The Office: Initiation, 3.05

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Writer: B.J. Novak, Director: Randall Einhorn

Summary (NBC): Ryan goes out on his first sales call, but is taken aback by the odd series of challenges that Dwight puts before him along the way.

The Office Initiation extras

  • Review: Northern Attack
  • While standing in line for pretzels, Kelly tries to explain Lazy Sunday (The Chronicles of Narnia) to Michael
  • The song that Jim and Andy are singing is Lovefool by The Cardigans
  • The song that Kevin is singing “hey” to is Rock & Roll Part 2 by Gary Glitter (also known as “The Hey Song”)
  • Buy Initiation at the iTunes Store
  • According to Rainn Wilson in The Office Retrospective, the line “And just as you have planted your seed in the ground, I am going to plant my seed in you” wasn’t originally in the script, but improvised by him on the spot.

The Office Initiation quotes

Jan: I don’t care how your day was, Michael.
Michael: Wow. Well, okay, I don’t care how your day was, either, Jan. I was just asking you because you asked me. Why do you set me up like that …
Jan: Tell me what you did yesterday.
Michael: I … worked. And then I went home to my condo. And Carol came over. And we had sex. Is that what you want to hear?

Michael: Never ever ever sleep with your boss. I’m so lucky that Jan and I only got to second base.

Jan: Hi Pam.
Pam: Hi.
Jan: I’m great.

Pam: It’s weird. Jan used to treat Michael like he was a 10-year old. But lately, it’s like he’s five.

Dwight: So are you excited?
Ryan: Yeah.
Dwight: Very excited?
Ryan: Yes. I’m very excited.
Dwight: Extremely excited? (Ryan gives Dwight a dubious look.) Just very, that’s cool.

Ryan: I … have spent a year here. And I have to commit, or get out so … Dwight’s the top salesman in the company, and he’s taking me on my first sales call today. And um, I’m excited.

Dwight: I am very excited. Ryan hasn’t made a sale yet. But more importantly, he hasn’t made an ally yet. Is he going to be a slacker/loser/wiseass like Jim was, or is he going to join the Dwight Army of Champions?

Ryan: So where’s the sales office?
Dwight: When you are ready to see the sales office, the sales office will present itself to you. Your journey begins now.

Michael: Hey hey hey, I love Jell-o puddin’ pops!

Dwight: Do you know where we are, temp?
Ryan: I know where we’re not.

Andy: Can you stand up, and talk to me over … there?

Andy: I’m acting my heart out here.

Pam: Once a year, they bring in a little cart, and they give away free pretzels. It’s really not a big deal. To some people it is.

Dwight: And just as you have planted your seed in the ground, I am going to plant my seed … in you.
Ryan: I don’t think you know what you’re saying.

Dwight: It smells pretty bad, doesn’t it?
Ryan: Uh-huh.
Dwight: It’s called bull crap, and a client can smell it from a mile away.
Ryan: Gotcha.

Stanley: I wake up every morning in a bed that’s too small, drive my daughter to a school that’s too expensive, and then I go to work to a job for which I get paid too little, but on pretzel day … well I like pretzel day.

Kelly: Who invented cupcakes, right?

Bob Vance: Whatta pair of Marys.
Stanley: This is pretzel day.

Ryan (talking to himself): “Hey Dwight, you’re a great salesman. Can you teach me?” “Sure Ryan, I’ll make you kneel in cow manure. And I’ll abandon you in a beet field.” “Oh that sounds great Dwight. I really appreciate that. Thank you so much for your mentorship.”

Dwight: Congratulations, resourceful salesman. You have passed the second challenge. Welcome to Schrute Farm!

Jim (singing): Love me, love me, say that you love me, fool me, fool me, go on and fool me …

Karen: This is not a proportionate response.

Andy (singing): I don’t care ’bout anything but you. Whatever happened to those guys?

Dwight: It is time for your next test. You have planted the beet seed. You have walked the long lonely walk of loneliness.

Michael: Hi. Please tell me you have a sweet pretzel left.
Pretzel Guy: We do.
Michael: Thank god.
Pretzel Guy: And we have 18 different toppings. We have sweet glaze, cinnamon sugar, chocolate, white chocolate, fudge, M&Ms, caramel dip, mint chip, chocolate chip, marshmallows, nuts, toffee nuts, coconut, peanut butter drizzle, oreos, sprinkles, cotton candy bits, and powdered sugar.
Michael: Is there any way that you can do all, all of them?
Pretzel Guy: The works, you got it.
Michael: All right! Thank you!

Ryan (as Mose darts by): What was that?
Dwight: Pay no attention to the spirits that haunt this hallowed ground.
Ryan: Is that your cousin Mose?
Dwight: Yes.

Dwight: What is the greatest danger facing Dunder Mifflin?
Ryan: Outsourcing and consolidation of the competition.
Dwight: Wrong. Flash floods. What is the true cause of Robert Mifflin’s suicide?
Ryan: Depression?
Dwight: Wrong. He hated himself. What is the Dharma Initiative?

Angela: I’m sure Dwight will protect him.
Kelly: I don’t know. Dwight’s so weird.
Angela: He is not weird. He’s just … individualistic.
Kelly: No, he’s a freak.
Angela: You’re a freak!

Dwight: What is Michael Scott’s greatest fear?
Ryan: Um, loneliness. Maybe women.
Dwight: Wrong. He’s not afraid of anything. Also, I would have accepted “snakes.”

Dwight: Fear is what it’s all about. You cannot sell while undergoing fear. You need to vanquish fear! One must wrestle fear to the ground. You will now wrestle my cousin Mose!

Dwight: Ryan, you don’t have to wrestle him. Ryan, just get in the coffin.

Mose: Bye Ryan. (To Dwight) He seemed nice.
Dwight: Where are all the animals?

Dwight: Mose is sorry, too. Look, he sent over a basket with eggs, and some fatback bacon, and look, something he whittled!

Dwight: I wanted us to be a team. An unstoppable team.

Dwight: Screw gun! The sales call!

Dwight: Michael always says “K-I-S-S.” “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” Great advice, hurts my feelings every time.

Michael: I am officially streamlining the efficiency of this corporation.

Pam: Did you have a lot of sugar today, Michael?

Michael: I think we can get a lot done, don’t you? On paper, at least. And we are, after all, a paper company. Are we not, are we not, are we not? Are you with me, are you with me? Thank you very much.

Ryan: They really didn’t like me.
Dwight: They did not. They didn’t have to say it to your face.

Dwight: Not everything’s a lesson, Ryan. Sometimes you just fail.

Dwight: You know what, they’re going to be screwed once this whole Internet fad is over.

Dwight: Temp, temp, temp, temp … Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan!

Dwight: Just think, that temp agency could have sent you anywhere.
Ryan: I think about that all the time.

Pam: Jan’s making me keep a log of everything Michael does all day.
Jim: Wow. Do you think … you could send me a copy of that?
Pam: Yeah, totally.

Pam: Everything’s pretty much the same here.
Jim: Oh good.
Pam: A little different. What time is it there?
Jim: What time is it here? Um, we’re in the same time zone.
Pam: Ah yeah, right.
Jim: How far away did you think we were?
Pam: I don’t know. It felt far.
Jim: Yeah.

Jim: Shut up. Mavis Beacon doesn’t even type 90.

Jim: How do you confuse “28 Days” with “28 Days Later”?
Pam: Because I got it at Blockbuster and they don’t put the pictures on the box.

Jim: Yes, fancy new Beesly would make that up. New apartment, new stories …
Pam: Oh yeah, my fancy new apartment. I have one bedroom, one bathroom, and a closet.
Jim: And how many kitchens?
Pam: I have one kitchen.
Jim: Wow, you got totally taken for a ride, Beesly!

Jim: How are you going to cook every meal of the day in one kitchen?

Stanley: 364 days. Til the next pretzel day.


  1. The face on Michael when he gets everything on his pretzel…..awesome!
    the conversation with pam and jim…perfect!

    best episode this year so far!

  2. is anyone else sad to realize that the great john krasinksi has a fatal flaw–he can’t hold a tune in a bucket! happy birthday to him anyway.

  3. I honestly yelled at the TV for one of them to call the other back, much to the dismay of my roommate, and one of my other friends who watches the show with me (after the convo).

  4. I’m going to have “Lovefool” stuck in my head for the rest of the night. Brilliant episode – the cold open was particularly marvelous.

  5. That ‘Bye Pam’ ‘Bye Jim’ sounded so official!! Like something you would hear at the end of a movie with NO SEQUEL!
    I loved this episode, especially the Mavis Beacon reference.

  6. Honestly, just when i think the office couldn’t get better, it did. I think that everyone did an amazing job. I loved angela and kelly tonight, as well as Dwight,Mose,Ryan, even the pretzel guy i dont care this episode rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so hyper:P


  7. Michael’s schedule:

    1.Told Cosby joke
    2.Stood in pretzel line

    LOVED this episode… classic Office

  8. Dwight and Kelly are so over the top in this episode. I’m getting a little tired of them taking up so much air time compared to last season. However, I’m glad that Stanley finally got a chance to be on screen for a little bit. And I’m so glad that Pam and Jim got to talk…not so that they can get back together…I honestly don’t care. I just am tired of the lack of chemistry between everyone on the show. And to be honest I think it’s because John K holds the cast together. Oh well, maybe it will be better next week…it IS getting progressively better.

  9. Very good ep.

    Ryan hasn’t made a sale, so since early June, they’ve been without Jim’s sales, and added no new ones. Michael is being watched. Things just don’t look too good for the Scranton branch.

  10. For some reason I thought that the whole Scranton office or a significant part of it was going to go to Dwight’s beet farm, not just Ryan and Dwight. Oh well. There were some funny Dwight and Ryan moments (I really liked the Mindtrap brain teasers opening and them downing boilermakers and Dwight switching mid-sentence from temp to Ryan), but for the most part I didn’t find “initiation” stuff that entertaining, as it seemed like a lot of Dwight stuff that we’ve seen before. I also thought that a lot of scenes had a lot of potential that was pretty much wasted. I did like the squeaky chair segments, which I thought were pretty funny (especially when Jim broke into Lovefool by The Cardigans. Whatever happened to those guys? They’re one of my favorite bands, based almost solely on their 3 albums they’ve made post-Lovefool, most notably Gran Turismo, which is one of my favorite albums of all time), the pretzel day stuff was mostly good, as I really liked Michael’s freaking out when he thought Phyllis was cutting in line, and Michael ordering all the toppings for his pretzel (and the ensuing sugar high and crash) was great, but the whole Stanley living for pretzel day thing was pretty outlandish. The Jim and Pam conversation was great, even though the end was really depressing. I miss them interacting each week. Also, did Melora Hardin change her hair or make-up or something? I thought she looked even hotter than usual.

  11. Yeah, they’re without Jim’s sales but Michael always comes back with the big sales (Hammermill, and this one in this episode). They must help. Also, who would’ve thought that Ryan would have trouble making sales. Didn’t see that coming.

    I thought it would have been nice if the Pam/Jim conversation continued on their cell phones on the way out of the building. But I guess we can’t have everything.

    Loved Andy lip-syncing along with Jim.

  12. I don’t think you know what you’re talking about…


    I loved this one. Stanley was perfect!

  13. Great episode, the season gets better and better every week…for the first time, the Stamford branch reminded me a lot of the Scranton branch. The sqeaky chair, “Lovefool”…hilarious.

    So doesn’t it seem that Michael, no matter how much he slacks off, always gets the big sale at just the right time? No way they’ll fire him or close the Scranton branch.

    LOVED the JAM interaction…been salivating for that for a long time. It was brilliantly done. So awkward at first, I actually cringed. But they so easily fell back into their banter, it was only when they were interrupted by Ryan and Dwight that the magic moment was broken. I do NOT want Jim to end up w/ Karen, but if they merge and he is dating her for awhile, I can’t wait to see how they play that little love triangle…or would that be a love square w/ Roy? Huh.

  14. I love, love, loved this ep. But after watching it, I find myself torn. I got so used to Jim and Karen that I started having a little Jim/Karen love, but after that Jam convo, I love Jam more than ever. I don’t know which I want! *Cries*

    Honestly, one of the best eps of the season. The Jim singing had me on the FLOOR! I think I liked last week’s a little better, but this week’s rocked major socks. :D

  15. Pam and Jim need to get together or at least be in the same room together. Their phone conversation was so sweet.

  16. I agree, this episode is definitely the best of the third season so far. BJ’s episodes are really right on track. He tends to make the characters leave the office more (i.e. “The Fire”), which I guess could be seen as a criticism, but I think he usually makes it work really well. It adds another dimension to the humor. Like Dwight trying to be some cool trainer guy, with the “try and snatch the bean from my hand” thing? Awesome. :)

  17. Squeeeeeeee! Squee. Squee squee squee.


    [translation: thank you powers that be for that one little phone conversation]

  18. a m a z i n g! thats all i have to say. the best by far this season. bj novak has totally out done himself. i mean between the reference to lost and the absoultely spectacular moment between pam and jim, u cant beat it. the whole jim and karen thing was cute, but u cannot get any better than the jim/pam moment on the phone. steve carrell was awesome once again, and who knew stanley was so freaking funny? i sure didnt. andy, i love him more each episode. and all i have to say to pam is “love him love him, SAY THAT YOU LOVE HIM!!!”

  19. Best episode of the season so far in my opinion. Besides the obviously hilarious parts I also liked how throughout the episode there were these scenes with people who were together but aren’t normally, like Angela and Kelly, Michael and Stanley, and Dwight and Ryan, and then it ended with Pam and Jim who weren’t together, like everything’s upside down! haha I just thought that was kind of neat.

  20. OOOOOHHHHHH! I like lists.

    1.) The Coup
    2.) Initiation
    3.) The Convention
    4.) Grief Counseling
    5.) Gay Witch Hunt

    I think the look in Michael’s eyes the whole time he’s lying to Dwight just wins that episode over for me. “I can’t imagine this place without you.” “Can’t you?”

  21. IT’S BACK!!!! In all its splendor it has returned to what it used to be, funny as hell. Not just funny moments. Where to start…Mose…Pam being asked to track her boss…Pretzel Day…”Dwight’s a freak” moment between Kelly and Angela…Jim irking Karen (especially loved that) with his singing…Ryan getting off his high horse and listening for a change…throwing the eggs…Stanley high fiving Michael…Michael being productive after loads of sugar…ANDY…and best of all a little phone reunion at the end. If the Cardinals win it will be a perfect evening. Cannot wait for Diwali.

  22. nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey…goodbye. Michael just blasting that in his office was a riot. Lots of music tonight. GREAT ep.

  23. So, I felt the beet farm scenes felt alittle out of place, but I did laugh. I especially laughed when Mose ran through the background like an alien or something.

    I seriously loved the Jim/Pam interaction. It made me feel for them. I think the writers are allowing it to play out and give us some tension without them even being together. Great stuff.

  24. oh my god.

    best episode ever!!!!!!!

    Wow just wow… dwight’s cousin Mose shirt? “FEAR” hahahahahha

  25. I can’t even describe how much I loved this episode. My friends and I constantly quote the Office and this episode gives up new stuff.

    By far the funniest episode this season, although the coup and grief counceling are tied for second.

    Dwight-gotta love him. He’s so amazingly awkward.
    Ryan-I love BJ Novak and I’m so glad he was a big part of this episode

    Pam- she doesn’t seem as cool now that Jim is gone, kind of lost. She was funny today though. The thing with 28 day later/28 days is something i have done too.

    Jim- He’s so funny. Loved it when he sang and the bit with the chair. he was so cute when he called Pam.

    Michael- When he’s on a sugar rush he acts just like i do on a sugar ruch. I loved it a lot.

    Stanley- “Only 364 more days…”

    Angela- “YOU’RE A FREAK!!”

    basically this was the highlight of my day. ’nuff said.

  26. Awesome episode!

    By the end, I was laughing so hard at everything else that I forgot the promo promised us a JAM moment.

    The conversation was just icing on the cake.

    The whole episode was really well written, and the recent Jam drought has made us appreciate the little things.

    Michael’s sugar high and resulting crash was great.

    I even appreciated Kevin’s “hey”ing along with the music.

  27. Forgot to mention, that once again we had Pam covering for Michael.

    Even though he can get on all of their nerves, they still love him.

  28. My favorite line of the whole episode:
    Dwight: Just think, that temp agency could’ve sent you anywhere!
    Ryan: I think about that all the time

    His look was priceless. Looked like he was about to start cracking up laughing.
    Best episode of the season imo.

  29. Michael Schur played Mose tonight. Does anyone know if he has played any other characters on the show. I seem to think, from the Season 3 DVD commentaries, that he has. Nice way for BJ Novak to take care of a fellow writer. So funny.

  30. This episode was really perfect from start to finish! The cold open with Dwight and Ryan was great.
    Okay, Dwight can be extremely creepy, “just get in the coffin” but it was cool to see his humanity in this episode to, with how he really just wants a friend.
    Of course that conversation at the end was wonderful, can’t wait to see how these two find ways to reconnect in the future…

  31. I’m just not a big Ryan fan, but it’s about time he got some face time since he’s one of the big five on all the promotional materials. This episode was just okay, though. I have a very hard time believing that Ryan hasn’t made a sales call in the months since he took over Jim’s job. I guess I’m a GIANT INTERNET NERD for pointing out factual inaccuracies, but, at least at the business form company I worked for, if a salesman left, the new salesman gets a running start by taking over the old guy’s customers. Those accounts don’t simply disappear into nothing when the old guy leaves. Of course, Dwight probably just took them all.

  32. I loved this episode…it’s the closest this season has been to the greatness of season two. The Pam and Jim conversation was both sweet and heartbreaking at the same time.

    Some of the highlights for me:

    1) The unbelievably sad existence of Stanley Hudson….364 days until the next pretzal day.
    2) The Bob Vance conversation (him calling them marys or something) in the pretzal line and Michael and Stanley high fiving.
    3) Michael’s sugar rush (Toby: Second?) and the fact that sometimes he’s actually good at his job. But just sometimes.
    4) Dwight and Ryan at the bar.
    5) I loved how Jim kept calling her Beesly, it seemed to me that he was just really happy about that.
    6) Jim and Andy singing Love Fool. (Whatever happened to those guys?)
    7) Angela: You’re a freak!

    Mose…that was weird.

  33. does anyone remember what is it that Jim says about calling the Scranton branch? I think he was kinda trying to justify himself or something, but i can’t remember what he said.

  34. wonderful episode…i sat speechless after the JAM convo…i’m gonna have to watch that again before bed!

  35. another awesome episode! i loved michael’s bit about the pretzels..

    “because i like’em a certain way and if it gets screwed up, then this whole thing’s blown”

    only to say he wanted all the toppings!

    JAM is back.



    Ryan: You’re a FREAK.

    Dwight: Okay, you don’t have to wrestle him… just get in the coffin.

    Haha! Fantastic episode.

  38. Yes! Michael’s pretzel face!! Hysterical! Not to mention his sugar-high speech/sugar-low stupor.

    “Is it five AM or five PM?”

    =] Great episode.

  39. By the way, I’ll get flack for this, but the serious moments between Jim and Pam don’t fit the show’s tone at all. I hate them, just because they’re so awkward among all the silliness of the rest of the program.

  40. I think Jim said he was calling to leave Kevin a message. Funny, Pam is often there at 5:20. I think Jim had a lousy day (Karen was irksome…in my opinion) and he waited for everyone else to leave hoping to maybe get Pam on the phone. I felt such relief that they both got this moment over with. Can’t wait to the next time and still very happy that it wasn’t just about them…the whole episode was a riot.

  41. haha i LOVE angela being defensive. great.

    and obviously the phone convo was a fantastic insight into their hopefully future relationship? it wasn’t just friendly it was meant to be in a relationship kinda chemistry. question is when..

  42. And she never did transfer him to Kevin’s voice mail… he never asked her to at the end. He did call to talk to her…I’m convinced!!!

  43. Oh man, I had a terrible day and now it’s turned around completely, this episode definitely played a factor into it.

    Love me love me
    say that you love me
    leave me leave me
    just say that you need me
    I can’t care ’bout anything but you…

    What ever happened to those guys?

  44. Wow. I thought last week’s was good, but this took it to a whole new level. (and… twss!) SEriously, though, it was a really funny episode, and I am so tempted to buy it from iTunes, because people kept coming in and out of our apartment, so there were a few little things I missed. But Mose is hilarious-what is up with his carving skills?! And them egging the place and the almost-bonding. Oh yeah, let us not forget-
    That was one of the absolute cutest phone conversations ever. There is hope! Squee!


    It just tickles me that out of any song, Jim would pick that one out of the air. Amazing.

  46. I don’t think he picked it out of the air. It went nicely with the squeaking!!

  47. Someone may have written this already because it seems a bit apparent to me, but I have to believe the writers are setting it up so Jim has to make a decision at the end of this season similar to what Pam had to do last year. Pam will decide she wants to give it a shot with him, but I’m guessing they’ll build up this chemistry between Jim and Karen throughout the season. Just a theory, but I’m thinking that’s the next big cliffhanger in between season 3 and 4: Jim having to decide between Pam and Karen.

  48. Jim’s singing was the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard. And that was the best episode this year! Very funny… and very surreal at the same time. So great.

  49. I’m just not seeing the chemistry there between Jim and Karen. His heart is in Scranton. Karen just sits behind him. And she got on his nerves today.

  50. I don’t think the Kevin thing was an excuse to talk to Pam. He seemed genuinely surprised to hear her. He just got so caught up in their coversation that he completely forgot about Kevin.

  51. Absolutely brilliant episode. Tops my list for the new season, and gives me hope too. Here’s my rankings so far…

    1. Initiation
    2. The Coup
    3. Grief Counseling
    4. Gay Witch Hunt
    5. The Convention

    They’re getting gradually better. This had so many classic moments. Jim singing Lovefool and Andy singing along had me rolling. The opening scene was by far the most genius though. I must say – B.J. Novak needs far more screen time. Limit Pam and Kelly, give me more Novak.

  52. Not sure, but wasn’t “Initiation” originally supposed to air before “Grief Counseling”? There seemed to be more of a Karen/Jim connection in that episode than this week. If you look at the phone conversation in the context that apparently took place before the hunt for Herr’s chips, I would almost think Jim thought Pam was cutting him off and he reacted later by showing more interest in Karen.

  53. yeah elisabeth…i noticed that too- i think he was just happy her name wasnt anderson and that he could stil call her beesly!! squee!!

  54. I loved the episode – funny as always. The Jim and Pam conversation was perfectly played, but that is a given with how great John and Jenna are at their roles.

    I don’t know if this has been talked about in other places, but I think the last two episodes were switched in order because of the Jim and Pam moment. I know that Jenna wrote in her Myspace blog today that the production order doesn’t mean episode order, but I think this was a choice by the producers of the show. Just look at the reaction on this board about the Jim and Pam conversation. If Initiation aired last week and Grief Conseling was on tonight, I bet that all of the JAM fans would be angry about the lack of ANY reference to our favorite star cross lovers.

    Just a thought.

  55. Brilliant, splendid, worthy-of-an-itunes-purchase-even-though-I’ll-end-up-buying-the-season-3-dvd kind of episode.

  56. Who loved this episode? *raises hand* I did! I did! This episode was PERFECTION to me. More Ryan, usual Dwight, upbeat Stanley, Jim singing, Andy singing along, Angela sticking up for Dwight, usual Kelly, Michael’s sugar high, Pam’s list of Michael’s daily tasks and, of course, who can forget THE Jim/Pam conversation. I cried, I was so happy to see them interact. Hehe, I want more! :)

  57. Yes, Yes, the Cardinals won….Woot, woot, woot. Nothing like beating a New York team, any New York team, in New York. As Jim says at the end of Diversity Day, “not a bad day”.

  58. cardinals shmardinals. My sister was on Jeopardy! tonight and i got to watch it PLUS the office despite being on call at the hospital. Now that’s a good day.

  59. I’m a Boston Gal so anytime New York loses is cause for celebration. How did your sister do? How fun!!!

  60. well, second (aka first place loser). but she sure was smiley and gets to check one more think off her life “to do” list.
    the one thing that could’ve made tonight better–showing stanley and michael enjoying their pretzels together. it’d be like watching happy puppies.

  61. I have a question that has yet to be answered this season, what ever happened to Jim’s trip to Australia!? I mean he paid for the trip and everything, yet there has been no mention by him or prop reference to it

  62. So the most professional person we’ve EVER seen in “Office” history is clearly the man running the pretzel cart, just for being able to acquiesce to Michael’s request for all EIGHTEEN different cookie/candy variations to top his pretzel…and to even call it “The Works.” Good lord!

  63. Best episode this season. Lots of great moments that reminded me of last season. Stanley getting jacked up for a free pretzel and Michael passed out after his sugar high…hilarious.

  64. Ok, this is a blatant cut and paste of what I wrote at NA, but here goes:

    B.J. did not disappoint! Best episode so far this season, they just keep getting better and better. So many great lines in this one too- Dwight’s Army of Champions, “now I shall plant my seed in you”, Michael Scott’s greatest fear: nothing. or snakes. I was laughing pretty much all the way up until everyone started filtering out for the day because I knew what was coming. That whole phone call- from the surprised greeting to the awkward silences, to the way they were both clearly giddy at just getting to talk about everyday things with the other–just perfect. In fact, I think I’ve had that phone conversation.

    Other great things:
    * Stanley power walking to get a free pretzel.
    * Jim singing Lovefool! I love that song, and I loved the falsetto.
    * The terrible singing by Andy, despite having been part of the acapella group, Here Comes Treble.
    * Ryan throwing eggs at the building.
    * Dwight having a coffin in his barn.
    * Mose. Everything about him. Including his whittled sculpture.
    * Dwight claiming that if things work out with Ryan, he’ll definitely stop hanging out so much with current best friend and cousin, Mose.
    * Ryan chugging a beer + shot.
    * Angela: “You’re a freak!”
    * Michael standing on his chair while listening to inspirational sports jamz music.

    Ok, so clearly this list is long. And this is only what I can recall after first viewing. After I download it tomorrow, there will be more.

  65. From Jenna’s blog: There have been some reports that this episode (The Initiation) was supposed to air before last week’s episode (Grief Counseling)…but that is not true. We sometimes shoot episodes in an order other than the way they are intended to air. There are different reasons for this but in this case the location of the beet farm was only available at a certain time so we shot this episode first. Shooting order does not necessarily indicate story order. Hope that clears things up. The story is as it should be.

  66. This was by the my favorite episode of the season. Well, Gay Witch Hunt was pretty good too.

    I loved the pretzel thing – that’s how my family is – free stuff, we are there. I thought Michael was going to flip out over having to choose a sweet topping and not being able to make a decision, which would have ruined the whole thing for him.

    I also like that Michael made another big sale – him being so awkward and stuff, you think “how could he be regional manager?” but his style of selling apparently does work a little.

    So did Kelly eat her pretzel before she was talking to Angela? I’m surprised Kevin didn’t go for a free pretzel (maybe he did and we just didn’t see it).

    I liked the phone convo w/ Jim and Pam. It was cute. I thought Jim said he was trying to call Kevin for Fantasy Football – he forgot Kevin’s extension, so he was just going to go through the system (which I assume, it’s like when you call a big company and it says if you know the extesion of the person you’re trying to reach, dial it now. Otherwise, type in the first 3 letters of the first name –> so I assume that’s what he meant). It was so sad when Pam said “bye” and Jim thought she was talking to him. So sad.

    Arg, I’m trying to watch the deleted scenes on NBC, but I can’t. All I see is a black screen but I can hear the audio. Stupid DSL. Even though dialup is super slow to load, at least it eventually worked. Not like this, which doesn’t even work correctly.

  67. Anyone know why there’s a rerun next week? Is there some awards show going on that night or something? Just curious. Btw..excellent episode. 2nd fav after the Coup this season.

  68. I think Matt (#60) is on to something… but I think it’s going to loosely follow the BBC version, where Scranton will absorb Stamford right after Jim and Karen hook up, then Pam will have to watch Jim and Karen be together.
    “What is Michael’s greatest fear? The correct answer is
    ‘nothing’. I also would have accepted ‘snakes'”

  69. Great episode, though I did like Grief Counseling a bit better for some reason. I think the expectation level was very high for all of us this week.

    For this to be a perfect episode, we needed more Creed.

    A Pam Anderson reference has been one of those low hanging fruit jokes, and I’m still wondering if and/or when the writers will go there.

    Speaking of seeds being sown, do you get the feeling we are being set up for Michael going back into sales after the offices merge?

  70. it’s interesting how the season keeps on progressing. with ‘GWH’, i felt so so about it but now with ‘the initation’, it was just awesome.

    -jim and andy singing lovefool. i love the cardigans so hearing the reference made me incredibly happy.
    -karen switching chairs with andy. brilliant.
    -“I’m going to plant my seed in you” *died*
    -“you’re a freak!” i love how kelly didn’t even look effected by that comment.
    -ryan and dwight throwing eggs. another priceless moment.
    -stanley and michael’s comraderie (sp?) in this episode with the high five. *gushes*
    -THE conversation. i really like how it was written, with both of them tripping all over each other’s words in the beginning but eventually having a smooth conversation like how it used it be. plus, i thought that the change from afternoon to night was brilliant, showing that they’ve been talking for a long time without really noticing how the time flew. aww i heart JAM. *fangirl glow*

    i know there’s more but i can’t think of anything else right now. well, until next week…

  71. Love me love me, say that you love me,
    fool me fool me, go on and fool,
    I dont care about anything but you.


    best episode yet

  72. zeejaydee I dont think the coversation was longer than it actually was shown. I think it was a realtime uncut conversation only shortened because of the interruption.

  73. Vish…just a guess about the re-run next week…maybe because the World Series will be on? Or maybe not. Looking at the NBC sched there are a few re-runs next week.

  74. An incredible episode tonight. The writers abilities to write the little things into this show seperates it from any thing else on TV. Stanley hustling to get in line for the free pretzel was hysterical, as was Michael’s sugar crash. The Ryan/Dwight interaction was awesome. I was really excited to have Ryan take a more prominent role, especially after the heart-wrenching story of ‘Mufasa.’ The small Jan/Pam interaction was really funny too. And of course, the final scene between Jim and Pam was perfect. The acting was as impressive as the “I’m in love with you” scene in Casino Night. Well done B.J.

    Wow……… I’ve thought all of the episodes this season were great, but this one might go down as one of the best overall.

  75. I thought about that On The Wings of Love, but they’ve been running new shows throughout the playoffs and NBC can’t expect that much of a jump in ratings, especially now that a New York team is out of it.

  76. No, the conversation wasn’t real-time. There was at least one cut within it, when they’re talking, and then suddenly she’s sitting down and they’re deeper into the conversation. I think there are actually two of them. It was longer than shown, definitely.

  77. Well now I gotta watch it again Chelsea! I think I missed that cut. Maybe the season dvd will have the extended version..hopefully.

  78. So here is my take:

    1. Jim kept calling Pam: Beesley, He love that he can still call her Beesley.
    2. I think Jim calls the office every day, to hear Pam’s voice in the answering machine. Only this time he picked up.
    3. This is more than just Ryan’s initiation as a saleman, but the initiation of Jim/Pam’s relationship.

    That is all

  79. i wonder if Dwight’s coffin is another one of his grandfather’s family heirlooms? ;]

  80. I never thought about what Veronica said, but that makes sense! I don’t ever recall hearing Jim call Pam Beesley ever before, but now he is glad to do that. Oh, and I hope she is right that it is the start of their relationship, but I have my doubts about that.

  81. Again, they’ve outdone themselves. Also, that Jim/Pam conversation at the end of the episode was like 3 minutes long. Off the top of my head, that’s easily the longest single scene of the series. So that was a little weird in such a normally fastpaced show to look down at the clock and ask myself how long this had gone. But all of that to say good job.

    And damn if i don’t have the freakin Cardigans song in my head. Good choice by The Writer.

  82. Okay, this episode ended incorrectly.
    The correct ending is:
    Jim hums/whistles the very last bar of “Lovefool” as he walks out the door. (I don’t care ’bout anything but you…)
    Yeah, no, that’s too much like a normal television show. But that still would’ve been a great ending, yes?

  83. There’s a cut when the are suddenly talking about 28 days later. It also shows why she’s surprised to see Ryan and Dwight show up. Its obviously a lot later than 5:20 or whatever it would be.

    Just rewatched it onTIVO…they’re tlaking about typing, it’s light behind Jim outside, Pam laughs and says “no thats respectable…” and is turning in her chair. Then they cut to Pam not turning in her chair and she’s in the middle of 28 Days Later speech. Its now dark behind Jim outside. Ryan/Dwight walk in, startling Pam, and they end the conversation.

    Incredibly well written and acted.

    I think its a rerun next week because the following week starts the first Sweeps period, and they don’t want to run a repeat during Sweeps. And I guess with 5 Thursdays in Novemeber if they didn’t throw in at least 1 repeat the season would be half over by Dec 1st.

  84. Jim called at 5:20. They cut to him kicking back at his desk and it was dark outside. According to, the sunset was at 6:08pm. So if the writers were true to form (and they usually are), the conversation lasted for at least 48 minutes.

  85. Yes, what Knot4ewe said…

    “Later” they cut back to Jim and it was dark.

    And the 6:08pm sunset was referring to Stamford, where Jim is.

  86. This was my favorite so far this season. Loved the Jim/Pam conversation.

    I have all kinds of high hopes for the future episodes!

  87. wow, this research is really cheering me up, because… it means they talked for a while. while at the same time, the length of time from our perspective was perfect, because i’m sure it felt as short for them as it did for us. if that makes sense.

  88. man, just one deleted scene this week? i guess we can’t complain…we got several minutes early on…lucky we get any really

  89. Oh my god,
    This was by far the best episode of the season. It was so funny, I couldn’t stop laughing. Dwight was soooo good in this episode, all the tests he made ryan do, including the riddles, fighting mose, and the sitting in the chair were great. Also his mention about Jim being a slacker loser and himself being a champion… HAHAH.
    I don’t get how it was ryan’s first sales call, does that mean he didnt make any sales in the whole year? What was he doing then.. And if it was a sales call then why did they go to a company.. shouldn’t it be over the phone?
    Lol I’ve never worked in a corporate world so don’t laugh.. lol

  90. This episode made me so happy.

    Item 1- B.J. Novak. What a friggin’ talent! There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that that kid is a legend in the making. I’m not saying that tonight’s episode was the greatest piece of television bliss ever filmed, but I just feel like this is only the tip of the iceberg for B.J. and I cannot wait to see what his future holds. He’s brilliant.

    Item 2- Michael? The sugar crash? It was the cutest/ oddest thing to have happened in the show. I had to “Aww” when they cut to him passed out on his desk. I don’t know what it was. Maybe because in the back of my spoiled mind, I know that big changes are about to happen. It was strangely cute though.

    Item 3- No lies. My heart swelled a bit when Dwight stopped chanting “Temp!” and started chanting “Ryan!” And the car bombs are yet another testament to Mr. Novak’s genius. What a warped and touching relationship to blossom and grow. Bring on the Dwyan.

    Item 4- Stanley’s face. That’s it.

    Item 5- THE PHONECALL! Talk about perfect! I thought it was wonderfully done and so very telling of what’s to come. They haven’t spoken in months. And they seemed to have picked up where they left off. Well, the left off basically in a liplock with all emotions bared, but in the sense of their amazing friendship things were back on track. And it was so lovely to see that. This rumored merger is going to be very interesting. But this little taste of JAM was just what I needed to get through.


    I smell another petition.

  91. this episode made me want to get a soft pretzel and then watch it again.

    new hot Office relationship proposal: pam + karen. dwight even foreshadowed it in the christmas episode, when he called pam “pan.”

  92. does anyone know where you can watch it online now? I don’t have a dvr & i can’t wait until tommorrow for itunes and i want to see “the conversation” again asap!!

  93. I loved:
    Jim singing.
    Dwight calling Ryan “Ryan”, rather than “Temp”.
    Stanley and Michael teaming up against “cutters”.
    Jim and Karen teaming up against the squeaky chair.
    Dwight and Ryan teaming up against the sales client.
    Michael’s red face after sleeping on it.
    Cousin Mose playing the role of “FEAR”
    “Ryan, get in the coffin.”
    Pam getting sitting throught 28 Days Later waiting for Sandra Bullock to show up.

    I loved the Dwight/Ryan interaction. I’ll be shocked if a “Dyan” (or “Right”) fanvid doesn’t come out soon.

    It was just a great, non-stop episode. I loved that it kept moving from the three different settings (Scranton, Stamford, Beet Farm). It kept the show at a good pace. I had a smile consistently plastered to my face the whole episode. Awesome.

  94. Amelia, I remember him calling her Beesley during “The Fight.” “Bring it, Beesley. Bring it.”

    I know there were several cuts in the phone conversation but I don’t think there would be too much of a deleted scene from that. I think the script probably called for cuts in the conversation and covering different topics so quickly to show that Jim and Pam were catching up and were talking for some time.

  95. I think you can see where this is going.

    Jan will be forced to close an office. She dislikes Michael, prefers Josh, so she picks Scranton to be axed. However, the new CFO notices:

    (1) Michael/Scranton having the contract for the county’s business

    (2) Michael/Scranton landing Hammermill

    (3) Dwight/Scranton being the top salesman in the company

    (4) Jim going from salesman in Scranton to Asst Regional Mgr in Stamford

    (5) Michael/Scranton big sale this week with the Bill Cosby impression

    Sure Michael is a screw up but look what he/his team are doing. CFO over-rides Jan and Stamford is downsized, with Andy/Karen/Jim going to Scranton. Josh probably is moved to another location (Albany?)

    We get killer Michael/Jan/Josh tension, as Jan can’t stand Michael, gets rejected by Josh, Josh wants Michael’s job, and Jan wants Josh to have Michael’s job.

    JIm/Karen/Pam can go in any number of ways, with the likely choice being Pam and Karen don’t like each other with Big Tuna caught in the middle. I think somewhere towards the end we’ll see Pam and Roy hook up for at least 1 night, with JIm finding out about it. We’ll also be treated to a classic JIm/Pam outing (shopping for Kevin, watching the fireworks on the roof, etc…) being done with Jim/Karen and Pam feeling left out (possibly what drives her to Roy). Maybe that’s how we’ll end the season…Jim/Karen coming back from an all night outing and driving by Pam’s apartment and there steps out Roy at 7:00 in the morning, all smiles.

    But the best will be the Andy/Dwight interaction as Andy tries to be Michael’s #1 suck up.

  96. Correction rhy. Dwight called Pam “Pan” in The Injury not the Christmas episode (Christmas Party). Dwight calls Pam “Pan” because he drives his car straight into a pole on his way to pick Michael up who has just burned his foot on his George Foreman grill because he likes to wake up to the smell of crackling bacon. As a result of driving into the pole Dwight suffers a concusion. The Injury is a classic and is one of my all time favorites.

    You are most certainly right, this episode was hilarious and I also had a craving for a soft pretzel while I was watching it.

  97. I want a copy of that report too! And what did he do between the Cosby Impression and the Pretzle Line? So where do Jim and Pam go from here?

  98. this was a hilarious episode. before watching the episode i actually watched the movie over the hedge and steve carell’s hyper squirell and steve carell’s sugar rush michael scott were one in the same….so funny

    i know, i just added so much insight

  99. I looked over at my wife during the Jim/Pam scene and she couldn’t wipe the smile off her face. Very cool. The character of Andy has a lot of potential, his sing along with Jim was hilarious.

    And WOW guys let’s not get crazy on the whole sunset theory that the call lasted XX minutes. This isn’t LOST, all we need to know is that they talked for a while (hence the scene cuts).

  100. Man, I love this dang show. Is it just me or does Karen annoy anyone else? Or am I just a big Pam fan?

  101. thanks Mr. Baller, you’re right, not sure why i said christmas. guess i associated the image of someone shoving a teapot up his nose with head injury?

    Rachael, i dunno, karen has her appeal but pam > *, and she seems to be getting better all the time. just take her expression when jan dumped the michael-monitoring assignment on her. jim would’ve died.

  102. Michael’s sugar high, and subsequent crash. Funniest moment of the night. I was laughing so hard I was crying. :)

  103. I loved this episode from start to finish. There were countless laugh out loud moments and it was topped with a yummy Jam coating.

  104. I thought this episode was fantastic even before the JAM moment. And what a moment? I have always loved the phone conversation in Elizabethtown. I think that is one of the most romantic scenes ever (and i’ve seen a lot of chick movies). But the Jim and Pam version is oh so much better.

  105. Is anyone else confused by Karen’s feelings for Jim? During the “fake gernade” scene she seemed totally smitten, tonight she looked completely irritated. C’mon, how could she not even smile when someone that cute sings in such a hilariously, squeaky voice.

    Andy’s finish of the song was priceless. That glee club, “Here comes treble”, sure gave him some skills…

  106. I fall deeper and deeper in love with this show every episode. The writing is incredible. They are doing such a great job staying true to the show while still giving us a little bit of Jim and Pam. And always so good with the timing. I figured they wouldn’t chat for at least a few more episodes. Same with the season finale. A surprise. I mean, I knew eventually they would get to that, but I didn’t expect it. They have a great sense of timing.

    And I am totally with Little Tuna. Can we start a B.J. Novak fan club? The opening montage with all of the little “tests” that Ryan already knows the answer to was HYSTERICAL. And I love the fact that he walked out of the barn. (BTW, what’s with the fertility doll? WEIRD! *laugh*)

    Another of my favorites: The look on Andy’s face when he sat down and his chair squeaked.

    Man I love this show. Writers/Actors if you read this…>THANK YOU!!

  107. When, oh when, will the quotes be posted? I like to read through them before I begin work, it makes my morning much better. ;-)

  108. I thought this one wasn’t so bad, had some good laughs in it. And i loved the awkwardness of Jam’s phone call at first and then how easily they were able to go back into their old ways… and then awkward again. Can’t wait for the merge!

  109. LOVED this episode! It was hilarious.The Ryan/Dwight moments were classic.One of my favorite scenes was the whole pretzel fiasco w/Michael.The look on his face when he heard all of the choices for a sweet pretzel was priceless.I’ll have to say though that the Jim/Pam conversation was the icing on the cake for me.The first time he called when all Pam said was hello and goodbye and then hung up was so heartbreaking to me.Pam looked so close to tears and was lingering around her desk.Thank God she did!I do question whether or not the reason for his calling the 2nd time(fantasy football),was truely his reason.Of course it was awkward for the two of them at first.But you could not deny they’re bond-that’s they’re forever.However,they most likely did not touch on the subject that separated them in the first place.I’ll be curious how they will handle that.It was so crushing when Pam said good bye to Ryan,and Jim thought she was saying it to him.Who knows how long they would have talked w/out the interruption?
    Sorry about rambling on.

  110. Are you tools serious? This was the worst episode of the entire series. The plotline was absolutely ridiculous and contrary to the type of humor that made the first 2 seasons so hilarious and different. “The Office?” More like “The Ridiculous Situations that Never Happen in Real Life.” And why was so much time spent on Jim and Pam’s phone call, it was honestly not funny or entertaining in the slightest. I used to worship the Office but this episode was terrible.

  111. Okay, I’m not going to go into the specifics, but I had a Jim and Pam dream last night. And it was totally awesome. (FYI, Pam has a picture of Jim by her bed. And they started making out in an elevator.)

  112. I think calling fans “tools” on here is contrary to the community that we’ve created…I don’t think that’s very cool

  113. I agree about the quotes. It allows me to reminesce about the episode before I get down to business. I don’t agree that this episode was unrealistic. Maybe going to the beet farm, but that is Dwight and he has been over-the-top for two seasons now. If you think Pretzel day is unrealistic, you’ve never worked in an office building with an “icecream” social day. People will push people down stairs to get to the head of the icecream line. And I’ve had a “squeaky/uncomfortable” chair dual at least twice in my 4 year “career.”

  114. This episode was much funnier than last week. How great was Mose? “He seems nice.” hahahaha… And “Fear” in red tape on his shirt!!! Mose rules!!!!

    Stanley and Michael and the pretzel bonding was the best. The high 5 was priceless. Michael’s sugar high and resulting crash… too funny.

    I liked Dwight much better this week, he was over the top as usual but at least the writers gave him a more human side- by showing that he actually wants to be friends with Ryan. Great work all around by BJ!!!

    Oh, and Pam/Jim (I refuse to type Jam anymore- crap, I just did). This has already been rehashed to death so I have nothing new to add.

    I’ll wrap up by saying, “YOU”RE A FREAK!!!!” LOL

  115. Can anyone tell me what Dwight and Ryan were talking about in the very beginning, before the credits? Something about a polar bear.

  116. I really enjoyed this episode. Jim rolling around in his chair was hilarious, I’ve totally done that at my work. Yes, I am that lazy. As for the phone conversation, I loved how awkward and uncomfortable it was at first and then watching them get back to more of the Jim and Pam we know was really sweet. Loved this episode!

  117. So…Michael’s sugar high? Classic. Or Mose as FEAR? Great episode from top to bottom. You’re a freak!

  118. This episode was much funnier than last week. How great was Mose? “He seems nice.” hahahaha… And “Fear” in red tape on his shirt!!! Mose rules!!!!

    “he seems nice” was hilarious… I liked when
    he ran by the camera a la Deliverence or some
    tacky horror movie…

  119. The Mindtrap question:

    The polar bear one goes something like this:

    A hunter is in his cabin and sees a bear outside. He grabs his gun and chases it one mile due south. The bear then changes direction and heads one mile due west, and the hunter pursues. The bear heads back one mile due north and the man shoots it outside his cabin.

    What color was the bear?

    Answer: There is only one place in the world where you could go south one mile, west one mile, and north one mile, and be back at the same place you started: the north pole. Therefore, the bear must be a polar bear, so it would be white.

    I think the one w/the ice goes something like:
    Police walk into a room and find a man who hung himself. The problem is, they can’t find a chair or anything that the man stood on. However, there is a puddle of water in the middle of the floor. How did he commit suicide?

    A: it was a block of ice, which melted

    My family never actually played the game, we just read the questions and stuff. It was fun.

  120. WOW! I actually liked last week’s episode, but i have to say – this was one of the best ever, so far. What a great opening. Great use of characters – Ryan just being sick of Dwight asking (and it also led to the beet farm comment about Ryan always thinking he knows everything).

    I felt a little bad for Michael in this episode, Jan is really starting to come down hard on him, unfairly? Or does he just keep saving his job by making a well-timed big sale?

    I felt a little let down by the other office moments. I felt the rolling chair was a little weak compared to past (though it is real and therefore fit well). I did like the way Andy picked up on the song Jim was singing to drawn out Katie.

    The Beet farm – so many moments! “just as you planted the seed into the ground I will not plant my seed in you” “YOu must wrestle fear to the ground” “Michael is not afraid of anything, but I would have also accepted snakes” “Just think, the temp agency could have sent you anywhere. Yeah, I think about that a lot”

    The interaction b/w Ryan and Dwight was great. Loved the scene with Kelly and Angela. Plus the little scenes b/w Stanley and Michael.

    “Ryan, are you ok” “Yeah” (what do you think that will lead to?)

    And we can’t forget the Jim/Pam conversation. Very well done. Great way to finally get them to talk. I loved the awkwardness that led to familiarity and comfortability. And the abrupt ending – how that must have “hurt emotionally” for the characters. You got the feeling they wanted to continue. Maybe this will prompt them to try to “stay more in touch” or just cause Jim to want to sabatoge the office and get it closed so he can move back to Scranton. How cool would that be if it is Jim who causes the branches to merge :)

  121. Barryman,

    Funny, my husband didn’t like last night’s episode either. He said they are getting ridiculous. I kinda see what you’re saying but I still died laughing during the whole beet farm thing. I like silliness, though, and even though Dwight is usually a bit too over-the-top for me I really thought he was great last night.

    It seems like a lot of people out there like My Name is Earl better. While I think that it’s a funny show too, It didn’t grab me like The Office did. I think I can just relate to it because it shows extreme versions of people that I work with every day. Alot of the things that happen are really unrealistic, but they could actually happen, on a lesser scale.

    For example: I walked into my boss’ office this morning and she was engrossed into entering the little codes off of the McDonald’s monopoly pieces on the internet. The first thought that popped in my head was, “That’s totally something Michael would do”. haha

  122. It does seem to be getting a little over the top. I like the mundane stuff like “Conflict Resolution” or “Bring Your Daughter to Work Day” much better than it getting crazy….Is that just me?

  123. I thought the episode was alright.

    I think if you take out the Jim/Pam conversation at the end, then most people in here would have a different take on the episode.

    I liked everything in the episode, except for the Mose scene. Ryan semi-saved it.

  124. What song was playing in Dwight’s car when they were driving to the farm? Some crap glam/speedmetal….Anyone know? I would love to download it….

    And yes, this episode was sub par. They are getting to ridiculous, they need to stay with the awkward humor and office situations.

  125. Mose cracked me up. But what made me laugh more was Jim singing “Lovefool”. omg. i downloaded that so fast!! OMG! It was soo funny. I really thought that this episode took JAM to a new level. 28 Days or 28 Days Later?!? haha. “I thought Sandra Bullock was gonna come in at any minute.” I was mad that they didn’t say anything about the wedding or Roy. =[
    good episode. Favorite out of Season three so far.

  126. Imissed the beginning of the episode so can anyone tell me why there is hostility between Jim and that hot chick? And what started the whole chair thing? Thnx

  127. Great episode…I’m anxious to watch it again tonight because last night I was pretty distracted.
    Here’s my contribution to “the Office” trivia:
    Dwight had the Life of Agony song “River Runs Red” playing on the stereo in his car while driving to the farm with Ryan.

  128. This is the episode I’ve been waiting for ever since this season aired! I think the initiation was very reminiscent of the formula used in the episodes from last season… it was very funny and showed the characters at their finest. Stanley was AWESOME in this eepisode! And of course, who can go without mentioning the JAM moment at the end?? That (besides the Beet Farm incidents) made the show for me last night… it was so great to see Jim and Pam talking to each other like they used to all the time.

  129. It was an okay episode. Not my favorite, but it had it’s funny points. “YOU’RE a freak” and “364 days until next pretzel day” had me on the floor. I was not impressed by Mose…Michael’s sugar high was predictable but funny nonetheless…And where was Creed in this episode? I did like the Kevin cameo, though. Very funny.

  130. Forgot to add…I absolutely LOVED watching Michael’s confused look as the pretzel guy was naming off all the toppings. He looked like he had died and gone to heaven.

  131. OMG! great episode!! BJ is a genius!!! The squeaky chair bit was my fav. Jim and Andy singing the Cardigans had me rolling.

    I noticed that Jim’s name plate (on his desk) said: Jim Halpert – Asst. Regional Manager.

  132. Okay, while I agree that Mose could have been a bit more “rednecky”, I actually thought that it was hilarious that they took an otherwise average-looking guy and slapped a beard on him. I sorta saw it as ironic- Mose has always had this “freaky guy who works the farm with Dwight” rep and then with the running by in the backround (Pay no attention to the ghosts that haunt…LOL) you’re expecting this freaky Igor-like guy and then he ends up being normal-“He seemed nice”. I thought it was good that they strayed from the obvious casting that we probably all expected.

    And as far as only liking this episode because of the Jim/Pam conv.- you’re probably right, alot of people will love it for that but really that part was just lukewarm for me. I mean whoopie, they threw us a bone. We all knew it was coming sooner or later. The writers are going to take it wherever they decide to take it and well, whatever. I don’t watch the show for the romance, I watch it cause it’s funny.

  133. its strange to see Karen and Jim messing with Andy, the way that Pam and Jim use to mess with Dwight.

    Karen is gorgeous, she speaks french, and she loves Call of Duty.. WIN WIN WIN
    go JIM!!!

  134. To all the people who are ripping on me for researching the time that the sun went down in Stamford:

    1. I Googled it in less than a minute.

    2. This is a serious investigation! A JAM moment occurred on the premises! We must get to the bottom of this! Now everyone line up (except for Agent Michael Scarn), it’s time for a drug test!

    Sincerely, Dwigt.

  135. i freakin loved this episode. i thought it was really good. michael singing and dancing in his office. was the best. of course the JAM conversation was great. finally something with them happened! can’t wait till next thursday :)

  136. This was the best show this season. I think the Veronica [sorry spelling] is right. I bet that Jim calls the office everyday to hear Pam’s recorded voice. I missed the part about the coffin because I am visiting my niece and my great niece came in and when I looked Dwight was standing at the coffin. It was nice to hear Pam and Jim finally talking and you could see the tears in Pam’s eyes. Stanley was so excited about the pretzels I never seen him so happy!! It was funny watching all those people waiting for the pretzels and when Phyllis [sorry spelling ]kissed her boyfriend and Michael was blaming her for trying to jump line. So funnnnny!!

  137. “Well, I like Pretzel Day.”

    Wow, this episode was great. Although…it wasn’t as good as last one, in my opinion. It was a little crazy. But whatever, it was all good.

  138. Why does everyone just start talking about how great an episode is just because it has a pam and jim moment? This show is a comedy people its not a soap opera if you’re looking for gushy romances go watch days of our lives. The only thing that I care about that has to do with Jim and Pam is if it adds to the comedy. If the writers never have them get together just to make the show more funny I could care less. Everyones been complaining about every episode so far that doesnt have Jim and Pam interaction, give me a break its a comedy. This episode was funny and I enjoyed it, I’m just sick of people treating this show like dawsons creek.

  139. Because real life is only funny, or only dramatic. People like this show because it’s (kind of) realistic. And real life can occasionally be dramatic, but the Office -hardly- over-does it. And the only “soap opera” aspect of this episode was Pam and Jim joking around on the phone for 3 minutes, and then a look at their reactions at the end…

    Besides, where’s your heart, Planting Your Seed?

  140. Doug
    I didnt say the drama was overdone in this show, I dont think it is at all. My complaint is that half these people who say they like the office trash every episode that doesnt have the jim and pam interaction. Then like you said there is 3 minutes of jim and pam and everyone is saying how great the episode is, I mean give me a break.

  141. For the first time, I loved Ed Helm’s character. How he was really into singing the “Lovesick” song, not realizing that it was a target for sature between Jim and Karen. He played that off really well. Great moment!

  142. plant a seed – I think that most people make a big deal about the Pam and Jim moments, not so much because of the romance, but because of the humor. Last season some of my fav scenes were the ones with Jim and Pam messing with Dwight. It felt like there has been something missing this season because that dynamic is not there. It always felt that Jim and Pam were on a different level then the other Dunder employees. Ryan, Stanly, Dwight, Angela… etc are all there to work, but Jim and Pam liked to have fun.

    I agree with you – this episode was great, regardless of the Jim and Pam interaction at the end

  143. Alex, I think it’s from Lost. Would that make Mose one of the “others” or is that still just the warehouse?

  144. i missed the part why jim was singing the cardigans. either that or i’m really slow. anyone care to explain?

  145. First time poster here! Gotta just ask, when are we going to find out just exactly WHY Dwight’s grandfather was re-buried? I mean, we know he was originally buried in a tuxedo (which Dwight now owns and occasionally wears), that he was re-buried in an old oil can (and he would have fit, if they had only give Dwight another minute), and now we have seen his original coffin (I assume, why else would they have a coffin in their barn).

    I gotta know the backstory to this! Have I missed something, or are we still waiting for some elaboration?

  146. Very enjoyable episode. It is good to see more of the side characters getting face time. Stanley and his pretzel. Hilarious!

  147. I have to say this was one of my top two shows of the season. With priceless lines and a good JAM and JAREN moment. I thought the best part was the cold open wiht the brain-tesers.

  148. I don’t know about you, but I thought this was the best of season three so far. I really liked the Kelly/Angela moment, when Angela was trying to be compassionate to Kelly who was worried about Ryan, and then turned on her when Kelly called Dwight a freak! That was great, showing Angela’s depth of love for Dwight. It really showed that cold, cold Angela has deep feelings.

  149. Michael makes a big sale at the end of the day… still proving his worth. So if the two branches merge, and Jim is the Asst. Regional Manager… I think it would be cool if Michael became the Regional Manager and Jim the A.R.M…. and Dwight would be reporting to Jim! That would be a good dynamic. Jim has compassion for Michael and treats him with kindess and respect. Dwight would be beside himself.

  150. I have to say this was the funniest episode this season. Everything Dwight does just cracks me up. And Jim singing Lovefool, That tops Islands of the Stream for me. I’m totally in love with Andy now. And, Jim and Pam’s conversation was a plus. I have to say that I’m not dissapointed one bit in this episode. I loved the other 4, but this one was the best.

    “And as you have put the seed into the ground. I will put my seed in you.”

    “You don’t know what you’re saying”

  151. So, does Jim’s nameplate really say “Asst Regional Manager” or does it spell out “assistant?” Because if it’s just “asst” I could so see Andy putting a piece of tape over the T…

    “Take THAT, Big Tuna!”

  152. Great episode, to answer the last 2 questions:

    1. Jim was singing because Rashida was squeeking the
    chair, so he decided to be annoying back.

    2. There isn’t really a backstory to the grandfather being reburried besides what you said m3k1, but when he said, “he would have fit if he had another minute.” he was refering to the bird and the coke can, not his grandfather.

    I might come back and post some actual thoughts on the episode after iTunes finishes downloading it so I can watch it a few more times.

  153. What an awesome way to end the episode! I’m definitely looking forward to more Ryan and more JAM moments.

  154. it def looks like Jim’s name plate says: Asst Regional Manager. I guess this would explain why Jim goes to the Paper convention with Josh, and why he tells Jim to make sure Karen finishes the pricelist.

  155. By far the best episode of the season, and one of the best ever. BJ really is a friggin genius.

    And I’m also REALLY glad I didn’t get my hopes up for Jim and Pam (I recant what I’d heard about the episodes being switched, since Angela clarified this wasn’t so on her blog)…because that made it SO much better when they picked up where they left off.

    But honestly, even if you took the phone call out of the episode, it would still have been one of my favorite episodes, ever.

  156. 8.2928375549 for me. good episode. favorite scene is when dwight and ryan first arrive at the farm and dwight calls him temp and when ryan’s planting the beet. hilarious.

  157. Love love love love love this episode! I’m so happy with some sort of Jim and Pam interaction and the Dwight/Rtab beat farm bit was equally absurd and hallarious. I can’t wait for Jim to be back…

  158. First off, this was the best episode of the season thus far, period! And, for the people who keep dissing the Mose casting, Mose was played by writer Michael Schur who wrote the holiday episodes (Christmas Party/Valentine’s Day), The Alliance and Office Olympics. This episode had consistently great moments, and the Jim/Pam convo sealed the deal. This show is a great(greatest?)comedy, but whether many will admit it or not, the romance/sexual tension is what keeps the show going story-wise; without it, there would be less of a reason to keep watching week after week and The Office would go the way of Arrested Development (R.I.P). They need to bring Jim and Pam back together soon though, because their dynamic is the heart of the show, with there brilliant pranks and ‘will they/won’t they’ situations

  159. what’s the name of the ‘sugar rush’ michael song? (sorry for my english again, i’m from argentina)

  160. I think everyone can say this was at least the most complete show this season and not just for the jam moment but for the whole episode in general. And on a side not honestly this is the best show on TV hands down. Nothing comes remotely close(unless arrested development came back…but that isn’t as good as the office is)

  161. For some reason the more I think about it, the more I LOVE that Kevin & Jim are involved in a fantasy football thing. It is just SUCH an American office thing and fits both of their characters, plus I’m glad it confirms Jim is still friends with people in Scranton.

  162. Hey BIGtuna, re:186, Thanks for the clarification. I went back and watched that talking head again, and you are right, he was referencing the bird. Because he was talking about his grandfather, I just carried it over to the last sentence, and well, because it’s Dwight, it didn’t seem that unlikely, so I never even questioned my logic!

  163. pretty good. i liked it. i thought they would make mose look a little weider tho…o well

    4 out of 5


  164. I’ve noticed when I scan the boards, here, that a lot of people (who don’t come on this website):

    1.) Think the Office is too over the top.

    2.) Love My Name is Earl (which is purposely over the top.)

    Do you think that it just comes down to people needing things to fit into a certain category? The Office isn’t supposed to be over the top, so when it is, it’s not funny? I really just don’t get it.

    One more thing: It’s okay to have a love story in comedies. It’s also okay to have comedy in love stories.

  165. Wow, I am so surprised to see this board almost unanimous in their love of this episode. That hasn’t happened once this season, and I have to wonder how much the Pam/Jim scene is affecting that love. Personally, I was really disappointed in this episode. It was really over the top in so many ways for me. I know they’ve gone over the top before, but they’ve always kept things consistent with the characters, and this time things just seemed really out of place.
    I mean what happened to Ryan and business school? Are we ever going to find out why he stayed in a job he pretty obviously hates? And he’s been there for a year, and actually takes NOTES on the words that come out of Dwight’s mouth? The whole egg-throwing thing was really strange for him, too (really kinda strange for any aspiring salesman).
    And really the pretzel thing didn’t do it for me. I love to see Stanley come alive, but it was just such a strange reason for him to get a crazed look in his eye. And maybe it’s because they had to switch between 3 storylines (Scranton, Stamford and Schrutefarm), but the Stamford chair thing felt half-hearted. Heck, they had Jim spend almost an entire episode mute last season, I felt like they could have devoted more time to him being stuck in his chair.
    All that said, I did laugh quite a bit during the episode. Wow, sorry for the long post!

  166. Wow. Thats all I have. 9/10.
    Pam and Jim are amazing.
    Stanley came alive in a great way. The “Boo” when Phylis tried to cut was about the funniest moment all season, then the high-five with Michael.
    Then theres the subtle yet hilarious Kevin responding to the song that all us hockey fans know and love.
    The chair was funny. Andy is a great character. Oh, and,
    I CALLED IT! Karen is really cool! You all hated her after she made fun of Jim in 301, but I knew she’d be fun!
    Andy still calls Jim big tuna.
    Dwangela=so cute. YOURE A FREAK!
    Ryan: I’m really happy to see more of him this season. Last episode’s retelling of The Lion King, and then this. Awesome. The egging the building was priceless. Then they went out and got drunk. Awesome.
    Michael and Pam: I mean, I think Pam really sympathizes for Michael. She didn’t really want to write what she did on the log. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
    And, finally, THE CALL:
    Exactly how I would want it. Just played out like a normal conversation between two friends. And thats what they are now. Friends. I’m down with that.
    Of course, if you go on LITO you can find out what the name of the Nov. 9 episode is. I don’t know if its here yet. Its the only episode title I’ve ever considered a spoiler.

    I havent really posted a response in a week or two.
    Its good to be back.

  167. I really enjoyed this episode because there was finally an interaction between Jim and Pam. Also, that you finally got to see see Dwights beet farm. I mean how awesome was that.Anyway’s, I was happy to find out that Jim and Pam have finally just talked like they used to.

  168. I gave this episode a 6 out of 10 but when I click on the star, 8 stars fill in. What’s up with that? The same thing happened last week. Now I see this episode is ranked in the top 5!?! Doesn’t seem right.

    Reasons for the 6/10:

    Negative: I love The Office but what’s with all the over the top antics in the last 3 episodes?? I thought the beet farm stuff would be great but come on…Dwight’s maniacal ramblings in the barn were just way over done. Also to have Stanley act like a crack fiend over pretzel day…what the heck was that about? Very unlike the character we’ve come to know.
    Also Jim singing that Cardigans song seemed forced and not really funny. Lots of things in the last few episodes have felt really forced.

    Positives: Pam having to keep a daily log of Michael’s work is a realistic and funny premise. Minus the ‘inside the barn’ scene, some of the Dwight and Ryan scenes were funny. Notably Dwights rock music in his car and the few scenes before they even left the office. The Pam and Jim phone call at the end was done really well I think. It was real and seemed to sort of save the episode from complete disaster.

    All in all, I really wanted to love this episode as I do every episode. This one just fell flat in most areas. Out of the 5 episodes this season, “The Convention” was the best. I feel it’s one of the top 10 episodes in the series. Other than “The Convention”, This season has lacked the heart of last season but I have a feeling that will change within the next 2 episodes. I hope the writers figure out that too many forced laughs will hurt the show, not to mention the way over the top scenes that just make me cringe. When the “Branch Closing” episode airs in early November, I have a feeling that the season will turn around for the better and we’ll have week after week of stellar episodes with better writing and better interaction between the characters.

  169. Chuck, 8 stars filled in to show you the average score. Your vote of 6 registered.

    About the episode, it got an 8 from me. I loved the stuff that happened in the office but didn’t care much for the beet farm antics.

  170. Wow.

    I’m just surprised how it bothers people when the characters act differently away from work, or when something different happens at work.

    I know at my job, very few people act the same way at home or at the pub than they do in the office. One guy is tired and bored all the time, but you put a lager in his hand afterwards, he’s as loud as can be.

    I think that Dwight likely acts excactly like this away from work. I mean, we’re talking about a paint-ball shooting, Battlestar Galactica watching, homophobic freak. Did you think they would go and just sit around for a bit before going to the sale?

    Sorry, not meaning to sound like a rant, but the people who play the characters are writing them, so I think they know what the characters will do/say.

  171. I agree Chris that people are usually different in an office setting than in a non-office setting. The way it’s trying to be pulled off in certain recent situations just seems unneccessary filler in order to get more face time for the most minor characters. Don’t get me wrong, I like the minor characters but sometimes when you expand their role a little too much, it may not work out.

    I’ve always known this show to shine with a mix of styles of humor. Crazy over the top stuff can be ok at times but the subtle stuff has always been it’s selling point for me. It’s just lacking a bit in the past few episodes.

    I mentioned before that multiple viewings usually improve my opinion on the episode. Since I wrote my first comment, I viewed the episode again and yes I did like it a lot more the second time. Still far from great but it does have its moments.

  172. “Michael always says “K-I-S-S.” “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” Great advice, hurts my feelings every time.”

    favorite line…hilarious

  173. “Love me love me, say that you’ll love me”

    What did ever happen to them?

    I really would have like to see more of the farm as well…but seeing cousin with a “Fear” shirt was awesome.

  174. yeah, I’m little surprised too this ep is rated so highly.

    The great thing about this show as opposed to other sitcoms is that the characters and stories have been kept to a certain degree of realism, so you can laugh at them but also genuinely sympathise with them, but I’m afraid Dwight sometimes seems to be moving out of that realistic realm for me.

  175. Great Episode, this one actually felt like a real office episode.

    By the way, what was the “Love me” Song Jim was singing?

  176. Hahahaha, great episode. I’d have to say it was the best out of season 3. But I did like The Coup, especially Michael’s “Hug it out, bitch” monologue.
    I liked thie episode because Ryan showed his humor in it, a bit, and Dwight was just being an idiot–Hahaha. Steve Carrell did an awesome job at acting like he was sugar-high, hahaha.
    And I agree with the last poster–The deleted scene with Pam is so funny.

    Can’t wait for the Diwali episode! Diwali is an indian holiday…aka ‘The Festival of Lights.’ It’s a big thing for Indians.

    Question: Are they showing a replay of Gay Witch Hunt next Thursday?

  177. Omg! Okay, I have just seen the deleted scenes (my computer wouldn’t let me see them until today), and OMG! They are hilarious. I won’t spoil them for those of u who haven’t seen them, but those of u who did, the Pam one for Initiation, awsome! Had to be my favorite. Hopefully I’ll be able to see the next ones quicker, stupid computer. :P

  178. Did youguys see the episode description to “Branch Closing” yet? Man oh man. Are they messing withour heads or what? How can they give us that info and then make us wait 3 weeks…jerks.

  179. do you think that Jim called the Scranton branch after 5pm hoping that Pam would answer?

    if he really wanted to leave a fantasy football message for Kevin, wouldn’t he just email him? Kevin would never stay late + most fantasy football pools are ran online.

  180. Given all the actors on the show who can actually sing (Creed, Kate (Meredith), Melora (Jan), Craig (Darryl), Chip (Josh), Rashida (Karen)), why is it that we only get attempts at croaking from those who can’t (Pam, Jim, Michael, Kevin)? Pam’s solo last week and Jim’s lame singing this week were both funny and annoying. Wish we could hear something from one of the real musicians.

  181. The moment where Michael jumps on his chair and pumps his arms during his sugar-high, and of course his energetic speech afterwards, was probably the most hilarious moment in the episode.
    Are you with me? Are you with me? Thank you very much!

  182. “Bye Ryan. He seemed nice.” Two lines and a Fear sweatshirt later a star is born. A talented writer for the show (and son-in-law to Regis to boot) he can now add Mose to his credits. I wonder if we’ll see him again. And I wonder if Angela has met him.

  183. Lance, Steve Carell is an awesome singer, surely you remember Anchorman and 40 year old virgin?

  184. Just watched the episode again,and Jim is clearing just mouthing the words to LoveFool.Andy is the only one who is singing,you can especially tell during Andy’s talking head scene.

  185. Brian, Yes you’re right. Steve can really sing. I was thinking of episodes like “The Dundies” where Steve as Michael acts like he can’t sing to save his life.

  186. Wow, I did not like this episode, nor most of Season 3.
    There is a fine line between over-the-top funny and over-the-top silly and that is what this episode was for me. Just seemed overdone. Same with the Grieving epi.

    I don’t like the fact that Jim is in a new setting, the office antics there are just stupid..(ok, being a gamer I loved the Call of Duty epi.)

    Keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of Season 3..

  187. I see I never watch that show. The only other show I actually watch is Family Guy. Thanks buddy

  188. It just hit me….this episode had no Creed. I know it wasn’t the first episode without him, but still, I knew it was missing a little something. Great episode, though. Just hope Creed’s back next week.

  189. So so episode. Another one of these episodes that seemed mostly dedicated to building up certain plot points. I like that Pam and Jim finally talked and that they actually dedicated some time to the Ryan character for a change. But definitely not one of the funnier eps I’ve seen.

    I was a disappointed with this one in terms of how funny it was not. When I heard this episode was going to be in Dwight’s beat farm and the rest of the premise it seemed like it would be really funny. I think they totally shot an airball on this one.

    Unfortunately this is what happens when comedies also feature romantic relationships between the characters, some of the episodes focus too much on plot and not enough on laughs. Hopefully the next episode will be much funnier.

  190. Funniest part of the episode in my opinion, was when dwight said this…

    “And just as you have planted your seed in the ground, I am going to plant my seed … in you.”

  191. In the last deleted scene when pam is talking about how its like when mommy and daddy are fighting…i laughed out loud when she said: but mommy outranks daddy and mommy is way scarier than daddy. died laughing

  192. All of the deleted scenes were good. I think they should’ve taken stuff out of the episode thataired that just didn’t feel right. I’m not sure how well the deleted scenes would’ve fit in. The deleted scenes were just hilarious though.

  193. I know people were really disapointed with Mose and said they should have gotten a more redneck looking guy like the picture shown in the “office olympics” episode, but I watched that today and it is in fact the same guy, mike schur

  194. Does anyone know what song Dwight turned on in the barn when he brought out Mose to wrestle? I thought it sounded like Carmina Burana but I might be wrong.

  195. Dwight: What is the true cause of Robert Mifflin’s suicide?
    Ryan: Depression?
    Dwight: Wrong. He hated himself.

    Have you guys seen this? I looked up Robert Mifflin on Wikipedia and this is the greatest thing!
    It looks so official! And they don’t even mention that he’s dead! Gosh, stupid Wikipedia.

  196. I think this was a GREAT episode. But did anyone else notice how *short* it was?? With commercials out, it was just a bit over 16 minutes in length. That’s the shortest of any episode aired since the US series began. I don’t remember what else was on TV the night this ep aired. Was there some reason why NBC had to have almost 14 minutes of commercials in that half-hour slot that night?

  197. It is not 16 minutes in length. That’s ridiculous.

    The running time for “The Initiation” is 21:20. 21 minutes and 20 seconds. Right on par for a tv show’s length. The average episode for Season 3 of the Office, besides all of the extended episodes, is 21 minutes and however many odd seconds.

  198. I’m watching this ep in syndication right now, and I forgot if we found out which pretzel Stanley got.

    Every time I see this episode, I always think about what pretzel combo I would have picked.

  199. there’s a song in the background of this episode that I am trying to figure out. It’s sort of like a fight song…

  200. The song is called “The Hey Song” and it’s by Gary Glitter.
    Found in the Happy Gilmore Soundtrack.

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