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Mandy’s report of the Forth Worth premiere party

I’m a student at Texas Christian University in Ft. Worth, and I was looking at the Chili’s party list, and I was so surprised to see that there was a party at our local Chili’s on University! I busted into my roommate, Amanda’s room and told her all about it. After deciding that I was going to skip my geography class, we made plans to go with our other roommate, Erica and my boyfriend Jordan.

We went, and there wasn’t a great attendance, but more came in. I think the total was around 30 or so people. They had the board game (not the DVD one) set up and everything, with about five copies of each the board game and the DVD game.

We ordered our food, I placed my Dundie on the table to set the mood, and we received our answer sheets for the trivia game.

There were 10 questions, like “Michael chose one of his favorite restaurants to have the 2005 Dundies at. Which restaurant was it?” or “Who said, ‘Michael told me don’t be an idiot. So before I do anything, I ask myself ‘would an idiot do that?’ If they would, then I do not do that thing. Changed my life.’?”

They collected all the answer sheets, and there was 3 people tied for first with all 10 answers correct! It was Amanda, Erica, and me!

So, we had to go to a 3-question “bonus round.” We got those questions all right, but the last one was “What did Pam take from Jim at the 2005 Dundies?” I said “a sip of beer” and both Amanda and Erica said “his drink.”

Since I was more specific (the answer was beer), I won! Amanda and Erica tied for 2nd. Each of us still got a game of our choice.

It was so fun to say and watch the premiere with other Office fans, though it was hard to hear. Chili’s was so great and so was Pressman.

Thanks for the heads-up!

The Office

Mandy, her roomies, the Pressman rep, and the spoils of victory!

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