The Diwali Song, lyrics and video

Happy Diwali, everybody!

Here’s the video and lyrics of the Diwali song, sung by Michael Scott (Steve Carell) from The Office Season 3 episode, Diwali. It’s inspired by Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah Song.

The Diwali Song lyrics

This is going out to Indians everywhere.
It’s a tribute to one of the greats, Mr. Adam Sandler.

Diwali is
A festival of lights
Let me tell you something
Tonight has been
One crazy night …

So put on your saris
It’s time to celebrate Diwali
Everybody looks so jolly
But it’s not Christmas, it’s Diwali
The goddess of destruction, Kali
Stopped by to celebrate Diwali
Don’t invite any zombies
To our celebration of Diwali
Along came Polly
To have some fun at Diwali
If you’re Indian and you love to party
Have a happy, happy
Happy, happy Diwali!


  1. My neighbors downstairs celebrated Diwali! I noticed they had a lot of people over and they had all these shoes and lit candles outside their door. They also had this elaborate chalk drawing where a doormat would be. (And were cooking food that smelled amazing.) It didn’t hit me until just now as I am watching the Diwali episode. They would have thought I was crazy but I should have went downstairs and sang the Michael’s Diwali song.

  2. Happy Indian Halloween everyone, as I think back on season 3, I realize my heart is very full at this moment.

  3. Funny, my brother told me on Friday that he was having a bunch of friends over for dinner on Saturday, but a lot of them didn’t know each other and so he was worried about awkwardness. As an icebreaker, I suggested he tape a race to each person’s forehead and they treat each other like that race. When he mentioned he was cooking Indian food, I suggested he sing some Adam Sandler songs towards the end. To all this he replied “you’ve been watching The Office again, haven’t you?”. Office references will certainly live on in my life!

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