.

    Michael trying to kiss Pam – I was like “oh, no!” when I saw him looking at her hair, right before he closed his eyes and leaned towards her.

    Jim not answering his phone – big disappointment. and yeah, I was wondering too if his phone broke during his fall into the bushes, or if he just left it on his desk.

    The part in the conference room, and then Angela in general was hilarious. I wouldn’t really expect Angela to know that Indian food is mostly vegetarian (I didn’t know that. They do eat chicken.). The part where she was guarding the shoes was funny.

    It’s just me, but I don’t want the people in the Stamford branch to end up in the Scranton branch. I don’t care if they all become great friends or whatnot, but I just want Jim to go back to Scranton and leave the Stamford people out of the show… wishful thinking. I don’t like Karen partly because of the whole JAM thing, but also – she seems arrogant and bossy, like Angela is. We already have 1 person with that kind of personality, we don’t need another.

    I don’t remember what I laughed at in this episode, but there must have been a couple of spots that were funny. Nice try, but it just didn’t do much for me…

  86. So when the merge happens are they going to merge to scranton or stamford? Or is it going to be a new location? Because I don’t see how all of those people are going to fit in either office, ya know? Any insight let me know!!

  87. hey just my opinion of course…but i think alot happend tonight. Michael ruined his relationship, Pam text Jim, and i think there are problems going on between Angela and Dwight. Did you see the look they gave each other when dwight walked into the room….it looked mean. Maybe they are having problems and we don’t know it???

  88. I know a lot of people are saying that this episode felt like nothing happened, but I feel like its purpose was mostly to set up for a lot of things that will pay off later. Hopefully, anyway. I guess we’ll see. That being said, I liked this episode, even though it was kind of a departure from the usual tone of the show.

  89. i never thought i’d say this, but roy is breaking my heart. i still don’t want him to get back with pam, though. i wonder how pam will feel if roy finds someone new? i think (and hope) michael will recover soon enough

  90. This was a crazy episode! While I don’t think anything REALLY happened, a lot of things were set up that will be later explained in the upcoming episodes…Such as Michael/Pam…Jim/Karen…Jim/Pam…Pam/Roy…Dwight/Angela…I mean, a lot of things happened that lead to other things….I”m really excited for the next two weeks…Jim, Karen, AND Pam all in one office…that’ll be really interesting

  91. Did anyone notice that when Karen picked Jim up outside, and he said “you can really hold your liquor” he called her by her last name?

    They’re quite chummy. =]

  92. Hmmm…this episode is different. Is it just me or does the third season seem to be going completely against all the conventions set by the 1st and 2nd seasons? Like … instead of examining humdrum events, it’s taking these sort of absurd plots and throwing the characters in there. (I’m not complaining. It’s The Office. You can’t complain. It’s still funny…I’m just saying…this season is reallllllly different.)

  93. So my million-dollar question: has Creed participated in the “union of the monkey” with one of the many many women, or was it with the unknown man that may have slipped in? Hee hee hee…

  94. I agree. They are missing something this Season. Some of you probably know that I am a die hard fan, but some of the episodes have just been kind of boring this season. Gay Witch Hunt was great…and The Coup. The rest of them….nothing. I don’t get why they would try to fix something that wasn’t broken. I have a feeling that I won’t even buy this season on DVD. :0(

    Makes me sad.

  95. Saw a post on the IMDB Msg Board about the big guy asking Karen to get his chips out of the machine. He was funny. Anyone know who he is?

  96. I thought it was a great episode…like someone mentioned before, it definitely set up a lot of plot lines that will be expanded on in the weeks to come.

    But MAN, that had to be one of the most depressing episodes of the series. I was definitely feeling Michael’s pain when Carol rejected him…I mean, I know he didn’t help himself out by the things he did and said, but it just seemed that Michael had finally found someone who was able to put up with him…guess that wasn’t the case. And that HAD to be the first time in the ENTIRE SERIES that you actually felt sympathy for Roy.

    I’m glad the episode wasn’t as Kelly-centric as I thought it would be…I was starting to worry that writers like BJ and Kelly would put more focus on their characters just because they could…but this was actually a MUCH bigger episode for the main characters…well except Dwight. He had like, what, two or three whole lines?!

  97. I think the only problem with this episode, was that most of the people on here have expectations so high they can’t possibly even be met. My guess is that maybe half (or even more) of the people on this website have never had to wait a week to watch any episodes up until this season! Most of the people here have just picked up the DVD’s after the fact, or bought all the episodes on iTunes and watched them all in one sitting. The show takes patience. And I think it’s funny how someone who sat through the entire 1st and 2nd seasons in a matter of days feels like they completely understand the show. Unless you sat through nearly every episode as it aired, I could see how you would see the 3rd season as a disappointment. It’s hard to get instant gratification when you have to actually wait for the episodes. With DVD, you just watch them at your leisure. If you have been watching since season 1, I doubt you were disappointed with this episode. It is right in line with Booze Cruise or Casino Night. It mostly takes place outside of the Office. And in my opinion, this episode might be in my top 5 episodes of all time.

  98. Jim and Pam are two hours apart according to the show. Jan told Michael on one of the episodes, when he was trying to get her to come to Scranton (maybe for the dundies) that it was a two hour drive. I think she says something about it when she’s all butt hurt at the end of Casino night too.

  99. Did anyone notice that Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” was the song that Pam was dancing to. Back in Season 2, in “the carpet,” when Jim was in the back desk, Kelly listed all the things she thought were awsome,
    1) hot dogs
    2) Pink the person
    3) Pin the color
    4) Beyonce
    Then she goes and writes an episode that includes a Beyonce song, trippy.

    Also, when did Jim and Pam get so close again, I know they talked on the phone, but now she is texting him every time something happens, like nothing was ever wrong. I know that it is probably just set-up for the merger, so she can be ready to see Jim again, but he is with Karen, but really, what happened to her rejecting him, just a thought.

  100. Sorry, I put the wrong e-mail adress on the other comment:

    Did anyone notice that Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” was the song that Pam was dancing to. Back in Season 2, in “the carpet,” when Jim was in the back desk, Kelly listed all the things she thought were awsome,
    1) hot dogs
    2) Pink the person
    3) Pin the color
    4) Beyonce
    Then she goes and writes an episode that includes a Beyonce song, trippy.

    Also, when did Jim and Pam get so close again, I know they talked on the phone, but now she is texting him every time something happens, like nothing was ever wrong. I know that it is probably just set-up for the merger, so she can be ready to see Jim again, but he is with Karen, but really, what happened to her rejecting him, just a thought.

  101. That was two hours to NYC. Stamford is another hour or so further. And, actually with the horrible traffic surrounding NYC, at the wrong time it could be twice as long. I live in NYC and grew up in CT and make the drive often.

  102. I liked the episode but I thought it ended on a slightly strange note. Anyone agree? The parallel was nice, but also very weird. I don’t know, it just seemed a bit off there at the end in the cars.

  103. Good point, Nick. Maybe she just texted him because something HUGE (like Michael proposing and getting rejected) happened and she knows how much they both finds Michael’s life choices amusing.

  104. Hi all – I’m new here…new to “The Office” and very obsessed. I’ve caught up with seasons 1 & 2 on DVD…have watched current episodes for about 4 weeks – have been so delighted with it. I love the literary resonances; it’s very comedy-of-manners. I have also been fascinated by the Austenesque “union of true souls” between Pam & Jim (as well as the satire and wit throughout) — but I was pretty disappointed in last night’s “Diwali” episode. First, the mockumentary technique seemed all but adandoned. The various story threads were all over the place. It just didn’t hang together. Some of the folks were so out of character…in previous episodes, Michael’s loneliness has been thrown into relief so beautifully without ever drifting into schmaltz, but last night’s rejection of his marrriage proposal was almost melodramatic. I laughed only once, when Ryan tells Kelly’s parents that in addition to saving for marriage, he hastily adds that he’s also saving for “travel” and computer games. I could see what the attempt was about in general, but I am so sad to say I just didn’t think it worked. Where willl it all go?

  105. Sure, the show could have been funnier ie: Dwight should have had a lot more lines and more interaction w/Michael. I guess they can only squeeze so much material in 20 minutes. Still, the show was pretty good.

    Im such a huge fan of this show. I rather watch a fair episode of The Office than any other crappy show on tv any day of the week. As a true fan you gotta stick with it.

    A lot of interesting things happened in this episode, and im sure they will unfold in the upcoming episodes. It was nice to see a different setting out of the office.

    I agree the episode ended kind of weird. That was until Dwight and Michael did their diwali duet.

    Have a haaappy, haaaappy Diwaaali!!

  106. I really enjoyed this episode. It was uncomfortable (Michael’s proposal/rejection), hilarious (conference room meeting, diwali song), tender (Pam reaching out to Jim & being disappointed, Roy coming to terms with his relationship w/Pam), and goofy (the whole Andy/Jim singing, drinking & possible sharing of an inflatable bed). I’m not seeing a downside to this episode at all.

    I am a huge JAM fan, but more importantly, I am a realist and I love that the writers are not sugar coating this relationship to please impatient fans. The writers and actors are doing an excellent job of portraying this dynamic in real time with real angst, uncertainty, and longing. I haven’t watched much television in the past because I don’t like being spoon fed unrealistic scenarios. That’s why I enjoy The Office so much…it’s smart, funny, awkward, bittersweet & full of passion.

  107. I freaked out when Andy started singing the Indigo Girls! I love the Indigo Girls! And them Jim joined in. That was my favorite part of this excellent episode.

  108. I have to say this episode was just okay for me, It seemed like they tried to cram in way too many storylines into one episode, and in doing so, it made it seem like every storyline got shortchanged. I think that the writers are trying to tie up a bunch of loose ends before the merger. Having said that, The Office on a bad day is still a great show.

    I don’t know what to think about Jim this season, he’s sorta weird. What’s up with the whole emulating Josh thing? That seemed like it was happening in the Convention episode too.

    High Five! I was dead on about Michael proposing to Carol! I totally didn’t expect him to try and kiss Pam though… THAT was funny.

    I like how they mirrored the ending… with Jim in Karen’s car and Michael in Pam’s. But I have to say- I can’t see any possibilty that there was any type of Karen/Jim hookup when she drove him home, because she wasn’t drunk (she kept dumping out shots instead of drinking them). I was actually concerned that Jim was going to make a move on her since HE was drunk.

    I really don’t get all the animosity towards Karen. I like her. You can’t really blame her for liking Jim, she doesn’t know anything about Pam.

    And I’m sorry, but Roy is looking GOOD this season! WHEW!

  109. Well, I watched Season 2 as it unfolded, went back and watched Season 1 over a few days…and I’m still disappointed in Season 3. Instant gratification has nothing to do with it. I don’t think it’s unrealistic to expect that they’d maintain the same kind of comedy and overall feel of the first 2 seasons. I’m not expecting them to be BETTER than the first 2 seasons, but at least equal, and they’re not. Some parts are funny, but many other shows on TV are funny, too, and there’s nothing here right now that would make me into an ardent fan. Some spark – be in Jim and Pam, or the feel of the office, or the overall writing – is just not there so far. The whole Scranton thing just seems like a waste of screen time to me. I mean, we’ KNOW it’s temporary, and most of the subplots from there have fallen flat anyway(well, I did like seeing Andy and his portable air mattress, but…).

    Just bring back “The Office.” Please.

  110. That was weird when Dwight said he was single. At first I thought he was just trying to hide the relationship; but now, thinking back, maybe something is going on with Dwangela…I can’t wait to find out!

  111. Mapquest of distance from Scranton to Stamford says 148 miles or 2 and 1/2 hours. You don’t drive through NYC to get from one town to the other.
    I am also shocked by the number of people who thought this episode was boring. Every line had so many nuances and subtle jokes. I could go on and on how many great lines were in this ep. Also, no one has mentioned Dwight’s guitar playing-who knew?
    Also, the parallel car rides home of the ladies driving and the pathetic guys in the back seat-genius!

  112. Did anyone else LOVE the sheer happiness in Andy’s voice when he realized Jim was singing along? For such a weird character-I thought it was really cute. :)

  113. I think people (including myself sometimes) are still expecting the sort of high we got from Casino Night to be reproduced every episode. This episode did seem to be running a lot of story lines, maybe more time on fewer might have been better. The conference room scenes were top notch however.

    “This is the best meeting we have ever had.” :)

  114. Absolutely LOVED the big guy who couldn’t get his chips. Where has he been all this time, and why can’t they bring him to Scranton?????

  115. Poor Michael! Getting turned down and then puckering up to kiss Pam. Sooo funny! And then he had to sit in the back seat! I don’t think that Jim got the message–he was passed out. Very funny when he fell off the bike “drunk driver”, I don’t think that Karen and Jim will get together even if that is what she is hoping for. Jim is in love with Pam {a love like that, at least I think, does not go away that quick} and don’t worry they will be together again, hopefully in the Christmas show! I liked Kelly’s parents reaction to Ryan about what he wants for his future, what a look on their faces!!!They were great. Also when Michael said to Kelly “Where’s mine?” Great show!!!

  116. Small Spoiler Alert!!

    Chilisbabybackribs: I agree I loved that guy and I think we’re in luck!!! I just checked the guest stars that I didn’t know who are listed to be in “The Merger” and Mike Bruner appears to be the chip guy!! Yay!

    Having Andy and Jim sing an Indigo Girls song was absolute and total genius. And Andy’s reaction to Jim was so awesome. And falling off the bike, high-larious!

  117. Nicole, you are a superstar for checking out the chip guy and passing along the good news. I am really excited…I can’t get him out of my mind. People are looking at me cuz I have the giggles thinking about him.

  118. Wow, i’m shocked that people didn’t like last night. It was one of the best of all time. Kelly Is the best writer. 10 out of 10

  119. This was a good episode…but it seemed too short. All of you “experts” with negative critiques need to back off. If you’re really that disappointed, go watch a different show.

  120. Wow, Dan – we can’t have negative critiques about The Office? If we’re disappointed we need to watch a different show?

    I’m a huge fan of the show, and I’ll watch it regardless, but I think we’re entitled to criticize the episode if we didn’t care for parts of it.

    The Office is one of my favorite shows because it earned my laughs – it doesn’t get them by default simply because its The Office. I felt that last night’s episode was one of the weakest this season. I liked several parts of it (Ed Helms as Andy is hilarious beyond words – I love him more every time he’s onscreen), but I felt it focused too much on plot development and too little on jokes.

  121. Geesh, Dan. That was a bit harsh. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, “expert” or not.

  122. I agree, Prude. We’re allowed to not like an episode, just as we’re allowed to love them. Just because some of us don’t like it, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t watch the show. This is honestly the only episode I haven’t liked, but of course not all of them can be amazing. It’s just how it is.

  123. This was truly a great episode. As I watched it, I enjoyed it, but this morning when I was explaining it to my husband (he wasn’t able to watch last night) I realized just how funny it was, and just how many genious parts there were in it. This is one of those that you have to watch twice to really get the brilliance and humor that it has. Great Job Mindy Kaling! And great job to every actor that had a part, no matter how big or small!

  124. I enjoyed this episode. There were a lot of funny lines and the acting was on par, but I agree with those who said there was a lot of drama packed into 30 minutes of show. I really enjoyed the Stamford storyline the best, but I guess that would have worked in any episode (except of the Pam trying to text Jim thing). Anyway, I still enjoyed it, especially the Michael singing part.

  125. I’m just defending my favorite show…not trying to be harsh…not trying to offend anyone. The Office, at it’s worst, is better than most stuff on TV. Perpetual comparisons to past seasons rub me the wrong way. the show is growing and is alienating some people…I happen to enjoy the constant change.

  126. I can see what you’re saying Dan. When I like something and then read about how so many people didn’t like it, it kind of hurts my feelings a little. I guess that’s to be expected by going into posts and reading comments though.

  127. I’m just throwing this out into the arena, but I think it would be hilarious to see Roy and Angela get together and create a love triangle with Dwight that way instead of with Pam, Jim, and Karen…or maybe have both at the same time?!? I mean they have kind of set the stage for the possibility with the “Fire” episode with Roy wanting to do the ‘uptight, Christian chick’ and “The Secret” where Angela chose Roy over Jim when Phyllis asked her. I also thought that they had some kind of connection in ‘Casino Night’. BUt would it not be hilarious to have Dwight AND Jim both involved in love triangles at the same time…some good comedy can be mined there. Also, the Kelly/Ryan thing has to end soon, cuz it’s getting stale, I’d like to see how crazy Kelly gets after a breakup with someone she has to work with everyday, maybe that is why Ryan hasn’t broken up with her yet? haha

  128. Okay Dan, on a certain level I see what you are saying. I have been watching since the pilot and I am not exaggerating when I say that I don’t think that I have missed a single episode. I love this show, and I am constantly defending it to the people who don’t get it. I also agree with you that this season shouldn’t be compared to last season, its like apples to oranges. It’s not “The Jim and Pam Show”, and I wish that people would stop trying to turn it into that. I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy their chemistry but really, give me a break. If them getting together is going to ruin the show then I don’t want them to ever get together.

    I think that different people watch this show for different reasons; some watch for JAM, others for Dwight, etc… So different episodes are going to appeal to different people. I don’t want anyone to stop watching, even if it means that there may be some negative feedback sometimes!

  129. “Dwide Schrude” — the person who wrote comment 138.. if you still keep up with the comments, I just want to you let you know: VERY well said. i said the same thing about 3 weeks ago but used more foul language and got censored. HAHAHA. I agree with your opinion, but i won’t let those people get to me… THAT much :P

  130. Did anyone else think it was uncharacteristic of Jim to get drunk playing Andy’s drinking game?

  131. “Carol: This is our ninth date, Michael.”

    They’ve been dating since the middle of May (5 1/2 months) and this only their ninth date????

  132. Anti-Soccermom, you always have such great comments! I have to say, though, that this episode just felt a little static to me. Of course, with the increased zaniness of this season, I actually really appreciated that!
    The only thing in this season that has bugged me consistently is the way they seem to be pushing certain characters in extreme ways. Dwight has gotten a little more eccentric, Kelly has gotten even ditzier and more Ryan-dependent (although she was pretty good last night), and Angela (one of my favorite characters) has devolved into a real NASTY woman who hates just about everything and everyone. I liked her much better when she was more understated; her recent homophobia and xenophobia have felt a little strained to me. But maybe that’s just me.

  133. I loved the Diwali song!! And Jim falling into the bushes from his bike…HILARIOUS!!! I loved it. Best episode so far (in my opinion at least).

  134. Thanks Union!!!

    I agree with you, it’s a fine line between characters and caricatures. I liked Angela better when she seemed to have a softer side; and Dwight is much funnier in smaller doses, like last night. I’m thinking that everything will be more balanced when the two branches merge.

  135. Instant gratification has absolutely nothing to do with it. I have watched The Office from day one. I never bought it on Itunes…I eagerly waited every week for new episodes….I made 3 or 4 Office tribute videos because they gave me so much hilarious material to work with. I can remember when my wife and I would be quoting lines from the show after each episode..cracking each other up. The 3 best things about seasons 1 and 2 was Jim pranking Dwight, Jim and Pam, and when they sit in a room, alone with a cameraman talking about something ridiculous. They have removed mostly all of that. That is what is missing, and that is what has us die hard fans dissapointed.

  136. I just noticed one little mistake:

    Kate: Oh, that’s what they call it.

    shouldn’t it be Meredith?

    Sorry, not that big of a deal but maybe you’d want to know?

  137. Hi. I a “whiner who likes to critique everything because it makes me feel important.”

    Boy, am I feeling important today!

    I adore The Office. Adore it. And everyone associated with it. Also the show has helped me survive and almost unsurvivable time in my life, so I perhaps even disproportionately adore it.

    It feels really bad and almost disloyal for me to say that I think this episode bombed, that it was worst one so far. More than that; I think it was plain bad. I would not describe any of the other 30something episodes as bad, or even not good.

    But it’s got nothing to do with the whole Jim/Pam thing. That’s kind of insulting. I am able to judge an episode independently of how I feel about how they have handled Jim and Pam and Stamford.

    You know, when someone else really dislikes something you love, it’s almost impossible to understand. We’ve all been there a million times. You want to shake them. But, well, in the end there’s no accounting for taste. It’s very rare to be able to “convince” someone with the opposing view to change their mind.

  138. Wow, I am really surprised to see that so many people were unhappy with this episode. I thought the very first eps of the season were pretty weak, but ever since then they just keep getting better and better. Some of my faves from this one:

    *It’s the first ep where I really enjoyed ALL of the Stamford clips. (A drinking game is so much more amusing than a stupid hunt for potato chips.)

    *Jim and his bike… oh man. First the talking head where he’s covered in sweat, and then falling off of it drunk. Laughed out loud every time. Seems like Mindy likes to run a binge-drinking theme through her eps? (Dundies, anyone?)

    *Michael’s proposal to Carol. Given the marriage talk with the parents, it just fit in very well with the episode and was completely in character for Michael. In other words, it was yet another opportunity for Michael to make an ass of himself, and not in a way that would be a cheap ploy for laughs (ie Michael kissing Oscar)

    *And of course, Pam texting Jim. Loved the subtlety of it. It’s almost like the writers are telling us to hang in there, there will be more Jam soon enough…

    Overall, great episode.

  139. I just watched the last part of the episode with closed captions on. When Pam and Michael were in the car, it said that the Air Supply song “All Out Of Love” was playing in the background, but it wasn’t. I wonder if they couldn’t get that song cleared at the last minute, or something? Weird.

  140. I do think last night’s episode was weak. Michael’s behavior was too bizarre even for him, the proposal and the kiss totally felt forced. The show is losing the sharp wit it had in Season 2. By the way, I was disappointed by The Initiation as well.Please please let the next couple of episodes be better. I am feeling disheartened!

  141. I already posted a comment last night, but I still keep thinking of the episode, and why it felt so different. I think that a big change from the normal episode was that it hardly had any “talking heads”. Part of what makes the show so funny is that the audience gets to know our favorite characters thoughts about how they feel and why they do the things they do. Maybe that’s why the last show was such a hodge podge of things. The stories didn’t fit together as well as they usually do.

  142. Good episode! 7/10

    Was anyone else seriously pissed when Jim missed the text message?! I screamed at the TV, “answer it you drunk slob!”

  143. What did the Indian guy say to Pam? I haven’t got captions and no matter how many times I listen to it I can’t figure it out

  144. The Indian guy says something like “he’s pretty outgoing, huh?” (referring to Michael) to Pam. I agree that it was almost impossible to understand him! I had to rewind and use captions.

  145. I LOVED the return of the two-headed Michael! Good, good times. Also loved the awkward scene when Pam was driving Michael home…”These aren’t my shoes.” Hysterical!

  146. i love that jim and andy were singing closer to fine… too funny!! great episode, they keep getting better every week!!!

  147. Mindy wrote The Dundies and Diwali, in both a character get drunk (Pam & Jim) and Michael sings! The alcohol create a little conection between both episodes, think about it.
    (Sorry for my english, like always)

  148. I don’t think it’s wrong to judge the series based on the way they’ve handled Jim and Pam. I think it’s so funny when people claim “disloyalty” to the show based on criticism. I think it’s a totally valid complaint that they spent almost 1 1/2 seasons building up Jim and Pam, had the guts to bring them together in the season finale…and then just dropped them. There were SO many other things they could have done with that storyline (like, for example, have them actually BE together). It’s not unfair to judge a show because you’re unhappy about the way a specific plot point has unfolded – especially if said plot point affects the overall feel of the entire show, which this one certainly does.

    I love “The Office.” But I’m not so loyal to it that I can’t judge a bad turn of events within the show (and I think having Pam and Jim be apart IS a bad turn of events – and cliche, cliche, cliche). That’s just providing an honest critique from my perspective.

  149. As much as I am in love with this show, I was a little disappointed with “Diwali.” I felt there was no real substance to this episode, unless it was a big lead up to “Branch Closing” Michael’s proposal was a quick fix to get him single for chemistry with Jan and the show is trying too hard for Andy to be just like Dwight. There can only be one Dwight.

  150. Have thought a little more about “Diwali” …..someone mentioned the lack of “talking heads” – I agree and think this technique helps to create intimacy between character & viewer. I missed that and the lack of it made for a pretty klangy 22 minutes. With so many out of character, it would have helped to make the behavior understandable.
    Re Roy: I think the sympathy he may be generating is really guilt about his getting dumped; boors don’t change personalities overnight, but they do know how to make themselves look sad and pathetic so the women who dumped them will consider reconciling…Above all I love the wit and satire of “The Office” but there is something so compelling about the Pam/Jim connection…I will be inconsolable if they don’t end up togther…and I think it’s testimony to the skills of two wonderful actors that they pull this off so beautifully …Pam, like Lizzie Bennet in “Pride and Prejudice,” needs to reach a “till that moment I never knew myself” epiphany that will lead her to Jim. And Jim needs to heed Michael’s advice, which he gave on the deck of the boat (Booze Cruise) to “never give up” if “you like her so much…”

  151. So does anyone think that Angela got the “they eat monkey brains” idea from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? I do. :)

  152. Karen is crushing on Jim and Jim still loves Pam.

    Karen and Pam are going to be friends after the merger….maybe even roommates.

    Look for the Jim/Pam angle to cause tension between Pam and Karen. Karen’s going to end up hooking up with Roy, which will add to that tension.

    Michael and Jan will get married. I can’t figure out exactly how it ends up there, but it will.

  153. Seriously, Samuel L Chang, a RAV4!? Have you ever seen a RAV4 before?! Pam owns a Toyota Yaris 3-door, which is a big…nay…HUGE difference from a RAV4. ONe is a B-segment class car (subcompact) and one is a midsize car-based SUV. I thought it was hilarious that Michael must of had to crawl back there and been cramped as hell since it is not a large rear seat area in the 3-door version. I apologize for the rant, car-guy here who gets irritated quickly by a complete car identity misfire :(

  154. I guess I picture Roy more as the guy who dated his high school sweetheart for many years and took her for granted because he was immature and was never pushed to grow up. I don’t think he knows how to use pity in a dysfunctional way.

    Roy probably does still want to reconcile with Pam, but he went to the party with the understanding that Pam would not be there, and when he saw that she was there, he turned around and left. It wouldn’t surprise me if he ended up hooking up with Angela at some point, or even — gasp! — Karen!?!?

  155. Whoa, Here Comes Treble, you’ve got the goods, huh?

    Ha! I got to say that twice in a row to two different people and it’s appropriate in both cases.

    Though, ahem, Here Comes Treble, I think you could have been a little gentler . . .

  156. For future reference here are the characters cars as they have been established thus far:

    Jim: Toyota Corolla (had a last gen one/then randomly upgraded to current gen that had the same color)
    Pam: Toyota Yaris 3-door
    Dwight: Pontiac Trans-AM Firebird
    Michael: Chrysler Sebring Convertible
    Angela: Ford Focus
    Roy: Had a Ford Ranger then in Casino Night had an last gen Dodge Ram
    Toby: Saab 9-2X
    Ryan: Last gen Honda Civic Sedan
    Meredith: Ford Aerostar
    -I want to know who owns the Miata that was referenced in the treasure hunt deleted scene for “Performance Review” on the season 2 DVD, probably an employee at Vance Refridgeration

  157. Yeah, sorry NSpector, i get in a tirad quickly when it comes to cars, lol, i’ll try to control myself better in the future….maybe not

  158. OK I know there is ALOT of JAM fans. But I was thinking about it after reading all the comments…(literally read all of them) If they were together it would kind of take a HUGE chunk out of the show. I like it now where you want them to be together but the writers are keeping the story true to life. I seriously want them to be together myself but if you took that whole part out of it, there isn’t a whole lot left that the show has held onto. There is Dwangela but I mean they have kept that real suttle and I don’t think they could make a JAM thing out of that. I mean if they finally get together what is there left? They will have to bring in something all new to have everyone attach to. Just thinking about them being together made me think that if they do, finally become a couple that they will have a rocky relationship and then end up breaking it off or something.

    Just my 2 cents… Might sound all crazy but it was alot of ideas I just had in my head :)

  159. Great episode~Kaling really knows how to give the actors enough room in the script to bring out their personalities.

    *Kevin was great, ragging on Roy and “the best meeting ever!”
    *Stanley falling asleep at the breakroom table.
    *Kelly’s sisters giving Ryan a hard time.
    *Meredith’s invitation to Pam (appletini’s and Sex in the City?!).
    *Toby confiscating the Kama Stras and Michael’s assertion that they must have been too “culturally explicit”.

  160. my favorite part of the night was when ryan said “they said something about zach braff” – very nice

  161. Saying that the show would essentially be over if Jim and Pam got together is like saying that romance and passion are done when two people come together in real life. I don’t buy it. Finally coming together should be the START of something good, not the END of it. Are we such an ADD culture that we only want the thrill of the chase, but we lose interest once we have what we want?

    The fun and excitement doesn’t have to wane just because the pursuit has ended. This show should be able to create something really good out of it. Let us have our cake and eat it, too.

  162. JK Smith, I couldn’t agree with you more. Nicely said.

    Favorite line of the episode was Jim: “I’m a drunk driver”. Absolute perfection!!!!

  163. i dont know if someones said this yet, but on the kama sutra quote, it says kate instead of meredith :p

  164. JK Smith –

    but you know what happens after two people get together right, right? You know, they’re sex life dwindles, they start fighting over little nit-picky things, they aren’t in lust anymore they’re in love. And nobody likes to watch that. It might turn into “Everybody Loves Raymond” and who wants that again?


  165. I’m not sure that it’s a cultural defect that we are held more by the tension of anticipation that the satisfaction of resolution. I think that’s human.

    That is, as far as story telling — not life. We want the resolution, but when we get it the “story” is over.

    Not that you cannot have a compelling story about a couple that is together — of course you can. But then we would need another source of tension.

    When I say “tension,” I don’t mean it negatively necessarily. I mean it in the sense of what any story demands, some sort of conflict.

  166. NSpector – couldn’t the new source of tension be Team Pam & Jim vs. Everyone else in the office (Dwight, Michael, etc.?)? There’s definitely conflict there, and that story would be never-ending (ragging on Michael’s stupid gestures, making fun of Dwight’s bizarre habits, etc.). Plus, a real relationship has oodles of tension and conflict, most of which can be very amusing in the hands of talented storytellers.

    And it’s too bad that people stop having sex, argue over stupid things, and fall out of lust and into love when they come together. The millions of happily married couples around the world will be disappointed to hear that.


  167. I agree with NSpector and disagree with JK Smith.

    Look at “Moonlighting”, “Cheers” or “Friends.” All of those shows were good when there was unresolved tension or two people who should be together but weren’t. Once Maddy/David, Ross/Rachel and Sam/Diane got together did ANY of those shows get better? I don’t think so.

    I think if Pam and Jim got together the show would go downhill. Maybe someone who believes in everlasting love or something but I’m sorry, the evidence just isn’t there.

    Plus, I think Jim and Karen would make a much better (more realistic) couple anyhow.


  168. “Moonlighting” = bad writing and horrible execution, not Maddie and David getting together, was that show’s downfall.
    “Friends” = I so don’t care about Ross and Rachel and was never invested in them as a couple, but I don’t remember the show getting bad after they got together. It was still very funny.
    “Cheers” = that show *was* still good, before, during and after Sam and Diane’s hook-up.

    I just don’t see why “The Office” can’t do something ORIGINAL and do it WELL, regardless of what past shows have or have not been able to do. I think to say, “The show will only go downhill after they get together” is just…not true. And chiche. And I’m seriously baffled as to why people think that resolving sexual tension means the downfall of a relationship (fictional or realistic). Every time I read something about this show, the whole idea of it being based in “reality” is mentioned over and over again. Well, in “reality,” people do, more often than not, actually get together – they don’t dance around it forever under the belief that consummating a relationship and becoming a couple means the beginning of some stagnant, humorless existence.

  169. JK SMith: Yes. That is possible.

    And, I completely agree that getting together, or getting married, does not equal the end of life and fun. In fact, it can be the beginning.

    I know that for sure because I am one of those millions of happily married couples for whom being alive has only gotten better since meeting my now husband 10 years ago. :)

  170. Yeah, and just to be clear: I think The Office can do ANYTHING. Or, at least try.

    I never meant to compare it to other shows that may or may not have gone downhill due to “coupling.”

  171. The Office is not Friends thank goodness, and while some shows have gone downhill or ended when the main characters get together, I hope to see a few episodes where the Golden Couple is just starting out their relationship. If anyone ever sees the German version, their Pam & Jim are already dating from the start.

  172. To add to JK Smith, NSpector & Brian’s comments: The “tension” – the unresolved aspects of the story are what keep you coming back week after week – what makes you keep reading that novel. A novel is finite and we know it will reach resolution in a few hundred pages…but a serial television show can go on for years. We want the tension resolved but the producers want us to tune in every week; the emotional cliffhangers ensure that we keep coming back. I understand that the writers and producers don’t know what might happen more than 6 episodes ahead.
    However, I am not sure how long an audience can hold out without some gratification. I agree with JK that “The Office” can break new ground and pull off something amazingly original, with all the wit and brilliance the writers possess.
    Elisabeth – there is a German version as well?! What are the corresponding
    characters’ names?
    Oh – 3 of the cast are from the Boston area….home of Houghton Mifflin, a publishing company….might this be a source for “Dunder Mifflin”?
    (ps – I’m siging myself “rachel 2” – noticed there’s another rachel hereabouts)

  173. Another good quote is when Karen is helping Jim get into the car. I think its right after she pulls up and gets out, he says: “I’m a drunk driver.” Haha.

  174. It’s called Stromberg which is actually after the name of the boss, Bernd Stromberg. His Dwight is Berthold. But get this, apparently unlike the French (Paul=Jim, Laeticia=Pam, etc) and US versions, this does not have the legal rights from Gervais and Merchant. Probably why it’s name isn’t the German word for Office. Unlike the French which is called Le Bureau.

  175. The show doesn’t need sexual tension to survive, this isn’t a typical 3 camera sitcom.

    What it does need to survive though is for Michael to be toned down a lot and for Jim to return to being the leading man of the series, the point of view character as he was in season 2.

    There’s a lot of viewers who loved season 2 but did not like the season 1 over the top Michael which they are seeing resurrected in season 3.

  176. I agree that Jim and Pam could get together and not ruin the show at all. If you watch Season 1 and 2 a million times like I have you begin to see that what makes it so great is Pam and Jim in on the same joke against many of the other characters in the office. Yes, the tension is there at times and we sorta like it – but in the end, I don’t think it’s in any way what makes the show good. In fact I think this season the show has suffered because of it – and generally suffered from Jim being away at the other office. I’m all for believing it can be just as good if not even better, when Jim returns to Scranton, but in the interim, it has not been nearly as good. When people complain and say “you guys who only like the show because of JAM should just go watch PASSIONS” – I think there is a fundamental misunderstanding there as to what the motivations are of the JAM lovers. We love Pam, we love Jim and we think they should be together. But the show to us is more about Jim and Pam getting the joke. They both get it, we get, we feel closer to them because of it, and THAT’s why we want them to get together. At the end of the day we just want to the show to be funny. There can still be tension but I think too much tension can really ruin the show – THAT is what makes it too dramatic and it doesn’t play well enough, especially in 1/2 hour format for resolutions that still give us enough time to relax and laugh. The running gag of watching all the quirkier characters like Dwight, Michael, Kelly, Angela, Meredith, and Creed in the eyes of JAM is what makes the show great.

  177. why do kelly’s sisters sound indian and she sounds like a “13 year old valley girl”?

    oh well.

  178. I agree with a lot of the posts here. Pam and Jim could be togther and NOT run the show down hill. This is NOT Passions, But to make it not so extrame thare needs to be heart and that’s whare JAM comes in. But i have faith in the writers and the merging will bring back the Halpert makeing for some great new Pam Jim moments! after all this is not season 2. It’s better but comparing a 22 episode season too a 6 episode (so far) season is like comparing grapes and watermelons. It;s just not right. Over all great episode, I loved it!

  179. I don’t mind Jim being in stamford…I actually think it brings alot to the show with other characters like Karen, Andy and Josh. And it helps knowing that he will be back with the ol’ gang eventually. I do think the Jim/Pam (I refuse to call it JAM) love angle was brought out too soon, but I will trust the writers know best. But just be patient and enjoy people…this isn’t a 75 page “Archie” comic…it’s a brilliant show that is meant to last for years and years. You can’t give away the farm in the first 2 or 3 seasons.

  180. Relax people on the Jim/Pam relationship…enjoy the show and let the story come to us, we are the audience…

    This show is based on events (some extreme) that actually happen in real-life offices…i.e. Diversity Day, Sexual Harrassment, etc. There’s definite truth to the comedy & story lines and that’s what makes it entertaining.

    That being said, very few, if any, relationships work in an office…they may work as a secret for a short while, but when exposed, it’s difficult to maintain.

    Therefore, if Jim & Pam were to become a couple, realistically they wouldn’t want to work together…one would want to leave or break off the relationship…that’s reality…it will be interesting to see where the writers go with their friendship / relationship …

  181. Elisabeth, thanks for that link to the German “Office” – fascinating. And a French “Le Bureau” – looks like a golbal phenomenon.

  182. “Relax people on the Jim/Pam relationship…enjoy the show and let the story come to us, we are the audience…”

    I’m not all in a knot about their relationship. But I’m *not* enjoying the show as much lately, either, and I think that’s due, in large part, to the fact that their “relationship” is non-existent on screen.

    Isn’t there a statistic out there that indicates that most people meet their future spouses at work? I don’t think anyone could say that they would definitely break up or definitely not want to work together if they were a couple. Plus, Jim and Pam technically *aren’t* working together right now.

    Sexual Harassment seminars and Diversity Day training are realistic parts of an office workday. But I don’t think dragging a co-worker to your family beet farm to meet your bizarre cousin as part of some weird initiation ritual comes close to being “realistic.” That’s where it’s losing me somewhat this season.

  183. “why do kelly’s sisters sound indian and she sounds like a ’13 year old valley girl’?

    oh well.”

    Ha, JimHalpertIsLife, good point!

  184. Although, now that I’m thinking about it more, do they ever actually speak English with an accent? Or do they just speak in Hindi?

  185. I don’t think they ever actually spoke English, because they didn’t want Ryan to know what they were saying. :)

  186. Finally getting around to posting a comment.I have to say that I’m very surprised at how many people did not enjoy this episode.I LOVED it.Mindy Kahling is a superb writer.Steve Carell really shined in this episode.He was hilarious.Diwali was as good as several of the episodes of season 2 in my opinion.I loved the subtly of the Jim/Pam storyline.Very well done.My heart went out to Michael.He just wants to be loved-just has a hialrious way of showing it.My heart actually went out to Roy,even if I do want Jim and Pam together.Looking foward to Branch Closing.

  187. Ha! Funny. I just came on here from the Toyota website to confirm my suspicions that I was wrong and lo and behold, you beat me to it. A couple of things:

    1. A friend of mine owned a RAV4 back when they actually were about the same size as a Yaris; and

    2. The grille is similar and the camera angle gave it a “tall wagon” look.

    I was just trying to point out an insignificant detail that had been discussed in past weeks (Pam’s car).

    Other cars:

    Karen has a Honda Passport (mid 90’s). Could be an Isuzu Rodeo (which is virtually identical) but the blurred side panel looked long enough to say “Passport” rather than “Rodeo”.

    Jan has a Volvo S80.

  188. Wow, i just read ALL the comments… at least it passed the time!

    A few points i’d like to make…

    *First of all – i think it’s clear that just this Season they have 6 months to play out the Jim/Pam/Karen situation, and they will in good time. But if they have things work out too soon, the show will dissolve because the plot will have fizzled out..

    *Second – Karen is not the type of person to take advantage of Jim while he’s drunk, that should be obvious. However, she doesn’t have any knowledge of Pam, and should therefore not get the brunt of all our (viewers) wrath simply because she fancies Jim – and might i mention all of us girls fancy Jim as well… I think she’s simply in the “admiring” stage with Jim, and will soon move up to actually “liking” him later on… Gotta have Jim/Karen before Jim/Pam to give this show some spice! (Not that it doesn’t have it already…)

    *Third – I did not like this show very much when i first saw it, but the second time around – it was much, much better. Sure, Mindy left a lot to be discovered – but with a 20 minute allowance, you’ve got to give her credit.

    *Fourth – For all of you who base the show’s good or badness on Dwight’s actions and lines, you need to know that this show does not balance on him – it can easily hold it’s own even without him (although, don’t get me wrong, he’s highly entertaining).

    I’m sure there’s more I’d love to say, but i’ve forgotten it all now. I look forward to this week’s episode hoping that it ties up some of those strings Mindy dangled in front of us! :)

  189. i thought this episode was so-so. Yes, Jim was funny, but I think Michael as well as some of the other characters were over the top. Time to go back to the old formula!

  190. To everyone who’s been talking about how the writers need to come up with some resolution to the Jim/Pam tension (as if that’s the only thing driving the show) so as to avoid viewers losing interest because all the ever get are cliffhangers: ‘Lost’ seems to be doing pretty well.

    Also, why are we discussing *when* they will get back together, as if it’s a given? Sometimes these “will they-won’t they” storylines don’t end up with happily ever after. Not that I want that to happen, just that it’s a possibility.

  191. drew – when has a will they/won’t they situation ever ended as a “they won’t”? Really, I can’t think of a single one. Why would they spend so much time building up a Jim and Pam relationship and use two actors who have so much chemistry together, only to *never* have them come together? Again, I don’t buy the “this is what happens in reality” thing. People only want so much reality in their comedies, for one thing. And for another, if Jim and Pam *were* a real-life couple, they’d probably already be together. Most people, in real life, would not face that kind of attraction and, inexplicably (we’ve been given no reason thus far why they *are* still apart), walk away from it.

    “The Office” doesn’t have – and has never had – the ratings “Lost” has. “Lost” is obviously doing something differently.

  192. I can name a few reasons why real people like Jim and Pam don’t end up together, which is why it’s not unrealistic to see that happening to the characters themselves: assuming the other person has moved on, misinterpretting words and body language, jumping to conclusions, fear of risk and rejection, miscommunication, insecurity, and the list goes on. I think the painful end of the phone convo last week was a perfect example of how sometimes coincidences have a way of messing things up (i.e. Pam saying goodbye to Ryan and then Jim mistaking that for an indication she wants to stop talking, then Pam taking *that* as a sign, etc.). All I’m saying is that it’s not unfathomable that this story might not have the feel-good fairy tale ending that we’re used to. We know the show hasn’t been about that. It’s always had this utterly real, raw, almost angsty side to it that resonates with people’s real lives…and real lives don’t always follow Hollywood’s cookie cutter mold. Having said all that, I stop short of predicting any of this will happen. In fact, I hope you turn out to be right in the end.

    I guess the Lost analogy wasn’t trying to show that the Office will achieve comparable ratings or pull the same level of numbers. I was only making the point that just because the writers don’t lunge at the first opportunity to reconcile these tensions/cliffhangers doesn’t spell disaster for a show.

    Thanks for your response. It’s fun engaging in these types of discussions.

  193. “All I’m saying is that it’s not unfathomable that this story might not have the feel-good fairy tale ending that we’re used to.”

    You’re absolutely right, drew. I’ve thought about that, too (wow – that rhymes :-)). But I still believe that most people will only stand for a certain amount of “reality” in a fictional show. Seeing Jim and Pam miss out on an opportunity to be together is just too disgustingly in-your-face, brea-the-mold for me. It’s almost as if they’d be doing it just to show they *don’t* have to bring them together. It seems…cruel, really. To everyone. Especially to viewers, especially since NBC ran “Jim loves Pam/what will happen with these Office lovebirds next?” promos all summer. They clearly knew they were reeling people in with that, and I don’t understand the point. New viewers might have tuned in for the season premiere, saw no Jim and Pam interaction (and have seen very little since, even if they stuck around) and thought, “What’s with this Jim and Pam love story? Do they even like each other?” Some loyal viewers (I among them) thought, “What a joke – they hyped up Jim and Pam to give us THIS?”

    I meant what you meant about “Lost,” too. It does have cliffhangers and open-ended stories, yet people *are* tuning in to that show. Way more people watch “Lost” than watch “The Office.” So something is different. I think it goes beyond the fact that it’s just a different kind of show. I think the cliffhangers on “Lost” seem less cloying and more along the lines of just telling a bigger story. Maybe that’s why people are more patient with it.

    You’re right – it’s nice to engage in a “debate” with someone and keep it civilived and intelligent at the same time :-)

  194. Urgh, yet another episode I have mixed feelings about. This season it seems like every episode, I have to watch a few times for me to like it. Whereas last season I liked the episodes as soon as I saw them.

    A few things creeped me out and bothered me about this episode.

    Angela – We all know she’s a bitch, but how unlikeable do we have to make this character. She’s a xenophobe and a racist now as well? I dunno, I just thought it was a bit much.

    Michael – I really don’t like how they handled Michael in this episode. In particular the Pam/Michael scene where he was trying to kiss her. It was just creepy instead of being funny or interesting. Is Michael really that clueless about women? I thought it was a bit much as well. There is a thin line with some of these characters, where if you cross them they don’t become funny anymore but instead they become creepy and/or kinda pathetic. They did this with Michael and Angela a bit in this episode. I don’t know if it was done on purpose but I didn’t like it.

    Not enough good Ryan and Kelly stuff. I think this was another wasted opportunity, similar to the beet farm, they threw up a lot of airballs. They could have done way funnier stuff.

    However, I did like some things.

    I liked Kevin being a perv.

    I like Michael telling a very upset Carol that he had this book he wanted her to check out (the kama sutra). That was probably the funniest part of this episode, that and Jim falling off his bike which brings me to the next thing…

    The Andy character is great! Jim does a great drunk! Not every actor can pull it off, you’d be surprised.

    Jim and Karen is interesting but Pam hoping for Jim to show up was sad and made miss JAM.

    Overall I have pretty mixed feelings about this one. I give it a 7.5 because it still beats pretty much everything else on tv.

  195. Maybe I missed it in an earlier episode, but as Jim passes out, you can see on his nameplate on his desk that his title is now Asst Regional Manager. How awesome is that? Jim Halpert, ARM!

  196. Hi Drew, As biting realistic as your comments sound,I agree with you.There is no guarantee that Jim and Pam will end up together,even though alot of us want that,including myself.Your reasons for them not ending up together are all very possible.This is what make The Office a truely unigue and brilliant show.

  197. Someone please explain to me why Ryan is still with Kelly. He doesn’t even seem to like her yet their relationship has continued for months. What’s the deal?

  198. You’re right, JK. I never thought about how new viewers would react to the anti-climactic beginning to this season. Like you said, probably a mixture of confusion and disappointment. Those of us who have watched since Season 1 have a different perspective on things and perhaps are used to the teasing/agonizing progression of things. With that in mind, I do think both sets of viewers will look back at this interim of a separated Jim and Pam and wonder why we were so impatient. At least I hope that’s what happens.

    You’re right in saying that viewers will only tolerate so much reality, and while the show does have an angsty side to it, I believe that the other side of the show–the playfully romantic side–needs to win out. While they *could* drag it out and keep delivering cliffhangers (and God forbid, never resolve it), they definitely should not. All very well said.

  199. I’m new here and I think this website is awesome! I don’t know very many people who watch the office (a tragedy!) but those who do don’t share my enthusiasm for it. Anyways, to sidetrack from the Jim/Pam storyline discussion, I just want to put my two cents in re: Dwight/Angela.

    I think that, based on their interactions in this episode, they are on the outs. You may say that they are trying to keep up the facade or whatever, but I think there’s more to it than that. Dwight has never shyed away from conversation with Angela before. They would often speak, but just do so very informally as to try to avert suspicion (i.e. good day Angela, good day Dwight). Also Dwight has been very open in stating he has a girlfriend. He tells Pam in Valentine’s day episode, and he’s told Michael and Jim (I forget which episode). There’s something about the he way he said he was 100% available, and when he purposely turned around and changed directions in order to avoid her upon his arrival at the celebration…

  200. Drew and JK, you two have a great discussion going!

    I agree with both of you, with a few small excepions:

    GWH did a great job explaining what happenned with Jim and Pam, as well as Pam and Roy. Any new viewers were clued in right away. Even though there has only been maybe two significant Pam/Jim moments, it is still obvious that they are thinking about each other.

    Jenna wrote a great explanation about why Pam isn’t with Jim in her myspace blog. Pam is not a go-getter. Jim is in Stamford, which is about 150 miles away. So until they are back in the same office there just isn’t much that’s going to happen. I cannot stress enough that I totally agree with how the writers have handled things so far. I want the writers to stay true to their characters and their vision and not just pander to the JAM fans.

  201. TastyTerrificPizza wrote:

    “Someone please explain to me why Ryan is still with Kelly. He doesn’t even seem to like her yet their relationship has continued for months. What’s the deal?”

    I’m glad someone else noticed that. That has been annoying me for some time now. I think they have been really lazy with that. Diwali and Initiaion were the perfect opportunities to explain Ryan and Kelly a whole lot more and I feel like they totally wasted it.

    If I had to guess, Ryan genuinely likes Kelly though it doesn’t seem that way. Ryan is a very cynical guy and you can’t easily figure him out.

    Kelly is probably one of the reasons he has stayed an dunder. Do I think Ryan likes Kelly as much as she likes him? No probably not. But then again it is Kelly afterall.

  202. Yeah, the Ryan-Kelly thing has confused me from the start. Wasn’t it back in S1 that he blatantly rejects her (“I don’t think I ever want to get married”)? Then in S2 they both use Jim as a high-school-style intermediary to find out the other’s feelings. And now every time we see the two of them together, he looks like someone has sucked his soul out through his eye sockets.

    I think there’s much more to Ryan than we’ve been getting, and I think “The Initiation” only hinted at it. From what I see, Ryan is basically a loser. He (probably) didn’t get into business school, and decided he might as well stay at Dunder Mifflin. He’s a terrible salesman. He’s in a dead end relationship, but he’s too lazy and not confident enough to change things.

    I just can’t tell if it’s the writing or Ryan’s constant cynicism (he is, after all, the only person on the show who sees through the whole charade of their daily lives) that makes it hard to see him clearly.

  203. Union of the Monkey, I pretty much agree with you. I’m glad to see a few people agreeing that the Ryan character could have been handled a bit better at least until this point. Afterall, he’s considered a “main,” character yet I feel like he’s one of the character’s I know least about.

    I don’t know if Ryan’s a loser, that may be a bit strong. He’s the youngest character and he’s still figuring things out. I mean if we are going to use your definition of loser, everyone in the office would be considered a loser. Which I guess is sort of true when you think about it, lol.

  204. Here is my theory on the Ryan/Kelly situation:
    First of all, i disagree about Ryan being a loser – in fact, he seems to be extremely bright and articulate. I thought that it was clear on the show that he HAD in fact gotten into Business School, and was taking classes at night. Remember in “The Fire”, when Michael had Ryan “test” him, and he pretty much failed.

    But we know that Ryan’s ultimate goal is to become a businessman OUTSIDE of Dunder Mifflin. The last thing he wants is to end up working there for the rest of his life. I think he somewhat sees Dunder Mifflin as an obstacle he’s got to deal with in order to get where he wants to go. Kelly is just a part of that obstacle – someone who he may not like (or maybe there’s a secret side, and he DOES like her), and he didn’t realize what he was getting into when he first hooked up with her. Think of the awkwardness that would ensue if he and Kelly were to break up… I don’t think it’s so much the lack of confidence, but more he doesn’t want to have to deal with what would inevitably happen.

    Ryan is probably one of the brightest people there, because he DOES see through their charade, and finds it all very trivial, so therefore, i think he purposely tries to stay in the shadows of the rest of the cast because he doesn’t want to get involved with the company any more than he has to – he really doesn’t like it there…

  205. “GWH did a great job explaining what happenned with Jim and Pam,”

    I disagree, Anti-soccermom. That opening scene was totally implausible to me. I can’t imagine that Jim would simply walk away after all he put on the line (I mean, why didn’t he say, “Why are you going to marry him? Do you really love him? Do you love ME?” Why let it drop the way he did?). And what was with Pam’s “we’re drunk” line? After she admitted that she wanted to kiss him, too? She wasn’t drunk and she knew it. If that’s what happened – and I think there was more to it that we haven’t seen yet, hopefully some sort of keeper explanation that will put things into perspective – then I think it was poorly written, poorly acted, or poorly edited (or all three). I know that sounds harsh, but I do feel that strongly about it. If I were a new viewer and that was all the explanation I’d been given after all the NBC hype over Jim and Pam, I’d be totally unimpressed and would not tune in again.

    “Jenna wrote a great explanation about why Pam isn’t with Jim in her myspace blog.”

    I read that, too, and it seemed a little contrived to me. Why are the cast and crew so forthcoming about some explanations and yet so secretive about others? If it had been done well in the series itself, it wouldn’t require further explanation, I don’t think.

    No, they don’t have to appease JAM fans. But they must be doing what they’re doing with the understanding that they might be losing some old fans and/or are alienating some new fans, too.

  206. JK, drew, et al: Wanted to express a few random thoughts about the Jim/Pam thread: As mentioned, I’m pretty new to “The Office” & in fact just saw the first episode of the UK “Office” the other day. It is the same script as the American pilot, as you all likely know.
    What struck me about the UK version was the poignancy of the Tim-Dawn relationship. There’s an undercurrent of longing, wistfulness, & a slightly more serious tone than the US version. It’s not as cheery, upbeat or (sometimes) as stagey as the US version. Tim expresses his desire to return to university for example…marooned dreams aplenty in that office…the whole set of characters is kind of pathetic and their being thrown togther in the same offfice, and being filmed while at it, just throws into relief each person’s personal failings, character flaws and loneliness. The Tim/Dawn-Jim/Pam thing is the one beacon of light in the whole thing, & it highlights the striving for the ideal and lets you hope for it.
    I think there are , amidst the satire, and the recent zaniness, moments of deep poignancy in the US version, also. For example, and I don’t think this has really been brought out definitively, but Pam, as we have been discussing here, is “not a go-getter” — she is a lovely young woman who has not been on a trajectory in life that will allow her to develop all her capacities and talents, nor has she engaged in relationships that nurture her soul. She’s stuffed away her talent for drawing, for example, and allowed Roy (truly a destructive force for her) to deny her the chance to advance this talent. Yet in several instances, she’s pushed away Jim, who truly values her, cares about her “thoughts and feelings” and encourages her to develop her talents, and her motivation is that she, in a nutshell, does not value herself enough to be open to such possibilities – in a word “low self-esteem.” Not a “go-getter”. That is why women like Pam, chumps basically, allow men like Roy into their lives. It’s a breakthrough that she could separate from Roy, strike out on her own, take art classes, and…eventually (it wouldn’t be believable if it happened overnight) she’ll be able to be a part of an intimate relationship that will let her soul thrive.
    So, as I said, I will be inconsolable if they don’t get togther! The chemistry of these two actors togther is really a wonderful thing.
    Pardon me if I’m off-topic here; it is just really fun discussing this – have been starved to do so for quite a few weeks now!

  207. Believe it or not JK, I agree with you. Which seems like it’s a contradiction to what I said before, so let me explain:

    I thought the whole “flashback” thing was weird and completely out of place in the scope of the whole TV show, simply because it doesn’t fit with the “mockumentary” concept. But, in the show’s defense, it did it’s job. I also think that there was another confrontation between Jim and Pam that we haven’t heard about yet. I said that after Convention when Jim said that he put himself out there twice. I think that Casino night was once and that there was one other time. I mean, it’s not like Jim cleaned out his desk and disappeared right after the kiss happened- there had to be some time after that that Jim and Pam still had to exist in the same office. As far as Jim just walking away when she said that she was still marrying Roy- what else was he supposed to do? He told her he loved her and he kissed her- and she still turned him down. I would assume he was hurt and humiliated and just wanted to get out of there.

    I liked Jenna’s blog because she offered insight into what Pam’s feeling- and some explanation as to why Pam wouldn’t contact Jim as soon as she called the wedding off. But it certainly still leaves a lot to speculation, and I’m sure that’s intentional on Jenna’s part.

    I do agree with the way the writers are handling the whole thing- Jim and Pam should not be together yet; but they do need to be in the same office again.

    To offer a bit of personal insight in addition to Jenna’s take on things- I married my high school sweetheart, and a few years ago we almost split (thank god we didn’t and are 15 years strong now). I can tell you that the last thing that was on my mind was getting involved with someone else. I was wrapping my brain around the idea that I’d have to learn to stand on my own two feet and be my own person. I like to think that’s what Pam is doing right now.

  208. One more thing and then I’ll shut up (though I make no guarantees):

    You also should take into consideration that Pam did have feelings for Roy- this is evident by her body language when Roy leaves Casino Night, and countless other times that I won’t list now. She constantly defended his bad behavior and often seemed oblivious to what a jerk he was. So she was probably feeling a tremendous amount of guilt about the kiss and any feelings that she was having towards Jim. This guilt wouldn’t go away even after she called off the wedding.

  209. I’ve pored through all sorts of threads and have rewatched all the episodes looking for the second instance where Jim put himself out there for Pam. Am I missing something beyond Casino Night?

  210. I’ve always thought the declaration in the parking lot was 1 and then the kiss and him asking if she was still planning on marrying Roy was 2.

  211. I’ve always thought the declaration in the parking lot was #1 and then the kiss and him asking if she was still planning on marrying Roy was #2.

  212. Anti-soccermom – thanks for your comments :) Seriously, this is one of the few forums I’ve been on where I feel like people really want to discuss things intelligently and not resort to nasty barbs. I can see what you mean in everything you wrote. Either I’m just getting better and understanding other points of view, or people are responding in a way that doesn’t seem attack-ish. I really enjoy being part of a rational discussion about Jim and Pam, rather than just an “OOOH, I want them to be together” or “They can’t bring them together or it will ruin the show” debate.

  213. Thanks, JK, I feel exactly the same way.

    I think it’s pretty obvious that I freaking love this show. I think that what people forget is the thing that makes this show great is that all the characters are fundamentally flawed. I am rooting for Jim and Pam just like everyone else, but at the same time I like the Karen storyline and look forward to seeing how it will play out after the merger.

    I would never presume to be an expert- I don’t tivo the episodes and go back and watch them over and over again. I watch them as they come out, and I don’t even own the season 2 DVD (yet). I am totally open to other people’s take on things and love hearing them!

  214. each episode has so much deleted material. they need to make The Office into an hour long show

  215. this episode show how much Jim and Pam are alike.
    Jim is usually the one who is there to talk to Michael after he’s humiliated himself, like in the Booze Cruise. But in this episode is was Pam who was there for Michael… even after he tried to kiss her she gave him a ride home.

  216. I have one last comment related to cars – sort of…

    Between Jim bicycling to work and the car pool discussion at the beginning of the episode, I thought that Mindy was intentionally emphasizing alternative transit in this episode. And I think that is VERY COOL and something you don’t see a whole lot on TV nowadays (especially since TV shows are trying to get ad dollars from car companies).

  217. I am pretty sure someone hasn’t already said this, but at the end of this episode when Pam is taking home Michael and Karen is taking home Jim, you have the same moment, but totally different situations because Karen WANTS to take home Jim and taking home Michael is the last this Pam wants to do.

  218. I know BJ Novak writes sometimes for the show, but I cant stand his character (Ryan). Is it just me?

  219. ahh I know Hindi so I understood the Zach Braff bit.

    Kelly’s sisters were saying “Kelly prefers Zach Braff.” And Ryan replies “what’d you say about Zach Braff”.

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