The Office DVD Board Game

Marskye’s review of the DVD Board Game

When I received my DVD board game of The Office, I shrieked with excitement. I have ordered two things from (the other being a Fun Run shirt), and both things are given huggy hugs when they come from their distant homeland of the midwest.

Instead of opening the plastic wrapping, throwing the pieces out, and developing early strategies, I put the game aside. Something this special has to be shared. Shared with fellow Dunderheads, of course.

The next day, I invited two friends over to play. We opened the plastic very carefully, as not to damage the box.

The first thing I noticed — game pieces. Rather than only allow the players to be Michael, Dwight, Pam, Jim, or Ryan, the game included everybody! Especially note the body of Phyllis; her shirt is perfect.

Our favorite question category is the eyeglass space. This instructs the players to race to perform a work-related task.

Our first task was to be the first to write our ethnicity on a post it and stick it to our head. We named ethnicities from the show’s key “Diversity Day” scene. My character was Dwight, so I naturally wrote Asian (almost put “woman” though).

My favorite part of the game is that every move results in a corresponding button on the DVD screen. While other games have cards all over, The Office DVD Board Game only requires four objects for the game: a personal game piece, a die, Schrute bucks, the board, and the DVD.

It’s a lot easier to keep up with so few tools. The purpose of the game is to be the first to reach Michael’s office with 20 Schrute bucks.

I highly recommend The Office DVD Board Game to all Dunderheads. Seeing clips of the show put a smile on your face, whether or not you get the question right. Most importantly, you can be anyone you want from the show!

The Office DVD Board Game

Marskye and friends perform one of the tasks in the game.

The Office DVD Board Game

Cooing over the adorable game pieces!

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